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Oneshot Abomination Build Guide

Posted By Raein on October 25, 2022
Last updated on March 7, 2023



Note: this build is completely dead from the 0.9 patch notes because they decided that stomp having a low cooldown was a bug. Technically, this build actually does more thax 3x the damage because of this nerf due to points saved on abomination tree but that requires you to use the default attack which has been bugged for multiple years (and a known bug to ehg too at that...) That bug prevents the AI from using the skill against smaller targets and there is no workaround. I won't be updating this guide anymore because of this and because ehg either intentionally or unintentionally removed corruption pushing from the game with a large number of different nerfs to core defensive layers and movement which also removed all desire I have to continue to follow the development of this game. Cheers.

Note: During the crash the server party event there was a bug with abomination that caused it to "forget" all the minions it consumed every time you transitioned between zones (This does not impact monolith gameplay, only dungeons and the campaign.) EHG is aware of the bug and plans to fix it either in 0.9 or in a hotfix shortly after.

Throughout this guide I'll also be sharing all the information I have about the mechanics of Assemble Abomination, hopefully that is helpful even if you decide to play a different build for this skill.

The core concept of this build is to leverage the innate 30% increased damage per minion consumed and Engorgement 5/5 to create an Abomination with a completely absurd amount of damage. In order to maximise the number of minions consumed we leverage a lot of mechanics that provide chances for new minions to be summoned when old ones die. In the end you can expect to consume between 80 and 160 minions per summon, giving a truly silly 2400%-4800% increased damage and 1200%-2400% more damage to the abomination. With all that damage built in there is no real merit to building (or even a way to build) any damage on our gear, so we just stack as much defense as we possibly can.

To go over how this performs briefly in all forms of endgame content:

  • General monoliths: Extremely safe and hands off playstyle, but you need to stop every 4-6 minutes to resummon the abomination which slows things down a bit.
  • Corruption pushing: Very good but also not speedy. From 100 to 600 corruption I haven't noticed any differences except that the abomination will start to last longer because enemies have more hp to leech. Personally I've taken this build all the way to 970 corruption with no major issues. Note that while this build is strong and can get very tanky, because of how monolith modifiers scale high corruption is still extremely dangerous content and you do need to actively avoid enemy attacks to be successful no matter how strong your defenses are.
  • Timeline boss farming: A breeze. The bosses tend to die before they get to do anything.
  • T4 Dungeons: A breeze. See above.
  • Arena: All tiers are quite easy to complete.
  • Endless Arena: I haven't personally tried to push wave count on this build yet. On paper it looks good but ymmv.
  • Dummy smacking: [insert maniacal laughter here]

A quick overview of all the relevant changes we know about in 0.9:

  • Poison now stops shredding resistance after 30 stacks. This includes Everlasting Poison inflicted by Pernicious Pact. Because of this, that node no longer has any meaningful impact on the duration of our abomination and we can take Doomed Wrath 3/3 with no downside.
  • Poison on enemies deals 40% more damage than before. This means no builds can ignore poison resistance, all builds should have a cleanse of some sort, and you should actually be overcapping to 135% poison resistance. Yes, it's horrible.
  • The Stomp skill from Shattered Similacrum has had its aoe increased significantly and has new visuals. Previously it used to share visuals and area with Earthquake aftershocks, now it shares visuals and area with Earthquake itself.
  • Soul Reave from Reap The Damned no longer deals double damage to cursed enemies but it has been buffed from 28 + 110% to 40 + 200% damage. This is technically a ~10% damage nerf if you were aware of the interaction but it does improve qol for that version of the build.
  • Dark Retribution 3/3 now grants 12% chance to summon a Skeleton Vanguard instead of 15%. This is technically a nerf but the impact is unnoticable.
  • Party play now exists and it is possible to form teams based around Abomination. This boosts the damage ceiling immensely for organised groups.
  • Many of the skills used by the Abomination have received the area tag and there is an affix for aoe available as a glove prefix. This potentially means we could make Julra's Obsession and that may boost AoE even further.
  • Fanning the Flames on Infernal Shade has received some extremely minor changes.
  • There may be more things that I haven't noticed.

