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The Convergence Update - Beta 0.9 Patch Notes

Posted By EHG_Kain on March 6th, 2023 (Source)

0.9 Patch Notes

The Convergence, Patch 0.9, is coming March 9th, 2023, 17:00 (UTC)!

Convergence 0.9 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler

Welcome everyone to the final day of our Pre-Patch Blog Post Hype Week! Over the last year, we have been working on a very large number of improvements for Last Epoch alongside the addition of the Multiplayer Beta. With all these changes stored up, we have a lot of notes and changes ready for you to look over. Because of the sheer number of these notes, we’ve decided to release them a few days earlier than we usually would in order to provide a chance to read through the areas you might be interested in and prepare for patch day!

In preparation of the launch of the new client on March 9th, we will be taking the current log-in servers offline approximately 4 hours before the patch launch in order to migrate accounts to the new servers. (This will not transfer any characters, or other progression, just getting everyone set up to be able to log-in to the new servers).

Due to the size of the patch notes, we highly recommend using the provided Table of Contents and “top of page” links to navigate the patch notes.


Table of Contents


Item Gifting
Cosmetics Functionality
Monolith of Fate

Gameplay & Mechanics


Skill & Passive Changes

General Skill Changes
Acolyte Skill Changes
Mage Skill Changes
Primalist Skill Changes
Rogue Skill Changes
Sentinel Skill Changes
Passives Changes

Item Changes

Unique & Set Items

Enemy Changes


Visuals, Sound, & UI

Chat & Social
User Interface



Changes and Additions

Changes and Additions

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In patch 0.9 you will finally be able to play Last Epoch online. You will now be able to create online characters and party with up to 3 friends as you play through all of the game’s content.

  • Partying: To play with a friend at any time, simply add them to your friends list (hotkey: H or right-click in chat), and invite them to a party. When they join, right-click their icon, and select Portal to Player.
  • Other Players: Only players in your party will be able to join the same zone instances as you, so you will not randomly run into strangers in Eterra.
  • Towns: Skills are not able to be used in towns in preparation of future town functionality. In a future update, town zones will also feature players that are not in your party, but combat zones will remain exclusive to your party.
  • Loot: loot is instanced, so you can see and pick up items that drop for you, but not items that drop for other players. However, if an item drops while you’re in the same zone as another player, you will be able to gift it to them at any time.
  • Enemy Scaling: Enemies gain additional health based on the number of players in the zone. This scaling is more exaggerated in later chapters and endgame activities. Enemy damage, quantity, and other properties do not change based on the number of players.

There are many other changes we’ve made for Multiplayer gameplay which are detailed in the rest of the patch notes below.

Item Gifting

  • If a piece of equipment or an idol drops while you’re in the same zone as other players in multiplayer, that item can now be gifted to one of those other players by right-clicking their portrait and selecting “Gift Item”.
    • You can gift an eligible item later on (including in another zone), but you need to be on the same server as the person you want to gift the item to.
    • Items received as a gift can be re-gifted later to other valid players.
    • Runes, Glyphs, Shards, and Keys cannot be gifted.
    • Crafting does not prevent an item from being gifted.
    • Items received from a shop or gambler cannot be gifted.
    • Items from enemies, breakables, chests, Monolith rewards and Arena rewards can be gifted.

Trade functionality

  • Item Gifting is the only way to send items to other players in Beta 0.9. We have recently announced another trade system that we plan to implement in a future update, which you can read about here.

Cosmetics Functionality

  • Patch 0.9 will not include the MVP of the MTX store, however some functionality support for it will be set up, including the online cosmetics panel. As the appearance tab is only available for online players, legacy cosmetics will not be available for offline characters. You will still be able to equip legacy cosmetics for online characters.
  • We also want to take this opportunity to reinforce that we will not be selling any MTX which offer character power, and that the future for cosmetics in Last Epoch is strictly cosmetic offerings.

Monolith of Fate


  • In Multiplayer, the person who selects which Echo to load is the “host.” Any other players are “guests.”
  • The Echo Web (i.e., what echoes are available) of guests will not match the Echo Web of the host. However, completing echoes will grant guests Timeline Stability and access to that Timeline on normal difficulty if they don’t already have access. When the host unlocks a new Timeline, guests will also unlock it.
  • Guests will not receive the host’s echo-specific reward when completing an echo. Instead, when they click on the reward rock, they are offered a choice between two random echo rewards. The two options will be the same for all guests, but each guest can make a different selection.
    • The chance for an echo reward to appear for a guest is the same as the host, i.e., they are affected by corruption and distance from the center in the same way.
    • This allows guests to still have some choice in the reward they receive since different players may want different items. It also means it isn’t more efficient to play separately to find particular rewards.
  • When defeating a timeline boss, any participating guests in multiplayer have the necessary stability consumed in order to receive boss rewards (boss unique loot, dungeon keys, blessing). If the guest does not have enough stability, they will not receive these rewards. The host will see the number of guests with insufficient stability when choosing to start a timeline boss encounter
  • A party can only have one echo active at once; all players leave the echo, and then a new one can be opened.
  • Monolith gameplay all occurs on the same server for a party so that load times will be shorter than in the rest of the game.

Echo Layout Changes

  • Added 7 new monolith echo layouts:
    • Sapphire Refuge, Underground Palace, Sunless Coast, Haunted Reef, Ritual Lake, Imperial Metropolis, Snowbound City
  • Flooded Cavern no longer appears in the non-empowered versions of The Black Sun or Fall of the Empire.
  • Arid Wastes no longer shows up in the non-empowered version of Fall of the Outcasts.
  • Canyon Stronghold no longer shows up in the non-empowered versions of Fall of the Outcasts or Fall of the Empire.
  • Necropolis Streets no longer shows up in the non-empowered versions of Fall of the Outcasts, Blood Frost and Death, or Fall of the Empire.
  • Solarum Ascent no longer shows up in the non-empowered versions of The Stolen Lance, Ending the Storm, or Reign of Dragons.
  • Alpine Halls changes
    • The northern sections of the zone are now more connected.
    • Increased spawner density.
    • Is now less biased against placing spawners in tight spaces such as the corridors between larger rooms.
  • Fixed unreachable Shrines in The Maj’Elkan Catacombs and the Arid Wastes echo layout.

Enemy Mod Compatibility Changes

  • Non-empowered timelines are unchanged.
  • The crit chance mod can now only roll in Blood Frost and Death and Fall of the Empire in empowered timelines.
  • The rare monster shock chance modifier can now only roll in Ending the Storm in empowered timelines.
  • The rare monster cooldown recovery modifier can now only roll in The Black Sun, Fall of the Empire, and Reign of Dragons in empowered timelines.
  • The rare monster health regen modifier can now only roll in Reign of Dragons in empowered timelines.
  • The rare monster health and damage modifier can now only roll in Fall of the Outcasts, The Stolen Lance, and The Black Sun in empowered timelines.
  • The rare monster crit chance until approached modifier can now only roll in Fall of the Outcasts, Blood Frost and Death, and Ending the Storm in empowered timelines.

Enemy Type Availability

  • Removed Frost Wyrm bosses.
  • Liath can spawn as a random echo boss in The Stolen Lance, Ending the Storm, Reign of Dragons, and The Age of Winter with slightly different teleport and summon mechanics.
  • The Emperor’s Remains now spawn as a monolith boss (though two of its abilities are disabled in the monolith). It can spawn in all versions of The Black Sun, Fall of the Empire, and The Last Ruin.
  • Added a new random echo boss, Voidfused Sorcerer, which is based on Pannion’s Students and can spawn in all versions of The Black Sun, Ending the Storm, and The Last Ruin.
  • A version of phase 1 of the Scalebane Guildleader can now spawn as a random echo boss in The Stolen Lance, Ending the Storm, Reign of Dragons, and The Age of Winter
  • A version of phase 2 of the Scalebane Guildleader can now spawn as a random echo boss in The Stolen Lance, Ending the Storm, Reign of Dragons, and The Age of Winter.
  • Bone Pyres (previously only found in Ash Covered Maj’Elka) can spawn in the empowered versions of Fall of the Outcasts, Reign of Dragons, and Spirits of Fire.
  • Volcanic Pyromancers can now spawn in the empowered version of Spirits of Fire.
  • Undead Wengari can spawn in the empowered versions of Fall of the Outcasts, Blood Frost and Death, Fall of the Empire, and Spirits of Fire.
  • A version of the Lightning Dragons from Dragon’s Grotto can now spawn in the empowered versions of all timelines.
  • The version of Grael from The Frozen Harbour can now spawn in the empowered version of The Age of Winter.
  • The Oracle of the Black Sun (fallen haruspex boss from The Dark Ascent) can spawn in the empowered versions of Fall of the Outcasts, The Black Sun, Blood Frost and Death, Fall of the Empire, and Spirits of Fire.
  • A version of the new Temple Guardian (see Enemies section) can now spawn as a random echo boss.

Other Changes

  • The damaging areas created by the hearts in the Emperor of Corpses encounter will now despawn when the boss is defeated.
  • Fixed a bug where patrolling Infernal Husks did not move.
  • Fixed a bug where Undead Wengari could sometimes spawn too close to players entering an echo.
  • Trance of the Sirens blessing grants 10% to 14% increased shock duration (from 5% to 9% increased shock effect).
  • Grand Trance of the Sirens blessing grants 15% to 22% increased shock duration (from 10% to 16% increased shock effect).
  • Made a polish pass on all Quest Echo zones, improving visuals. The arenas for the Emperor of Corpses and Void Harton fights received some of the largest changes.
  • Significantly updated the visuals for Serpentine Desert echoes.
  • Minor visual updates have happened in almost all other echo layouts.
  • Improved music variety in random echoes.
  • Added several newer tracks to the pool of random Echo of a World music.


Multiplayer Gameplay

  • A party will use 1 key per run to enter the Dungeon.
  • All players participating in the Dungeon Run must be in the starting zone before the key is used.
  • The first player that clicks on the door to the Boss Arena at the end of the dungeon will bring up a prompt for all players. You can vote to move on to the boss fight or to stay behind (and then leave or join later).
  • You cannot use a Player Portal to go to Party Members within a Dungeon if you are outside the Dungeon. Party Members that either die in the Dungeon or leave the Dungeon Run via Waypoint, Player Portal, or Town Portal cannot re-enter.

Lightless Arbor Bossfight

Aim: Reduce the one-shot potential of phase 1 of the fight while maintaining high importance of avoiding telegraphed attacks. Compensate for not being able to get potions by hitting the boss, unlike other boss fights.

  • Titanspawn and Mountain’s Roots drop potions 150% more frequently.
  • Falling rocks deal 11% less damage.
  • The Last Titan’s punch attack deals 67% less damage but now applies a guaranteed 2-second stun.
  • Titanspawn deals 6% more damage.
  • Titanspawn melee attacks are no longer called “Explosion” in the death recap.
  • When killed by a Mountain’s Root, the death recap will say “from a Mountain’s Root” rather than just “from Mountain’s Root”.

Vaults of Uncertain Fate

  • Only one player can use the Vaults of Uncertain Fate in multiplayer. Other players will get a small amount of rare items and shards per chest opened. Items from the system can still be gifted like normal.
  • The cost of each Vaults of Uncertain Fate choice is now capped at 100 million gold. Previously it was technically possible to make the value roll over.

Other Changes

  • Improved zone layout generation in the Lightless Arbor and Soulfire Bastion dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug where holding down the dungeon ability key could cause the dungeon ability to incorrectly be used multiple times in a row in Soulfire Bastion and Lightless Arbor.


