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White Walker Cryosplosion Shaman Build Guide

Posted by Imortilize on May 18, 2024
Last updated on May 18, 2024



Hello, it's Imortilize here and I bring to you the White Walker Cryosplosion Shaman End-Game build.

The idea of this build is to run around as a White Walker freezing everything in your path with cold explosions whilst they rot away from the enormous amount of Frostbite that you apply to them. This is made possible by using the skills Spriggan Form and Summon Thorn Totem supported by the skill modifying tree nodes Ice Branch 1/1, Unbound Garden 1/3, Rotten Core 1/1 and Pillars of Heorot 1/1 which converts our summon totems into a huge AoE cold explosion attack.

This makes for an easy to manage playstyle with:

  • A point and click approach
  • No mana management
  • Huge crowd control potential.

Who doesn't want to run around as a White Walker blowing everything up with cold explosions?!

Although this build can be used just fine without any specific uniques, it doesn't really come together and start excelling until you have the likes of Artor's Legacy, Frozen Eyes of Formosus, Ribbons of Blood and Cradle of the Erased available to use. Once these are available the build can be followed according to this guide.

As stated above, it is possible to play this build without any of the above uniques which is shown in the starter variation of the build further down in the guide, so check that out and get freezing!

This build is not intended to be a starter build and doesn't really work until early-monolith and beyond due to the bare basics of the passive points and skill tree nodes requiring you to be of a higher level. All of build details are explained in further detail in my video guide so I recommend checking that out which is linked at the bottom of this guide.

Pros & Cons


Very casual and fun to play

Not too expensive to build

No mana management

High farming potential

Great support build

Incredible crowd control ability


Difficult to scale the damage into high corruptions

Requires deeper knowledge of how stats interact with minions

Relies on non-ward defensive mechanics

Movement speed limited to run speed

Minion survivability drops off in higher corruption

Gameplay / Mechanics

The focus here is to be permanently transformed in Spriggan Form casting Summon Healing Totem with Summon Vines, x2 Summon Spriggan and a Summon Scorpion all to support in your mission for Frostbite glory.

The main damage for this build comes from the huge amount of Frostbite stacks that can be applied through every mechanic going on in this build. We apply Frostbite ourselves through casting Summon Healing Totem which takes all effects from Summon Thorn Totem due to the Spriggan Form skill node Spiked Totems 1/1, triples up with Unbound Garden 1/3 and then becomes a deadly cryosplosion with the addition of the Summon Thorn Totem skill nodes Rotten Core 1/1 and Pillars of Heorot 1/1.

Because of the nature of Spriggan Form converting Mana to Rage and removing all resource consumption from Summon Thorn Totem, this build can infinitely cast these summons without ever having to worry about mana management. In combination with Memories of Eterra 2/3 we generate more mana than we use, making this a very casual build to play.

We boost the freeze potential by taking Frost Attunement 1/1 which improves our freeze rate mutiplier of our totems up front and per point of attunement making this a very desirable stat for the build. The damage potential of the Frostbite stacks are increased through the use of Ancient Power 4/4 and Lethal Thicket 4/4 which are the only two additional multiplicative nodes that currently work with minion dot damage here, so we want to max these were possible. If you have managed to max your skill points through levelling and gear, then it is highly recommended to go up to the Frenetic Attunement 2/3 node for a bit of extra summon speed for free which further improves the rate at which you can apply Frostbite and as a result improves the builds overall DPS.

Support from Summon Vines and the Spriggan Form node Huntersbane 1/1 allow the vines to attack at range and it's quite astounding how fast these can apply Frostbite. We don't care if they die because the speed at which you can summon them back up with the huge cast speed we will be running is trivial enough, so these are essentially expendable minions that can aggro mobs and help you sustain higher levels of DoT damage. This is especially useful against bosses where this build can sometimes lack the damage. It is definitely recommended to try get up to 400 - 500 stacks of frostbite on a boss consistently if you can, although 100 - 300 which be fine to start with. The higher you can sustain this count the quicker everything will melt since the DoT damage ticks every half second.

Summon Spriggan is predominantly here to support us with their bonuses from their aura that grant extra healing, dodge rating and extra freeze multiplier to us and our minions. This takes the build further into the ice age by allowing even more application of Frostbite at even quicker rates.

