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Depths of Eterra Update - Beta 0.8.5 Patch Notes

Posted By EHG_Kain on March 17th, 2022 (Source)

0.8.5 Patch Notes

Depths of Eterra, Patch 0.8.5, is coming March 18th, 2022, 18:00 (UTC)!

Depths of Eterra 0.8.5 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler

Welcome everyone to the final day of our patch “Hype-Week” *TM (we finally decided on a name)! It’s patch notes day! Enjoy all of the details below and join us us in Eterra tomorrow for the full release of Depths of Eterra!



Dungeon: Soulfire Bastion

Depths of Eterra introduces the second Dungeon to Last Epoch, Soulfire Bastion - an abandoned Osprix battleground turned imperial facility. Within, Fire Lich Cremorus works on his research of the powerful, and highly valued Soul Embers.

  • Added a new dungeon, Soulfire Bastion.
  • Soulfire Bastion can be accessed through Felled Wood… if you’ve found a key.
  • Soulfire Bastion starts at level 45, and Keys can drop in level 47 areas and above. Beware, if you die in any dungeon, or leave early, you will need to use another key.
  • Inside Soulfire Bastion you will be granted access to a new dungeon specific ability called Soulfire Shield, which can be alternated between Fire and Necrotic to provide immunity from that damage type.
  • Changing the attunement of the Soulfire Shield costs 1 Soul Ember
  • You will chose modifiers while exploring Soulfire Bastion, increasing the danger and rewards.
  • Soulfire Bastion has four tiers. Higher tiers increase area level, increase the power, and number of modifiers, and allow you to unlock more powerful versions of the Soul Gambler.
  • Conquering Soulfire Bastion will grant you access to the stores of the Soul Gambler.

Dungeon Reward: Soul Gambler

  • Soul Embers gathered from killing enemies within Soulfire Bastion can be spent at the Soul Gambler in trade for hidden items. Any remaining Soul Embers are lost upon leaving Soulfire Bastion.
  • The Soul Gambler sells specific item types, such as “helmet”, or “shield” with the possibility of it being any global drop which can be rare, exalted, unique, or set.
  • Modifiers selected while traversing Soulfire Bastion will modify the results of the Soul Gambler’s items

Dungeon: The Lightless Arbor

Depths of Eterra also introduces the third Dungeon to Last Epoch, The Lightless Arbor. Deep under the mountains that house the Last Refuge, a massive Titan made of plant and stone has awoken to the encroaching void. Venture into the The Lightless Arbor, face The Mountain Beneath, and discover a vault lost to history.

  • Added a new Dungeon, Lightless Arbor.
  • Lightless Arbor can be accessed through Shrouded Ridge… if you have found a key.
  • Lightless Arbor starts at level 22, and Keys can drop in level 25 areas and above. Beware, if you die in any dungeon, or leave early, you will need to use another key.
  • Inside Lightless Arbor you will be granted access to the Pyre Amber. This Amber will follow you around the dungeon providing light allowing you to proceed, and weakening enemies.
  • Taking damage will cause the Pyre Amber to lose light radius.
  • Killing Amber Elementals throughout the Dungeon will restore the Pyre Amber’s light radius.
  • You will chose modifiers while exploring Lightless Arbor, increasing the danger and rewards.
  • Lightless Arbor has four tiers. Higher tiers increase area level, increase the power, and number of modifiers, and allow you to unlock more powerful versions of the The Vaults of Uncertain Fate.
  • Conquering Lightless Arbor will grant you access to The Vaults of Uncertain Fate.

Dungeon Reward: The Vaults of Uncertain Fate

Developer Note: Our goals here are to provide an enticing reward for completing this dungeon while also introducing a meaningful gold sink to the game. We’ll be monitoring this system closely for gold costs and balance at patch release.

