Patch Notes

Beta 0.9f2 Patch Notes (Server)

Posted By Hackaloken on March 23, 2023 (Source)

This is a server-only patch. To connect to the new server version, start a new session by returning to the Login screen or restarting your game. You don’t need to download any update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an edge case that could cause short-term progress rollbacks when connecting to another server. We’re still working on additional fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where runes and glyphs consumed by a player could be taken from another player on the same server in some situations.
    • After performing a craft, the modifier and support item slots are automatically refilled. However, the items placed in these slots were always taken from a specific player (usually the first one to join the server), rather than the player who made the craft.


As said above, we are still investigating reports of data rollbacks. These happen rarely, but we have identified a few particular causes and are actively fixing them.

We are also working on a more substantial group of gameplay bug fixes that will be released early next week, likely with some general polish as well. Since some of these fixes touch core gameplay features, we want to spend extra time to ensure we do not introduce any new bugs.

One of the fixes in testing is to resolve rubberbanding during movement skill usage and when using Temporal Shift in the Temporal Sanctum. There is also a partial fix for memory consumption increasing during long game sessions.

We’re also monitoring server stability and connection reliability. We know that some regions are experiencing more trouble than others and we apologize for this. When issues arise we typically make changes outside of announced patches like this.