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One-pet Scorpion / Serpent Strike Poison/Bleed Beastmaster Build Guide

Posted by Game_Collider on May 28, 2024
Last updated on May 28, 2024



This is a melee non-crit build designed primarily for monolith and arena farming.

Key features:

  • Endurance Threshold up to 4k Health during fights while staying on place via interaction between the nodes Slither of Serpent Strike, Sleet-Footed of Maelstrom and the Foot of the Mountain boots' passive;
  • 76% total damage reduction before armor mitigation while staying on place;
  • 53% total damage reduction before armor mitigation while moving;
  • 70-80% dodge chance while moving depending on stacks of Maelstrom;
  • the chance for a "second life" from Aurora's Time Glass every 20 seconds;
  • additional 40% damage reduction of poison, necrotic and void damage coupled with additional raw damage increase after using a potion from Grimoire of Necrotic Elixirs;
  • additional burst damage from volatile zombies when mobs need to be killed fast;
  • insanely good pet survivability on high corruption maps and against T4 bosses from the weapon's abilities.
  • the gear used for build is not hard to farm or get on the market for modest prices, only boots with 2 LP take some time to get and you do not need the amulet with LP, a simple version fits well.

Why Singularity?

The build uses Wing Guards gloves, which give up to 200 dodge rating and up to 40% increase in attack speed, consequently increasing the number of applied poison stacks. But, having in mind that two-handed weapons have an inner higher raw damage and the build boosts physical damage further, that 1-cell idol greatly boost built-in melee damage multiplying it by 1.2.

Pros & Cons


A solid melee non-ward build that can reach high corruption zones and farm there, having good damage mitigation scaling because of its percentage calculation.

A very strong arena farming because of massive AoEs and facetanking of bosses.

It has many layers of defences: frailty, chill, slow on mobs, 60% endurance covering all HP pool, 80% to dodge, large HP pool and the effect of "second life".

Very good maneuverability because of good ground speed, Fury Leap and Lunge.

Pleasant gameplay on gamepad, first of all because you do not have to constantly use Fury Leap (which is not working properly on gamepad).

You can use dual-pet combination with a few adjustments, removing Fury Leap completely from the bar.


It is not a lazy-gameplay style build because it demands what army men call "battlefield awareness".

You should actively press buttons and understand on what dodge level the character is at the moment, when you should move and when you should stay, watch for mana's level.

The build is played without crit avoidance affixes (yes, I have one idol with them, but because it is the only idol I have that provides 9% HP increase), so you should prioritize mobs to strike first: a rule of thumb - ranged mobs first.

It is not a boss killer, you have to pay respect to boss' mechanic and execute it. But T4 Julra usually is killed before she casts her 4th big Aoe.

It demands unique items to function properly, first of all body armor Titan Heart, amulet Aurora's Time Glass and weapon Lethal Concentration.

Gameplay / Mechanics

How to play the build?

A usual algorithm is:

  • Jump/Lunge at enemy,
  • Cast Warcry to summon 4 stacks of Maelstrom,
  • Use Maelstrom and receive another 4 stacks via the node Beneath The Waves 3/3 in Maelstrom's tree,
  • Do damage and keep up stacks of Maelstrom between 12 and 16 via Warcry or another use of Maelstrom, but watch for the mana's level.
  • BE CAREFUL! As I do not use any crit mitigation affixes because of Serpent Venom 1/2, ranged targets should be prioritized to put the venom on them first and after that damage melee mobs, when they come close. Be mind of ice goliaths casting an avalanche on you, that can crit before you reach them, so or jump at them or avoid. A rule of thumb is to strike first.
  • Use potions to trigger the relic's ability when mobs use poison, void, necrotic abilities to receive an additional damage mitigation and summon zombies.
  • If the amulet's ability triggered, play safely.

Mobs to prioritize

  1. Any ranged mobs
  2. Fire-fenixes and ice-bats (be careful of their dot fire and ice aoe, jump at their sides and kill fast)
  3. Bug-riders, shooting blast arrows
  4. Ice goliaths, casting avalanche (not falling boulders)
  5. Cobras, making poison twisters.


As you can notice covered all resistances except Void. But resistance to void is only needed when doing with Orobyss or in arena. For the former I have 3 2-cell idols with 2-3 Vitality and 17% resistance to void and put them instead of 4-cell horizontal idol and 2-cell idol with resistance to Necrotic damage, for the latter the resistance to void is not needed so much.

Dodge scaling and Endurance Threshold interactions

The interaction between the ability of Serpent Strike increase the character's dodge rating, while using it, and the boots Foot of the Mountain ability to convert dodge rating to Endurance Threshold (ET) is the main defensive mechanism of the build.

During the fight when you start using Serpent Strike, the node Slither 3/3 starts working building up your dodge. You can reach the dodge ceiling (80%) just with 8 stacks of Maelstrom. When you stop moving, all the received dodge rating converts to Endurance Threshold (because of the boots' ability), which cover up to 6k health. If you just stay on place and spam Serpent Strike, casting Maelstrom, your ET also increases.

So mapping comes down to the decision, when you should move around the mobs and when you should stay on place.

