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Skeleton Mage Sacrifice Explodomancer Build Guide

Posted By zuckerjoe on March 9, 2023
Last updated on April 2, 2023



The build revolves around using Skeleton Mages' Underlings node to automatically sacrifice your Summon Skeleton Minions, causing their deaths to grant you defenses, mana and Volatile Zombies.

On bosses or tougher enemies you can summon up to 6 Flame Wraiths with one button press thanks to Echoes Inside 1/1 and Army of Wraiths 3/3.

There really aren't any specific Unique items you need for the build to work, making this the perfect beginner friendly starter build if you want to play a minion focused build with cool interactions, high survivability, high damage and a little more of an active playstyle compared to many other minion builds! And you get extra explosions too!

Reach of the Grave is just a common item, equippable at level 5 and just straight up a very good weapon way into late game, so feel free to keep your eyes open for that one. Julra's Obsession should of course be mentioned as well, since they are most likely best-in-slot for any minion build, especially so for this build, because most of our damage is considered a "Minion Spell" and Julra's Obsession are one of the only ways of giving Minions added spell damage via items. They drop from T3+ Julra, which is an endgame boss, so they can be somewhat target farmed.

### Refer to the "Stat Priorities" -> "Equipment" section in this guide for some more explanations and suggestions for Unique Item choices for this build! ###

### Refer to "Stat Priorities" -> "Idols" section in this guide for explanation on the Flame Wraith Minions and how to summon them without taking the node in the Summon Wraith skill tree! ###

Pros & Cons


Easy to play!

No required Unique items!

Beginner friendly!

Fun interactions and skill synergies!

Good map clear!

Good single target damage!

Infinite Mana!

High Ward generation!


There are builds that have better map-clear

There are builds that have better single target damage

There are builds that have higher sustain

There are builds that are tankier

(But this one is pretty good at everything!)

Gameplay / Mechanics

The core-idea of the build is making use of Skeleton Mages' Underlings 1/1 node to Sacrifice your Skeleton Warriors as soon as they are summoned. The death of those Minions will have many benefits, like:

And every once in a while you can just drop 6 Flame Wraiths for extra single target DPS. These guys can deal crazy amounts of damage and since they are a ranged Minion we can use Locus Of Death 1/1 to get a whopping 60% more damage for just 1 skill point without the downside really mattering at all. We will need to reach 100% chance to summon Flame Wraiths, though, which can be achieved with 2 Adorned Immortal Idols that have a good roll on the PrefixIdol Acolyte Chance For Summon Wraith To Summon Flame Wraith prefix. These idols are by no means mandatory to play the build, though, as the Summon Wraith skill is just used for extra Boss DPS.



Stat Priorities


If not otherwise stated every item will have these suggested Suffixes: (priorities top to bottom)

Your main means for damage mitigation and sustain will come from the huge amounts of Ward generated, so it is not too important to get a lot of Health. That's why Resistances and Crit Avoidance take priority over Health for this build.

Unique Items that should be mentioned:

  • Reach of the Grave - good leveling item! You will want to replace this once you hit endgame content though. Sadly LP doesn't do much either, because Wands can not roll any Minion suffixes. The only affix that would be kinda useful is Cast Speed.
  • Julra's Obsession - for most Minion builds these are just straight up best-in-slot. There are not many ways of giving minions +flat spell damage.
  • Death Rattle - strong Amulet choice for this build! Everything on this Amulet except for the +1 Sacrifice is super good for us and we don't really care about the negative.
  • Logi's Hunger - is also a very powerful choice! The +2 to Fire Minion Skills WILL apply to Wraiths if you have at least one Adorned Immortal Idol with PrefixIdol Acolyte Chance For Summon Wraith To Summon Flame Wraith, because the Idol will in fact add the "FIRE" Tag to the Summon Wraith skill! It will also apply to Skeleton Mages if you have the Pyromancers node allocated - so make sure you do that if you chose to use this item - AND our Summon Volatile Zombie and the +(2-3)% Minion Critical Strike Chance is also very very powerful.

... or any other Weapon with the affixes listed for this slot.


Offensive options:

Defensive options:

Ring 2

Same as Ring 1

Same as Ring 1


Generally you're looking for enough Adorned Immortal Idols with the PrefixIdol Acolyte Chance For Summon Wraith To Summon Flame Wraith affix to reach 100% chance to summon a Flame Wraith with your Summon Wraith ability.

The rest of the idols should have 1 or more of the following affixes:


Blessings are mostly up to personal preference, since for many of them there are just too many strong choices. You might have 0% Fire Resistance, so taking Grand Heart of the Caldera might be the better choice than Grand Spirit of Commandin the "Spirits of Fire" timeline.

The list below should be used as a guideline with the - in my opinion - best Blessings for each respective timeline.

The Stolen Lance

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Blood, Frost, and Death

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Fall of the Empire

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

The Last Ruin

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Build Variants


Leveling of this build is pretty straightforward! Just follow the suggested path in the respective skill trees and the passive tree, specialize in the skills as soon as you can prioritizing Summon Skeletal Mage, Summon Skeleton, Summon Volatile Zombie and then Summon Wraith.

Pick up items with Resistances and/or PrefixIncreased Minion Damage. In my opinion while leveling you should focus on Void > Physical > Necrotic > Poison > Cold Resistances, because those - in my experience - present the biggest problems during the leveling process.


Loot Filter

The loot filter is relatively strict and forged to my own personal taste.

The filter scales with your character level and becomes stricter the farther you are.

To import the filter into the game, open the link posted below, click on the "raw" button to the top right of the text window, copy everything on the new page (the first line should be <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>), go into the game, press SHIFT+F to open up the loot filter menu, create a new filter and select the "PASTE CLIPBOARD CONTENTS" option.





  • Updated Reach of the Grave description under Equipment - clarification regarding LP
  • Updated Relic Suggestions
  • Clarification for Mind Catcher under Gameplay section. Formatting under Skills section.
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  • Updated loot filter
  • Updated suggested weapons
  • Updated Skill pathing (again) and Passive pathing (again)
  • Updated Skill pathing
  • Updated Skills section description. Updated Passive pathing.
  • Updated Equipment & Idols and changed Skill pathing a bit. Death Knights might be the way to go, as they have more Health and take much less damage than Mages
  • Fixed some descriptions
  • Updated Passive Tree & Skill Pathings - these are suggestions and have room for your personal preferences. Also updated the YouTube video.
  • Updated Passive Tree & Skill Pathings - these are suggestions and have room for your personal preferences.
  • Mentioned Stat Priorities section under Overview
  • Updated "Stat Priorities" -> "Equipment" section with some strong Unique items for the build.
  • Mentioned "Flame Wraith" under "Skills"
  • Updated Loot Filter & Summon Skeleton tree
  • Fix
  • Updated Title
  • Updated Video
  • Changed build because of new Patch 0.9 discoveries. Swapped the build over to Skellie Mage auto-Sacrifice.
  • Added Loot Filter pastebin
  • Typo
  • Build guide was published


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