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Osprixx's Chaos Fissure Warlock Build Guide

Posted by Osprixx on March 18, 2024
Last updated on March 19, 2024



The Chaos Fissure Warlock is a Necrotic Resistance stacker that, as its name suggest, centers around two skills: Chaos Bolts and Chthonic Fissure. The majority of damage coming from DoTs via Damned and Torment.

We stack Necrotic resist for both offensive and defensive benefits. Chthonic Fissure's Twisted Waves 3/3 grants Torment a huge damage multiplier, while Imperishable 3/5 grants an equal amount of Ward Decay Threshold.

Chthonic Fissure is used for a cast-and-go playstyle that feels smooth and reliable, spitting out Chaos Bolts to apply and proliferate a medley of curses and Damned.

We utilize Spirit Plague mostly to keep our Ward topped up, Bone Curse (converted to Necrotic) to assist with clear via Ruptured Corpse 1/1, and Wandering Spirits for faster application of Damned.

There's a lot of Necrotic Resistance and Damned support in the Acolyte and Warlock passive trees, so this build is extremely straightforward. And with no requirements for Uniques, but a few very impactful ones available in the endgame, it's perfect for a cycle start.

Pros & Cons


Levelling with the same skills used in the endgame build

Very high ward even without Unique support

Great clear

Great boss DPS


Low HP means you get stunned quite often

Focusing heavily on Necrotic resist makes capping other resistances a little difficult

You probably won't be able to counter Marked For Death on every resist

Gameplay / Mechanics

The gameplay loop in monoliths is fairly simple.

  1. Cast Spirit Plague on a pack
  2. Cast Chthonic Fissure into that same pack
  3. Walk away
  4. Repeat

Bossing isn't too different, just with the added Wandering Spirits and Chaos Bolts spam.


There are a LOT of "more" multipliers in this build. Twisted Waves 3/3, Doom's Vindication 4/4, and Exult in Misery 3/3 just to name a few. The bulk of our damage is Necrotic DoTs from stacking Damned, as well as hit damage from Chaos Bolts, with a bit of incidental Fire damage from our main damaging skills. We stack Damned and Shred Necrotic Resistance very high, so most if not all of our damage is unresisted and nothing will be able to regen health. Curses like Torment, Bone Curse, Spirit Plague, and Anguish each provide additional sources of Necrotic damage over time while giving our Chaos Bolts a chance to deal double damage via Chaotic Strikes 5/5.

Every time we kill an enemy, we also inflict ourselves with Damned, gaining more damage for each stack via Aspect of Death 5/5. These stacks are for clearing packs and fall off fairly quickly, so don't worry about killing yourself by accident.

Spirit Plague will also be granting us stacks of Pestilence 3/3 whenever we inflict Spirit Plague, which is cast in an AoE and proliferated to nearby enemies on hit, so it should be generating dozens of stacks at least.


Our main defensive stat is Ward, generated via Spirit Plague's Putrid Recovery 3/3 node. We stack a lot of Ward Decay Threshold (WDT) implicits on gear, and gain 1 WDT per 1% Necro. Res. we have with Imperishable 3/5. This effectively acts as HP as long as we can regenerate it, which we'll be doing with Warlock's Dark Protections 7/7 node. It also pulls double-duty with some damage reduction from cursed targets.

We also have a solid low-life protection passive in Accursed Seer 3/5, granting us a huge burst of Ward when we fall to low health.

Of course our aim is to hit 100% all resist, but it may be difficult with such a huge focus on Necro. Res., but we're stacking Ward so high that it should make up for ~10-15% undercapped resists.



Stat Priorities


Item Bases

Ward Decay Threshold (WDT) is an extremely important stat on this build, as it functions as Health but better, as it's extremely easy for us to regenerate.

As such, our endgame bases almost exclusively consist of gear that provides us with that stat; Necropolis Helm, Necropolis Plate, Arcane Boots, and Ivory Ring all provide WDT, with Ivory Ring pulling double-duty by also providing hefty Necrotic Resistance - our main scaling stat.