  • Interacting with the door to the vault of uncertain fate will present you with a sequence of options for modifying the vault contents.
  • Each selected option will modify the vault contents in exchange for gold.
  • Each subsequent modifier will be more expensive than the last based on previous options selected. The higher tier you complete, the higher your reward modifier limit will be:
    • At tier 1 you are limited to 8 mods
    • At tier 2 you are limited to 9 mods
    • At tier 3 you are limited to 10 mods
    • At tier 4 you are limited to 11 mods
  • Declining options will increase the cost, but at a much lower cost.
  • Upon finalizing options, the door will open to reveal a number of chests modified by the selected options which can then be opened for your rewards

Arena of Champions

In the frozen north of Heoborea, a new portal has opened within Jormun’s Fortress - now Champions Gate. Enter through this portal to access The Endless Arena, or face off against one of the new Arena Champions.

  • Added a new Portal Interface to select one of four tiers of Arena of Champions, or Endless Arena. Higher tiers of Arena of Champions will provide greater difficulty, and rewards.
  • Moved the Arena Portal to Champion’s Gate, near the Wengari Fortress in the Divine Era. It cannot be accessed from End of Time.
  • Champion’s Gate includes five different training dummy setups
  • You will be presented with options for modifiers three times during an Arena of Champions run. These will add modifiers to further Arena waves, as well as modify the Arena Champion’s drops.
  • Tier 2 and Tier 4 Arena of Champions runs have a rotating modifier, like dungeons.
  • Beware, if you die in the arena, or leave early, you will need to use another key and will not gain any rewards. Death in the arena also counts as a death for Hardcore characters.
  • Added Arena Champion: Vaion the Arsenal based on Sentinel class
  • Added Arena Champion: The Crimson Blade based on Rogue class
  • Added Arena Champion: Alfrig Wolfmaw based on Primalist class
  • Added three new Arena layouts for their respective Arena Champions
  • Arena Champions have a greatly increased chance to drop Dungeon keys
  • Endless Arena will now spawn a Champion of the Arena at wave 90.
  • Barrels in the arena now drop slightly more items, and destroying one causes all others to break.
  • In addition to Endless Arena runs, you can now choose to take on an Arena Champions run with a fixed amount of waves culminating in a boss fight against one of the Champions of the Arena.

Skill Changes

Abyssal Echoes

  • Myopia now applies the Blind ailment instead of the Abyssal Decay itself also blinding enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where the blind from Myopia was permanent.

Acid Flask

  • Explosive Flask now grants 100% more hit damage (previously 100% increased base damage).


  • Anomaly’s Time Wave subskill now states its added damage effectiveness of 200% in its tooltip.
  • Anomaly and Void Flux now no longer send bosses forward in time, instead causing return effects to occur immediately without them visibly disappearing.

Dread Shade

  • Dread Shade’s Beyond Death now only raises a single Volatile Zombie (previously used Volatile Zombie skill tree to determine amount of zombies raised)

Erasing Strike

  • Updated multiple node descriptions to match the format of newer skills.
  • Fixed incorrect damage types being specified on some tooltips (functionality unchanged).
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes.


  • Rogues with Puncture specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Added a new node, Rapid Strikes: Every four seconds your first few direct uses of Puncture (1 per point), are rapid strikes, which have 150% increased attack speed.

Ring of Shields

  • Updated Ring of Shields’s Healing Shields node to say that shields heal for 10 health per point every 6 seconds (from 5 per point every 3 seconds). This change was made in 0.8.4 but the description had not been updated and was missed in patch notes.

Rip Blood

  • Added a new node, Coagulated Blood: When a blood orb grants excess health above your maximum, you gain a stack of Coagulated Blood. Upon reaching 4 stacks, your next Rip Blood will consume all stacks to form a Coagulated Blood Orb that seeks out a nearby enemy, dealing spell physical damage in a small area.


  • Deals 4% more damage per charge (from 1% more hit damage per charge).
  • Deals 23% less damage prior to modification from charges. Consequently at 100 charges it now deals 92% more damage than before.
  • Improved tooltip clarity, including adding values for the base charges gained when hit and base charges gained per second while moving.


  • Added melee damage now applies to Surge at 200% effectiveness (from 100%).
  • Replaced the “Outlast” Spellblade passive (10 health and 5% increased damage over time) with “Outrun and Outlast” (10 health, 3% ward retention, 8 point bonus: 30% increased cooldown recovery speed for Surge).