A quick note about the above: We do not yet have patch notes for 0.9. All the information in this guide is based on the updated information on this website and specific testing that was done by myself and others during the crash the server party event. It is entirely possible that there are other changes that could impact this build included in the release of 0.9.

Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly high dps (against dummy 30 million dps is very reachable)
  • Clear is surprisingly good with stomp which now has earthquake AoE
  • Tanky (About as tanky as a necromancer can get, with basic gear t20 gear shown in planner we sit around 9k ehp vs oneshots. There are variants that can get well past 60k ehp though with high end gear)
  • Good recovery relative to other summoner builds
  • Power spike is very early in gear progression (before empowered monoliths)
  • Immense synergy with certain support builds can enable 9 digit numbers against the dummy (see variants for more info)


  • Minion AI (abomination has imo the worst minion ai in the entire game by far)
  • Summoning can take upwards of 60 seconds
  • Abomination is not a permanent minion (will last between 4 and 8 minutes depending on gear)
  • You need to swap 2-3 skills on bar whenever you summon.

Gameplay / Mechanics


  1. Swap out skills on your bar. You should have volatile zombies, summon skeleton, bone golem, summon skeleton mage, and assemble abomination.
  2. (optional) Equip your hollow fingers. If you have them, equip foot of the mountain as well.
  3. Stand in a fairly open space. The center of echo of a world works perfect.
  4. Cast summon bone golem.
  5. Cast summon skeleton mage 3 times.
  6. Use minion command key to move them all to one side of you together.
  7. From this point on, do not move at all.
  8. On the opposite side of you cast summon volatile zombie
  9. Cast summon skeleton until you are at your maximum skeletons. Make sure to position them further away from you than the zombies are.
  10. Wait for your mana to be at ~75%
  11. Cast summon volatile zombie again in the direction of the first set of three.
  12. Wait for full mana.
  13. Cast summon volatile zombie one last time. This will kill the first 3 zombies and cause them to spawn corpse parasites and vanguards very close to you.
  14. Immediately place your cursor in the middle of the parasites and begin casting assemble abomination.
  15. While it is casting continue to hold the key down. You can do basic inventory management while waiting. I don't recommend alt tabbing but you can try it if you want, it sometimes works.
  16. After between 40 and 80 seconds (if it's more, congrats you've summoned a big juicy one. Enjoy your big numbers) the abom will be summoned.
  17. Switch your rings and boots back to normal gear.
  18. Switch your skills to infernal shade, bone golem, transplant, assemble abomination, and dread shade.
  19. If there are any leftover minions, switch in sacrifice and carefully delete them so they don't eat your dread shade casts. Don't sacrifice the abomination by accident or you will be sad.
  20. Cast infernal shade on abomination. If you have the blaze shade nodes then keep casting it until you see the larger aoe from a blaze shade.
  21. You're good to go for the next 4-8 minutes.

You can also do a lighter version of this process for a faster summon of a weaker abomination. This is good for clearing echoes. Generally I will run with 6 skeletons, 1 golem, and 3 zombies for this. That will get you around 45 minions (22 seconds to summon) and last 4 minutes.

General Gameplay

While actually running echoes the gameplay is fairly simple. You walk to the boss, abomination will follow you and occasionally wipe out whole packs with stomp when it's AI stops getting stuck. Once you get to the boss you place your mouse cursor on top of it and press the minion command key, then the boss no longer exists and you can move on to the next echo. If you are at high corruption with many dangerous modifiers you can instead follow your abomination. Use the minion command key to make it move ahead of you and only follow once everything is dead. This approach is much slower but extremely safe.

Offensive monolith modifiers:

  • Never take "enemies focus on attacking players", it is the single most dangerous thing you can click on by a huge margin. You do have the defenses to survive enemies swarming you but you are not immortal. Taking this modifier without noticing is the easiest way to get yourself killed on this build.
  • Apart from that, like any other build you should not be taking crit unless your crit avoid is 100% and you should be careful about stacking up too much %increased damage on enemies.

