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Lightning Chakram Bladedancer Build Guide

Posted by TriKster on March 25, 2023
Last updated on March 4, 2024



Top-Tier Bladedancer Build. Strong Boss Killer & Monolith Farmer. T4 Viable. All Content. League Starter.

Patch 0.9 brought a lot of power to Throwing Skills like Shurikens because of the newly added PrefixThrowing Damage to scale even more flat damage in addition to all the critical strike multipliers we can get for this build. It's also alot easier to reach 100% lightning conversion with 2x PrefixLightning Damage with Shurikens that we use on helmet and body armour. Until we find both items for the full lightning conversion, we can play the normal physical version. Just keep in mind to scale physical damage on your gear first before you convert it. The lightning conversion will give you higher damage output in the endgame because of the extra flat lightning damage from affixes, Shred Lightning Resistance (Blessing) and Shock.

My version will convert Shurikens into one Chakram for better clear speed and most importantly more style points. The Bladedancer Mastery is specialized into creating Shadows by using skills like Synchronized Strike, Shift or Smoke Bomb. You can create up to 5 Shadows that are able to use Shurikens/Chakrams when you do to bring this build to the next level.

There are two uniques that are recommended (not required) to make this build very powerful:

  • Dual wielding Fulgurite Shard provides us with a lot of lightning damage for Shurikens. This Build will not use Lethal Mirage since Chakrams already deal great single target dmg and enough clear speed.
  • Li'raka's Claws has a great synergy with Entry Points 3/3 providing us with a lot of Crit Multiplier & Poison Chance on hit to reach the high damage multiplier and 2 additional Shurikens for 24% more dmg with Keen Throw.

This build guide includes a detailed overview for every skill and build mechanics, a full Video Guide/Gameplay Showcase and a Starter Gear setup in the leveling section.

Pros & Cons


Strong Single Target Damage

Great Clear Speed

Versatile Gear And Skill Options

Amazing Visuals & Gameplay

Strong And Fast Leveling


Squishy Until Having Decent Gear

Dual Wielding (-> 9% Increased Dmg Taken)

Lots Of Effects - Sometimes Hard To See Telgraphed Attacks

Sometimes Area Collision With Projectiles

Gameplay / Mechanics


The gameplay and skill rotation is very rewarding and fun to use. Depending on the situation and enemies you either dash into or away from combat with Shift following up with Synchronized Strike to generate 5 Shadows. After that you click Shurikens (Chakrams) once. While the Chakrams are flying around dealing dmg to the enemies you immediately follow up with another Synchronized Strike. This will bring you down to negative mana. Spamming Shurikens with Sapping Strikes 4/4 will bring your mana back up to repeat the combo.

While doing Monolith Echoes most of the time you only need one rotation since the damage is already so strong that you can (oneshot) enemy packs or bosses with the returning Chakram mechanic.

On high HP monsters or Bosses you have to repeat the rotation to have a high uptime of Shadows. Spamming Chakrams by yourself without Shadows will not grant you the big damage that you can see from the gameplay footage.

In Monolith use Smoke Bomb whenever it is off cooldown to get a guaranteed Silver Shroud. While doing boss fights you have to time it correctly for the guaranteed dodge on potential one-shot mechanics.

Offensive Playstyle

Use Shift and Synchronized Strike into enemies for the attack speed bonus on Art of the Blade 5/5. The close combat situation allows Umbral Blades to explode quicker from nearby enemies. Spam Shurikens and Synchronized Strike directly on top of a high HP monster before another upcoming dangerous attack where you start to reposition.

Defensive Playstyle

For content like Arena it is recommended to kite away from enemies abusing the returning Chakram mechanic while having high Movement Speed. Also Shadow Rush 5/5 can always heal you next to the strong leech we get from the Grand Wrath of Rahyeh Blessing. Shadow Rush can help you out while losing all health potions.


The Shurikens skilltree provides alot of strong mechanics. First of all we try to get as many Shurikens (3) as possible from Li'raka's Claws (+2), Fan of Blades (+2) & Flip of a Coin (+2) getting a total of 9 Shurikens. Chakram will only let you throw one projectile but with Keen Throw we get up to 108% more dmg for a single projectile.

Jagged Edges 4/4 allows us to get another 4% base crit chance. Combining that while dual wielding Fulgurite Shard we reach a base crit chance of 17% making it very easy to reach an effective crit rate of over 80% together with Critical Vulnerability stacks.

Entry Points 3/3 is the strongest mechanic within the skilltree. For single target damage we focus on stacking Poison chance from Li'raka's Claws and Bleed chance from Disembowel 5/5 being able to have a permanent uptime of 15 stacks each to reach a brutal 180% more multiplier!

Mana Sustain

By default Shurikens cost 3 Mana. Synchronized Strike is a very mana intensive skill. Sapping Strikes 4/4 can help us out to get mana back quicker with the amount of throwing attack speed that we scale. Therefore we only need one PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost affix on a ring. Tier 1-5 already provides us with -3 Mana Cost to sustain Shurikens. If you can manage to seal a T4 you have more room for prefixes like Dexterity to scale more flat dodge, Throwing Attack Speed, Lightning Dmg, Crit Chance etc.

Technically you could also use Scintillant Steel 3/3 but then we miss alot of strong dmg multipliers in the tree.

If you manage to get T6 and T7 exalted rings to get a total of -9 Mana Cost you could abuse Ricochet 1/2 for additional 100% Crit Multiplier. Chakrams will not lose their piercing ability.