Swarmblade Form

Aim: improve the locust/swarm aspect of the form without increasing the maximum number of locusts active at once.

  • Hives
    • Summoned Hives contain 8 Locusts by default (from 6).
    • Summoned Hives summon locusts 35% more frequently (this causes them to summon 8 in around the same amount of time that they used to summon 6).
    • Summon Hive has an 8 second cooldown (from 6).
  • Locusts
    • Summoned Locusts deal 20% more hit damage.
    • Summoned Locusts have 25% more health.
    • Summoned Locusts have 15% more movement speed.
    • Fixed an oversight where Summoned Locusts did not have the resistance to large AoEs that most minions did.
  • Locust Swarm
    • Locust Swarm deals 20% more damage.
    • Locust Swarm gains 12 melee physical damage per Locust consumed (from 10).
    • Locust Swarm gains 12 melee poison damage per Locust consumed (from 10).
    • Locust Swarm gains 12% increased area per Locust consumed (from 10%)
    • Locust Swarm now also gains 12% increased duration per Locust consumed
  • Tree Nodes
    • Changed the Locust Master node
      • Now adds an 8 second cooldown to Armblade Slashes (from 5)
      • Now also grants when you use Armblade Slashes and hit at least one enemy, all existing Locusts gain +12 melee physical damage. This buff stacks and does not expire.
    • The Death By A Thousand Wings node now grants Locusts 20% bleed chance per point (from 10%).

Thorn Totem

  • Removed a hidden 35% more damage modifier and 5% more cast speed modifier from Thorn Totem.
  • Thorn Totem now has 13 base damage (from 9) and 65% added damage effectiveness on its Thorn cast (from 45%). This added damage effectiveness is also now listed in Thorn Totem’s tooltip.


  • Fixed a bug where Tornado’s Igniting Swirl could only ignite enemies in an extremely small radius.
  • Tornado’s Igniting Swirl node now ignites once every 2 seconds, but has 100% ignite chance (from 20%). It also no longer reduces Tornado cast speed when taken (from -20% cast speed).

Umbral Blades

  • The Explosive Blades node in Umbral Blades now also gives 15% less attack speed (multiplicative with other modifiers).
  • Clarified Umbral Blades’s description and Sword Thrower node to specify that large blades (from Sword Thrower or blades thrown by shadows) have 100% increased radius.


  • Adjusted the zone levels of several zones in Chapter 2 and 3 to better match the surrounding zones (this does not affect experience gain in those zones):
    • Erza’s Library is now level 6 (from 8)
    • The Abandoned Tunnel is now level 18 (from 16)
    • The Lost Refuge is now level 19 (from 17)
    • The Courtyard is now level 20 (from 19)
    • The Temple of Eterra is now level 21 (from 20)
  • The Emperor’s Remains now always drops at least one rare item.


  • 14 new Catalysts item subtypes have been added with new implicits, 2d, and 3d art
  • Old catalyst subtypes have been removed. Existing owned catalysts will be updated to the new corresponding new subtype
  • Updated all unique catalysts to new subtypes
  • Catalysts have new rigging and character animations