  • A party will use 1 key per run to enter the Arena.
  • You can join an arena run your party has started until 10 waves after the start of the run.
  • Party members will vote on which arena modifiers to apply to the current run. In a tie, the left option wins.
  • If there isn’t a mod to vote on, each player can decide if they want to leave or continue. The run continues once everyone has readied up or left.
  • Added an NPC for respeccing passive points in Champions’ Gate.
  • Fixed arena pack size modifiers having 75% increased effect for Ice Elementals rather than 75% reduced effect (less Ice Elementals will spawn at once in the Arena).


  • Reworked the quests in the End of Time related to gaining your Mastery and moving on to Chapter 4. The process has been streamlined and is now multiplayer-friendly (the old Mastery quest would have been difficult to implement while maintaining a good player experience).
    • We may make additional changes / improvements in the future.
  • Updated the layout of Last Refuge Outskirts, and the beginning of the Council Chambers.
  • Improved the visuals of zones underwater in Lagon’s domain: The Temple of Lagon, The Temple Depths, Sanctum of the Architect, Seafloor Colosseum.
  • Updated the layout of The Frozen Roots.
  • Updated the presentation of receiving the Lance in the Tomb of Morditas.
  • Updated the layout of the End of Time.
  • Overhauled the appearance of The Rustlands.
  • Updated the visuals of the Divine Era zones at the start of the game.
  • Updated post-processing in various Chapter 3, 5, and 6 zones.
  • Updated lighting in various Chapter 4 zones.
  • Updated ground textures in many zones.


  • Leaderboards will be unavailable during 0.9 and will be returning 0.9.1


Combat Feel

  • Added when-hit and on-death visuals that emit from all enemies, corresponding to their type. For example, bugs will bleed green blood, void creatures will spew void gunk, and skeletons will lose dust and bones.
  • Added a Death Flash effect to all enemies. This corresponds to the damage type of the killing damage. For example, an enemy killed by Fireball will appear to have fire spread across them, while Ice Barrage will cover the enemy in frost.
  • The on-hit visuals for all player abilities now have directionality, meaning their rotation will change based on what direction the hit came from.
  • Ailments on all enemies, minions, and players now properly move with their animations. When you ignite something, it won’t float in midair and will instead be attached to their body.
  • Updated many enemy stun and death animations. (more to come)
  • Implemented Walking Flinch animations for several enemies (more to come). This is new functionality where an enemy will react if it is walking and hit.
  • Lots of sound changes– see that section for details.
  • Improved how quickly the animations for player abilities start.
  • Disintegrate and Maelstrom now triggers on-hit visuals/hit flash effects.

Other Changes

  • Interacting with a Waypoint now requires a dedicated click. Previously, mousing over a waypoint while holding down left click would open the world map screen.
  • Slightly increased the hitbox for hovering over waypoints.
  • Potions now refill when you respawn.


Added Damage

  • Weapon Implicits now grant +Melee Damage or +Bow Damage rather than +Melee Physical Damage or +Bow Physical Damage. This works the same as Adaptive Spell Damage, in that it grants damage of a type that matches the skill (e.g. +Melee Damage adds Melee Fire Damage to fire melee attacks, but Melee Void Damage to void melee attacks).
  • Renamed Adaptive Spell Damage to +Spell Damage.

Grace Period

  • There is now a grace period where enemies will not target you or move directly towards you whenever you go through a transition to a new zone, or a transition inside a zone.
    • Grace periods were previously only granted after respawning.
  • A buff icon is now shown for the duration of a grace period.
  • Grace periods now end after 15 seconds (from 3 seconds).
  • A grace period will end early if you move after 2 seconds or use an ability.

Damage Numbers

  • If two damage number events occur within the same 0.02 second window the resulting damage number will show the combined damage rather than the later damage.
  • Fixed a bug where if a DoT damage number needed to be shown in the same 0.02 second window as a hit, then it would prevent the hit flash effect from playing.

XP Gain and Zone Level Scaling

  • If you are playing alone or are the highest level party member, you will gain reduced XP from enemies if you are more than 10 levels below the zone’s level, gaining xp as if the zone was your level plus 10. If you are not the highest-level player, this threshold is reduced by the level disparity between you and the highest-level player (minimum of 2).
    • A system with a similar end effect existed in 0.8.5, but the threshold was 5 levels and did not apply in campaign zones.
  • If you are more than 5 levels below the expected level for the start of a chapter, quests in that chapter will award proportionately less xp based on your level.
  • In non-combat zones that previously scaled to the character’s level, now the UI scales (e.g. it shows the value for dodge chance depending on your character level), but the zone level itself does not change.
  • Characters will no longer erroneously gain XP while dead.

Solo Challenge

  • When playing Offline, the Solo challenge option is now referred to as “Character Found”. Characters with this option have a stash separate from all of your other characters.
  • When playing Online, the Solo challenge option is now referred to as “Account Found”. Characters with this option share a stash with other characters of the same difficulty (softcore or hardcore) but cannot join a party or receive items from other players.

Dual Wielding

  • Reduced Damage Taken penalty for dual wielding from 15% to 9%.
    • This affects the Gladiator node on the Sentinel tree, Gemini node on the Spellblade tree, the Harmony of Blades node on the Primalist tree, and the Twin Blade node on the Rogue tree.


Increased Effect for Damaging Ailments

  • “Increased Effect” stats for damaging ailments have been swapped for “Penetration with” stats. For example, 8% increased Ignite Effect is now +8% Fire Penetration with Ignite.
  • Previously, it was unclear that “Increased Effect” stats affects the damage of ailments multiplicatively with other damage bonuses, and it was unclear that Penetration affects ailments as this is not the case in other ARPGs.
  • Cases where there has been a one-to-one swap, such as 10%, Increased Bleed Effect to +10% Physical Penetration with Bleed, have not been recorded as individual patch notes. Anything else is recorded in the Skills section for each class.

Reduced Resistance Shredding from Ailments

  • Shock and the Resistance Shred Ailments, such as Fire Resistance Shred, now have a stack limit of 10 (from 20). This caused damage in boss fights to accelerate too much, strongly favored fast-hitting builds, and would have been more of a problem in multiplayer.
  • Shock’s effect on stun chance has been doubled, so the same effect can be reached at max stacks. The stun aspect of Shock was not problematic in these situations and it helps Shock feel more unique compared to other shred ailments.
  • All effects of increased effect for shock and resistance shred ailments have been removed to manage the power of these ailments and to avoid situations where stacks with high increased effect could be replaced by weaker ones.

Duration of Damaging Ailments

  • Many damaging ailments now have higher DPS but lower duration to lessen the disparity in their effectiveness against bosses compared to clearing packs of smaller enemies that would often die before the ailment’s duration expired. This should also mitigate the issue where DoT builds sometimes feel like they have to rush ahead of dying packs to be efficient, missing out on the loot they drop.


  • Frostbite’s debuff effect has been totally changed to make its effects more easily understood and more useful. Removing Increased Frostbite Effect (since it deals damage) would have caused its freeze avoidance reduction stat to be quickly outscaled by enemy health. Regardless, the impact of this stat was hard to understand and it was especially affected by enemy health scaling from sources like Monolith mods.

Individual Ailment Changes

  • Poison
    • Only the first 30 stacks on a target reduce poison resistance (from every stack)
    • Deals 28 base damage (from 20)
    • Sources of increased Poison Effect have been replaced by Poison Penetration with Poison
  • Frostbite
    • No longer reduces Freeze Avoidance by 200 per stack
    • The first 30 stacks now increase Chance to be Frozen by 20% each (e.g. if a hit had a base 10% freeze chance, 2 stacks of Frostbite would give it a 14% chance)
    • Lasts 3 seconds (from 4)
    • Deals 36 total damage (from 35)
    • Approximate Frostbite Damage is now shown in the character sheet
    • Sources of Increased Frostbite Effect have been replaced by Cold Penetration with Frostbite
  • Shock
    • Limited to 10 stacks (from 20)
    • Increases chance of being stunned by 20% per stack (from 10%)
    • It is no longer possible to increase shock effect
  • Resistance Shred Ailments (such as Fire Resistance Shred, but not Armour Shred)
    • Limited to 10 stacks (from 20)
    • Armour Shred has not been changed and can still have unlimited stacks
  • Ignite
    • Lasts 2.5 seconds (from 3)
    • Deals 40 base damage over its full duration (from 39)
    • Sources of increased Ignite Effect have been replaced by Fire Penetration with Ignite
  • Bleed
    • Lasts 3 seconds (from 4) - has the same total damage, so this results in 33% more DPS from a single instance
    • Sources of increased Bleed Effect have been replaced by Physical Penetration with Bleed
  • Damned
    • Lasts 2.5 seconds (from 3)
    • Deals 35 base damage (from 25)
    • Sources of increased Damned Effect have been replaced by Necrotic Penetration with Damned
  • Electrify
    • Lasts 2.5 seconds (from 3)
    • Deals 44 base damage (from 42)
    • Sources of increased Electrify Effect have been replaced by Lightning Penetration with Electrify
  • Time Rot
    • Deals 55 base damage (from 45)
    • Sources of increased Time Rot Effect have been replaced by Void Penetration with Time Rot
  • Critical Vulnerability
    • Is now limited to 10 stacks
    • Adds 2% chance to be crit per stack (from 5%)

Other Changes

  • There is no longer a limit of 15 on the number of stacks that can be shown on the icon for each ailment. This was made possible by changing how the data for ailment stacks is sent between the server and clients in multiplayer.
  • Improved how the expected DPS impact of damaging ailments is calculated (generally lower than before, but more accurate to real scenarios).
  • Ailment modifying stats such as “Increased Melee Chill Duration” are now formatted like “Increased Chill Duration with Melee Attacks”.
  • Improved clarity of chill and slow descriptions, specifically making it clearer that stacks are multiplicative with each other and the 50% less effect against players results in each stack reducing speed by 6% and 10%, respectively.
  • Abyssal Decay, Future Strike, and Spreading Flames are now shown under health bars when hovering over enemies.

General Skills

Skill Aiming Improvements

  • Melee aim assist now chooses a target mostly based on the angle from the original target direction rather than distance. This prevents extreme aim corrections that are unintuitive.
  • Added a minor aiming assist for Fireball, Marrow Shards, Bow Basic Attack, Bow Flurry, Bow Puncture, Bow Cinder Strike, and Detonating Arrow.
    • A similar effect already existed on Shurikens. The effect is more minor for these skills and is sometimes disabled based on skill tree choices.
  • Hungering Souls and the homing version of fireball no longer home towards targets that have been hit by projectiles from the same cast (unless the projectiles are fired in sequence and can hit the same target).
  • Fixed a bug where Firebrand’s increased range from its stacks was not taken into account for melee auto-aim.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the system underestimating the range of Firebrand and the melee version of Puncture.
  • Fixed a bug where using projectile abilities while aiming off a cliff would shoot the projectiles down instead of forwards. This change does not affect aiming up or down ramps.

Projectile Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where abilities procced by fast-moving projectiles, such as Puncture, would sometimes not hit enemies. Symptoms included the shadow daggers proc sometimes not hitting when the fourth dagger was applied by such an ability.
  • Fixed some projectile skills going too far at baseline. These projectiles will still reach the edge of the screen, but won’t go as far beyond it.
    • Arrow Nova (from Assemble Abomination) lasts 1.1 seconds (from 5 seconds)
    • Bow flurry lasts 0.35 seconds (from 1.1 seconds)
    • Multishot lasts 0.45 seconds (from 0.55 seconds)
    • Icicles from Reign of Winter last 0.7 seconds (from 3 seconds)
    • Axes from Riverbend Grasp and Sentinel’s Axe Thrower passive last 2.2 seconds (from 4 seconds)

Damage Effectiveness

  • The alt text for all player abilities and sub-abilities now state their damage effectiveness even if it is 100%. The effectiveness was previously never stated if it was 100%.
  • Fixed many skills with a damage effectiveness other than 100% not listing it on their alt text.
  • Erasing Strike’s tooltip now states the correct damage effectiveness of 450% (from 400%).
  • Earthquake’s tooltip now states the correct damage effectiveness of 350% (from 300%).

