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500k+ DPS Bleed Bear Companion Build Guide

Posted By AlienPrimate on March 18, 2023
Last updated on March 27, 2023



If you are a beginner, hardcore player who never wants to die, or lazy minion enjoyer then look no further.

This build easily reaches over 500k dummy dps with only cast speed while being incredibly tanky due to needing almost no offensive stats or passives.

Pros & Cons


Very tanky

High DPS

Can start using at level 30 with bear/swipe/spriggan form

Low gear requirement


Low mobility

Slower clear

Boring gameplay (for some)

Gameplay / Mechanics

Gameplay is very simple. Spam Thorn Shield on the Primal Bear to increase the bear's bleed chance and physical damage by thousands of % with Barbed Thicket 4/4. Command the bear with "A" to hit priority targets and to stand in AoE attacks and degens to proc Retaliatory Thorns 1/1. Avoid using minion summoning shrines. They get in the way of your shield casts and take hits that would otherwise proc the bear's thorns.



Stat Priorities


The most important stat is cast speed. This should be on every available slot and you should try equiping exalted cast speed whenever possible.

Slow is needed on the weapon for Trapper 3/3.

One source of frailty should be in the build. The best slot is amulet followed by Curse of Sulphur and then finally the relic as a last resort.

Minion damage and minion health can be added in any slot shown below. There isn't any preference between the two.

Legacy of the Quiet Forest is the only unique that is "required." The build will function without it but it is a massive quality of life improvement and should be targetted with runes of ascendence if you do not have it.

Doublet of Onos Tull is a legendary option. It is not recommended to use unless you get one with SuffixIncreased Health because it will drastically reduce your defenses with just the base item.

Remember to always cap resistance (75%), endurance (60%), and critical strike avoidance (100%). Use as many implicits and blessings as you can to do this to leave room for health on as many suffixes as possible.


Horned Staff

(Any staff with exalted cast speed is first choice if you have it and can afford to equip it with your resistance)

Dragonhorn Wand

Skeletal Sceptre

Oak Sceptre

Ring 2



Build Variants


I suggest using Ice Thorns and Summon Thorn Totem to make use of cast speed and minion stats that you should be looking for. Unspecced skills to suppliment the build are Fury Leap, Eterra's Blessing, Summon Wolf. This build can be used almost immediately after becoming a beast master. Remember to respec down to 20 points into primalist after reaching the end of time. Put 5 points into Chitinous Plating and Ursine Strength to unlock Spriggan Form and Summon Bear. Specialize those skills and Swipe. Specialize Maelstrom at level 35.


Loot Filter

Copy all text within the box and then create new filter in game with clipboard.

Primalist - https://pastebin.com/S6zLFAsz

Post specialization - https://pastebin.com/EuegQnyj

End game - https://pastebin.com/KxyAYD0F




  • Added 231 corruption echo/formossus clear video
  • Added note about focused wrath and rancour in passives.
  • Build guide was published


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