Armor Changes

  • Acolyte armor base types
    • Swapped the name and 2D art of Burial Mask and Profane Mask
    • Renamed Death Mask to Fiend Cowl and implemented new 2d and 3d art.
    • Renamed Ivory Mask to Revenant Cowl and implemented new 2d and 3d art.
    • Replaced Ribbed Cuirass (109 armor and 15 to 33 mana) with Ossuary Robes (66 armor and 11% to 19% increased mana regen). Includes new 2d and 3d art.
    • Replaced Profane Armor (149 armor and 1% to 2% of spell damage leeched as health with Revenant Robes (96 armor and 1% to 2% of spell damage leeched as health). Includes new 2d and 3d art.
  • Rogue armor base types
    • Replaced Dusk Cowl (26 armor and 14-32 mana) with Outcast Hat (27 armor, 5%-7% throwing and bow attack speed). Includes new 2d and 3d art.
    • Desert Mask grants 16 to 32 mana (from 10% to 24% increased dodge rating)
    • Scalebane Grimace grants 1% to 2% of damage leeched as health (from 20% to 50% increased damage over time) and 92 armor (from 94)
    • Replace Blood Cowl (86 armor and 1% to 2% of damage leeched as health) with Exile Hat (65 armor and 35% to 65% increased throwing and bow damage)
    • Renamed Mercenary Leather to Exile Coat. Includes new 2d and 3d art.
    • Renamed Scalebane Armor to Scalebane Coat. Includes new 2d and 3d art.
    • Scalebane Coat now also grants 31% to 43% increased damage over time, but only grants 114 armor (from 190).
    • Brigandine Armor now grants 32% to 44% physical resistance (from 18% to 36% increased dodge rating) and 132 armor (from 136).
    • Crimson Garb now grants 18% to 36% dodge rating (from 30% to 63% increased physical damage) and 180 armor (from 160).
  • Sentinel armor base types
    • Renamed Dawn Helm to Augury Helm and replaced its 2D and 3D art.
    • Renamed Winged Helm to Solarum Helm and replaced its 2D and 3D art.
    • Replaced Bronze Helm (70 armor and 14%-28% lightning resistance) with Winged Helm (110 armor and 5% to 8% increased melee and throwing attack speed).
    • Replaced Bronze Cuirass (115 armor and 10%-15% lightning resistance) with Noble Plate (180 armor and 10% to 25% lightning resistance).
    • Augury Plate grants 10% to 18% increased mana regen (from 7% to 11%) and has new 2D and 3D art.
    • Solarum Plate has new 2D and 3D art.
  • Updated the 2d art and 3d art for several Primalist armor base types:
    • Wolf Pelt
    • Ice Wolf Pelt
    • Dark Wolf Pelt
    • Hide Armor
    • Leather Armor


  • Updated 3d Models for all wraith models including:
    • Necromancer “Summon Wraith” Minions - standard Flame, and Putrid Wraiths
    • All Enemy Wraith Models
  • Added new death animations for all Wraiths
  • New vocal and summon sound effects implemented for Acolyte’s Wraiths.


  • Gambler Changes

    • With the introduction of the Soul Gambler as an endgame item gambling mechanic, and the Vaults of Uncertain Fate as a endgame gold sink, the regular gambler can now fit into more of a clear niche as a source of items while leveling.
    • The item level of items in the Gambler now stops scaling with character level beyond level 40.
    • Gambled items have about 20% more forging potential than before.
  • Runic Tome, Ancient Tome and Warding Tome have been re-named to “Scrolls” and received new 2d art to avoid confusion with new Catalysts.

  • Renamed Leatherbound Tome to Reliquary Text and Stained Tome to Reliquary Grimoire to reduce confusion with Catalysts.

  • Gold drop scaling

    • Now scales up more slowly with level above level 70.
    • Now scales with corruption.
    • Gold drops at level 71 - 100 with 0 corruption will be slightly lower than before.
    • Gold drops above 140 corruption will be slightly higher than before.
  • Uncommon Affix Shards are now displayed differently

    • Their ground item label and tooltip name are now pale yellow red orange rather than pale orange.
    • The item type text on their tooltip now reads “Uncommon Affix Shard” rather than just “Affix Shard”.
    • In practice this consists of nearly all the class specific affix shards and a few non-class specific ones such as penetration shards.
  • Updated the description for Temporal Sanctum key to say the Ruined Coast is during the Ruined Era.

  • The Increased Frostbite Duration Mage Idol affix grants 10% to 24% increased frostbite duration (from 10% to 30%).


