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Mana Strike Spark Charge Ignition Spellblade Build Guide

Posted By EMP1241 on May 14, 2023
Last updated on May 14, 2023



Mordin was always smart, but was really known for his explosive personality.

This build focuses on two very common unique item. This build will not take you into 300 corruption, but it will get you well into empowered monoliths.

First is the Culnivar's Claim which is very common and drops in the "Stolen Lance" monolith boss. Second is the Fragment of the Enigma which drops in the same area. These can both be found with LP quite often, but NONE of my builds will ever require it.

This build focuses on Ward and Armor as the defensive layers. Thanks to The Invoker's Static Touch by adding ward for every enemy Mordin hits when they are shocked (Enemies are constantly shocked). Second is the armor in our gear along with Shattered Aegis 5/5 helps maintain damage mitigation.

This build will not push excessive amounts of corruption, however, it is very laid back, fun to play, and simple to gear.

The skill rotations are extremely simple, and could (technically) be played with 1 hand (3 button mouse).

None of my builds will ever require LP, however, can be greatly improved upon if found.

Pros & Cons


Simple skill rotation

Low gear requirements

"League starter"

Casual playstyle

Skills are automated


Not for super sweaty end-gamers

Must know enemy damage mechanics and how to manually dodge them (cannot face-tank)

High End (+150 corruption) content will require well rolled T7 or Multiple LP rolls

Gameplay / Mechanics

Teleport into a pack, and Fragment of the Enigma will apply Spark Charge to the enemy. Your illusions from Unexpected Copy 1/1 will draw agro (be aware of AOE damage). Final Spark 1/1 will detonate the Spark Charge. This will be enough to clear most trash packs.

For stronger packs, follow the same opening, and proceed to auto attack with your Mana Strike, which will apply more "melee based" (amplified fromFragment of the Enigma) thanks to Spark Charges 4/4. Mana Strike also continues to charge your Static with the Fulminating Blows 3/3 so that Unlimited Power 1/1 will continue to proc every second. When this happens, all Spark Charges will be detonated with Final Spark 1/1.

The Invoker's Static Touch will keep us topped up while we have amplified attacks speeds thanks to Enchant Weapon and the Celerity 5/5 as well as Mana Strikes Explosive Flurry 2/2 and Swift Sap 4/4. This attack speed is further augmented from our gloves as well as the passives Mage Flurry 5/5 and Essence Duel 5/5. This should put your attack speeds in the 120's % depending on your level of PrefixIncreased Melee Attack Speed. This speed pushes our The Invoker's Static Touch to give us 100's of ward per second.

Idols play a progressively vital roll as the corruption increases. Huge Arcane Idol this keeps our charges capped on Static as well as adding to our defensive ward layering. Filling in the idol blank slots with PrefixIncreased Lightning Damage.



Stat Priorities


Ending the Storm
The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death

Build Variants



End game will only progress once Mordin can apply well rolled T7-T6 LP to the Culnivar's Claim with PrefixIncreased Melee Attack Speed and PrefixIncreased Lightning Damage. The same for the Fragment of the Enigma adding further T7 LP modifiers. This build is designed for the casual player not looking to push top tier corruption.

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