Damage Conversion

  • All cases of full damage conversion have been changed to base damage conversion, and most cases of ailment-only conversion now also convert base damage (previously, weapon skills tended to use full damage conversion or ailment-only conversion, while non-weapon skills tended to use base damage conversion).
  • All cases that converted visuals and tags by adding damage now convert base damage.
  • Details for individual skills are in the skills section for each class

Area Scaling

• All skills that have an area of effect now have an Area tag and their area can be scaled with new Increased Area Stats.
• Added a new Increased Area for Area Skills prefix for gloves and amulets.
• Added a new Increased Area for Melee Area Skills suffix for 2h maces, 2h axes, 2h swords and 2h spears.
• Several new base types and uniques also grant Increased Area for certain groups of skills.

Traversal Skills

Traversal skills are a subset of movement skills. Using a traversal skill will put all other traversal skills on cooldown and while you are using a traversal skill, traversal skills’ cooldowns will not recover.

The following skills are now Traversal skills:

  • Shield Rush
  • Lunge
  • Shift
  • Transplant
  • Teleport
  • Surge
  • Fury Leap
  • Reap (from Reaper Form)
  • Rampage (from Werebear Form)
  • Dive (from Swarmblade Form)

The following skills can become Traversal skills if you use certain nodes or uniques:

  • Smite
  • Focus
  • Glacier
  • Crowstorm (the companion ability of Storm Crows)
  • Summon Skeletal Mage
  • Summon Vines (from Spriggan Form)
  • Void Cleave

Cooldown Changes

We want the feel and pace of gameplay to change more over the course of the game and for items to feel like they play a bigger role in that change. This isn’t a goal that’s going to be achieved through a single silver bullet, but as part of achieving it, we’ve decided to increase the availability of stats that impact gameplay feel. Increased cooldown recovery speed is one such stat, but one of the barriers to increasing its availability is the potential for gameplay to become too rapid and zoomy due to movement skills’ cooldowns becoming too short.

To prevent this from becoming a problem, we’ve changed traversal skills not to recover their cooldowns during use, as mentioned above, and are also increasing the base cooldown duration of many common traversal skills. These changes allow us to be more confident in greatly increasing the availability of increased cooldown recovery speed on items without it speeding up the gameplay too much.

With these changes if you have no increased cooldown recovery speed from items, but full investment into relevant passives and skill nodes, most basic movement skill cooldowns will be around 0.3 seconds longer, and with full investment on items (up to T5 affixes) their cooldowns will be around 0.3 seconds shorter.

Specific cooldown changes:

  • Shift has a 3.5 second cooldown (from 3 seconds).
  • Transplant has a 5 second cooldown (from 4 seconds).
  • Teleport has a 5 second cooldown (from 4 seconds).
  • Shield Rush has a 4.5 second cooldown (from 4 seconds).
  • Rampage (from Werebear Form) has a 4.5 second cooldown (from 4 seconds).
  • Dive (from Swarmblade Form) has a 3.2 second cooldown (from 3 seconds)

Cooldown Recovery Speed Affix Changes

  • Is now a suffix (from a prefix).
  • Now rolls on boots and belts (from helmets).
  • Now gives up to 20% increased cooldown recovery speed at T5 (from 14%) and up to 32% at T7 (from 20%).

Other Cooldown Item Changes:

  • Added a new ring base type, Opal Ring, which grants up to 10% increased cooldown recovery speed.
  • Some of the new body armor and helmet base types grant increased cooldown recovery speed.

Other Changes

  • The Fire Burst subskill’s base damage increased to 20 (from 7) and added damage effectiveness to 100% (from 35%). This is used by the skills Infernal Shade, Smite, Enchant Weapon, Disintegrate, Forge Strike, and Rive.
  • Fixed the special tags of implicits not being taken into account for several effects that depended on the stats of specific items (e.g. this fixes implicit ailment chances not working for Forged Weapons).
  • Fixed a bug where if an ability with a guaranteed stun hit a player, but a normal stun due to damage occurred, the duration of the damage stun would be used instead (shorter than the intended stun).

Skill Bug Fixes

Since so many skills received design/balance changes and bug fixes in this update, we’ve put bug fixes for individual skills in the section for each class. This means there are fewer places to look for changes affecting skills you’re interested in.

Skill Balancing

For Beta 0.9, we have implemented reworks and balance changes for many skills in each class. However, there are still more skills that we want to update in the future and some skills that we want to update beyond the changes you see below.

We’re eager to hear feedback about the changes so far. Just keep in mind that a skill being unchanged or only mildly changed in this update doesn’t mean we have no plans to change it later.

Acolyte Skills

Acolyte Minion AI

  • Adjusted AI for some of Acolyte’s melee minions so they will switch targets less frequently when the player is near enemies:
    • Skeleton Warriors will only prioritize enemies somewhat closer to the player (-0.3 modifier).
    • Skeleton Rogues will only prioritize enemies very close to the player (-0.6 modifier).
    • Regular Wraiths and Blood Wraiths do not care how close enemies are to you. They will target whatever is nearest to them (-1 modifier).

Assemble Abomination

  • Fixed a bug where the cooldown on the Stomp ability from the Shattered Similacrum node was much shorter than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Soul Reave dealt double damage to cursed enemies.
  • Increased Soul Reave’s damage by 82%.
  • Abomination deals 6% less damage.

Aura of Decay

  • No longer gains 1% Increased Poison Effect per point of Intelligence.
  • Your Chance to Poison on hit applies to Aura of Decay ticks at 25% effectiveness (from 15%).
  • Infectious Bones node grants minions inside the area 25% more poison damage (from 50% increased poison damage). This is a buff.
  • Fixed a bug where the area of the healing from Absence of Life didn’t scale with modifiers to Aura of Decay’s area.

Bone Curse

  • Bone Prison now only causes a Bone Prison to be summoned by direct casts of Bone Curse.
  • Conflation grants 30% increased area (from 35%).
  • Oppressive Gaze grants 40% more damage (from 30%).
  • Acute Infliction grants 40% more damage (from 30%), and requires 2 points in Iron Maiden (from 3).
  • Fixed Chilblains saying it gave 10% chill chance (it actually gives 12%).
  • Fixed a bug where several nodes that gave more damage only affected physical damage, so they would not apply to added spell damage of other types or to the base damage if Bone Curse was converted to necrotic.

Bone Nova

  • Bone Nova has 20 base damage (from 12). It now has a standard base damage to added damage ratio.

Bone Golem

  • Acolytes with Bone Golem specialized will receive a free automatic respec for its tree.
  • Added multiple new nodes, including one that allows summoning Deathchill Golems, which deal cold damage.
  • Tower of Bones grants 6% increased size (from 10%).
  • Fragments of the Fallen grants 9500 armor (from 2000) and now also grants 15% increased size and 25% more damage if you have no other active golems when you summon a golem. It can have 1 point allocated (from 4).
  • Tower of Bones requires 1 point in Amalgam of Sentinels (from 2).
  • Bladed Fists requires 2 points in Amalgam of Sentinels (from 1).
  • Bone Hail grants 15% more bone shatter damage (from 30%).
  • Amalgam of Mages grants 15% more spell damage (from 20%) and 15% increased stun chance (from 20%).
  • Marrow Eater’s armor buff lasts 8 seconds (from 4 seconds).
  • World Pyre grants 20% more damage over time (from 15%).
  • Charged Bones has been renamed to to Charred Bones and gives +5 fire damage (from +4).
  • Twinned Golems gives 25% less health (from 35%).
  • Pyre Golem no longer grants +100% melee ignite chance.
  • Pyre Golems’ melee attacks’ base damage is now converted to fire.

Death Seal

  • Carrion Breath grants 30% increased area (from 35%)
  • Sanguine Wave grants 0.3% leech per second (from 0.2%), but can have 3 points allocated (from 4)
  • Corporeal Cascade requires 1 point in Lethal Release (from 3)
  • Condemnation grants 8% kill threshold (from 15%), but can have 2 points allocated (from 1)
  • Curdled Flesh requires 2 points in Cycle of Decay (from 3)
  • Devouring Release casts hungering souls every 1.5 seconds (from every second), but hungering souls cast this way now has a 70% chance to have only one projectile (from always having only one projectile).
  • Insatiable Soul grants 28% increased Hungering Souls frequency (from 32%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Fixed Curdled Flesh saying it gave 3% more damage per point (it actually gives 2%)
  • Fixed Necrosis saying it gave 20% necrotic shred chance per point (it actually gives 15%)

Drain Life

  • Acolytes with Drain Life specialized will receive an automatic free respec for its tree.
  • Shadowy Tendril no longer adds 5 to mana cost per second
  • Contempt now requires you to channel on the same enemy for 2 seconds (from 3), and grants 10% more armour (from 10% increased armour), but stacks up to 5 times (from 6).
  • Stagger now requires you to channel on the same enemy for 2 seconds (from 3), but now also adds an 8 second cooldown.
  • Stupefy now grants 25% increased stun duration (from 50%), but now also grants 25% more damage against bosses and rare enemies.
  • Renamed Grim Harvest to Hecatomb to avoid confusion with the Grim Harvest effect on Death’s Embrace
  • Renamed Pustulent End to Soul Blast to match the name of the proc it grants. It now requires 3 points in Empowered Drain (from 4)
  • Renamed Frozen Grasp to Chilling Demise
  • Enduring Contempt can have 4 points allocated (from 3)
  • Ravenous grants 7% increased health leech (from 10%), but now also grants 7% more damage against low health enemies. It can have 4 points allocated (from 3) and requires 2 points in Thoughtsteal (from 3) or 2 points in Empowered Drain (from 3)
  • Insatiable grants 12% increased health leech (from 10%), but requires 3 points in Ravenous (from 2)
  • Fixed a bug where Drain Life’s Condemnation and Horrify nodes granted about 6 times more ailment application than intended
  • Drain Life’s Condemnation now applies 2 stacks of Damned per second per point (from 1 listed, ~6 actual)
  • Added a new node, Circle of Sacrifice, which increases Drain Life’s area of effect and grants you ward per second per maximum mana while channelling Drain Life.
  • Added a new node, Cloak of Solitude, which converts increased area for Drain Life to ward retention while channelling Drain Life.

Dread Shade

• Dread Shade can only be cast on your minions, not allies minions.
• Symbiotic Apparition now causes Dread Shade to affect you, but not other party members.


  • Acolytes with Harvest specialized will receive automatic free respec for its tree.
  • Fixed the effect of Harvest’s Symbol of Loss node not being multiplicative with the skill’s base more damage to cursed enemies effect (this will result in higher damage).
  • Replaced Waning (increased poison and bleed duration) with Crimson Death:
    • Converts Harvest’s base damage to physical and makes it gain bleed chance per point of intelligence instead of added melee necrotic damage. Replaces Necrotic tag with a Physical tag.
  • Replaced Elements of Death (added damage converted to necrotic) with Mark of the Locust:
    • When Harvest hits a target afflicted by Spirit Plague it has a chance to spread Spirit Plague to an additional target, and the original target takes more damage from Spirit Plague for the remainder of its duration. It requires 3 points in Harrowing Blade (compared to Elements of Death’s 4).
  • Skull Shards has been renamed to Spirit Shards, requires 13 stacks to proc (from 6), stacks reset to 0 (from being reduced by 6), stacks now show in the ui, proccing effect grants 2 mana (from 0) and 13% more damage (from 60% increased damage), proccing effect grants existing minions a non-stacking 4 second 13% more damage buff (from a 3 second stacking 60% increased damage buff). The tooltip is now clearer.
  • Death Inside now grants Harvest more damage per poison on the target up to a maximum (from granting poison shred chance). It can have 3 points allocated (from 5).
  • Blood Sculptor requires 2 points in Spirit Shards from 3 points in Skull Shards.
  • Symbol of Loss can have 5 points allocated (from 7).
  • Renamed Wraith Feast to Spectral Feast.

