Service Status: Long Queues

Posted By EHG_Kain on May 22, 2024 (Source)

Hello Travelers,

We are aware that there are currently some fairly large queues popping up for players. Our servers are currently undergoing rolling maintenance from May 20th to May 30th, which we were not expecting to result in an impact to online availability. We are working with our service providers to reduce this impact and get everyone in game again.

The queues are working as intended, so as servers become available, they should be processed. We apologize for the unexpected queues while we work to resolve this, and will provide further updates as available.

Update May 22, 2024 at 6:25 PM: Queues should now be resolving, and we’ve seen regions already hitting zero again on queues. We will continue to monitor for interruptions during the maintenance period. Thank you for your patience.