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Binary-System Volcanic Sorcerer Build Guide

Posted By ObsoleteTortoise on March 21, 2023
Last updated on April 7, 2023



Hello all, this will be my first Build guide so please bare with me!

This build will focus around 2 main damage skills (Black Hole and Volcanic Orb) as well as 3 Support skills (Mana Strike, Flame Ward and Teleport).

Teleport will be the main way of keeping our Black Hole active for large AOE screen clear via the Wormhole 1/1 node and CDR on gear, at current gearing I believe my skill is on an 11.50 second CD. As well as another bonus by granting us a free cast of Volcanic Orb via the node Mana Tunnel 1/1.

Granted this will make our Teleport have a longer cooldown but will overall boost our damage output and mana sustain. The skill Mana Strike will also allow us to get large swathes of mana back from large packs of enemies in emergencies. I have not calculated the mana gained from hits on Bosses or Rare's but trash mobs grant a fairly good amount in a pinch. This is from just pure experience playing the build myself over the last week.

Our gearing is going to be on the low health end of things, I've tried getting more defenses without losing a ton of damage but it seems low life has been the only solid way for me to get a significant boost to defense via Ward Retention.

To get to this point I have used a combo of two specific Unique items, those being (Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living) These items will constantly drain our Health-Pool replacing the health lost as Ward. Getting a staggering amount, up to 35% of Missing Health Gained as Ward Per Second. Gearing overall should be situational to what you need as a player for whichever content you choose to run, I sacrifice resistances for more damage as my Ward retention is fairly high and I don't notice a lot of incoming hits.

Pros & Cons


High damage output and sustainability

Later on with investment into crafted gear/required Unique items and a larger health pool you will easily clear content

Also an extremely visually pleasing playstyle using the Binary System on Black Hole

If you like a cool aesthetic in your builds this is for you!!


Can be extremely squishy earlier on in leveling/monoliths until you acquire the necessary Unique items.

You need to farm up to the Monolith Blood, Frost, and Death to acquire Last Steps of the Living boots from the Boss Formosus, The Undying, which is an extremely easy fight.

Gameplay / Mechanics

I will be writing this section in a way that shows how I'd generally approach most Bosses as Monolith trash mob farming should be fairly self evident after leveling.

First off we will start by casting our Black Hole on top of the Boss, ideally this will cause all four instances of our Black Hole to overlap on the boss we are using the node Pulsar 1/1 for even more AOE and damage, this interaction is possible through the node Scattered 1/1. If this doesn't happen and the second pair of Black Hole is too far away, two can still get some good damage off. After casting Black Hole at a range move closer to the target using Teleport leading into a free cast of Volcanic Orb. From here either back off or cast Volcanic Orb a second time before backing off. Through a close kept eye on our ability cooldowns and mana we can keep a fairly large amount of damage going on the Boss for the entirety of fights (Obviously Depending on which Boss/Phases etc..)

Flame Ward will be our main defensive skill to keep our ward at a good amount as well as negating a good bit of damage, I am almost positive my tree skill layout for the skill can and should be changed to suit the needs of your current stats.

Side note about my choices with Volcanic Orb: If you are equipping a Ornate Glass Idol with the PrefixIncreased Volcanic Orb Damage And Reduced Speed at a certain point the Volcanic Orb will virtually stay stationary with two idols that have high rolls, this is specifically for bossing purposes as I enjoy being able to set it down once without feeling like it's going to move off of the boss. If you want the Volcanic Orb to move then I suggest reducing the percentages on the Ornate Glass Idol to fit the speed you'd like to achieve withVolcanic Orb. Even though it might be a pain in the butt it won't hurt to have lower percentage rolls of PrefixIncreased Volcanic Orb Damage And Reduced Speed on an Ornate Glass Idol to switch to for running Monolith's



Stat Priorities


This is a basic overview of gear and some of the stats I'd personally look for when gearing/crafting. If you choose to change things up that is completely to your discretion! These are just some of the bases and items I'd personally start crafting on as well as the modifiers I'd personally use.


These are some examples of Blessings I would personally take for my playthrough, through your own discretion please choose which would be best for you at time of playing.

Fall of the Outcasts

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

The Stolen Lance

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Blood, Frost, and Death

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Fall of the Empire

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

The Last Ruin

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Build Variants


Level with whichever skills/gear feel good and fun to you! That is exactly the route I took!



Yes I am extremely new to build guides, if there are any discrepancies or misinformation please feel free to let me know! I appreciate all and any critiques/suggestions.



  • Uploaded new video showcasing fights with 2 bosses, and a few monoliths
  • Changes made to better describe the mechanics/gameplay of Volcanic Orb added
  • Updated Black Hole skill tree, 1 passive point removed from Flaming, 1 passive point added to Event Horizon
  • Re-uploaded monolith video due to YouTube error with the other video
  • Re-uploaded monolith video due to YouTube error with the other video
  • Video will now instead showcase myself fighting Orobyss Level 80
  • Changes include addition of passive tree progression
  • Changes include addition of passive skill and skill tree progression
  • Binary-System Volcanic Sorcerer
  • Binary-System Volcanic Sorcerer
  • Binary-System Volcanic Sorcerer
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