Defensive monolith modifiers:

  • "enemies have a chance to dodge" this is just annoying. Big slow hitters with high aoe are punished far far more than other builds by this modifier. It isn't a dealbreaker, but avoid it if you can because it will slow you down a lot.
  • "enemies have increased health" this modifier is actually a good thing. Abomination has 40% of damage from crits leeched as life, but enemies don't have much health and you can't leech overkill. Giving them more health means abom can leech more and it will survive longer.
  • No other defensive modifiers are meaningful in any way.

Abomination Skills

The abomination has a fairly large number of skills it can use. in-game there are only a few that you can see. In this section I'm going to give precise values for all of them and links to the sometimes unlisted pages for them in the skills db.

Remember that:

  • Abomination itself has an implicit 40% less Melee Attack Speed, 60% more Melee Damage, and 70% more Damage.
  • Many of these skills are copy-pasted versions of player skills. Their descriptions don't always make sense.
  • If a skill lists attribute scaling that does not work with your own attributes, or attributes on the minion.
  • The cooldowns in the data are not always correct. I have timed many of these out myself but there may be some minor errors. If there is a ~ in front it means I've timed it myself. Otherwise the number is confirmed to be true either by devs or game data.

Melee Attack

This is the basic melee attack is enabled by default.

  • No cooldown
  • 1.1 per second (attack speed)
  • 18 base physical
  • 5% crit chance
  • 200% crit multi
  • 100% added damage
  • Physical, Melee, Area

This attack is horrible and a major part of the AI issues with abomination. It has no aoe or range. If you see your abomination tripping over itself stuck in middle of a pack doing nothing, this is what it's trying to do. The range on this skill is so bad that sometimes enemies that it is getting pathing blocked on are still out of range of this ability.

Bone Nova

This skill is enabled by default and has a 15% chance to cast whenever the abomination is hit.

  • No cooldown (not 100% certain on this, difficult to test)
  • No cast animation
  • 12 base physical
  • 5% crit chance
  • 200% crit multi
  • 100% added damage
  • Physical, Spell

Without this abomination would be many many times slower clearing monoliths. The range on this is quite big and it triggers very often.

Arrow Nova

This is enabled if you have Dead Eye 1/1 and consumed at least 1 skeleton archer to create the abomination.

  • No cooldown (casts automatically every 4 seconds)
  • No cast animation
  • 9 base physical
  • 5% crit chance
  • 200% crit multi
  • 100% added damage
  • Physical, Spell
  • 9 projectiles, homing
  • Modified by Horrific Volley

This is nice if you can fit it in, especially on permanent abomination builds. Not having an animation means the abomination is basically running around with this on numlock and it helps clear a lot.

Devouring Souls

This is enabled if you have Corrupt Palate 1/1 and have consumed at least 1 skeleton mage (of any type including death knights) to create the abomination.

  • ~6s cooldown
  • 0.524 per second (cast speed)
  • 6 base necrotic
  • 5% crit chance
  • 200% crit multi
  • 100% added damage
  • Necrotic, Spell
  • 6 projectiles, homing
  • Modified by Frightful Feast
  • Despite the description this does not inflict possess and thus does not scale with damage over time.

The go-to clear skill for permanent abomination builds. It has good screen coverage and its damage can be scaled quite well with cooldown idols and sources of minion adaptive spell damage.

Double Strike

This is enabled if you have Spoils of War 1/1 and have consumed at least 1 skeleton warrior to create the abomination.

  • 8s cooldown
  • 1.897 per second (attack speed) (the skill is 2 attacks in sequence, so it takes twice as long to cast)
  • 28 base physical (first attack) 18 base physical (second attack)
  • 5% crit chance (both attacks)
  • 200% crit multi (both attacks)
  • 100% added damage (both attacks)
  • 100% chance to bleed (first attack only)
  • Physical, Melee

The animation for this skill is really fast. If you are playing permanent abomination then you should be taking this. Otherwise though, its long cooldown makes it inconsistent and there are better options.

Note that this skill does not have the area tag, meaning Unholy Reach will not modify the size.

Soul Reave

This is enabled if you have Reap The Damned 1/1 and have consumed at least 1 wraith of any type (including blood spectres from sacrifice for some reason) to create the abomination.

