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Surging Static Burst Sorcerer Hybrid Build Guide

Posted By EMP1241 on May 21, 2023
Last updated on May 21, 2023



Thane was forced to train in the arcane arts, but refused to use clumsy weapons of war. He decided to arm himself in weapons of the arcane persuasion.

A hybrid sorcerer/spellblade, Thane wields off-hand catalysts and wands to power rip his enemies apart. Relying on armor, ward and sheer brute force to rip his enemies apart.

Thane has incredibly high survivability thanks to his layering of PrefixMage Mana Spent Gained as Ward, The Invoker's Static Touch, Insulation 4/4, Storm Aegis 2/5, Shielding Efflux 2/5, and Ward Strike 3/3. This is not including the ward skills from the passive tree, which also grant a massive boost to ward if you ever drop low enough with a 6 second cool down.

Thane will Surge into a fight. This will kill 90% of packs, thanks to Discharge 1/1. This Discharge 1/1 is powered by the underrated Static node. Your Static tooltip damage numbers will show very high numbers (150k-250k). However, we do not manually proc this skill.

This build is again, like most my builds, built around automation.

Running around the map, will likely kill many smaller packs. Very high crit strike chance, along with high (300+) multipliers to lightning skills, ensure that most things that walk near you are dead.

The only number Thane needs to worry about, is his static charge number. Unlimited Power 1/1 from the Static node will only proc passively when he is at or above 80 charges. This is just a passive bonus, and not the actual playstyle, the real magic happens when we Surge.

Surge uses 3 key nodes.

  1. Static Buildup 5/5 this adds a flat 30 charges to our Static.
  2. Capacitator 3/3 this adds another 3 charges for EVERY enemy hit while surging.
  3. Discharge 1/1this is the culmination of the above, including any stacks of static you had before.

Static Normally has a cooldown of 4 seconds, however, Surge bypasses this cooldown with Discharge 1/1 and Static can be uses as often as we can Surge.

This is why stacking T6 (preferably T7) SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed is paramount. This is also why the Outrun and Outlast 8/10 stops at 8, in order to gain another 30% Cooldown recovery speed for Surge. With Ideally rolled gear, you can Surge almost every 1.5 seconds. Each Surge will cause Static to discharge hitting numerous monsters for 100K's of damage.

When things don't die immediately, Thane has a backup plan.

He rips enemies apart with melee ranged Mana Strike procing Mana Storm 1/1, as well as applying loads of Spark Charges. During this phase, Thane generates 80% more armor thanks to his Shattered Aegis 5/5. With the right gear, this will put him well above 5000 armor, not including the mass amounts of ward already being generated.

Thane has incredible end game potential, getting very high in the corruption levels.

Pros & Cons


Simple skill rotation

Disability friendly (Can be a 3 button mouse)

High Defensive Layering

No unique items (1 common set item)


Can be difficult to properly gear

Feels weak until cooldown and crit gear is found

Gameplay / Mechanics

Surgeing into a pack will kill most mobs.

For stronger packs, Mana Strikeing will apply Spark Charge that is detonated in an AOE on your next Surge.

Surge applies Lightning Blast with Electropulse 1/3 and Stormbringer 1/1. Lightning Blast has a chance to apply Lightning Aegis will further amplify our damage and defenses.

Surge ----> Mana Strike ---->Mana Strike ---->Surge Rinse and repeat.

Lightning Blast is not on our skill bar, nor does it need to be. We use a default level of Flame Ward for the random Uh-Oh moment.



Stat Priorities


Ending the Storm
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire

Build Variants



This build has an incredibly high end game cap due to the way items can be upgraded. There are no EXPLICIT unique items that can be used (That I can think of at least). So gearing with double exalted drops will always improve this build at a significant rate. This build should allow you to push corruption and find these items.

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