  • Added 8 new Uniques that randomly drop.
    • (more will be coming over the next couple of weeks)
  • Added 3d models for 26 unique weapons.
    • Aberrant’s Call
    • Aergon’s Refuge
    • Alluvion
    • Aurelis
    • Bastion of Honor
    • Bhuldar’s Wrath
    • Blade of the Forgotten Knight
    • Bulwark of the Last Abyss
    • Chronostasis
    • Death’s Embrace
    • Defiance of the Forgotten Knight
    • Dragonsong (new unique)
    • Eternal Eclipse
    • Eye of Reen
    • Flayer’s Pride
    • Hell Reach
    • The Judicator
    • Leviathan Carver
    • Marina’s Lost Soul
    • Omnividence
    • Plague Bearer’s Staff
    • Reach of the Grave
    • Reign of Winter
    • Tempest Maw
    • Tu’Rani’s Bident
    • Vilatria’s Downfall
  • The roll range for all stats on uniques can now be viewed by holding ctrl + alt, like with affixes on regular items. Previously, ranges were shown for some but not all stats.
  • Adjusted which 3d models are used for low and mid level unique armor items. This makes them look more visually distinct than non-unique gear you’re likely to find at similar levels, and makes them look better on endgame characters. (they still re-use existing models for now).
  • Bastion of Honor

    • Grants 8 to 14 health gained on block instead of 8% to 14% less damage taken from nearby enemies.
    • Is now slightly rarer.
    • Now drops with less legendary potential on average.
  • Culnivar’s Claim

    • no longer triggers when Mana is replaced with Rage (upon entering a Druid transform).
  • Ignivar’s Head

    • Now uses the Branded Skull base type, which has 5-9 Intelligence (from 6-10) and 2-3% Spell Critical Strike Chance (from 2-4%).
    • Grants 60-95% increased Fire Damage (from 40-60%).
    • Grants 60-95% increased Fire Aura area (from 40-60%).
  • Ravenous Void

    • The endurance threshold and increased health rolls are no longer linked.
    • Grants 60% to 75% of physical damage taken as void (from 25%).
    • No longer grants 5% to 10% less void damage taken.
    • Grants 12% to 20% increased health (from 10% to 15%)
    • Each Void Barrier stack grants 6% less void damage taken (from 5% less damage taken).
    • Void Barrier can stack up to 6 times (from 5).
    • Is significantly more likely to drop with legendary potential.
  • Scales of Eterra

    • Now uses its own Divine Instrument base type. Its implicits have not changed.
  • Symbol of Demise

    • Now uses the Rune Stone base type, which has 8-14 Intelligence (from 9-15) and 20-30 Ward Regen (from 21-40).
    • Grants 9-13 Ward Gain on Kill (from 5-10).
  • Frostbite Shackles

    • now grants 23% to 33% increased frostbite duration (from 23% to 43%).

User Interface

  • You can now right click on Echoes in the Monolith of Fate to enter them with a single click.
  • The number of passive points invested in a tree (shown on the left side of the passives window) now reflects the total points invested instead of how far the bar has been filled.
  • Shrine minimap icons are now disabled when the shrine has been activated.
  • Tooltips for ailments on enemies now show the description of the ailment (the same as the tooltips for ailments on you).
  • Item label positions are now reset when they’re toggled off and then on again.
  • The “Toggle Ground Tooltips” action has had its default binding changed from Z to Alt-Z. This will not affect existing players, but you can receive the change by restoring defaults in the bindings menu.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the runes and glyphs at the top of the crafting materials panel to not be selectable and not show tooltips.


  • Updated the visuals that play whenever an enemy is hit by your abilities (“hit vfx”). Each damage type has a different hit vfx.
  • Reduced the screen shake on Avalanche slightly. Also affects enemies that use similar abilities.
  • Updated the poison cloud vfx used by enemy Spriggans.

Sound & Music

  • Added new music to End of Time.
  • Fixed and improved footstep sounds throughout chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
  • Added new footstep sounds for metal surfaces.
  • Added new sounds for Avalanche.
  • Added new sounds for Detonate Ground.
  • Added new sounds for Forge Strike.
  • Added new sounds for Werebear Swipe.
  • Added new sounds for Shatter Strike.
  • Added new sounds for Prismatic Gaze.
  • Added new sounds for Transplant.
  • Added new ambient sounds in Darkling Pier.
  • Removed incorrect ambient sounds in The Wraith Dunes.
  • Updated the summon and death sounds for all totems.
  • Updated looping sounds for Frenzy totem.
  • Updated sounds for the Rune of Ascendance, Rune of Creation and Glyph of Despair in the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where certain sounds could be repeated by using a teleport skill.
  • Burning Flesh, Profane Flesh and Searing Flesh now have footstep sounds.
  • Revised ability sound effects for Searing Flesh.
  • Imperial Pyromancer and Mage both have revised ability sound effects.
  • Added new foley sounds for Siege Golems.
  • Updated sounds for Immortal Eyes.
  • Updated sounds for Soul Cages.
  • Updated ability sounds for Decaying Spriggans and Voidtouched Spriggans.
  • Updated skeleton death sounds.
  • Improved environmental sounds for the Arena portal and Gladiator’s Rest.
  • Updated hit sounds for some Wraiths and Revenants.
  • Updated summoning sound effects for all Acolyte minions.