  • Combo skill (like umbral blades), the sequence is Soul Reave -> Basic Melee -> Basic Melee -> repeat
  • No cooldown
  • 1 per second (attack speed)
  • 40 base necrotic
  • 5% base crit
  • 200% crit multi
  • 200% added damage
  • Necrotic, Melee, Area

The area on soul reave is massive, the only issue is that the other two skills in the combo sequence are the basic melee and I wish you luck with that. More often than not what happens is the abomination uses this skill, then spins in circles doing nothing until the combo times out after a few seconds.


This is enabled if you have Shattered Similacrum 1/1 and have consumed at least 1 golem of any type to create the abomination.

  • ~0.5s cooldown (data says 3s, this is not the case in-game)
  • 1.1 per second (attack speed)
  • 30 base physical
  • 5% base crit
  • 200% crit multi
  • 150% added damage
  • Physical, Melee, Area
  • 50% increased stun chance

Easily the most consistent option abomination has, you can scale the cooldown enough to make this completely replace the basic attack. It also has very good damage scaling and aoe, a quick animation, and it even stunlocks anything that survives the first hit.

Tail Slam

This is enabled if you have Bloated Corpse 1/1 and have consumed at least 1 volatile zombie to create the abomination.

  • 6s cooldown
  • 0.55 per second
  • 20 base physical (first hit) 40 base fire (projectile)
  • 5% crit chance (both parts)
  • 200% crit multi (both parts)
  • 100% added damage (first hit) 200% added damage (projectile)
  • Physical, Melee, Area (first hit) Fire, Spell (projectile)
  • 50% increased stun chance (first hit) 200% chance to ignite with 100% increased effect (projectile)

A very interesting option overall and for this build especially because we are using zombies anyway. The range on the projectiles is insane, easily more than the entire screen and it does a ton to help clear. Unfortunately the abomination doesn't use this at range, instead it treats it as a melee attack but the range is much better than the basic attack. 100% worth trying it out if you can spare some points.

Note that Unholy Reach only applies to the initial melee portion, not the spell portion.

Dragonflame Nova

Note: It is unclear if this skill is intended to be cast by the player or the minion and I have heard there are some issues but have not tested it myself yet.

This skill is not part of abomination, but it is a spell that you can cause your abomination to cast using Dragonflame Edict

  • ~2s cooldown (not totally certain on this, also do not know if it scales with minion cooldown recovery)
  • No cast animation
  • 80 base fire
  • 5% crit chance
  • 200% crit multi
  • 400% added damage
  • Fire, Spell

The resummon loop

In order to make this build work we need a way to generate a lot of minions. In general there are a few approaches to this, we focus on the second.

  1. Use uncapped decaying minions keep them alive somehow (In the past we used pre-rework wraiths for this and had infinite minions to work with. Good times)
  2. Cause new minions to be summoned when old ones are consumed (usually involves zombies)
  3. Just summon a ton of minions normally (A staple of these setups is bone prison on bone curse)

In order to do this we use:

This is by no means the only way to accomplish a resummon loop, but out of all the setups I have tried so far this one is the most consistent and least mana intensive for the number of minions generated.



Stat Priorities


First to go over the unique items and sets used:

Sinathia's Set: +2 to minion skills is a big deal on its own for abomination because of how many powerful point sink nodes are in the tree, but we also make very good use of both of the items in the set.

Sinathia's Resurrection improves our skeleton resummon chance (Note, this does not get you to 60%. The modifier is increased chance, not flat chance. With Immortal 4/4 a perfect roll on this shield brings us from 40% to 48% chance) It also gives a large amount of %minion life and a suffix worth of %endurance from the base type. Nothing to be upset about on this item

Sinathia's Dying Breath 25% all resistances is quite nice to have. Overall the weapon slot is pretty much worthless for this build anyway, so being able to simplify our resistances and also grab a +2 to all minion skills at the same time is huge. If you're running Bastion of Honour though this becomes even better, this item is one of only 2 sources of increased block effectiveness in the entire game. For perspective: if you have 2000 block effectiveness that modifier adds 1320 block effectiveness, a t7 block effectiveness roll on a shield gives 951-1300 block effectiveness. So this weapon essentially adds a perfectly rolled t7 block effect mod to your bastion.

