Patch Notes

Beta 0.9.2i Patch Notes

Posted By EHG_Kain on October 26, 2023 (Source)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Soul Eater Backslot was on the wrong layer causing some decals to appear on top of it
  • Fixed a number of abilities that, in online play, when used multiple times in the same scene would stop working or start behaving differently. The most common occurrences of this issue were:
    • Blade Shield would not spawn Shurikens after first cast in a scene, if it hit an enemy
    • Flurry would generate too many arrows and Multishot procs
    • Cinder Strike’s first attack would not deal damage
  • Fixed a bug where Town Chat would be unavailable while in a town scene
  • Several bugfixes for Town reliability and connection issues
  • Fixed a bug where Frost Claw projectiles would be deleted when coming into contact with Water
  • Fixed a bug where Osprix Raiders would appear invisible in Liath’s Tower


  • Added Keybind for “Force Move”. This is unbound by default.
  • Removed Lost Caches from spawning in Arena Echoes

Bug Reporting Tool

  • Updated dropdown options to better match types of bug reports
  • Replaced “Severity” selection with a “Unable to Progress” checkbox
  • Added additional information to Bug Report Tool for contacting support when looking for assistance rather than submitting a report