Dual wielding is always a risky playstyle, especially in endgame content. You won't be able to fully facetank every monster in the game. Knowing boss or monster abilities while also being able to kite a lot will greatly improve your survivability.

Mechanically we trust our HP pool (up to 2.5k+), capped Resistances, 100% Crit Avoidance, Leech, 60% Endurance, Movement Speed & high Glancing Blow uptime from Apostacy. With additional Dexterity and SuffixDodge Rating if Hit Recently from Once 8/8 + Dusk Shroud stacks from Shroud of Dusk 8/8 while being in close combat we are able to reach 100% Glancing Blow quicker with all the added Flat Dodge that we convert. Shadow Rush 5/5 will permanently make it possible to refresh 1k Life whenever you need it, even when running out of health potions.

A good player can mostly survive using Silver Shroud at the right time. Rogue is pretty much vulnerable to one-shots. The guaranteed dodge can help you out.

Your playstyle and game knowledge is responsible for you survivability at the end.

Defensive Ailments like Frailty, Chill & Slow all come from Skills or Passives, therefore we don't have to use it on gear.

Never underestimate the power of Stun provided by Shock and lightning builds in general!



Stat Priorities


Unique Items and Legendaries:

2x Fulgurite Shard (recommended)

Stats you want with legendary potential:

  1. Critical Strike Multiplier
  2. Critical Strike Chance
  3. Chill Chance
  4. Shock Chance/Armour Shred/Slow Chance

Li'raka's Claws (recommended)

Stats you want with legendary potential:

  1. Throwing Damage
  2. Throwing Attack Speed
  3. Hybrid Health
  4. Resistances

Bo's Anarchy (only for leveling)


This build doesn't require any specific idols to perform well.

I would recommend to start with HP & Resistance idols only to make gearing easier while leveling.

For more DPS use 4x Grand Majasan Idol with PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier while Dual Wielding & SuffixIncreased Damage while wielding a Dagger.


The Black Sun
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


I will explain the leveling progress in the video build guide. The build guide here already features the skill and passive tree progression.

I personally leveled with Bo's Anarchy until level 71 when i could equip 2x Fulgurite Shard. The staff will provide you with +3 to Shurikens and reduced mana cost making it easier to spec into Chakram earlier on for more dmg and better clear speed.

If you don't have Bo's Anarchy just simply start dual wielding rare daggers with high base crit. Stats like Lightning Dmg, Crit Chance, Crit Multiplier, Armour Shred and Shock Chance will help you out scaling your dmg before you can equip Fulgurite Shard.

Try to target farm or use Rune of Ascendance for the required/recommended uniques in this order:

  1. Li'raka's Claws (Will enable Entry Points dmg bonus way quicker with poison stacks. Also insane crit multiplier)
  2. Fulgurite Shard (We don't care about Lethal Mirage and dmg conversion. It's a strong base with alot of lightning dmg)


Once you have all the recommended uniques, your main goal is to target farm them again for legendary potential.

As you can see in my build guide video, my gear is not perfect and i could easily destroy all content. The build is currently one of the strongest Bladedancer builds together with Shadow Daggers out there.

You can pretty much farm whatever content you want with this character. Please remember that this is not the tankiest build and you might need some tries with T4 Bosses. The insane dmg output should solve the problem relatively easy. It is not the best arena pusher, but you can still manage to reach decent waves.

The most important thing is to enjoy it and play the content that you prefer!

Loot Filter

Please use this loot filter at your own risk. I'm not responsible for you not finding any valuable items. Please learn how to make your own loot filters. Recommended at character level 50+.


How to use the loot filter:

  1. Open the link
  2. Press EXPORT
  4. Open Loot Filter with SHIFT+F (in game)
  5. Add New Loot Filter
  7. Press CONFIRM


How to sustain mana? How do i get my Shurikens to cost 0 mana?

On rings you can get the PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost affix. Tier 1-5 already provides you with -3 mana cost which will make Shurikens cost 0 mana. This should be super easy to craft or find early on while leveling.

I also added a detailed ''Mana Sustain'' section in Gameplay/Mechanics.

While leveling i would recommend to add a loot filter rule that will highlight the PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost affix on rings, so that you can immediately use Shurikens without any mana cost. Therefore Sapping Strikes 4/4 can be used earlier.

Why do you add points into Spell Breaker 5/5 when the tooltip says ''melee hits'' only?

By testing the passive node, Shurikens do apply Frailty stacks on enemies. So it's either a tooltip typo or bug. I honestly prefer it that way to apply frailty stacks with throwing skills.

What's the order of Skill Specialization while leveling?

  1. Shurikens
  2. Shift
  3. Synchronized Strike
  4. Umbral Blades
  5. Smoke Bomb



  • Added Loot Filter
  • Adjusted total amount of Shurikens (Gameplay/Mechanics)
  • Added FAQ Section
  • Added Mana Sustain Section (Gameplay/Mechanics)
  • Fixed Typos
  • Added Video Build Guide
  • Build guide was published
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  • Updated to 1.0. Added New Build Planner. Added New Starting Gear Build Planner.
  • Typos
  • 0.9.2 Update. No Build Mechanic Changes. Updated Gear Planner And Skill Icons. Added Starting Gear & Endgame Gear Build Variants. Removed Defensive & Shuriken DPS Variant. Please Use An Auto Generated Lootfilter.


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