There are 3 reasons we use Thorn Slinger. First, Assemble Abomination has weird tags (the physical tag is not attached to the minion for some reason) so thorn slinger gives us an extra point. Second, it is easy to farm out many of them with 2+ lp because of how common it is meaning it doesn't really cost us the defensive modifiers from belt. Third, it gives 6% movement speed. I love movement speed.

The Fang is one of the only sources of flat damage for minions on gear available in the entire game. This stat is so scarce that even just +16 is giving abomination ~32% more total damage. On top of that it also gives flat health and resistances. Death Rattle is a contender but with a perfect roll gets ~29% more damage which is less than the fang and it also has no defensive value.

While summoning we can switch out some gear slots. This is entirely optional, but in my opinion it is worth the time. Note that this is not the same as normal snapshot abuse, although we do snapshot a small amount of stats incidentally. The primary purpose of this is to make the summoning itself faster and help minimise the impact of resummon rng on the produced abomination.

Hollow Finger are used for the +1 max skeletons. We do end up snapshotting the crit multiplier, if this bothers you then get them with min rolls. If you can get them with PrefixMinion Health that will also help push out the duration of the abomination.

Foot of the Mountain is used for the -6 mana cost. This allows us to do our initial summoning much quicker and while summoning it makes the procs of Awakening Presence 3/3 less hard on our mana. We can generally sustain the summon without these, but a rapid streak of zombie procs can still bring us negative (going negative does not stop the summon, it just prevents additional zombies from spawning)

There are a number of high end chase items that can be used in this build. It is highly unlikely you will actually get all of them but I also can't really make planners for every possible combination you might have so instead I have one planner showcasing a setup that uses all of them at once. I'm hoping that if you are far enough in the game to start getting these items you will be able to figure out the finer details of how to fit them in with the things you have on your own.

Bastion of Honour is our best in slot shield, equipping it doubles our ehp. If you happen to get it with LP your want either PrefixAdded Block Effectiveness or SuffixLess Damage Taken on Block. While this does lose us a +2 to abomination from Sinathia's Set and a few skeletons from the resummon it is 100% worth it. I would highly suggest farming this if you are playing on hardcore or intend to push high corruption.

Vessel of Strife is our best in slot relic. It allows us to gain around 2.5k ward on top of our health pool which is massive. This item always drops with at least 1lp and can be easily target farmed from t4 julra in the temporal sanctum. The most important affix to get onto it is PrefixLevel of Assemble Abomination, ideally a +4 as that makes up for the 2 levels we lose when equipping a bastion. When using this item you should be getting SuffixHealth Regen Per Second on your helmet, boots, and gloves and grabbing SuffixHealth Regeneration where possible elsewhere. You also should drop your sources of spell leech and grab some ward retention instead.

Omnis is something you are very likely to get at least a few of while pushing corruption. While The Fang is fantastic, we get more power from the +1 to all skills and the resistances freeing up suffixes elsewhere. If you get this item with lp (very rare, but I have seen it happen a few times) you would want PrefixMinion Health, however since this item is useable in almost every single build in the game you may want to aim for something more generally relevant like SuffixAdded Health.

Ravenous Void are not an item you are likely to find by accident but they can be target farmed by repeatedly killing gaspar in the last ruin timeline at high corruption (500 is generally the advice, I like to go a bit higher than that personally because it boosts the stability gains and magnitude of rarity bonuses from modifiers) If using these gloves you should make sure you have a tier 1 PrefixWard and Ailment Cleansing on Potion Use on your belt, this lets you remove the Mimic Feast stacks with a potion. These don't change much for gearing, but I would personally avoid flat endurance threshold rolls on other gear. Note that it is perfectly acceptable to run these in combination with Vessel of Strife. You do lose some flat health regen but the damage reduction more than makes up for it. If you somehow get these with LP you should stick tier 7 SuffixHybrid Health on them and also go touch grass. It's good for you.

