New Unique Items | Coming in Depths of Eterra Update

Posted By EHG_Dodo on March 10, 2022 (Source)

New Unique Items

Welcome Travelers to day two of the Sensational, 9 Day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Extravaganza… *TM! The Depths of Eterra update brings with it a number of new Uniques, unlocking a range of brand new build opportunities to carve your way through the enemies of Eterra. Whether you are an elusive sniper, vengeful tank, commander of spirits and souls, or just finding your promised path in Eterra for the first time, we have something new for you here.

For our more experienced theory crafters out there, we are excited to see what you do when a single idol has the power to change your entire build.

Check out a few examples below of the types of items you can get your hands on in the Depths of Eterra Update (we’ve also hidden a few extras in Eterra for you to find on your own)!

Chronicles Of The Damned

Hearthenon’s Vow


Renegade’s Will

Shadow String

This concludes day two of the Sensational, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Exhibition*TM. We would love to hear your initial build ideas down below! Make sure to check back in tomorrow for our post on the first of the two new dungeons being added in 0.8.5 Depths of Eterra - Soulfire Bastion!

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