Patch Notes

Beta 0.9.2b Patch Notes

Posted By EHG_Kain on September 14, 2023 (Source)


  • Fixed a bug where using a Rune of Research could not create a Glyph of Insight.
  • Fixed a bug causing projectiles to be destroyed early in the Ritual Lake echo layout.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Frostclaw’s Glamdring node to scale with increased and more melee damage stats.
  • Fixed a bug where submitting a bug report when your Log File was too large could crash the game client.
  • Submitting a bug report now also includes the Log File for your previous session as well.
  • Fixed a bug where Adanai’s personal item dropped as a Staff instead of a Dagger. This fix will not retroactively affect existing items.
  • Fixed a bug where Frost Claw did not have localized text.
  • Fixed visual issues with Frostclaw’s Fire and Lightning conversions.
  • Fixed visual bugs with the Rogue’s appearance when creating a new character.
  • Fixed a bug where players would stand completely still after certain skill animation ended, rather than returning to their idle animation.
    • Summon Spriggan
    • Upheaval
    • Default Attack
    • Ice Thorns
    • Summon Scorpion
    • Earthquake
  • Updated animations for channeled Flurry when using a polearm or two-handed axe.
  • Updated sound effects for Immortal Eye enemies.
  • Fixed footstep sounds being incorrect for players.
  • Replaced the very old sounds on Divine Bolt and Volcanus’ shard ability with newer ones.
  • Fixed various minor environmental audio issues.

What We’re Working On

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback. We’re still working on addressing more issues for future patches.

Here are some things we’re currently investigating:

  • Transition times between scenes can be quite long.
  • Rarely disconnecting immediately after connecting to a new server.
  • Sometimes, your player model is duplicated after entering a new scene and the camera gets stuck. Portaling out to another server usually fixes this.
  • Rune Prisons can rarely fail to spawn an Exiled Mage.
  • Enemies in Arena and Monolith often do not animate properly.
  • Certain abilities failing to hit enemies correctly.
  • Swapping loot filters can cause the loot filter interface to bug out.
  • Textures can pile up on the ground as you load more monolith echoes, causing strange visuals and increased memory usage.
  • Item name lengths are now “Long” when they should be “Normal”.