Red Ring of Atlaria is even more difficult to get but it is absurdly powerful and should be used even if you have not yet hit the 180 total attribute requirement. To hit that requirement you should be throwing vitality and intelligence everywhere you possibly can. Ideally you would get 2 of these but that would take a while. If you get these with LP I would go for PrefixIntelligence, but if you would like something more universal you could go for SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance, SuffixAdded Health, or SuffixBlock Chance and Effectiveness.

For the rest of the gear most of the modifier choices should be pretty obvious. The only standout is PrefixShared Physical Damage Leeched As Health on our helmet and body armour. We take this because it allows us to leech off the damage we are constantly dealing to our abomination with infernal shade. It is very noticeable and is our main source of recovery.

Throughout the affix priorities in the table I've listed a lot of "flexible defensive suffix", those should be used to fill out your defensive needs in the following order

  1. 60% endurance
  2. 100% crit avoid
  3. 75% all resistances (poison is not optional anymore and you should be shooting for 135% to mitigate the shred)
  4. flat block effectiveness (only with a Bastion of Honour)
  5. flat health regen (only with a Vessel of Strife)
  6. %armour
  7. flat health
  8. flat armour
  9. flat endurance threshold

The last 4 are all fairly comparable and you can work with any of them.



Fiend Cowl


Heretic Cage

SuffixIncreased Health

PrefixShared Physical Damage Leeched As Health


flexible defensive suffix


SuffixHybrid Health

PrefixIncreased Movement Speed


flexible defensive suffix


PrefixLevel of Assemble Abomination

PrefixMinion Health

flexible defensive suffix

flexible defensive suffix


Rolls don't matter for non-bastion variant.

For bastion variant you want a good roll for increased block effectiveness.


focus on one with a good implicit endurance roll and good increased minion health roll

Ring 1

flexible defensive suffix

flexible defensive suffix

Ring 2

flexible defensive suffix

flexible defensive suffix


With this build our abomination will only have 2 abilities enabled. The base melee attack, and stomp. The base melee attack has low damage, horrible aoe, and the short range is even part of what causes the bad minion AI. If we could disable it outright we would. Luckily, abomination will only use the base melee attack if it has no other option. So all we need to do is get the cooldown of stomp low enough that it comes off cooldown before the animation finishes. There are some breakpoints with this, but because of things like haste shrines I would recommend sticking to 4x large cdr idols, ideally with %health as prefix.

If you decide to use Bloated Corpse 1/1 then you should drop the 4 1x2 idols for 2x Adorned Immortal Idol with more SuffixIncreased Minion Cooldown Recovery Speed. Unfortunately the prefixes for adorned idols are pretty useless for us, which is the primary reason I don't use tail slam in the planner.


Note: the non-empowered version of all blessings listed will work as well.

For most blessings one choice is significantly better than the others due to either it being a hard to get stat, or due to it freeing up more suffixes on gear than the other options. I list that one first in all slots, the other options listed are things you can settle on temporarily. I'll give more in depth explanation on the slots that are unconventional, or the slots where there are multiple options.

For the black sun Grand Hunger of the Void is the best in slot by far. Our primary source of recovery is leeching off the damage dealt to our abomination from our infernal shade. That damage dealt increases by 10% every second the shade is active and it very quickly outpaces most other recovery options we have access to.

Ending the storm has very niche blessings. We go with Grand Light of the Moon because having a larger pool of mana helps make abomination summoning a bit more consistent (you can absorb more streaks of good rng before you hit negative mana which prevents minion deaths from summoning zombies). If you do get your hands on a vessel of strife with + to level of abomination though then switch to Grand Rhythm of the Tide.

In Reign of Dragons many builds will take Grand Survival of Might over Grand Resolve of Humanity because it saves 2 suffixes easily, whereas the all resistances option doesn't tend to make capping resistances too much easier. For us however, it is very different. Sinathia's Dying Breath provides us with 25% to all resistances. When combined with a max roll Grand Resolve of Humanity we get a baseline +45% to all resistances. That is the same as having a perfectly rolled t5 suffix for all 7 resistances. This blessing is the reason we can invest so heavily into non resistance suffixes and there is absolutely no competition for the slot.

