Catalysts Overhaul

Posted By EHG_Dodo on March 12th, 2022 (Source)

Catalysts Overhaul

Welcome Travelers to day four of the Continuing, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Spectacle*TM!

The Depths of Eterra update introduces new and improved catalysts for concentrating your energies on what matters - culling more enemies of Eterra! All catalysts are getting new 2D and 3D art, as well as new animations, and powerful implicit affixes to curate a wider variety of builds and create more competition within the weapon configurations. Check out some examples below!

Ritual Stone

Sapphire Tome

Opulent Focus

Fleshbound Tome

Crystal Skull


This concludes day four of the Ceaseless, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Spectacle*TM. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for two (Two, in one day!) posts on updated 3d models for existing uniques, and New Wraith models being introduced in the Depths of Eterra update.

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