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Reaper Death Seal Lich Build Guide

Posted By Buko on March 18, 2023
Last updated on March 30, 2023



This build uses Hungering Souls with the Reaper Form, Death Seal combo to scale damage to an astronomical level while maintaining high levels of survivability.

With 3 skills (Reap, Acolyte's Fervor 3/3, The Quick And The Dead 1/1) that are able to be used to navigate around quickly there is no slowing down this build.

You do not require any Uniques or Set items for this build to do serious damage, making it perfect as a starting character with fast-paced gameplay and lot of damage numbers.

  • See gameplay in "Video" section of this guide - bottom of the page.

You are able to use 2 or 3 Isadora's Set providing a decent damage boost and easily found during the campaign.

Marina's Lost Soul can be used during later levels and is likely the best-in-slot wand for this build.

  • Refer to the "Stat Priorities" -> "Equipment" section for guidance on what stats are needed as well as Set and Unique item choices.

Pros & Cons


Easy to play!

Beginner friendly!

Fast-paced gameplay!

Highly mobility!

Decent survivability!

High damage!

Low cost spammable abilities


Boss fights require you to replace Transplant with Summon Skeleton (for Unholy Trinity 3/3)

Death Seal requires you to be low life (slightly mitigated by Reaper Form)

Maps with low enemy density make Reaper Form hard to sustain for long periods

Can be squishy outside of Reaper Form

Gameplay / Mechanics

The idea of this build is to scale the damage on Hungering Souls while also being highly mobile and tanky.

To scale this damage we use Reaper Form then use Hungering Souls on the first few minions we see. This will spawn our Skeleton Vanguard for MASSIVE damage boost - Unholy Trinity 3/3 .

We then can scale this damage further with Death Seal - Corrupted Consciousness 5/5 & Deadlock 1/1 combo.

But won't being on 33% life make me squishy?No, we negate this with Reaper Form's Desperate Shroud 3/3, Transplant's Bone Armor 3/3 and Soul Maw 5/5.

Wandering Spirits will than apply Drained Will 5/5 & Sins of the Forgotten 1/3, shredding resistances and dealing more DAMAGE!

Reaper Form -> Transplant -> Death Seal -> Wandering Spirits -> Hungering Souls -> Reap to execute then use Hungering Souls to help sustain Reaper Form

Extra Tips:



Stat Priorities


For suffixes:

prioritize SuffixEndurance, SuffixEndurance Threshold, SuffixHybrid Health, SuffixIncreased Health and Resistances as required.

What is SuffixEndurance & SuffixEndurance Threshold?

Any damage we take below our SuffixEndurance Threshold. Is greatly mitigated by SuffixEndurance. SuffixEndurance Threshold is the amount of health need for SuffixEndurance to apply.

At a minimum we want to achieve 60% SuffixEndurance and 33% of your total life as SuffixEndurance Threshold.

This is easily achievable with Revenant Plate & Engraved Gauntlets.

It is highly recommended to get at least 1 T5+ PrefixMinion Health affix to further increase the survivability of your Skeleton Vanguard

Pick up items that have PrefixIncreased Necrotic Damage, PrefixIncreased Damage Over Time or PrefixIncreased Spell Damage as you can either craft on them or break them down for affix shards.

  • Refer to the "Loot Filter" section for an in-game filter that will automatically sort and find items for you.
Ring 2

Same as Ring 1

Same as Ring 1


Generally, you are looking to fill up the idol slots with the stats shown below.

If you need resistances you can also max them with your idols.

However, I recommend trying to get them via blessings as idols provide a lot more damage than most of the blessings.

  • Refer to "Overview" -> "Idols" for an example.


These are my recommended blessings, mostly resistances.

If the resistance isn't required use other recommended blessings.


The empty blessings are drop rate only blessings, use what you want.

Fall of the Outcasts

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

The Stolen Lance

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Blood, Frost, and Death

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Fall of the Empire

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

The Last Ruin

Drop rate blessings only - take whatever you need!

Build Variants


Leveling is simple, follow the passive tree as normal and use Rip Blood and Summon Skeleton till you unlock Hungering Souls

Hungering Souls is unlocked very early on with only 5 passive points need to be assigned.

Specialize them as you get them, you should have Reaper Form before Death Seal, so specialize it last.


Loot Filter

A loot filter that will sort items based on the stat requirements.

Items are sorted according to this color code:

  • Blue -> Required affixes - Low tier
  • Green -> Required affixes - Higher than Tier 3
  • Yellow -> Two Required affixes - Both affix Tiers adding to higher than 8
  • Red -> Two Required affixes - Both affix Tiers adding to higher than 12


I recommend disabling the Blue tier after the campaign or adding rule at the top to hide magic and normal items.

Loot Filter: https://pastebin.com/grzNUSrU


What is the reasoning for all of the minion nodes on Hungering Souls, like Grave Bond 4/4 and Unholy Trinity 3/3? This build uses 0 minions?

My Skeleton Vanguard's die too quickly during a boss fight. What should I do?



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