  • If there are a lot of mobs, for example on arena, you should move around them, summoning zombies to clear packs.
  • If there are few mobs(less than 5), you can stay on place, tanking damage.
  • if you have ticking dots on the character, its better stay on place and let endurance provide additional 60% damage mitigation for all HP pool.
  • You can mildly face tank bosses abilities staying on place, especially if they are of necrotic, void and poison origin, after using a potion, but some abilities can one shot your anyway (like T4 Julra's big AoE or Orobyss' big blue crystal smash) on high corruption maps(above 500).

Few words about gear


The spear Lethal Concentration is better then another poison-themed spear, Draalsting, for more minion-inclined builds, where the most part of damage comes from pets. It has more base attack damage (78 vs 49), also increases your melee damage up to 210%. The both affixes greatly increase leech effect, because it comes from melee damage. It increases minion damage up to 210% and, the main part, it provides them a great survivability, because 8% of their poison damage leeched as health. And they do a lot of poison damage because of maxed out Viper Fangs 10/10 and Rattlesnake Rattlesnake 10/10 in the beastmaster class tree and the node Claws of the Forest 7/7 in the druid class tree.

The weapon's LP should be used for increased SuffixDamage Over Time for Minions, PrefixMelee Damage Leeched as Health as primary affixes.

Affixes to consider:

  • SuffixAll Attributes - Serpent Strike has a dual-scaling origin (Strength, Dex), Vitality is the third best stat to scale to boost character's damage because of the node Spirit Viper (after Poison Penetration and Increased Aspect of Viper Effect), Harmony needs for mana pool and also boosts Maelstrom. Only Intellect is used slightly by the amulet, when it summons ward.
  • PrefixParry Chance - the affix works beautifully on two-handed weapons because T6 and T7 affixes have more % (T6: 15-18 and T7:18-22) than on 1-handed weapons. That means, when you tanking damage, staying on place, on average every 5-6 hit can be parried. When you move, for example, having > 12 stacks of Maelstrom and dodge chance is close to 80%, mobs can break through dodge on average on every 5th hit, T7 Parry Chance =20% decreases the probability of being hit by additional 4%, so on average only every 6 or 7 hit can reach the character. There are a lot of different magic effects, that are considered as hits and can be parried. Also Parry can ignore corruption levels: all mobs and bosses, on 100 corruption level or 1000, have the equal chance that on average every 5th their hit could be parried (if you have T7 parry = 20%).

Body armor

The Titan Heart provides damage mitigation with two-handed weapon, melee damage increase and boost to health and armor.

Affixes to consider:


The belt Vipertail provides additional slow effect on mobs, summons additional pet, gives more dodge rating. The belt's LP should be used for Summon Volatile Zombies (as main prefix) and Hybrid Health (as main suffix). Here few words about zombies: despite the fact it has only 3 potion slots, you can summon zombies at any time, because potions drop very often, even when you fight a single boss.


Artor's Legacy provides additional skill points for minions, a chance to chill enemies on hit reducing their attack speed by 6% by stack up to 18%, additional attack speed.

Affixes to consider:


The ring Ribbons of Blood greatly boosts minion's survivability and also increases health up by 10%.

Affixes to consider:


The Grimoire of Necrotic Elixirs gives raw 64 HP points (4ViT*6+40 with max base values). Its second base passive do nothing as the build does not use health regeneration because of the body armor. Its another negative affix can hurt if using potions without hitting mobs, because leech effect easily overcomes the negative health drain.

Damage mitigation from the relic let survive through poison, void and necrotic damage, especially dots. Also it provides the opportunity to facetank some bosses, for example the Emperor of Corpses if use a potion before his large AoE and stay on his sides.

Additional necrotic damage is ~ T6 affix with flat damage increase, which boosts leech effect.

Affixes to consider:



Stat Priorities


The Age of Winter
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire

Build Variants



The ways to improve the build:

  • Remove Fury Leap and add a second pet (Summon Raptor). In that case you need to add additional Minion Health affix because they lose the bonus from the nodes Artor's Loyalty 1/1 and Natural Bond 1/1 in the class skill tree and lose a huge portion of extra-damage which converted to self-heal via the weapon's passive ability. Do not forget to remove 2 points in the class skill tree, Artor's Loyalty 1/1 and Natural Bond 1/1 .
  • As the build uses endurance to its full potential and can reach damage mitigation up to 76% before armor counted, it progress very well through the corruption levels. Because damage mitigation is calculated in percents and not in absolute values, as you move from corruption level to another level, the damage done by mobs after damage mitigation will increase less and less (from 100 to 200 corruption - damage increase by 150%, from 1000 to 1100 - by 110% ). So improvement of the build is the function two variables F(improvement) = (Health, Armor), with Health is a more desired, because it can protect from dots and has synergy with the amulet.
  • Optimizing affixes, get T7 Health on rings (135 flat health ~ T6 15% Health Increase), the aim to reach a comfort zone of ~ 4k health.
  • The idol Ornate Heorot Idol with 10% increase of the Aspect of the Boar ~ 1% increase of total damage reduction.
  • Tuning the distribution of the class skill points: the main candidates for redistribution are Feline Bond 4/8 (you can decrease your dodge rating and of your minion if you are fine with how you both resist damage),The Chase 4/8. And the acquired points can be put in other nodes.
  • Incorporate armor shredding to the build if you have a high LP gloves or amulet.

Loot Filter

Loot-filter for endgame with incorporated loot-filter:





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