Hungering Souls

  • Focused Wrath grants 35% reduced cone width (from reducing cone angle by 15 degrees)
  • Dominion Of Undeath grants 15% increased cone width (from increasing cone angle by 10 degrees) and reduces mana cost by 2 (from 1). It can have 4 points allocated (from 3).
  • Soul Catcher grants 30 ward (from 20)
  • Inspired Hunger grants 8% more damage over time against possessed enemies for 6 seconds (from 15% increased damage over time for 5 seconds). It now requires Hungering Souls to be cast directly. If Hungering Souls is converted to Fire it applies to enemies afflicted with Spreading Flames, not possess.
  • Replaced Necrotic Pact (+5 necrotic damage and -2 projectiles) with Forbidden Pact which which similarly reduces projectiles by 2, but also gives +1 spell damage per 20 maximum mana.
  • Vengeful Souls grants 7% chance to cast Hungering Souls when hit (from 5%) and no longer prevent Hungering Souls from critically striking, but souls cast when hit now have a 70% chance to only have one projectile.
  • Risen Hatred grants 4% chance to cast Hungering Souls when hit (from 5%), but no longer reduces hit damage by 20%. It now also grants 4% chance to double cast Hungering Souls per point and can have 3 points allocated (from 2).
  • Lament grants 3% chance to cast Hungering Souls when hit (from 5%), but no longer reduces damage over time by 20%. It now also grants 13 ward gained when you directly cast Hungering Souls and have 3 points allocated (from 2).

Infernal Shade

  • Fanning the Flames grants 8% more damage (from 15) and 12% increased area (from 15%), but no longer increases mana cost. It can have 5 points allocated (from 3)
  • Heart of Fire reduces radius by 12% (from 15%). It can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Purgatory grants 15% fire penetration per second (from 40% increased damage per second)
  • Legion increases mana cost by 85% (from 100%)
  • Wildfires grants 18% more damage (from 20%) and 10% reduced duration (from 15%)
  • Flame Burst now grants +8% crit chance (from 5%) and now also grants 24% reduced Infernal Shade duration.
  • Renamed Demonic Possession to Manic Pyre
  • Renamed Demonic Tether to Torment Beacon
  • Baneful requires 2 points in Torment Beacon (from 4)
  • Fiery Conclusion grants 40% more explosion damage (from 50%), but now also grants 20% increased explosion area.
  • Hellfire now causes Infernal Shade to always be ground targeted and prevents attachment (from only being ground targeted if no nearby target was found)
  • Fixed a bug where Infernal Shades placed on the ground could have infinite duration when taking the Hellfire and Soulfire nodes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed creating invisible, permanent Infernal Shades that could exceed the shade limit.

Rip Blood

  • Arcane Absorption now grants +2 spell damage on hit (from 5% increased spell damage).
  • Arcan Absorption’s buff is now applied when you directly cast Rip Blood and hit at least one enemy (from applying on every hit). However this buff now lasts 6 seconds (from 4).
  • Crimson Flood grants 20% increased area (from 25%)
  • Revile requires 1 point in Crimson Flood (from 2)
  • Fixed Stench of Blood not mentioning that it gave 5% increased cast speed
  • Fixed Thirst and Hemomancer giving more attack speed instead of increased attack speed
  • Necrotic Unity now gives Blood Splatter 2% increased area per minion (from “2% more damage per minion per point”, was actually giving 2% increased damage per minion per point), limited to 1 point (from 2), and requires Infused Frenzy (from requiring Blood Infusion)
  • Infused Frenzy now gives minions 8% increased attack and cast speed per point (from 10%)
  • Blood Infusion now gives minions 15% more damage (from 30% increased damage)


  • Necrotic Audience grants 30% increased area if you have 3+ minions (from 40%), but now also grants 6% more damage if you have 3+ minions. It can have 3 points allocated (from 5).
  • Catalyst of Horror increases mana cost by 25% (from 40%), but can have 1 point allocated (from 3)
  • Added a new node Sanguine Libation which causes Sacrifice to chain to 1 additional target per point and also gives it +13% bleed chance. It requires 1 point in Catalyst of Horror and can have 5 points allocated.
  • Burning Offering gives 25% ignite chance (from 34%), but now also grants +5% fire penetration with ignite and can have 4 points allocated (from 3)
  • Infernal Vindication’s buff now requires you to control at least 1 minion when you cast sacrifice, but lasts for 6 seconds (from 4) and grants 6% more damage over time - multiplicative with other modifiers (from 13% increased damage over time).
  • Added a new node Flickering Shadows which makes it so that when you cast Sacrifice all your existing Infernal Shades have their duration reduced to 2 seconds, but deal 250% more damage for that remaining duration. It requires 1 point in Infernal Vindication.

Spirit Plague

  • Fixed Putrid Recovery giving 5 ward on hit instead of the 4 ward stated on the tooltip.

Soul Feast

  • Replaced the “Damned” node (caused Soul Feast to inflict Damned on hit) with Hellmind which grants Damned Chance per Intelligence.
  • Replaced Devour (40% increased area) with Winds of Affliction which gives 24% increased area and 12% chance to inflict Frailty on hit.
  • Poisoned Husks grants 15% poison chance (from 10%).
  • Diseased Soul grants 10% poison chance (from 7%).
  • Incision grants 20% bleed chance (from 10%).
  • Toxic Craving grants 6% increased armour per stack (from 20%), but the buff lasts 6 seconds (from 4).
  • Fixed the Hellmind node not working.
  • Fixed No Rest for the Wicked only giving 5% frenzy chance instead of the 8% listed.

Summon Skeletal Mage

  • Characters with Summon Skeletal Mage specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Archmage requires 2 points in Splintered Dominion (from 3)
  • Shadow Wardens grants 15 Ward per Second (from 10)
  • Added a new node, Forbidden Arcana: Skeletal Mages deal 1% more damage per 25 maximum mana. 5 points allocable. Requires 1 point in Archmage or 2 points in Ossein Frenzy.
  • Added a new node, Grave Passage: When you directly cast Summon Skeletal Mage you are teleported to the target location. Summon Skeletal Mage now has a 4 second cooldown which it shares with Transplant and Reap.
  • Added a new node, Death’s Cavalry: When you teleport by casting Summon Skeletal Mage up to 3 of your other minions are teleported with you. 3 points allocable.

Summon Skeleton: Death Knights

  • No longer have +10 melee necrotic damage by default.
  • Basic melee attack’s base damage is now necrotic (from physical).
  • Basic melee attacks now have 11% more base damage.
  • Basic melee attacks no longer have a 30% less damage modifier.
  • Slash attacks now have 50 base necrotic damage (from 11 physical and 11 necrotic) and 250% added damage effectiveness (from 100%).
  • Slash attacks now have 30% less attack speed.
  • Slash attacks now have a 20% bigger radius.
  • Now have 5% more movement speed.
  • Display name changed to “Death Knight” (from “Skeleton Deathknight”).

Summon Wraith

  • Fixed a bug where Wraiths’ melee attacks had a slightly smaller area of effect than intended
  • Fixed a bug where the increased melee area from Sequel of Avarice was not applying
  • Sequel of Avarice grants 40% more damage (from 25%)
  • The Flame Wraith node grants all wraiths 5% more damage (previously the node said 15% more damage but was granting 15% increased damage)
  • The Putrid Wraith node grants all wraiths 5% more damage (previously the node said 15% more damage but was granting 15% increased damage). It now requires 2 points in Noxious Blades (from 3)
  • Putrid Wraiths no longer have 35% reduced poison duration
  • Noxious Blades grants 10% melee poison chance (from 20%), but now also grants 10% poison penetration.
  • Locus of Death grants 60% more damage (from 100%), but now also grants 30% increased melee attack speed.


  • Acolytes with Transplant specialized will receive a free automatic respec for its tree
  • Greatly reduced the delay after using transplant before you can move or use another ability.
  • Has 50 base damage (from 20)
  • Added damage applies at 250% effectiveness (from 200%)
  • Bone Armor and Marrow Blades are no longer connected to the root node
  • Added a new node, Fleeting Form, which grants 5% increased cooldown recovery speed and 5% increased cast speed. It can have 3 points allocated.
  • Anemia can now also be accessed by putting one point in Fleeting FOrm.
  • Marrow Blades now requires 2 points in Fleeting Form.
  • Flesh Marquis grants 10% more hit damage (unconditional) and 10% more hit damage against bleeding enemies (from 10% more damage and 10% increased cooldown duration.
  • Fixed a bug where Flesh Marquis said it only affected hit damage.
  • Replaced Sadism (increased damage while on cooldown, % current health lost on hit) with Azure veins, which grants 1 mana on hit, and causes you to lose 0.5% current health and ward on hit. It can have 2 points allocated, and nodes that required 2 points in Sadism now require 1 point in Blood Mana. It requires 2 points in Acolyte’s Fervor.
  • Reign of Blood now requires 2 points in Acolyte’s Fervor or 3 points in Scarlet Rain (from 1 point in either)
  • Scarlet Rain grants 20% increased area (from 30%)
  • Violent Emergence can have 3 points allocated (from 4)
  • Sacrifice cast via Transfusion deals 15% more damage
  • Acolyte’s Fervor grants Haste and Frenzy for 1 second per point (from grants 10% increased cast speed per point for 4 seconds and increased health cost by 10%).
  • Health cost modifiers from Dance of Blood, Drink Deep, and Anemia and now multiplicative with each other.
  • Dance of Blood now grants 8% more health cost (from 10%)
  • Anemia reduces health cost by 8% (from 2%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 2)
  • Hemophilia can have 4 points allocated (from 1). Additional points do not increase the number of self inflicted bleeds.
  • Replaced Reign of Blood (additional detonations on arrival) with Doom Bringer, which causes you to cast Bone Curse on arrival.
  • Replaced Black Mirror (additional detonations on departure) with Cursed Exile, which grants 40% more damage against cursed enemies, 8 health on hit against enemies afflicted by bone curse, and 8 ward on hit against enemies afflicted by spirit plague.
  • Replaced Last Laugh (minions deal increased damage for 4 seconds on use) with Marrow Blades which gives minions +5 melee damage for 4 seconds after you cast transplant.
  • Ethereal Body requires 1 point in Scarlet Rain (from 2)

Volatile Zombie

  • When summoning multiple Volatile Zombies with one cast, they are now summoned in an arc in front of you rather than all on one spot.
  • Path of Destruction grants 25% increased area (from 30%)
  • Effigy of Combustion grants 25% infernal shade chance (from 20%), and can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Fixed a bug where Necromantic Fervor was not affected by your increased healing effectiveness. However it now gives 0.4% base healing per max health (from 1%). Healing effectiveness still doesn’t apply if you have the Vital Ward node.
  • Forceful Commander grants 12% mana efficiency (from 10%)
  • Fixed a bug where some parts of the visuals for zombies exploding did not scale with increased area.