  • Improved the performance of searching in the Shop and Gambler windows.
  • Improved the performance of searching the Stash, particularly if you have a lot of items.
  • Slightly improved the performance of casting all abilities.
  • Improved the performance of summoning minions that have a maximum number.
  • Improved performance of Lightning Elemental’s on death VFX.
  • Improved the performance of Poison Spit, which is used by Wandering Spirits and various enemies.
  • Improved the performance of Adrift Meruna’s water attack.
  • Improved performance of Immortal Eye’s Soul Bolt.
  • Improved the performance of Static Charge explosions.
  • Improved the performance of the Elemental Barrage ability used by Ice Elementals.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where Anomaly’s Time Wave dealt significantly less damage on return than on initial cast.
  • Fixed a bug where Anomaly would only cast one Time Wave if you had Time Wave, Tides of Time, and Immediacy allocated at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where Assemble Abomination’s Arrow Nova from the Dead Eye node had a 5 second cooldown instead of the listed 4 second cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where Aura of Decay’s Corruption node said that the cooldown scaled with points allocated (it did not and does not).
  • Fixed a bug where Avalanche visuals were being destroyed too early. Also affects enemies.
  • Fixed Bone Curse’s Bone Prison node incorrectly stating Bone Prison lasted 20 seconds, when it actually lasted 8 seconds.
  • “Reduced Arming Time” on the Quick Detonation node in Detonating Arrow no longer shows as a downside.
  • Fixed a bug where Erasing Strike’s Void Bringer node did not reduce the number of kills required to spawn Void Beams.
  • Fixed a bug where Flurry’s Force Waves were not subjected to Flurry’s less ailment chance effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the channeled version of Flurry double dipped on increased attack speed (e.g. if you had 20% increased attack speed, channeled flurry would be 44% faster).
  • Fixed a bug where Healing Totems did not gain 4% increased damage per Attunement when casting Thorn Totem’s Thorns ability.
  • Fixed a bug where casting Infernal Shade on the ground with Soulfire and Lingering Flames or Hellfire allowed it to remain on the ground indefinitely without expiring.
  • Fixed a bug where the healing from Javelin’s Banner of Restoration node received double effect from increased healing effectiveness.
  • Fixed a bug where Manifest Armor’s Sharpened Metal stated it gave 40% bleed chance per point; it actually gives 25% bleed chance
  • Fixed a bug where casting Maul with Skull Crusher while you had insufficient rage would consume the rage and exit form without casting Maul. It now casts Maul without using Fury Leap’s tree if you have insufficient rage.
  • Fixed a bug where Primal Scorpion could pull enemies that are immune to pull effects.
  • Fixed a bug where Primal Scorpion’s baby scorpions would get left behind when traveling through time in the Temporal Sanctum (you monster).
  • Fixed a bug where Reaper Form’s Soul for a Soul node gave 10% increased damage instead of its listed 20% increased damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Rip Blood’s Blood Infusion did not apply to the minion targeted by Rip Blood.
  • Fixed a bug with Serpent Strike’s skill tree where you could not path through Gouging Spear to Blood Flurry.
  • Fixed a bug where Skeleton Rogues could deal infinite damage if you had Individual Operator, a maximum of 2 skeletons, and 3 types of summonable skeletons.
  • Fixed a bug where Spriggan Form’s Healing Totems with Ire of Trees could grant mana when not transformed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shadows jumping visuals on Synchronized Strike weren’t showing.
  • Fixed Summon Vines’ subskill tooltips showing an incorrect mana cost.
  • Umbral Blades’ Explosive Blades tooltip now correctly states that it scales with Dexterity, rather than Intelligence.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not have more than 4 total Umbral Blades left in the ground by Shadows via the Umbral Remnant node in Umbral Blades.
  • Fixed a bug where Upheaval with Rejuvenating Splinters could not shatter Warcry Totems.
  • Fixed a bug where the totem specific buff effects from the Entangling Roots and Upheaval Trees did not apply to Warcry Totems or Upheaval Totems.
  • Fixed a bug where some damage over time abilities would show a damage number of 1 even if all their damage was mitigated.
  • Fixed a bug where holding down the move button would often prevent buffered abilities that could be used in low priority settle from going off.


