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Lich's Scorn skeleton rogues by Qwark28 Build Guide

Posted By Qwark28 on July 24, 2022
Last updated on July 31, 2022



Hi, I'm Qwark. You can find me in the LE forums or discord. I play this build on HC.

I noticed a distinct lack of melee minion builds besides the abomination and wanted to try my hand at making melee skeletons viable. Normally, melee skeletons are lacking in AI, movement speed, leash range, aggro range. So, we have to patch those weaknesses up by making them deal tons of damage, while attacking and moving as fast as possible. By working on these issues, we end up with a build that has good clearspeed, can kill all bosses and is moderately tanky.

This build can be played comfortably in SSF, there are no mandatory items, every item and affix listed simply make your skeletons perform better. That being said, there's a major QoL difference between having Lich's Scorn and crit idols or not.

For damage, we focus on buffing their damage with Death Rattle and Lich's Scorn. We also focus on CRIT on the skill and passive trees, along with our idols and chest/helmet prefixes in order to achieve 85%+ crit chance.

For speed, we focus on getting every possible attack speed node on the tree, frenzy on the shade tree and Veins of Malice 5/5, along with Eterra's Path and optionally Ravens' Rise if you prefer a less tanky approach.

Gear wise, we use resistance rings + Sinathia's Dying Breath + Rite of Undeath 10/10 until the endgame blessings and we've covered our resistances. For endurance, we use engraved gauntlets and immortal plate bases, until we can cap it from blessings.

Honorable mentions to Pebble's Set for anyone who wants to play a build that forgoes a belt, relic and weapon for raw damage. This set provides resistances and +51 flat elemental damage, which you'd be wise to convert to cold by keeping it your lowest res.istance

Critical Strike Chance Gear For Minions

The reason I have listed this build as really starting at 63 is because melee skeletons were not good whatsoever before you reached a crit cap, and that could take a bit of farming to accomplish, seeing as how all the passive tree crit sources only bump them up to 22% or so. However, Lich's Scorn will give you the much needed oomph you need to start playing them as soon as you get the item, allowing you to cap crit at your own leisure.

For idols we look for a minimum of 2 idols with 2% crit chance for skeletons. After that, you can either make your gearing a lot easier by accumulating more crit idols, or focus on life idols and make gearing a bit harder.

Your chest and helmet will require % crit and flat crit. You can skip 1 of the 2 depending on how good your idols are.

Pros & Cons


Good clearspeed AND bossing, can be further specialized towards either

Hardcore viable, can exchange survivability for damage if needed

SSF viable, none of the items are particularly rare

Main build item can be farmed from the leveling monoliths


Getting started on skeleton base crit increases via Idols and gear can take a few hours of monolith farming

Higher gear and skill floor for anti-melee bosses, namely T4 Julra

Comes online at lvl 63

Gameplay / Mechanics

The main mechanic of the build is buffing your minions with Lich's Scorn's effect. This gives you flat damage for your dread shade as long as it is cast while infernal shades are active, even if they fade after a few seconds. We use the 3x cast node from the infernal shade tree in order to give it to our minions faster, then cast dread shade to give our minions the huge accumulated stat bonus.

This also synergizes with the minion cold penetration per intelligence that the item provides, making your minions do more damage per point of intelligence, something that you already stack loads of.



When it comes to crit, you can do it in the following ways:

  1. Get T3+ flat skeleton crit and T1+ minion crit on your helmet and chest while using some crit idols
  2. Use exclusively crit idols and make your affix gearing a lot easier
  3. Resistance rings + Sinathia's Dying Breath until you cap resistances via monoliths, afterwards switch for max crit multi turquoise rings + weapon of choice



Stat Priorities



% Life and hybrid



Life and some minion regen


20% MS for minions is big


Runed bones BIS until T4 julra



Ring 1

Resistances + Life + Int

Ring 2

Crit avoid + Life + Int


The Black Sun


Ending the Storm


Reign of Dragons

Critical Strike Avoidance

The Age of Winter


Spirits of Fire


Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


Level with uniques focused on movement speed.

I personally level with:

  1. Hungering Souls
  2. Spirit Plague/Summon Wraith until level 63
  3. Full build

My pathing is:

  1. Story until mastery
  2. Monoliths till level 50
  3. All passives and idol slots
  4. Rest of the monoliths


Loot Filter

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