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Last Epoch Tools update: Buffs support and improved support for Conditions

Posted By Dammitt on April 13th, 2023

Buffs support

Up until now when looking at a build planner it wasn't possible to tell what are the buffs the build can provide. You had to figure out by yourself whether there are any ailments or skills that provide buffs, or maybe there are some nodes in passive trees or equipment.

I consider this to be an essential feature, but the build planner was lacking it all this time. The reason for that is rather simple – it just requires a lot of time to set things up to account for all buffs from different sources, because it's impossible to automate this and it requires to manually set up all the calculation logic for each buff.

It's finally here! You are now able to check all the buffs from passives, ailments, "buff" skills and equipment. Also there's support for buffs from skill trees, but only for those skills that have "full" node parsing support - basically the ones that have DPS support. There are only 5 skills at the moment, however when I implement DPS support for new skills in future, buff support for these trees will be added as well.

If you open the build planner, you'll notice a new Buffs button near the Conditions button at the bottom of the character sheet.

The number shown on the button indicates the number of active buffs - the ones that are currently enabled. Clicking on this button will open Buffs form that shows all buffs that are available in the current build based on selected class/mastery, skills, passives and equipment.

Here's an example of what it can look like:

The list is split into three sections:

  • General – most of the buffs from passives and equipment go here really, these are the custom ones
  • From Ailments – buffs that are triggered by ailments, like Haste or Frenzy
  • From Skills - buffs from skill, like Spriggan Form or Thorn Shield

Each buff can be enabled/disabled, you can see buff name, effects that it provides and its sources.

Some buffs can be stackable or depend on certain conditions, e.g. number of ailment stacks on you or the amount of ward consumed. You are able to modify this setting for each buff.

All buff settings are saved in build planner links, so you don't have to worry about rechecking all the boxes in Buffs list when opening a build planner link.

Keep in mind that Buffs feature is available for builds starting from Beta 0.9.0g. If you want to check buffs for some old build planner link, just migrate that build to the latest patch - Migrate button is on the left panel in build planner.

Improved Conditions support

It's no secret that there already was a certain level of support for conditional stats in build planner, but there were some issues that were brought up from time to time:

  • Conditions were not saved with the build planner link
  • There wasn't a lot of conditions supported

Well, good news – now all conditions settings are saved in build planner links and overall they are much better supported in planner now.

If you look at the Conditions button at the bottom of the character sheet, you'll notice that it now shows a number - an indicator for the number of active conditions. And if you click on it you'll notice an updated UI, where selected conditions are highlighted.

Here's how it looks now:

Some stuff was moved around and new logic was introduced, e.g. you'll notice that you are now able to specify the numbers for minions or hits blocked, and even set exact percent for character health - these are used for stats like "Spells and Melee attacks deal increased damage equal to your missing health" or "Increased Health Regen Per Minion".

But that's not all. Apart from the two existing categories for conditions (Character state and Enemy state), there's now one more – Custom conditions. There's actually a lot of conditional stats in the game that can be tricky to tackle, so by default Conditions form shows the most common ones. But if there are stats from currently selected skill/passive nodes or equipment that have uncommon conditions, they are now placed in that category. E.g. Prayer node in Paladin passive tree increases damage and healing effectiveness if you have healed yourself or an ally recently, so if you have this node selected, you'll see the "Healed yourself of your minions recently" condition in the Custom conditions section.

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