We grant ourselves a bit of extra defense capability and healing potential through Eterra's Blessing which connects to Thorn Shield through the node Rosebloom 1/1. We have made Thorn Shield only castable on ourselves through the use of Introspection 1/1 making it super easy to cast on ourselves at rapid speeds with our huge cast speed. In combination with Deep Roots 2/3 and Eterra's Bulwark 1/5 we allow the stacks of Thorn Shield to last longer and improve our defense beyond our base level. It's worth noting that not many nodes have been taken here in the build due to other priorities, but you can choose to put more here if that is more to your preference. It's also worth nothing that there is no cap to the number of Thorn Shield stacks you can apply to yourself, so it is very possible to sustain 8 - 10 stacks here during combat.

The final skill is really what ever you would like to play. This guide opts for the skill Summon Scorpion because it can be converted to cold damage with the Cold-Blooded 1/1 node, is surprisingly tanky and can be made to become rather enormous compared to you and your other minions, so naturally becomes a bigger target for enemies to attack. This was found to be useful at taking some pressure off the Summon Spriggan companions in particular.



Stat Priorities


The most important stat on this build is PrefixCast Speed as it allows the build to apply Frostbite faster which is the main source of damage. There are limited options to further scale damage for this build, the main ones being PrefixMinion Damage, PrefixTotem Damage, PrefixShared Cold Damage and SuffixCold Penetration and Minion Cold Penetration. The penetration is particularly important as this is a multiplicative damage option, of which there are very few available here. The rest all stack additively so it's recommended to aim for 800% - 1200% additive increased damage where possible. More is better, but the gains diminish after this point.

The skill affixes are also particularly important for this build as they will allow the ability to expand on the skill trees more, and this is where some of the more useful bonuses are available both for damage and defense. +4 PrefixLevel of Summon Thorn Totem on the helm is absolutely essential and a +4 PrefixLevel of Summon Scorpion on the relic is a very nice to have since it boosts the scorpion further and provides a nice amount of PrefixMinion Damage as well.

Capping resistances is definitely preferable since with the Cradle of the Erased, you gain +2 block effectiveness for every % of uncapped resistance you have. If this is proving to be difficult then elemental resistances are the ones that should be capped last (SuffixFire Resistance, SuffixCold Resistance and SuffixLightning Resistance). This is because Shaman's have a class passive that boosts their elemental resistance by 50% when they have a totem active, which will be most of the time during combat.

Defensive options are readily available here but it would be best to focus on getting a decent health pool through the likes of SuffixHealth, SuffixHealth and SuffixHybrid Health. I would also recommend going for a SuffixHealth and Stun Avoidance on the amulet if possible as stun avoidance is a very underrated stat in the end game and it is extremely useful on this build with the shield and lack of anti crowd control capabilities. It is also essential to aim for at least 5000 - 6000 armor when in Spriggan Form and without Thorn Shield active as this will help keep you alive in conjunction with the block defense from the shield.

SuffixHealth Regen Per Second can easily be raised to the 200 - 300 mark on the build through blessings, idols and gear which helps sustainability and survivability, particularly against DoT damage later on.

With the lack of movement speed options it is essential to take PrefixMovement Speed where we can and with the added bonus of the Grand Heorot Idol stat PrefixChance to gain Haste for 3 seconds when you Summon a Totem, it's possible to have near infinite haste uptime, so this can get you to the 80% - 100% movement speed region. It's worth noting that it won't be possible to get this build up to 200% movement speed like some other builds can, not without sacrificing other important stats.



The following blessings are highly recommended for this build:

All other blessings are up for consideration depending on how you like to play and what you are looking to target farm. The only exception is the Grand Bones of Eternity blessing which is only useful if you decide to wear a shield as recommended in the guide. If you opt to wear and off-hand catalyst instead then the following blessings would be better:

Ending the Storm
The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire

Build Variants


For levelling I would highly recommend using one of the standard Shaman leveling guides already available as this build doesn't really come together until the early Monolith stage at the earliest.

If you happen to have a Ferebor's Set available then I would suggest going into an on-hit cold explosion build that can critical strike before converting to the Frostbite build as it is a little easier to pull together to begin with. If you don't have a Ferebor's Set available then I would stick to the leveling build and target farm items and blessings until you are ready to make the switch at around level 60 - 70.


This build is a little complex to get to grips with in terms of how to scale the damage and what stats work and don't work, but once it gets going it is really fun to play and a very casual build which has great farming potential. It can play solo and also in teams, excelling as a support class for crowd control and dealing with large groups of mobs whilst your single target damage dealers deal with the heavier targets.

The skill rotation of this build is as follows:

In the video guide my character is no where near as geared as the final setup and that is a 300+ corruption empowered monolith which was fairly trivial. I have also farmed 400 - 600 corruption monoliths with friends and those were manageable even at that point. It started to get spicy at the 700+ corruption mark but I have no doubt with the correct setup this would be entirely viable.




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