  • Fixed a bug where Acolyte’s Dark Rituals node did not grant its increased attack and cast speed to the player when a minion skill is used.
  • Clarified that Lich’s Reaper node applies to spells and melee attacks, not all sources of damage.


  • Fixed a bug where the “increased damage while wielding a sword” affix on Rogue idols did not apply when wielding a two-handed sword.
  • Fixed a bug where the Judicator’s idol prefix (“critical strike multiplier with Rive and Judgement”) also granted a small amount of mana on hit with Rive.
  • Fixed a bug where the Wrathful idol prefix (“increased damage with Vengeance and Smite”) applied its benefit twice; for example a “26% increased” idol was providing 52% increased damage with Vengeance and Smite.
  • Fixed a bug where Idols could sometimes drop T6 or T7 affixes, particularly in the dungeon. These idols have no mechanical differences and existing idols won’t be changed.
  • Fixed a bug where Tu’rani’s Bident did not convert bleed or ignite chance to electrify chance.
  • Fixed a bug where Last Laugh could fail to provide its additional melee critical strike chance if your dodge rating exceeded 100 but you could not dodge due to an effect such as Rogue’s Apostacy.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mage would hold one-handed weapons incorrectly on the character select screen while using a shield.
  • Fixed a bug where the legendary potential of equipped items was not shown while comparing items.
  • Fixed a bug where the Exalted Maces monolith echo reward sometimes dropped a 2h axe.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Arek’s Bones did not sit in the player’s hand properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Gaspar’s Insight gave increased freeze rate multiplier instead of added freeze rate multiplier.


  • Fixed a visual bug where the Entangling Roots wrapped around enemies did not fully submerge when ending.
  • Fixed a visual bug where totems would sink into the ground for an excessively long time upon expiration.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the “Leave Game” button would take you back to the Login screen, rather than directly to the Character Select screen.


  • Fixed a bug where Julra did not drop her unique or matching exalted item if she was erased by Erasing Strike.
  • Fixed a bug where Desert Stingers and Desert Spitters were fully visible for 1 frame before their emerging animation started.
  • Fixed an enemy spawn location in the Bloodworks echo layout that caused enemies to take a long detour to get to you when spawned.
  • Fixed a bug where minions could have difficulty reaching Void Nightmare enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Desert Stinger Nests would not spawn Desert Stingers in some locations.
  • Fixed a bug where Voidfused Forge’s Molten Pool and Fireball, Pannion’s Disintegrate Beam and Lightning Nova, Pannion Student’s Disintegrate Beam and Lightning Nova, and Void Amalgamation’s Lightning Beam did not deal 50% less damage to minions.
  • Fixed a bug where Yrun’s and Orchirian’s Tremor Stomp, Haruspex Orian’s Inferno, Yulia’s Ice Vortex, and Rahyeh, The Black Sun’s Dive Bomb and Void Blast did not deal 50% less damage to minions.
  • Fixed a bug where Lagon’s Tidal Waves, Moving Eye Beam, and Moon Beam, Admiral Harton’s Lightning Storm, and Harton’s Husk’s Void Sundering and Void Decay did not deal 50% less damage to minions.
  • Fixed a bug where the Prophet of Ruin’s Dark Eruption’s damaging area existed for longer than intended.
  • Improved the hitbox of Wengari Matriarch’s Leap Slam attack.