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Torkrefin Umbral Blades Bladedancer Build Guide (Beta 0.8.5)

Posted By terek on July 5, 2022
Last updated on July 5, 2022


Build created in order to abuse the mechanic from Torkrefin's Hunger using Umbral Blades.

The playstyle is unique as you will need to combo your abilities to get the most out of the build.

It is designed with bossing in mind and will perform ok in echoes.

I don't recommend this build for Arena as we want to combo our abilities, resulting in us standing in the same spot for a few seconds.

I found myself having a ton of fun on this build, trying to stack as much physical resistance as I could.

I did all T4 dungeons bosses and went to wave 395 with the gear in this guide in SSF Softcore.

Pros & Cons


  • Can kill bosses reliably
  • Insane gear scaling
  • Tons of leech/health on kill
  • Skilled playstyle


  • Mandatory items
  • You need to setup your damage with a combo
  • Will struggle in Arena

Gameplay / Mechanics

Tips on how to use your abilities :

While clearing mobs in echoes, you can just use Shift-> Umbral Blades

For high HP target or bosses, your biggest damage rotation will be : Smoke Bomb (wait for 4s) -> Shift -> Umbral Blades -> Shift -> Umbral Blades -> Umbral Blades -> Shurikens



Stat Priorities


If you want to kill bosses more reliably, go for a more defensive approach with PrefixHealth.

For pure min-max DPS, go for SuffixPhysical Resistance.


Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter
Fall of the Outcasts
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire



Level with Puncture using the bleed buff from Bloodthirst 4/4

  • use a bow for fast clearing
  • once the buff is max stack, use Flurryto apply the bleed faster and deal more damage
  • don't forget to refresh the stack every few seconds

When possible switch to Umbral Blades with Shadow Daggers


Loot Filter




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