Wandering Spirits

  • Poisons inflicted by Spectral Putrescence no longer have 35% reduced duration

Mage Skills

Arcane Ascendance

  • Chronoclasm now also grants you 2% more damage per slow on the target while in Arcane Ascendance
  • Consuming a Mark of Thunder deals 170% more damage

Black Hole

  • Supermassive has been reworked. It now deals 25% more damage per point to rares and bosses, and prioritises moving towards rares and bosses (previously said 2% more damage for each enemy within 1m of its center, actually did 2% more to each successive enemy it hit, didn’t affect DoT)


  • Fixed a bug where Unbridled Power was not providing its chance to shock, ignite, or slow in most cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Intensify was providing less upgrade speed than intended when fewer than 4 points were invested into the node.
  • Paralyze now grants 5% more damage per shock on the target (from 20% increased shock effect).
  • Temporal Entrapment gives 40% chance to slow (description was previously 30%)
  • Subvention now gives 7 mana on kill (was giving 6, description was 8)
  • Magnify gives 20% chance to ignite each second (description was previously 15%)
  • Feedback gives 20% chance to shock each second (description was previously 15%)

Elemental Nova

  • Elemental Expanse grants 20% increased area (from 30%)
  • Infernal Nova grants 250% increased area (from 300%) for non channelled variants and 25% for channelled variants (from 30%).
  • Conflagrating Speed grants 35% increased cooldown recovery speed (from 25%) but can have 5 points allocated (from 8)
  • Cryomantic Fragility reduces mana cost by 3 (from 2) and increases cold damage taken by 3% (from 5%)
  • Overload grants 40% increased stun chance (from 25%)
  • Replaced Ascended Current (increased shock effect buff on hit) with Overload, which grants Overcharged Elemental Novas 25% increased stun chance and 25% more damage and can have 4 points allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where the shock chance and ignite chance from Elemental Tranquillity would randomly either apply to all individual novas while channelling, regardless of element, or none of them.
  • Glacial Might now gives 18% more damage (was giving 20%, description was 14% more hit damage)
  • Spark Charges gives 4% more damage (was giving 5%, description was 4% more hit damage)

Enchant Weapon

  • Renamed the Lightning Bolt Frequency node from Thundering to Capacitance (there is another node on the tree called Thundering).


  • Plasma ball now converts 50% of base damage to lightning (from adding 3 lightning damage) and adds 35% crit multi (from 10%). It can have 1 point allocated (from 7)
  • Immolated Core now also grants lightning penetration (in addition to fire penetration). It can have 5 points allocated (from 7).
  • Conflagration can have 5 points allocated (from 6)
  • Winged Fire grants 7% increased speed and range (from 12%), but can have 5 points allocated (from 4)
  • Infernal Legacy gives 10% increased duration and range (was giving 6%, description was 20%). It can now have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Fire Spray adds 5 to mana cost (from 6)
  • The Spreading Flames node has been renamed to Spreading Inferno, and it now also grants 10% more damage over time to all ailments inflicted by fireball.
  • Wildfire gives 40% fire penetration with Spreading Flames (from 30% more damage with Spreading Flames) and can have 5 points allocated (from 7)
  • Ghostfire has been renamed to Forbidden Flames and increases channel cost by 12% per point (from 15%)


  • Incineration now also grants 100% ignite chance per stack if the consuming attack is a fire attack, 100% frostbite chance if it’s cold, and 100% shock chance if it’s lightning.
  • Searing Brand now gives 10% more damage as stated (was giving 5%).
  • Arcane Sharpshooter gives 5% spell critical strike multiplier per stack of Firebrand (was giving 7%, description was 3%).
  • Crossfire gives 8% ignite chance per stack of Firebrand (was giving 10%, description was 5%).
  • Brand of Arcanus now always gives generic spell damage even if you have the Galvanise node (rather than changing it to spell lightning damage).
  • Fading Flame grants 15 ward per stack (from 12)
  • Electrostatic grants 3 static charges on hit (from 2)
  • Mana Shell grants 4 ward on hit (from 3)
  • Inferno grants 6% spreading Flames chance (from 7%) and 2% more fire damage to enemies afflicted by Spreading Flames (from 5% increased fire damage over time per stack). It can have 3 points allocated (from 5)
  • Illuminating Fire grants +2% crit chance and +2% crit multi per stack consumed (from guaranteeing a crit if you consumed at least 3 stacks). It can have 3 points allocated (from 1).
  • Crossfire can have 4 points allocated (from 3)

Flame Reave

  • Deals 16 additional fire damage (from 15)
  • Has 160% added damage effectiveness (from 150%)
  • Rhythm of Fire now causes Flame Reave to grant 4 stacks of Rhythm of Fire. If you’re at 12 stacks, it consumes all stacks to grants the same bonuses as before. This node on its own has identical functionality to before in terms of gameplay.
  • Versatility now causes Surge to grants 6 stacks of Rhythm of Fire on direct use, Fireball to grant 5 stacks, Mana Strike to grant 4 stacks, and Firebrand to grant 3 stacks.
  • Added a new node, Accelerando, which reduces the required Rhythm of Fire stacks for consumption by 1 and also gives Flame Reave +2% crit chance when it consumes stacks of Rhythm of Fire. It can have 3 points allocated and requires 1 point in Versatility.
  • Unbound Flames grants 12% increased width (from 15%)
  • Ashen Waste grants 25% crit multi (from 20%)
  • Lingering Embers grants 20% chance to cast Fire Aura (from 15%) and now also grants Flame Reave 4% ignite chance per active fire aura
  • Fixed inconsistencies in how width and range modifiers affected area when you had the World Fire node. These inconsistencies had generally made the node more powerful, so now it only adds 10 mana cost (from 20).
  • Rhythm of Fire grants 130% more damage (from 100%), but only 65% more width (from 100%) and 130% more range (from 100% stated, 150% actual).
  • Heat Wave grants 10% more fire damage (from 16%)
  • Naurcrist grants 5 melee fire damage per equipped sword (from 5 melee fire damage if you have a sword equipped)
  • Slash and Burn grants 20% ignite chance (from 15%)
  • Replaced Rending Ire (+3 Melee fire damage) with Frenzied Flame, which grants 10% chance per point to gain Frenzy for 3 seconds on hit, and +8 melee fire damage for Flame Reave while you have Frenzy.
  • Rolling Thunder requires 1 point in Frenzied Flame (from 3 points in Rending Ire)
  • Arcane Severance grants 4% more melee damage (From 8%), but now also grants 1 melee damage per point per 4 added spell damage.
  • Catalyst of Ash grants 12% chance to cast fireball on hit (from 10%)
  • Engulfing Flames grants 12% more fire damage over time (from 10%)

Flame Ward

  • Burst of Flame has 40 base damage (from 20), this brings its base damage in line with its 200% added damage effectiveness.
  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Strike did not actually increase the area of the explosion on kill.


  • Added a new node, Conveyance, which causes you to move to the target location when you start channelling (this does not count as the Teleport skill). This makes Focus a Traversal skill.
  • Focus as a 4 second cooldown (from 3 seconds).
  • The burst after 1 second grants 40 ward and mana (from 30).
  • Revelation adds 25 ward to the burst (from 15).
  • Iron Stance grants 12% more armour and 3 armour per intelligence (from 100 armour).
  • Prism Barrier requires 1 point in Iron Stance (from 2).
  • Prismatic Stance grants 7% less elemental damage taken (from 5%).
  • Chilling Aura now also grants 5% less damage taken from Chilled Enemies.
  • Shocking Aura now also grants 5% less damage taken from Shocked Enemies.
  • Burning Aura now also grants 5% less damage taken from Ignited Enemies.
  • Resolute Stance gives 50% increased health regeneration (description was previously 30%).
  • Chilling Aura gives 50% chance to chill nearby enemies every second (was giving 5%, description was 10%).
  • Shocking Aura gives 50% chance to shock nearby enemies every second (was giving 5%, description was 10%).
  • Burning Aura gives 50% chance to ignite nearby enemies every second (was giving 5%, description was 10%).
  • Updated the wording of the nodes in Focus’s skill tree to better express whether they effect the caster or recipient of Focus.
  • Focus’s burst of ward and mana now affects the recipient instead of the caster.


  • Added a new node node, Snow Blink, which causes you to teleport to the target location when you cast glacier, but gives it a 5 second cooldown and makes it count as a traversal skill.
  • Ice Vortices deal 20% more damage.
  • Greater Ice Vortices deal 33% more damage but have 20% less radius.

Ice Barrage

  • Biting Cold’s statline now specifies that it gives Ice Barrage more cold damage, not more damage.
  • Improved clarity of Hypothermia and Sublimation’s tooltips.

Lightning Blast

  • Shattershock now gives 12% more hit damage against shocked or chilled enemies as stated (was giving 20%).
  • Frontloaded’s description has been reworded to better express that only the bonus damage from Frontloaded is lessened with each chain.

Mana Strike

  • Changed hitbox to better fit visuals - increased width by 114% and length by 15%
  • Sprite Blade grants 20% increased area (from 30%)
  • Mana Cleave grants 120% increased area (from 20%)
  • Bountiful Victory gives 3 mana on kill (was giving 4). It now also gives 3 mana when hitting a rare or boss enemy.


  • Force of Impact now also grants 20% increased stun duration
  • Apocalyptic Impact grants 25% increased area (from 30%)
  • Craterborn grants 15% fire penetration per point (from 30% increased fire damage), 15% increased cast speed (from 20%), and lasts 6 seconds (from 4)
  • Cycle of Fire grants 8 ward when you cast fireball with Craterborn (from 6)

Snap Freeze

  • Spark Surge now grants Snap Freeze 10% more hit damage per stack of shock on the target (from granting lightning damage and increased shock effect).
  • Deathly Cold adds 6 Spell Cold Damage (from 3), but can have 5 points allocated (from 8) .
  • Adept now gives 10% increased cast speed as stated (was giving 8%).


  • Fixed a bug where Static had no baseline critical strike multiplier.

Static Orb

  • Glacial Orb gives 60% orb freeze rate multiplier and 150% explosion freeze rate multiplier (description had these values reversed).
  • Fixed a bug where the area increase from Storm Burst increased the explosion’s radius rather than area. The node has a smaller impact on explosion size now.


  • Now gains 4% increased damage per dexterity.


  • Mages with Teleport specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Added a new node, Comet Rush, which grants 4% increased cooldown recovery speed, and resetting the duration of Haste to 1 second per point if you currently have Haste. It can have 4 points allocated.
  • Unstable Arrival requires 2 points in Comet Rush (from having no requirement).
  • Fixed Tunnel Finder’s increased cooldown recovery speed effect being multiplicative with other sources of increased cooldown recovery speed.
  • Mana Tunnel now refunds the cost of your next spell (from reducing mana costs to 0 until after your next direct spell cast).
  • Fixed a bug where Stable Duplicants did not increase the duration of mirror images.

Volcanic Orb

  • Explosive Orb and Glyph of Fire now have a base damage of 40 (from 50) and damage effectiveness of 200% (from 100%).
  • Explosive Ground’s base damage is now 20 (from 17).

Primalist Skills


  • Elemental Bond grants a 3% chance for a Coldstone Elemental (from a 2% chance for a rock of frost elemental depending on conversion).
  • Fixed a bug where Frosted Font had no effect. It can now have 1 point allocated (from 3).

Claw Totems

  • Now use your Swipe tree.
  • No longer have a bonus +14 Melee Physical Damage with Swipe.