Our Opulent Focus and Putrid Souls give us some meaningful Ward per Second, effectively functioning as Health regen within our WDT. Ward retention from the Opulent Focus is not to be underestimated either.

As we struggle to hit resistance caps because of our heavy focus on Necrotic Resistance, I've opted for Spidersilk Sash over Chain Belt, Crusader Gauntlets over Outcast Gloves, and Putrid Souls over Caged Souls. If you're somehow able to overcap all of your resits to 100% without these, please use the other bases.

Luckily, Bone Amulet provides both Necrotic resistance and some Physical damage, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

As for our weapon, Profane Wand is the best choice as it implicitly increases all of our damaging curses DoTs, namely Torment.


The main stat we're looking for on all gear (except wand) is SuffixNecrotic Resistance, as it will be giving us the bulk of our defence via WDT, and damage via multiplying Torment.

Other than that, it's pretty straightforward it terms of scaling damage; we look for PrefixNecrotic Damage, PrefixDamage Over Time, and PrefixSpell Damage on most gear, and of course PrefixNecrotic Penetration on our amulet and SuffixNecrotic Penetration and Minion Necrotic Penetration on our wand. Wherever we can't get those affixes, we look for PrefixCast Speed and PrefixIntelligence instead.

PrefixChance to apply Damned on Hit is exclusive on Helmet and Body for Acolytes, so this is an extremely high-value affix. Same for SuffixWard per Second, though its also available on our Catalyst.


While the idols below are absolutely best-in-slot, they are by no means necessary for the build to function. Please use whatever idols that are providing you with the resistances you need.


As mentioned in the Equipment section, WDT is an extremely important stat for us, so one of the best blessings we can get is Greed of Darkness from The Black Sun.

Similarly, Grace of Water from Ending the Storm is an amazing blessing, though I personally prefer going for Grand Resonance of the Sea once I have access to empowered monoliths. Either are great choices in my opinion.

While you might think at first that Despair of Flesh or Dream of Eterra are the blessings we want from Reign of Dragons, I actually believe that Resolve of Humanity, especially the Grand version, is infinitely more helpful due to our natural resistance deficit. I can't overstate enough how difficult it is to actually cap our non-Necrotic resistances on this build.

Well, The Age of Winter is a simple one: we get Resolve of Grael because it's the only useful blessing from this timeline for us.

Finally, From Spirits of Fire, we get Promise of Death letting us stack Shred Necrotic Resistance even higher than before.

As for the other blessings, get whatever you need for finding the appropriate gear and shards.

Build Variants


There isn't really a special way to level the build. As long as you're following the skill/passive trees and making sure you prioritize resistances, you should be absolutely fine.


Before Entering Normal Monoliths

All you really want before tackling monoliths in hardcore is a halfway decent Opulent Focus, and with SuffixNecrotic Resistance on all gear. You probably want to have ~45-50% all resistances as well. Don't worry about having them fully capped just yet as it most likely won't be possible anyway. That should provide us with all the stats we need to feel strong and tanky enough.

Before Entering Empowered Monoliths

You want to have ~1.5k resting ward (the amount of ward you sit at not doing anything), and be capped on all your resistances. It's going to be very hard hitting 100% all res to counter Marked For Death, but you should be aiming for at least 80% by the time you're about level 90 and doing higher than 100 corruption monoliths.

Completing the Build

Even without exalted gear, it's fairly easy to hit 700+% Necrotic resistance, which I feel is the sweet spot for making this build feel truly alive.

You also want ~250-300+% Ward retention if you can manage it, be at about ~1.8-2k resting ward and ~1200-1400 WDT.

If you want any single unique item upgrade, I highly recommend Boneclamor Barbute, as it will massively increase your Ward regen, nearly doubling your resting Ward value. The extra Intelligence it provides will help out your Ward retention as well.

Loot Filter

A full foot filter that will take you from 0-100 without the need to edit.

Very strict by level 80.



I keep running out of mana, why?

Chaos Bolts is kind of expensive, and still costs 60 -80% from autocast sources. Funnily enough, the best way to regen your mana is actually spamming Chaos Bolts at a cursed rare mob or boss, triggering Devour the Damned 2/2 a bunch of times per cast.



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