New 3D Models for Unique Items

Posted By EHG_Dodo on March 13th, 2022 (Source)

New 3D Art

Welcome Travelers to day five of the Enduring, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Spectacle*TM!

Some say form follows function, Depths of Eterra update states that sometimes form follows fashion. Introducing updated 3D models for 25 existing Uniques, patch 0.8.5 introduces a new appreciation for some of the amazing art in Last Epoch, and allows your enemies to see some of this new art up close and personal like never before. Check out some examples below!

Aberrant Call


Death’s Embrace

Flayer’s Pride

Hell Reach


The Judicator

Leviathan Carver

Reach of the Grave

Reign of Winter

Tempest Maw

Vilatria’s Downfall

You might be expecting us to say here “This concludes day five of the Enduring, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Phenomenon*TM”. However not this time! Instead keep your eyes out for our post later today on the new Wraith models being introduced in Patch 0.8.5 Depths of Eterra!

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