  • Cataclysm now only coverts base damage to fire (from base and added damage). It requires 1 point in Sunder (from 4).
  • Rupture grants 12% more initial hit damage (from 15%)
  • Buffet grants 40% increased stun chance (from 20%)
  • Deep Impact requires 1 point in Buffet (from 2)
  • Storm Rift grants +80 spell damage and converts half of base damage to lightning (from adding 30 spell physical damage and 50 spell lightning damage) it also grants aftershock +20 spell damage (from +20 spell physical damage).
  • Fury Of The Elements can have 2 points allocated (from 1), with the additional points increasing the duration of the storm. It requires 1 point in Thunderblight (from 2).
  • Fixed a bug where Divining Totem node would cause Aftershocks to target any minion, not just totems.

Entangling Roots

  • Reduced base radius by 2%
  • Fixed the description of Venom Sting saying it gave physical damage instead of poison chance
  • Fixed a bug where the area increase from the Earthy Puffball node didn’t affect the visuals
  • Fixed a bug where the Noxious Grasp node did not affect ailments applied by Entangling Roots

Frenzy Totem

  • Venom Spray’s effect on area is now additive with other area modifiers (from its effect on radius being additive with other radius modifiers)
  • Grounded grants +5 Melee Damage (from +5 Melee Physical Damage)
  • Dig In grants 6% more damage while tethered (from 25% increased damage in actuality, 100% increased damage stated). It can have 3 points allocated (from 1) and requires 3 points in Grounded (from 1).
  • Dig Deep grants 18% crit multi while tethered (from 50% increased crit chance)
  • Renamed Berserker Frenzy to Reckless Frenzy. It now gives you 12% more damage (from 50% increased damage), 8% increased damage taken (from 10%), and 8% increased melee attack speed (from 50% increased crit chance). It now lasts 2 seconds per point, points allocated no longer affect the strength of the buff, and the buff has a buff icon. It can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • Rabidity grants 8% increased frenzy effect (from 10%) and can have 3 points allocated (from 4).

Fury Leap

  • Primalists with Fury Leap specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • The area bonus for Fury Leap from Upheaval’s Tremblor node is now additive with other source of increased area (from multiplicative)
  • When you have the Skull Crusher node from the Werebear Tree the area increases for Maul from the Werebear Tree and the area increases for Fury Leap are treated as additive area modifiers rather than multiplicative radius modifiers.
  • Added a new node, Heorot’s Protection, that makes you immune to damage while leaping.
  • Crater grants 25% increased area (from 35%), but now also reduces mana cost by 2.
  • Savage Impact grants 6% more damage (from 8%), but now also grants 3% health leech.
  • Warrior’s Entrance’s buff now grants +3 Melee damage and +3 Spell Damage (from 20% increased damage). This buff can now stack.
  • Replaced the “Rage” node (increased attack and cast speed after landing) with Frenzied Onslaught, which you gives you and your minions Frenzy for 3 seconds upon landing.
  • Added a new node, Wind Hammer, which gives 1% more damage per metre travelled.
  • Brutal Impact now requires 1 point in Wind Hammer (from 1 point in Savage Impact).
  • Panther Strike can have 4 points allocated (from 3)
  • Added a new node, Wings of Endurance, which heals you and your minions for 50 health when you land.
  • Added a new node, Battle Bloom, which cleanses all negative ailments on you and your minions when you land.
  • Fixed one of Fury Leap’s decals being twice as wide as intended
  • Fixed Fury Leap’s decals not scaling with area modifiers


  • Sleet-Footed grants 12 dodge rating (from 15).

Serpent Strike

  • Completely reworked the tree. New nodes include:
    • Cold Conversion
    • Chance to apply Serpent Venom (a non-stacking ailment that deals poison damage over time and prevents crits)
    • Various nodes to augment Serpent Venom
    • Quickly move to a target if they’re slightly out of range
  • Primalists with Serpent Strike specialized will receive a free automatic respec for its tree.

Spriggan Form

  • Healing totems now prioritize low health targets.
  • Fixed Ice Branch converting all of Summoned Vines’ melee damage to cold, instead of just the base damage.
  • Fixed Summon Vines’ melee attacks gaining a lower freeze rate than expected for their damage effectiveness.
  • Fixed Great Vine not actually granting 200% increased melee area
  • Garden of Rage now grants vines a 40% chance on melee hit and 20% chance on spell hit to grant 3 rage per point (from granting 1 rage per second). If you have a giant vine the rage gained is 200% higher. The rage per vine per second stat still exists on a new unique amulet.
  • Fixed a bug where Spriggan Form’s Spikeburst node did not actually increase the area of Thorn Burst.
  • Deep Roots grants 30% increased thorn shield duration (from 35%).
  • Eterra’s Bulwark grants 3% increased armour (from 5%).
  • Renamed the node that causes Thorn Shield to only be cast on yourself from Eterra’s Bulwark to Introspection. There is another node on the tree called Eterra’s Bulwark.

Crowstorm (Storm Crow activatable ability)

  • No longer instant cast
  • Costs 38 mana (from 50)
  • Cooldown lasts 7 seconds (from 10 seconds)

Storm Crows

  • Thunderous Blast grants 15% more damage per crow (from 8%), but only grants 6% reduced cooldown duration for Crowstorm (from 8%). It can have 2 points allocated (from 5) and requires 1 point in Expansive Pulse (from 2).
  • Added a new node, Sky Passage, which causes direct casts of Crowstorm to teleport you and your crows to the target location if it is accessible. This also causes Crowstorm to share a cooldown with Fury Leap.
  • Fixed a bug where summoning Storm Crows while at your max companion limit could fail to summon any companions.

Storm Totem

  • Replaced High Voltage (increased shock effect) with Fulgurite Core, which grants Storm Totems additional spell lightning damage based on your shock chance.
  • Heavy Impact grants 30% increased stun chance (from 33%), but now also grants 10% increased stun duration.
  • Improved the descriptions on several nodes

Summon Bear

  • Primalists with Summon Bear specialized will receive an automatic free respec for its tree
  • The swipe ability granted to bears by the Forceful Swipes node now scales with your Swipe tree
  • Lacerating Claws grants 10% more damage (from 15%), but can have 5 points allocated (from 3)
  • Added a new node, Wounded Prey, that gives the bear 6% increased movement speed and 1% more melee damage per stack of bleed on the target.
  • Viscous Strikes grants 8% more melee damage (from 15% increased damage) and 25% increased stun chance (from 15%). It can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Added a new node, Ursine Dominion, that gives the bear’s melee attacks and roar 25% increased area per point.
  • Added a new node, Bellowing Roar, that gives the bear’s roar 30% increased area and 50% increased healing effectiveness.
  • Primal Precision grants 4% added crit chance (from 40% increased crit chance) and now requires 1 point in Ursine Dominion rather than in Lacerating Claws
  • Gouging Claws (30% crit multi) has been replaced by Unstoppable Force which grants 25% crit multi and 25% less bonus damage taken from crits.
  • Thick Hide grants 30% more health and 10% less damage taken at low health (from +100 health and +100 stun avoidance). It can have 5 points allocated (from 6)
  • Armoured Bears grants 10 armour per strength (from 150 armour with no scaling). It can have 5 points allocated (from 7)
  • Added a new node, Endless Rampage, that gives the bear stun immunity and 10% increased movement speed.
  • Renamed the skill cast by Retaliatory Thorns to Thorn Burst to make it clearer that it doesn’t scale with your Ice Thorns tree
  • Thorn Bear no longer lowers the retaliation threshold of Retaliatory Thorns
  • Ursine Endurance grants 24% more health (from 8%)
  • Rapid Thorns can have 3 points allocated (from 5)
  • Fixed the Briar Thorn attack having an inherent 600% more damage modifier

Summon Raptor

  • Replaced Deep Roar (increased physical shred effect from screech) with Earsplitting Roar (screech has a shorter cooldown and inflicts bleed).

Summon Sabertooth

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Sabertooth to not use its leap ability, and which caused it to be much less aggressive than intended.
  • Primalists with Summon Sabertooth specialized will receive an automatic free respec for its tree
  • Added a new node, Savage Catalyst, which grants 5% chance for the sabertooth to proc its companion ability on attack.
  • Replaced the “Maul” node (10% more melee damage) with Sabermaw, which grants 6% more melee damage and 10% increased melee area. It requires 2 points in Savage Catalyst or 2 points in Constitution (which correspondingly also requires 2 points in it).
  • Heavy Paws requires 4 points in Sabermaw (from being attached to the root node). Savage Catalyst occupies its previous location.
  • Camouflage grants the sabertooth 90 dodge rating per point (from 80) and 5% more dodge rating per dexterity (from 5% increased dodge rating per dexterity), but it can now only have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Patient Predator grants 30% more damage over time (from 33%). It can have 5 points allocated (from 7) and can now also be reached by putting 1 point in Ice Tiger (this used to be a one way connection).
  • Ice Tiger requires 1 point in Patient Predator (from 4) or 2 points in Frost Fang (from 4)
  • Prowling Juggernaut now also grants 5% max health recovered on leap. It can have 5 points allocated (from 8).
  • Constitution now grants 5% increased health and 60% increased health regen (from 70% increased health regen). It can have 5 points allocated (from 8).
  • Replaced Thick Fur (13% cold res) with Frozen Fur, which grants 20% cold res and 12% chance to chill attackers when hit
  • Shatterhide grants 100% of physical damage taken as cold (from 30%), but no longer grants 300 stun avoidance. It can have 1 point allocated (from 3) and requires 2 points in Frozen Fur (from 4 points in Thick fur).
  • Added a new node, Snow Stalker, which grants 6% more damage per stack of chill on the target.
  • Added a new node, Hunter’s Trail, which causes you to gain Haste for a duration when your Sabertooth leaps.
  • Added a new node, Pounce, which causes your Sabertooth to use its companion ability after leaping.
  • Added a new node, Cornered Beast, which gives your Sabertooth’s companion ability +100% bleed chance and if you or it are below health then it makes it always crit.
  • Keen Senses requires 2 points in Sabermaw (from 3 points in Savage Jaws).
  • Ice Tiger now converts the Sabertooth’s melee attacks’ base physical damage to cold and gives them a freeze rate (from granting +6 melee damage and 13% increased fire damage taken).
  • Northwind can have 5 points allocated (from 7)
  • Replaced Fury Swipes (10% increased attack speed) with Agile and Deadly, which grants 6% increased melee attack speed, and 4% increased movement speed.
  • Replaced Lineage (summoning a sabertooth costs less mana and has increased cooldown recovery) with From the Brink, which grants the Sabertooth 65% more damage on low health and 5% of melee damage leeched as health on low health.
  • King of the Tundra grants 60% freeze rate multiplier (from 40%) and 15% more freeze rate per stack of chill (from 15% more cold damage). It can have 3 points allocated (from 5).