If you are using a Bastion of Honour then you can take Grand Bones of Eternity for age of winter. This is a very small increase in ehp over Grand Bulwark of the Tundra for some setups.

Build Variants


Level 1-15

I generally use skeletons + wandering spirits here and then switch in bone golem for skeletons once I get it. You can do whatever you want for this section of the game though, most things work.

Level 16-50

Volatile zombies. Put your first 5 points into Forceful Commander 5/5 and the rest can go wherever. Zombies have more than enough base damage to get you through all the way to empowered monoliths if you want to.

Level 51+

Here you can spec into abomination. Initially I would suggest running a permanent abomination setup using Age of Undeath 1/1 because your abominations early on are going to decay extremely quickly. In my opinion the extra damage from a full resummoning setup is just not worth it until you can get the duration out long enough to last a whole echo (generally around 400% increased minion health). You can stick with the permanent abomination for as long as you like, but it isn't going to be oneshotting bosses in endgame like the resummoning setup is.


Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.


Is this build a meme?

You bet it is. But it's a meme with so much damage that it's actually effective. This build sits firmly in that weird overlapping area between meme builds and strong builds and things like that are the entire reason I play ARPGs in the first place.

How much health does my abomination have?

I have a spreadsheet for calculating abomination hp based on minions consumed here (just make a copy to do your own values), it also can calculate the raw damage of all the various skills abomination has.

How long will my abomination last?

The above spreadsheet uses an approximation that ignores regen and infernal/dread shade because in the majority of setups those only will change the results by a few seconds. I have a different spreadsheet here (just make a copy to do your own values) which does it as a simulation.

Why are you not investing into minion health regen?

The short answer is because health regen does nothing in the quantities we can get it.

The long answer is that yes, the duration of abomination is proportional to the cube root of it's total hp, but the square root of it's hp regen. Eventually hp regen would produce a longer lasting abomination, but even the maximum possible amount of minion health regen is nowhere close to enough to surpass even a small amount of stacking max hp. By comparison, leech is far more effective as recovery and we get that leech for free.

Why are you investing into increased minion critical strike chance when dread shade makes them always crit?

Because the node that provides always crit actually is just adding a flat +100% to base crit. There is another node on dread shade that blinds the minion, and blind is a 50% less to final critical strike chance. So, if we get 100% increased crit chance then that counteracts the effects of blind and lets us always crit again.

What about Lich's Scorn?

So on paper yes, lich's scorn is a massive damage boost, but it is also a lot of upkeep work for a build that focuses on a single minion and frankly, we just don't need the damage.

However, Lich's Scorn does have a place on a build designed to support the abomination. Check variants for more information.

Why no Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living?

Because I like having defense on my character. These items were quite powerful in previous versions of the game but that is simply not the case anymore. This isn't a personal preference, there is just no way to make those items worthwhile mathematically for this build (or for the vast majority of other builds) compared to the alternatives.

In order to get Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living to be even slightly competitive with the extremely cheap endurance setup you would need them to look like this: Exsanguinous Last Steps of the Living

In the time you spent farming out those legendaries you could have also been farming other big ticket defensive options like Bastion of Honour, Ravenous Void, Vessel of Strife, and Red Ring of Atlaria, any one of which will allow the endurance setup to completely outclass anything possible with the low life ward setup.

How dare you abuse snapshotting!

So first, this build does not abuse snapshotting (which is mostly fixed in 0.9 by the way due to minions getting resummoned on zone transition) in the traditional sense.

This build can leverage the extra max skeletons from Hollow Finger to have additional skeletons consumed by the abomination and Foot of the Mountain to make the summoning faster (less time waiting for mana regen). In the process of doing so yes, we do snapshot some of the stats from those items. Namely, the intelligence from the boots and the minion crit multiplier on the ring however the impact of those specific stats is extremely low compared to the average impact of the additional skeletons.

It's worth noting that the additional skeletons do not always produce a better abomination. There is a large amount of variance between each summon. If you were willing to keep retrying the summon for good rng then you could potentially get thousands of minions (with astronomically good luck) with or without the additional skeletons.



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  • Added showcase video from Dr3adful, updated note on dragonflame nova.
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