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Lightning Smite Void Knight Build Guide

Posted By EMP1241 on May 9, 2023
Last updated on May 28, 2023



Vakarian strayed from the darkness of the void and into the light of his Paladin brothers. Using lightning to smite his enemies but keeping the powers of echoes.

Vakarian focuses on using Smite that is fully converted to lightning. He uses the Aurelis to add Electrify adding penetration and dots. He applies smite at a tremendous rate of pace scaling directly with PrefixIncreased Melee Attack Speed and using several nodes from the Sentinel passive tree as well as Time Legion 10/10. While holding the Bastion of Honour this greatly increased his EHP while also allowing him to scale into Heavenfire 10/10 giving him a further boost to his base spell damage. Julra's Stardial and Devotion allow him to push this spell damage further.

Idols are interchange able depending on what you can find. Large Rahyeh Idol that add to Smite or Huge Rahyeh Idol that add have a (up to) 50% for an additional sword during Multistrike. These swords act as another cast of smite.

None of my builds will ever require LP, however, can be greatly improved upon if found.

Pros & Cons


Fast and Mobile 2 Charges of Lunge and 1 charge of Surprise Initiative 1/1

No LP Required

Fun to Play

Exciting Visuals

Disability Friendly (Minimum APM Required) Can be played with 4 button Mouse.

Lunge, Divine Intervention 1/1 from Battle Standard 1/1, Multistrike All use your level of Smite


Random solo Non-Rare/Unique monsters don't directly proc Smite.

Bossing is a pain until high levels of PrefixIncreased Spell Damage acquired.

Smite is the Only form of DPS

Gameplay / Mechanics

Mana is not an issue for us, so we manually charge our Sigils Of Hope adding damage and healing. Opening fights with 1 of your 3 available move skills, procs Julra's Stardial to buff your damage. Finish up a monster with Lunge in order to gain Frenzy from the Reckless Skirmish 4/4 node. Clear and move on immediately using one of your other 2 remaining move skills. In more difficult encounters drop your Battle Standard 1/1 to maximize your healing with Banner of Restoration 5/5. Re-up your Sigils Of Hope, rinse and repeat. Manually dodging Hard hitting damage mechanics is the only requirement.



Stat Priorities


We only really care about Grand Hunger of the Void and Grand Mysteries of the Deep. The remaining blessings can be used to fill in any remaining res or adding armor.

Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire

Build Variants



Chasing LP can be an End Game goal. However, obtaining T7 or double exalted gear is a much better win.

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.




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