Summon Scorpion

  • Venom Nova applies 3 stacks of poison on hit (from applying 1 stack with 100% increased duration and 100% increased effect)
  • Poison inflicted by the projectiles from Venom Nova no longer has 35% reduced duration
  • Primalists with Summon Scorpion specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Ironclad now converts poison chance to armour shred chance instead of preventing poison chance form the Scorpion Tree from applying. It now grants +12 Melee Damage (from +15 Melee Physical Damage).
  • Cold-Blooded now grants 35% less cold damage taken, 100% of base melee physical damage converted to cold, and gives the scorpion’s melee attacks a freeze rate equal to 4 times their base damage. It no longer converts poison chance to frostbite chance or grants increased frostbite effect. It can have 1 point allocated (from 5) and requires 1 point in Chromatic Carapace (from 4).
  • Ice Sting no longer grants added freeze rate to melee attacks, but now grants 6% more cold damage. It requires 1 point in Cold-Blooded (from 2).
  • Thunder Stinger now grants 100% of base melee physical damage converted to lightning, but no longer converts poison chance to shock chance. It requires 1 point in Chromatic Carapace (from 4). The spell it changes the companion ability to has been renamed to Shock Nova (from Lightning Nova). This spell now deals 150% more damage and applies 3 stacks of shock on hit (from 1), but no longer has an implicit +1% crit chance.
  • Shock and Claw grants 12% shock chance and 2% more lightning damage per shock (from +6 melee lightning damage).
  • Added a new node which grants the scorpion a chance to inflict frostbite on hit and converts bleed chance from all sources to frostbite chance.
  • Renamed the Ice Thorns node and granted skill on the Summon Scorpion tree to Frost Thorns and fixed the description saying that it scaled with your Ice Thorns tree
  • Venomous Maw grants 15% poison chance (from 25% stated, 10% actual)
  • Replaced Noxious Toxins (blinding poison chance) with Envenomed Prey which gives your scorpion 1% more damage per stack of poison on the target. It can have 1 point allocated and requires 3 points in Venomous Maw.
  • Miasma now grants Scorpions’ Venom Nova 30% more damage (from 30% increased poison effect).
  • Brood Invigoration now causes Poison Pools to grant 4% increased attack and cast speed (from 3% increased attack speed and 10% increased cast speed).

Summon Wolf

  • Ice Bite now only converts base damage to cold, not all damage.
  • Fixed a bug where summoning Wolves while at your max companion limit could fail to summon any companions.

Swarmblade Form

  • Fixed a bug where Vampiric Mandibles was only giving 2% health leech rather than 3%.
  • Fixed a bug where Slashing Spiral’s effect on radius was additive with the effect on radius of the area bonus per Locust consumed. These effects’ area bonuses are now correctly additive (this is different form their effects on radius being additive and has more severe diminishing returns).
  • Fixed a bug where Armblade Slash benefited from the Serpent Strike tree even if you didn’t have the Viper’s Call node.
  • Fixed a bug where attack speed modifiers from the Serpent Strike tree were multiplicative with other modifiers for Armblade Slashes. They were already correctly additive for Serpent Strike itself.
  • Fixed a bug where the Frost Bites node converted all of Armblade Slash’s damage to cold (the node has now correctly has no effect on the skill).
  • Frost Bites node
    • Fixed a bug where it didn’t grant Locusts’ attacks a chance to freeze
    • Fixed Swarm Strike, Locust Swarm, and Dive gaining a lower freeze rate than expected for their damage (they now all have the standard 4 freeze rate per 10% added damage effectiveness).
    • It now correctly only converts the base damage of Swarm Strike, Locust Swarm, and Dive.
    • Fixed the description not mentioning that it affected Dive.
    • Further clarified its description
  • Carnage grants 12% more Dive and Swarmstrike Damage (from 15%) and 2 Rage on hit with Dive and Swarmstrike (from 1).
  • Springer’s Fury grants 2 Rage on dodge (from 1), but can have 2 points allocated (from 3).
  • Grasshopper’s Frenzy can have 2 points allocated (from 1)


  • Storm Claw grants 30% more lightning damage and every 3 seconds also grants 100% of base damage converted to lightning and 30% increased area (from granting +10 lightning damage every 3 seconds)
  • Lagon’s Fury now causes the cooldown of Storm Claw’s effect to be reset if you summon a totem (from reducing it by 25% per point). It can have 1 point allocated (from 2)
  • Umjol’s Guidance grants 20% of base damage converted to Lightning and 20% shock chance (from 3 lightning damage)
  • Replaced Shamanistic Presence (shock chance if you have a storm totem) with Wrath of the Wild (more lightning damage per shock on the target and more cold damage per chill on the target)
  • Storm Scour grants +2% lightning penetration per attunement (from +15% lightning penetration). It can have 1 point allocated (from 7) and requires 3 points in Umjol’s Guidance (from 2)
  • Replaced Avatar of the Wild (4% inc damage per Attunement) with Avatar of Stone (+1 damage for totems on hit, up to 3 points)
  • Aspect of the Panther’s buff grants 5% more damage (from 10% increased damage), but each point in the node adds 1 max stack (from 2). It can have 5 points allocated (from 4)
  • Feline Hunter grants 12% increased attack and cast speed (from 15%)
  • Maul (the node, not the skill) has been replaced with Lion’s Strength, which grants +1 max aspect of the panther stacks and +1 global melee damage per aspects of the panther stack.
  • Replaced Ambush (crit chance with aspect of the panther) Sabertooth’s Endurance, which causes each stack of aspect of the panther to last 15% longer and grant 15% increased health regen, and also makes aspect of the Panther apply to your Sabertooth.
  • Replaced Apex Predator (crit multi with aspect of the panther) with Twin Fangs, which grants 4% crit multi per stack of aspect of the panther, doubled if you are dual wielding.
  • Wengarian Reach grants 6% more damage and 18% increased area (from 5% more damage and 25% increased area). It can have 5 points allocated (from 4)
  • Way of the Hunt can have 5 points allocated (from 8)
  • Claws of the Bear grants 85% more damage (from 70%).
  • Replaced Natural Cadence (basic attack while swipe is on cooldown) with Primal Resonance which causes your nearest companion to use its companion ability and heal to full health when you hit at least one enemy with Swipe.
  • Spirit Wolves from Wild Calling and Lupine Attunement now fire one spirit wolf from each summoned wolf. Each cast counts as the wolf using the ability and scale with its stats rather than yours. Individual casts can hit the same enemy. If you have squirrels instead of wolves, the spirit wolves will similarly be spirit squirrels.

Tempest Strike

  • Fixed a bug where the health gain on hit from Thirsty Blades did not work.

Thorn Totem

  • Fire thorns in bursts of 4 rather than 6
  • Thorns deal 15% more hit damage
  • Each thorns has a high chance to be aimed at a nearby enemy instead of being aimed randomly
  • Replaced Unhollow Core (fires thorns in cone) with Titan’s Bane, which causes Thorn Totems to only include one thorn in each burst, but gives them 150% increased cast speed, makes them more likely to fire thorns towards enemies, and gives them more damage against bosses and rare enemies.
  • Replaced Spriggan Hearts (fires thorns in a narrower cone) with Spriggans’ Wrath, which causes Thorn Totems’ thorns to pierce up to one enemy per point.
  • Torrent of Thorns grants 7% chance per point for double projectiles (from +1 projectile per point)
  • Ice Thorn Totems has been renamed to Pillars of Heorot and now converts poison from all sources to frostbite for Thorn Totems (from converting poison chance from the tree to chill chance). It no longer converts poison duration from the tree to chill duration.
  • Lasting Affliction now grants 12% increased poison and frostbite duration (from 15% increased poison duration)
  • Nightshade Briar’s more hit damage per stack of poison effect is now capped at 30 stacks.
  • Nightshade Briar’s effect now depends on Frostbite stacks instead of Poison stacks if you have taken the Pillars of Heorot node.
  • Taking Pillars of Heorot now converts the base damage of Poison Burst from Rotten Core to cold instead of replacing it with ice vortex.


  • Charged Storm causes Tornado to cast Primal Lightning, the same lightning proc as used in Maelstrom, the Shaman passive tree, etc. rather than its own specific weaker lightning proc. This results in it having +15 base damage and having 120% added damage effectiveness (from 100%).


  • The cold conversion node now also converts base damage to cold.
  • Natural Weapons grants +30% cold penetration while using a staff (from +30 melee cold damage while using a staff). It can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • Tectonic Slam has been renamed to Sundering Strike, grants 16% shockwave chance per point (from 12%), and can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • The Upheaval Totems node increases mana cost by 150% (from 200%)
  • Frozen Collision grants +8 melee cold damage (from 7) and 16% more damage to frozen enemies (from 14%)


  • Warcry Totems now cast Warcry about 35% faster, allowing them to cast Warcry 3 times before expiring at base cast speed.
  • Berserk grants +4 Melee Damage (from +4 Melee Physical Damage)
  • Brutality grants 14% increased Berserk duration (from 12%) and can have 5 points allocated (from 4).
  • Fury Strikes causes Berserk to grant 4% increased melee attack speed per stack (from 5%) up to a cap of 16% (from 20%).
  • Horrifying Cry grants 20% increased Fear duration (from 15%) and if you have the Berserker node it also causes Berserk to grant you 2% more damage against Feared enemies per stack per point. It can have 2 points allocated (from 3)

Werebear Form

  • Fixed Bringer of Storms saying that it also converted added damage for Maul and Rampage (it only converts base damage)
  • The Lightning cast by Crackling Assault now strikes enemies up to 40% further away.
  • Added a new node, Unending Storm, that removes Rampage’s cooldowns and gives you 20% more lightning damage during Rampage, but reduces your movement speed in Rampage by 20%.
  • The brief delay before movement at the start of Rampage is no longer reduced by attack speed, but is 40% shorter.
  • The Dauntless node grants 5% increased movement speed in rampage (from 10% stated, 0% actual)
  • Relentless Thunder now grants 8% more global lightning damage and 100% of Swipe base damage converted to lightning (from +10 Swipe lightning damage)
  • Fixed a bug where Werebear Form’s Woodland Bear was requiring and consuming 200% of the mana cost of Entangling Roots instead of 100%.
  • Enrage grants 2 Rage and 15 Health per hit up to 8 hits (from 1 Rage and 10 Health per hit up to 10 hits).
  • Invigoration grants 3 Rage on Kill or Boss Hit (from 2). It can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Frenzied Strikes can have 4 points allocated (from 3).
  • Army Sunderer requires 1 point in Rip and Tear (from 2).

Rogue Skills

Charged/Channeled Skills

  • The charged up versions of Puncture and Detonating Arrow no longer lock your target direction while charging and also now require a button press for each cast. This prevents an awkward double cast when holding down for just longer than the max duration and makes them feel more purposeful to use.
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes could not rotate while charging up Puncture or Detonating Arrow.
  • Fixed a bug where melee puncture would cast towards the original target location regardless of rotation while charging.
  • Fixed a bug where charged up melee puncture did not play any sound unless it hit an enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where Detonating Arrow played its use sound at the start of the charge rather than the end.
  • Charged versions of Puncture now have casting vfx (shadow by default, poison or cold for conversions).

Acid Flask

  • Flammable Concoction now gives 25% ignite chance as stated (was giving 20%).
  • Firebomb Cocktail gives 12 additional throwing fire damage (was giving 6 additional fire damage, description was 6 additional throwing fire damage).


  • The Flaming Shots node no longer adds a fire tag, to make it clearer that it does not convert damage.
  • Tainted Ammunition now also gives the Ballista 25% more poison damage per point when you hit it with Acid Flask and can have 4 points allocated (from 1)
  • Fixed a bug where explosive bolts gained the area bonus from the Armed Construction node
  • Explosions from Explosive bolts and Armed Construction deal 25% more damage
  • Fixed a bug where Explosions from Explosive Bolts and Armed Construction scaled with minion throwing damage instead of minion bow damage
  • The Explosions from Explosive Bolts now have 23% more radius
  • Fixed the visuals of Explosions not lining up with their actual radius
  • Armed Construction now gives the ballista explosion 1% more damage and area per Dexterity (from a flat 75% more damage and area)
  • Sturdy Foundation now gives 25% more health as stated (was giving 20%).

