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Apogee of Frozen Light Crit Spellblade Build Guide

Posted by fbel77 on May 22, 2024
Last updated on May 22, 2024



A high damage melee build for you who love to see high numbers on the screen!

Apogee of Frozen Light has the highest cold melee damage in the game, therefore is a monster with shatter strike.

This build has decent defense, balanced between ward and health coming from the equipment/skills mainly from Surge and the elemental leech from Tyrant Crown.

The damage depends on stacking Firebrand, but you don't have to do full damage through the echoes, only on the bosses. Mana and mana regen is very necessary here as Shatter Strike spends a lot of mana.

You will see yourself having a lot of fun, a ton of damage and there's a lot of room for improvement here, with possibility of even higher damages.

I hope you guys like it!

Pros & Cons


5-6 million damage with full stacks on high health enemies

Decent ward and elemental leach.

Good mobility with surge and haste.

You can farm echoes with cheaper options and get the more expensive ones along the way, it will be strong enough.


Very high mana consumption, it needs mana + mana regen.

Quite a few rare and expensive unique items (Wings of Argentus, Red Ring of Atlaria and Omnis), also hard to find LP1 and above versions of them.

Endgame build, needs high level to properly play it.

Slow gameplay, needs at least one or 2 stacks for every effective hit.

Gameplay / Mechanics

You will always start stacking Firebrand, in this build you can have up to 6 stacks of it. Together with Firebrand the passive Blade Weaver will also stack up until 10 stacks, then you use Shatter Strike for max damage. The high damage of Shatter Strike comes from the nodes Cold Steel + Cold Presence + Whiteout giving 3 high crit strikes.

For echoes you don't need all 10 stacks you can just kite with Firebrand (weaker enemies will die with just this attack) and then use Surge or Shatter Strike depending on the situation and enemy. Strong enemies use Shatter Strike weaker and if you have to move use Surge.

Surge will give decent damage and as said before can kill weaker enemies, but, always use it to stack ward. We have 3 full nodes for that Storm Aegis + Effluence + Shielding Efflux, use them o weak enemy mobs to get 1 or 2k ward. And of course, some nice mobility.

Wings of Argentus and Advent of the Erased are a nice Haste combo, as Wings of Argentus gives us Haste on hit, and Advent of the Erased gives us Haste when a nearby enemy dies + ward per haste + you can farm wished affixes on it, highly recommend armor/resistances. Also some extra move speed is nice to play here.

Enchant Weapon is here for the obvious reason of giving more damage and auto casting with Kindling Blade.

On boss fights have Enchant Weapon on so you can give max damage, if needed wait for it. Then the node Celerity will help you to full stack fast and hit the boss, the first hit will be the highest, from that you have 100% less damage thx to the Cold Presence node on , so try to hit the highest damage first. Some bosses you might one shot, on stronger corruption you won't, but it's high damage.

Flame Ward is the defensive skill here and will save you a lot of times with Astonish.



Stat Priorities


The Black Sun


The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire


Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants



This is definetly a endgame build, for farming echoes and killing bosses.

The cheap version will get through all the game content and get you to 100 corruption.

I've played easily on 150 corruption, but it can go higher and if you can get the dream build it will be very strong and get you farther.

It is balanced between def (ward and health) and damage, with a very good mobility to dodge strong attacks from bosses. Just bear in mind this is not a BROKEN build in any way, you can die and some enemies you will have to hit a few times to kill, make advantage of the mobility from this build.




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