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Last Epoch 1.0.8 Patch Notes

Posted By EHG_Kain on May 15, 2024 (Source)

Upcoming Bazaar Sales Cleanup

Hello Travelers!

Alongside today’s Patch Notes, we also wanted to provide notice that on Monday, May 20th, we will be cleaning up all records of Redeemed and Cancelled auctions from the Bazaar. This means closed listings prior to the May 20th cleanup will no longer be displaying on your redeem page. With 1.1, we will be introducing an automated cleanup for this, which will remove old Redeemed and Cancelled auctions after a given time period.


  • Moved the spawn point in the Keeper’s Camp by the waypoint
  • Gathering Storm’s Friends of the Tempest now requires that the minion’s tag matches Gathering Storm instead of requiring that the minion’s ability’s tag matches Gathering Storm. This means that, for example, if Summon Wolf has the minion lightning tag, all attacks from your wolves can trigger Friends of the Tempest. This also fixes bugs where some converted minions, such as cold Storm Crows or cold Warcry Totem, could not trigger Friends of the Tempest when Gathering Storm is converted to cold.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where specific circumstances could cause a character to instantly revive after death. This could result in a hardcore character becoming a standard character without the feedback of having hit zero health (death screen).
  • Fixed a crash when a stash tab’s name has a specific mix of emoji’s & line breaks.
    This was caused by a Stack Overflow in the text/ui layouting.
  • Fixed a bug with Ring of Shields, where having unlocked “Rush Wall” node in “Ring of Shields” skill and then using “Shield Rush” would very often result in shields having incorrect rotation.
  • Fixed a bug with Ring of Shields, where after using “Shield Bash” skill with “Wall of Shields” node unlocked, the shield wall disappears immediately after being spawned
  • Fixed a bug with Ring of Shields, where after using “Shield Bash” skill with “Wall of Shields” node unlocked, the shields would remain attached to the player
  • Fixed a bug where Warpath could cause Ring of Shields to change distance from the player.
  • Fixed a bug where removing channels in chat settings would not remove them from channel selection in the input section.
  • Fixed a bug where if a player had all chat channels disabled, then tried to send a player a direct message, the message would be sent to global if they did not already have an existing conversation with that player
  • Fixed Smite not triggering Healing Hands while you are out of mana if both are free and you do not have the Desperate Measures node in the Smite tree.
  • Fixed floating health bar location for Gaspar Husk, Volatile Zombies, Emperor of Corpses’ Volatile Zombies, and Death Knights
  • Fixed a bug where Enemy Crows, and Black Sun Rahyeh were on the wrong layer resulting in some decals laying on top of them.
  • Fixed a bug where prophecies would not save correctly for some players causing them to consistently re-roll
  • Fixed a bug where the waves would start themselves in The Fall of Ledria quest echo
  • Fixed “armor shred” and other affixes not appearing in the affix search for certain base types
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Alt after picking up an item would open its tooltip
  • Fixed a bug where some Sentinel helmets would not display on the character
  • Fixed a bug where you could load into Echo of a World with no floor

Update - May 15, 2024 at 9:25 PM:

Released Hotfix to fix a bug where Runemaster Icons were not appearing, and not providing passive bonuses.