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Physical Crit Shuriken Bladedancer Build Guide (Beta 0.8.5)

Posted By MusicDroid on July 21, 2022
Last updated on July 21, 2022


This is an On-Hit Physical Shurikens Build not a DoT build, this is because we are going to be abusing Shuriken's Entry Points Skill Tree node.

This node implies "Shuriken's hits deal more damage per stack of bleed or poison on the target up to a maximum" which means that maxing out this node gives 90% MORE damage with 15 stacks, the thing is that this bonus applies for Bleed OR Poison which means that if we manage to get 15 stacks of Bleed AND Poison on a target we get up to 180% MORE damage.

To achieve this, we use Rogue's ease of acces to bleed on hit affixes/passives and the unique Li'raka's Claws for all the poison on-hit needs and juicy crit multiplier.


Please do NOT interpret the gear showcased in the planner as "required minimum" but more as a "to look forward to" guide. The build certainly performs well enough without Exalted gear and certainly does not need Li'raka's Claws to be upgraded to Legendary.

Pros & Cons


Very Fast

Great AoE

Great Single Target

High Sustain


Need to learn to manage Mana

Altough not really Unique reliant, the gloves makes it feel really good

Gameplay / Mechanics


So as previously mentioned, we are abusing Shuriken's Entry Points node, and there's multiple ways we can achieve the threshold required.

Firstly, we have to take into account that the way we are speccing Shuriken's tree is to let them "shotgun" a single target by throwing them in a single line rather than being spread out. This means that every use of Shurikens will apply multiple instances of an ailment with each throw.

At baseline, Shurikens throws 3 projectiles, then by speccing into Fan of Blades or Thin Shurikens we get extra projectiles and then Li'raka's Claws adds another set of 2, for a potential total of 9 projectiles that is then cut in half and rounded up by the Deadly Aim node (which allows the skill to shotgun). With this setup we get:

9 projectiles / 2 = 4.5, which is rounded up to 5 projectiles per throw.

Of course, we have to balance our mana usage/requirements as Fan of Blades and Thin Shurikens add an additional base mana cost to the skill itself. We get into this a little later.

So with all this in mind, if we spec into being able to throw 5 Shurikens PER use and have AT LEAST 100% Bleed and 100% Poison chance, we would only need 3 uses of Shurikens to max Entry Points 3/3 cap and get to the 180% MORE damage threshold.

Skill Rotations

  • Single Target

Try to get Synchronized Strike hit the enemy to get the buff from Art of the Blade 5/5, but even if you don't hit the enemy you get the buff from Crimson Storm 3/3 on use, which grants 3 Crimson Shroud stacks so 150% bleed chance for free. Then proceed to spam Shurikens. Also remember to use Shift to execute enemies with Consumed by Shadow 3/3 at 15% or less health.

  • General Clearing

Main combo would be to use Synchronized Strike and then either:

  1. For small/medium trash and faster pathing, use Shift to proc Dancing Shadows which will trigger Shadow Cascade that apart from it's circular AoE will throw daggers from Dagger Dance 4/4. Also since we are using Umbral Remnant node from Umbral Blades after we proc Shadow Cascade each shadow will leave behind a spinning blade which follows enemies. NOTE: Optionally you can also manually use Shadow Cascade in order to execute the combo while Shift is on Cooldown.
  2. For bigger threats like a pack of tougher monsters, use Umbral Blades which will send up to 3 spinning blades to the enemies with a big AoE and then explode but also Shadows created after using Synchronized Strike will leave another set of spinning blades.

In between both of these you can use Umbral Blades or Shurikens (IF you specced them to remain at 0 mana cost) to regain mana, and also Shadow Cascade will passively recover your mana on use.


For this we do four things:

  1. We stack health as normal, and really, as required by any build.
  2. Cap Glancing Blow Chance, for this we use Apostacy and gearing up with SuffixDodge Rating and SuffixDodge Rating affixes/blessings or even idols to cap this defense layer.
  3. Cap Endurance % and try to squeeze in Endurance Threshold, mainly through Grand Vigor of Jormun blessing from "The Age of Winter" Monolith Timeline.
  4. Get reliable high leech by using Weapons of Choice 5/8 with an Axe and a Dagger.



Stat Priorities


  • Weapons:

Axe: The best base we are looking for is the Eagle Wing, as I mentioned before we don't need to stack Bleeds on the target, we just need to get to 15 stacks for full DPS, that's why we prefer Eagle Wing for its base crit chance and movement speed instead of a Dragonbone Axe.

Dagger: Chitin Dagger, this base alongside Li'raka's Claws takes care of our Poison on hit needs. Another option or perhaps better one is to get a Kris.

Alternatively you can go for a dual sword setup to help cap Glancing Blow Chance through the Weapons of Choice 8/8 passive node, but keep in mind that you lose on the leech and might consider using a Bleeding Heart or using a Scalebane Grimace or a Stolen Tithe base in that case. If you do go for a dual sword setup I recommend using dual Katanas but keep in mind that some nodes on your passives won't work like Poison Tipped 8/8 if you speced into it.

For additional suggestions regarding armor/accessories/relic bases and affixes see below:


For Legendary Affixes you may look for:


SuffixEndurance Threshold

SuffixHybrid Health


PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier

PrefixPhysical Damage

SuffixChance To Shred Armor on Hit

SuffixChance to Apply Frailty on Hit

  • Bleed or Poison chance if you need it to get to at least 100% chance.

PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier

PrefixPhysical Damage

SuffixChance To Shred Armor on Hit

SuffixChance to Apply Frailty on Hit

  • Bleed or Poison chance if you need it to get to at least 100% chance.
Ring 1

PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost

PrefixThrowing Attack Speed

SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance (At least T5 so you can cap Crit Avoid with Grand Survival of Might)

  • Endurance, Resistances, Health...
Ring 2

Same as above.

NOTE: Crit Avoid affix is only needed on 1 slot if you get a T5 roll.


Bone Amulet

Gold Amulet

Oracle Amulet (If you dont need more resistances)

Bleeding Heart (Only if you don't have leech in another slot and are not using an Axe+Dagger setup)

PrefixPhysical Penetration

PrefixPhysical Damage

PrefixThrowing Attack Damage

PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier

  • Dodge rating, Resistances, Health...


Here you have a couple options but general aim is to cap missing resistances and complement defensive/offensive layers as needed according to current gear, the only one I would consider mandatory would be getting Survival of Might and later Grand Survival of Might from Reign of Dragons.

For the rest prioritize getting to Empowered Monoliths first and THEN farm for specific Blessings, it's not worth it to farm non-Empowered Monoliths/Blessings right now.

Also only farm the following timelines first, since these ones grant passive stats to your character instead of just drop chance bonuses:

  • The Black Sun
  • Ending The Storm
  • Reign of Dragons
  • Spirits of Fire
  • Reign of Winter

Optionally you can farm The Stolen Lance Timeline for a Grand Grip of the Lance blessing to farm for a pair of Li'raka's Claws if you don't have them yet or to farm for a nice Legendary Potential pair.

The Black Sun

Grand Emptiness of Ash

  • (Best in slot)

Grand Echo of Solarum

  • (Only if you can't cap Void Res any other way)

Grand Shadow of the Eclipse

  • (Only if you REALLY need this flat dodge rating to cap Glancing Blow Chance)
Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter

Grand Vigor of Jormun

  • Best in slot

Grand Fury of the North

  • You have physical shred in Shurikens tree but if you did not spec into it this is a nice option

Grand Resolve of Grael

Grand Protection of Heorot

  • Both of the above only if you REALLY need them to cap these resistances
Spirits of Fire

Grand Embers of Immortality

  • Best in slot to cap Endurance %

Grand Swiftness of Logi

  • Best in slot to cap Glancing Blow Chance

Grand Heart of the Caldera

  • Only if you REALLY need it to cap Fire res
Fall of the Outcasts

Up to you

The Stolen Lance

Grand Grip of the Lance for farming Li'raka's Claws, otherwise, up to you

Blood, Frost, and Death

Up to you

Fall of the Empire

Up to you

The Last Ruin

Up to you


For leveling I would recommend going Bleed specing into Lethal Cadence 3/5 and Disembowel 5/5 using Flurry and Puncture using melee weapons or Bows whichever you prefer, or later you can use Umbral Blades also.

While leveling remember to specialize into Shurikens even if its not your main skill and work towards pathing to Deadly Aim and once you get to Entry Points 1/3 you can switch to a full throw build.

At this stage you can specialize into Shurikens for single target and Umbral Blades for general clearing. After that the order I would specialize the other skills is: Shadow Cascade, Shift and finally Synchronized Strike.

Disregarding the suggested early passive points explained above, the order for passive points I would suggest if you don't want to respec anything is:

  1. Swift Assassin 8/8
  2. (If you are leveling dual wielding) Twin Blade 1/1 if not max Swift Assassin and spec into this when you feel like it but is needed to get to Bladedancer Mastery tree.
  3. Steady Hand 1/8
  4. Dodge and Parry 5/5
  5. Sapping Strikes 4/4
  6. 1 Point into whichever to get to 20 and get access to Bladedancer's passives
  7. Cloak of Shadows 8/8
  8. Once 8/8
  9. Pursuit 5/8
  10. Shroud of Dusk 1/8
  11. Apostacy 1/1
  12. Shroud of Dusk 3/8
  13. Flash of Steel 5/8
  14. Weapons of Choice 5/8
  15. Argent Veil 1/10
  16. Focus Fire 4/8
  17. Assassin's Quiver 1/5
  18. Missile Mastery 4/10
  19. Concentration 1/8
  20. Wound Maker 5/10

After this fill out the rest of the passives as you see fit according to the "Passives" section.


Endgame you should focus on capping your defensive layers, that means Endurance, stacking Health, capping all resistances.

In between gearwise and prioritywise would be getting a pair of decently rolled Li'raka's Claws, then getting a good set of weapons and rings.

Loot Filter

You can export a base lootfilter using the showcased gear as a guide directly from the build planner, or you can save the following text dump:


You will need save it as an XML document and copy it into your filters folder, instructions on this. as taken from the Build Planner:

If you use download method, you should copy downloaded file to Filters folder. If you have cloud saves enabled, it will be in folder:

[STEAM_GAME_FOLDER]/steamapps/userdata/[STEAM_USER_ID]/899770/ac/WinAppDataLocalLow/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/

Otherwise it will be in folder (hidden by default):

[DRIVE]:/Users/[USER_NAME]/AppData/LocalLow/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/




  • General typo corrections, additional details for affix choices on gear, removed an "Unknown Skill Tree Node" error.
  • Build guide was published


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