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Last Epoch Tools update: better UX for item, skill and ailment cards; comprehensive info on skill and ailment sources

Posted By Dammitt on March 18, 2023

Visual update for item, skill and ailment cards

I figured that it's time to review the UI for item cards, since item mods become longer and cards expand vertically too much. So after moving some stuff around and cleaning up the layout, the cards now have a better look that will stay for the foreseeable future. Same goes for skill, ailment and minion cards as well. Skill descriptions had to go, because they take too much space, and you are always able to check the skills in popups by holding [Shift] to keep popups from closing.

Here's an example of how they changed for items:

Related skills and ailments

I think it might bother players who look through items, skills or some tree nodes, then stumble on an unknown term, maybe an ailment or a skill name, and it's difficult to tell what it means. Of course in the game there are [Alt] text descriptions for items mods here and there and quite often you can see subskill descriptions in the game, but unfortunately it's not always the case.

Well, it took me quite some time to write some parsers and gather this data from all skill trees (currently 113), skill/passive tree nodes (more than 3500) as well as all items, affixes and item sets. But, now you can see related skill/ailment info everywhere. E.g. if there's an item that has some Bleed mod, then you'll see Bleed ailment link under the "Related ailments" section on that item card. Or if a skill tree node has some interaction with Upheaval skill, then Upheaval skill will be listed under the "Related abilities" section on that skill tree node card. You can notice this in the item preview above.

This is cool and all, but this actually means that now it's possible to make a reverse connection. And this leads to another cool feature...

Skill and ailment sources

Have you ever wondered what are the sources of a certain ailment in the game or whether a certain skill has interactions with other skills in a mastery?

You don't need to search for it manually anymore, because there's a new "Skill Sources" tab added to Skills section and "Ailment Sources" tab added to Ailments section.

Now you can check what are the sources of all ailments and skills - all sources are grouped by the following:

  • Class / Mastery (skill unlock at class/mastery level and mastery bonuses)
  • Passive tree nodes
  • Skill tree nodes
  • Skill (innate subskill, like retaliation, transforms, procs)
  • Minion (currently these are only minion retaliation skill, minion skill are not accounted here for now)
  • Item
  • Item Set
  • Affix
  • Ailment (some ailments proc skills)

For example here's the list of current sources for Forge Strike skill:

And here's the list of all sources for Marked For Death ailment:

Saving builds in "My Builds" section

If someone is not familiar with this yet, instead of adding build planner links to the bookmark list in your browser, you can keep this collection of builds in My Builds section of the site. If you have a lot of build planner links bookmarked, it might be more convenient to switch to this section, because it allows you to easily search through the build list and it has nifty filters as well.

Originally it was planned more as a filterable list of build links, but apparently a lot of people use it to manage their own builds in progress. I've received some feedback regarding updating your own builds in this section, apparently it was not obvious and not convenient, because you had to delete the old build link and add a new one. So I've updated the logic a little, so it should be easier to manage your own builds now.

First of all now it's possible to change a link to the build in an existing entry in the list if you need to. Not sure how many people would do this, but it's just an option.

More importantly, now it's possible to update the link to your build without any extra actions – if you open a build link that is included in "My Builds" section, make changes to it and try to generate new link for it, you'll see a new dialog:

As you see, there's a new option Update link to this build in "My Builds", which is turned on by default. Clicking on the "Get Link" button will generate a new link and will swap the link to the build in your collection automatically. Hopefully this will make the lives of theorycrafters a bit easier.

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