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Frostbite DoT Swarmblade Druid by Istros Build Guide (Beta 0.8.5)

Posted By Istros on October 19, 2022
Last updated on October 26, 2022


About The Build

Hello there, I am Istros and this is a Low-life Swarmblade Form DoT build with great single target damage thanks to Frostbite scaling through Snowdrift and passable clear speed. The only Swarmblade Form skill we use is Armblade Slash so it has a simple skill cycle. Summon Storm Crows are used to help us survive and Tornado gives us a lot more single target damage and clear speed.

This build has been inspired by Lizard_IRL's Low-Life Spriggan Form DoT build and made for people who prefer to get up and personal with the mobs.

Single Target Damage

Bosses and big HP pool mobs go down very quickly while just using Armblade Slash with tons of Frostbite and Shred Armour stacks and 50%+ Cold Penetration with Primordial Resonance 5/7, Piercing Gale 8/8, Shamanic Infusion 8/8. and T5 PrefixCold Penetration Amulet. It is possible to deal 1.4M+ damage per second to the dummy with only yellow gear and 2LP uniques.

Clear Speed

The build has decent clear speed thanks to our 200%+ Attack Speed stacking Frostbite and Shred Armour quickly but you will be mostly objective rushing with this build unless you enjoy spending 2-3 minutes per echo.


We have 1000 Armor and can maintain 5000 Ward with Exsanguinous, Frostbite Shackles and Storm Crows, have 30% DR with Porcine Constitution 5/5 and Primal Strength 5/5, 25% DR with Berserker 5/5, 20% Hit DR with Impervious 5/5 and 16% DR with Ursine Strength 8/8 plus Frailty and Chill stacks on the enemy enables you to face-tank most hits. 3000+ Armor is reached using Throne of Ambition while fighting against bosses providing another at least 34% Hit DR. Giving us an EHP of 45K+ against bosses and 15K+ against mobs.

Pros & Cons


Very high single target damage.

Tanky against both Hit and DoT damage.

Single skill build with minimal skill rotation.

Great scaling potential with Exalted gear, especially for defenses.

Can complete 300+ corruption monoliths using yellow gear with ease.


Requires 3 Uniques with at least 1 LP to feel good.

Requires constant herding of Storm Crows to keep them alive.

Relies heavily on Idols for Physical, Necrotic and Poison resistance.

Low Movement Speed until Legendary Snowdrift with Movement Speed.

Gameplay / Mechanics


Frostbite Shackles give us 1% Ward Retention per 1% Cold resistance which helps us to keep the ward we gain from Exsanguinous high so we stack % Cold resistance wherever possible. Chitin Sleet Storm 5/5

give us 30% Freeze Rate Multiplier globally per Attunement while in Swarmblade Form which is converted into Frostbite effectiveness by Snowdrift. With 80+ Attunement it is possible to reach 3500%+ Freeze Rate Multiplier which gives 700%+ Frostbite effectiveness.

Skill Rotation

Use your Summon Storm Crows, transform into Swarmblade Form and just use Armblade Slash and nothing else.


To keep your Storm Crows healthy I highly recommend getting T1 Sealed PrefixMinion Health on all of your gears. Otherwise they will die very quickly at 300+ corruption monoliths.



Stat Priorities


Body Armour


PrefixDamage Over Time While Transformed



Any Resistance



PrefixMovement Speed


SuffixHybrid Health

Any Resistance

Ring 1


PrefixElemental Damage Over Time


Any Resistance

Ring 2


PrefixElemental Damage Over Time


Any Resistance


The Black Sun

Grand Echo of Solarum to cap your Void resistance.

Grand Memory of Light if Void resistance is already capped.

Ending the Storm
Reign of Dragons

Grand Taste of Venom is the best to stack more Frostbite.

Any resistance blessing to cap the resistances, we don't need Grand Survival of Might since Harmonious Wisdom 10/10 give us 80%+ critical strike avoidance.

The Age of Winter

Grand Maw of Artor is the best to stack more Frostbite, Grand Rage of Winter second best damage blessing.

Grand Protection of Heorot for more ward retention, Grand Resolve of Grael to cap your Physical resistance until Physical resistance idols are found.

Spirits of Fire

Grand Body of Obsidian for direct DR or Grand Curse of Sulphur for indirect DR until replaced by a sealed Weapon or Amulet affix.

Fall of the Outcasts

Whatever you want.

The Stolen Lance

Whatever you want.

Blood, Frost, and Death

Whatever you want.

Fall of the Empire

Whatever you want.

The Last Ruin

Whatever you want.


You can level with Werebear Form and Swipe since it deals good damage, fast and quite tanky until monoliths and swap to Swarmblade Form and Serpent Strike and go with a 2H weapon and scale melee physical damage until you can sort your gear. I also recommend swapping to Dual-Wield, Low-Life and DoT at around Level 75 since that is the point where you have most of the important affixes sorted out and the build can start functioning.


Loot Filter


Why Dual-Wield?

It allows us to scale Melee Attack Speed much better, allows us to put both Shred Armour and Chill affixes along with Poison Chance on hit affix scaling our damage even further. -15% DR is worth it in this case.

Why Low-Life?

The primary reason to go with a Low-Life build is the Berserker 5/5 passive as otherwise we don't have enough survivability but feel free to experiment on your own.

Why Not Spriggan Form Like Lizard_IRL's Build?

With the change to Gaspar's Insight , Spriggan Form can only reach 2500%+ Freeze Rate Multiplier with much less increased DoT making it deal less then half of the damage this build does. It is more tanky but I don't think it is worth losing that much damage but feel free to experiment on your own.



  • Typo fixes and extra node recommendations for Tornado
  • Build guide was published


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