Cinder Strike

  • Improved targeting for bow Cinder Strike. The hitboxes for all 3 shots are now consistent.
  • Soot and Ash now grants 20% chance to apply Blind and Frailty per point (from 10%).
  • Ignition now grants 20% ignite chance per point (from 10%).
  • Kindling now grants 20% fire resistance shred chance per point (from 10%).
  • Flame Alchemist now grants 15% chance to throw an Explosive Flask per point and can have 4 points allocated (from 10% and 1 point).
  • Over Exertion now only costs 30 mana (from 40).
  • Fixed a bug where triggering multiple Volatile Flasks from one use of Cinder Strike did not allow enemies to be hit by more than 1 of those Volatile Flasks.
  • Fixed a bug where Cinder Strike’s Explosive Impact node did not affect the damage of Volatile Flasks cast by Cinder Strike’s first strike.
  • Fixed a bug where Cinder Strike’s Volatile Flask was not affected by other nodes in Cinder Strike’s tree.

Dancing Strikes

  • Fixed a bug where Dancing Strikes’ 1st and 2nd attack hitboxes were not affected by increased area, and the visuals for its 3rd attack were not affected by increased area.

Dark Quiver

  • Fixed Lacerating Arrows and Toxic Quiver stating they gave resistance shred chance when they actually give penetration.


  • Throwing and detonating a Deocy now requires a button press (i.e. holding down the button while it’s on cooldown will not activate the ability).

Detonating Arrow

  • No longer converts all added damage to lightning
  • The explosion now has 2 base lightning damage (from 30) to bring it in line with other weapon attacks
  • Added bow damage applies to the explosion at 200% effectiveness (from 150%)
  • Added bow damage applies to the arrow at 125% effectiveness (from 100%)
  • Fixed a bug where the arrow had 100% base crit multi instead of the standard 200%
  • Scorpion Arrow now converts Detonating Arrow’s base damage to physical and adds a physical tag. It still also adds a poison tag.
  • Frostfang Arrow and Dragon Arrow now only convert base damage to cold and fire respectively, not added damage.
  • Fixed Frostfang Arrow saying that it only converted shock chance from the tree (it converts shock chance from all sources).


  • Fixed a bug where Flurry’s chance to slow on third strike from the Hamstring node was negatively impacted by Flurry’s less ailment chance.
  • Compounding Toxin now grants Flurry +10% Poison Penetration with Poison (from 10% more poison damage).
  • Fusillade now only replaces every 6th Arrow with multishot, but adds 8 to channel cost (from 12), and no longer reduces arrow frequency by 25%.

Hail of Arrows

  • Costs 55 mana (from 60)
  • Added damage is applied at 325% effectiveness (from 300%)
  • The conversion nodes now only convert base damage (from also converting added damage)
  • Steady can have 3 points allocated (from 4)
  • Blot Out The Sun gives 25% Dusk Shroud chance each second (description was previously 20%).

Lethal Mirage

  • Lethal Mirage’s tooltip now specifies how many mirages it has by default (6).
  • Shocking Grasp now also converts Lethal Mirage’s base damage to Lightning


  • Costs 8 mana (from 10)
  • Piercing Shots causes multishot arrows to pierce 1 enemy per point (from having 15% chance to pierce all enemies per point).
  • Strong Pull now gives 55% more hit damage as stated (was giving 55% more damage).
  • Critical Arrows now gives 15% additional critical strike multiplier as stated (was giving 10%).
  • Heavy Arrows gives 35% more damage (description was previously 25%, actually granted 30%).


  • Inescapable now gives 5% more hit damage per stack of slow as stated (was giving 4%).
  • Fixed a bug where you could not path through Seized Prey to Rapid Strikes in Puncture’s skill tree.

Shadow Cascade

  • Added a new node, Shadow Step, which allows you to swap places with a targeted Shadow when you use Shadow Cascade, but consumes mana based on how many times you have done this in the past 5 seconds.
  • Battle Trance grants 20% more dodge rating during use (from adding 100 dodge rating during use)


  • Rogues with Shift specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Velocity gives 4% increased cooldown recovery speed and 16% mana efficiency for Shift (from giving the next ability use 25% increased damage). It can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • Replaced Head Trauma (15% increased damage and 30% increased stun chance with your next ability after using Shift) with Deadly Ambush, which gives 4% more damage with your next ability after using Shift.
  • Braskula’s Hesitation grants 10% more damage with your next ability after using shift (from 50% increased)
  • Consumed by Shadow grants 4% kill threshold (from 5%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 3)
  • Elusive grants 20 dodge rating per dexterity (from 30) and can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Momentum requires 2 points in Velocity (from 3)
  • Jagged Cuts can have 3 points allocated (from 2)
  • Critical Opening requires 2 points in Jagged Cuts (from 1)
  • Shadow Recuperation can have 4 points allocated (from 3)


  • Fixed a bug where shurikens used by shadows when you had the Blade Shield node would shotgun (i.e. be able to all hit the same target).
  • Keen Throw grants 12% more damage per projectile (from 10%).
  • The Charged Steel node now grants 5 lightning damage (from 3) and now also grants 25% of Base Damage converted to Lightning. It can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Shuriken Storm requires 3 points in Charged Steel (from 4).
  • Replaced Fan of Knives (one of the two +2 shurikens +3 mana cost nodes) with Flip of a Coin, which grants a 50% chance for 4 additional shurikens. It now requires 2 points in Toxic Tips (from 3).
  • Renamed Thin Shurikens (the other +2 shurikens +3 mana cost node) to Fan of Blades, and removed its +3 mana cost.
  • Deep Cuts grants 20% bleed chance (from 10%).
  • Toxic Tips grants 20% poison chance (from 10%).
  • Floating Blades can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • Exuberance now also grants 10% increased cooldown recovery speed.
  • Throwing Star now more consistently targets enemies with each shuriken.

Smoke Bomb

  • Impending Gloom grants 10% increased area and growth rate (from 10% increased starting radius, 10% maximum radius, and 10% growth rate)
  • Generosity grants 20% increased area (from 20% increased starting radius and 20% increased maximum radius - this previously made it take longer to reach maximum size)
  • Blood Bandit now gives 2% melee and throwing leech as stated (was giving 4%).

Umbral Blades

  • Rogues with Umbral Blades specialized will receive an automatic free respec for its tree
  • First part of the combo costs 12 (from 3)
  • Second part of the combo costs 0 (from 3)
  • The third throw added by Twilight Assault costs 0 mana (from 3)
  • Nightmare Dash now also causes you to regain 2 mana per blade recalled.
  • Subzero Intrusion now converts base damage (from all damage). It now adds 24 Freeze Rate (from 40 stated, 20 actual) and no longer converts shock chance to frostbite chance
  • Fixed Subzero giving Bladestorm and Explosive Blades freeze rates of 20 and 12 respectively rather than 24 like the base skill
  • Fixed Coldsnap Strike’s freeze rate bonus not applying to Bladestorm and Explosive Blades
  • Fixed Umbral Blades’ distance varying based on angle when you had the node to make them stop at the target location
  • Fixed increased blade storm area having a disproportionately high effect on visuals
  • The effect on area of the radius increase from Sword Thrower is now additive with other sources of increased area for Umbral Blades’ subskills
  • Precision Cuts now grants 5% increased attack speed (from 5% more damage)
  • Explosive Blades now applies a 20% less attack speed modifier (from 15%)
  • This and the Precision Cuts change result in 6% less DPS if you have no other sources of increased attack speed and around 8% less if you have lots of increased attack speed from other sources.
  • Bladestorms hit 3 times per second (from 2), but each enemy can now only take damage from one Bladestorm at a time. This is to encourage the playstyle of throwing Bladestorms at different targets.
  • Coldsnap Strike gives 12% chill chance (from 20% stated, 6% actual) and 12 Freeze Rate (from 20). It can have 2 points allocated (from 1).
  • Slice the Legs’ slow and bleed chance is no longer affected by Umbral Blades’ penalty to ailment chances.
  • Cut and Leave gives 8% bleed chance (from 10% stated, 6% actual).
  • Twilight Assault requires 2 points in Jagged Carvings (from 1)
  • The third throw added by Twilight Assault contains 4 blades (from 5)
  • Duskhunter can have 2 points allocated (from 1) - allowing the third throw to still reach 6 blades.

Sentinel Skills

Abyssal Echoes

  • Deep Expanse grants 20% increased area (from 25%)
  • Void Purifier heals for 60 (from 50)
  • Nether Coasting from the Embrace the Darkness node lasts 5 seconds (from 4) and gives 5% more damage vs blinded enemies (from 25% increased damage over time).
  • Myopia requires 1 point in Turbulence (from 2)


  • Emission grants 25% increased area (from 40%)
  • Time Wave deals 25% more damage
  • Time Lock adds 15 mana cost (from 20)
  • Temporal Expanse grants 25% increased area (from 40%) and 50% more hit damage (from 40%)
  • Fixed Temporal Expanse saying that it gave more damage for time wave rather than more hit damage
  • Time Bubble now shreds void resistance (it previously stated that it increased void damage taken, but did not have this effect in practice)

Devouring Orb

  • The void rifts created by the Void Eruption from the Cataclysm node no longer have an inherent 20% increased radius, but are now affected by void rift area modifiers from the rest of the tree. They are still not affected by the area growth from Devouring Orb’s base effect.
  • Increased cooldown recovery speed from the Orb Master and Dust Channeller nodes is now additive with increased cooldown cooldown recovery speed from other sources.
  • The Void Eruption from the Cataclysm node now only has 4 projectiles (from 7)
  • Orb Master grants 18% increased cooldown recovery speed (from 30%), but now also grants 18% more void eruption damage per point
  • Abyssal Expanse grants 20% increased area per point (from 30%)
  • Dark Torrent has been renamed to Chaotic Torrent and grants 15% to 35% increased Abyssal Orb frequency, randomised from one devouring orb to the next (from a fixed 30% increased frequency). It can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Hollow Orb grants 40% increased duration (from 50%)
  • Void Adept now grants 2% more void damage and 2% increased mana regen, both doubled with 90+ Vitality (from a fixed 15% increased void damage)
  • Distant Satellite now also grants 5% more damage
  • Extinction’s description was updated to clarify that it affects only the damage of the orb colliding with enemies, not the rest of the skill.

Erasing Strike

  • All melee base damage is now void (from 50% void 50% physical)
  • Implements of Destruction now grants 15% more void damage with a 2h mace, 25% increased cooldown recovery speed with a 2h sword, and 25% increased area with a 2h axe (from 25% more void damage with a 2h mace, 2h sword, or 2h axe)
  • Renamed the Void Beam Damage node from Regicide to Void Lens (there is another node called Regicide on this tree).

Forged Weapons

  • Fixed the Summon Forged Weapon sub skill tooltip being outdated (the up to date description was present on the Forge Strike tooltip).

Forge Strike

  • Heavy Strike grants 8% more damage (from 10% more hit damage) and 16% increased stun chance (from 10%)
  • Fixed Well Forged Weapons saying that it only affected Forged Weapons summoned by Forge Strike
  • Goliath Strike grants 25% more hit damage against rares and bosses (from 20%)
  • Replaced Strike Smash (30% increased area with Forge Strike) with Engines of War, which grants 20% increased area with Forge Strike and 20% increased area for Forged Weapons.
  • Anvil Blow now also grants 100% increased stun duration and requires 3 points in Engines of War (from 4 in Strike Smash)
  • Spear Forge reduces area by 35% (from 40%)
  • Serrated Blade now also grants 10% increased bleed duration
  • Reinforce Weapon grants 5 melee damage (from 5 melee physical damage)

Hammer Throw

  • Now hits enemies more consistently in a slightly wider area.
  • Is slightly more lenient about hitting scenery (i.e. it needs to be slightly closer to it before the hit counts and can stop the hammer).
  • Hammer Throw deals about 5% less damage (see Items section for changes to Throwing affixes).
  • Avatar of the Spire grants +12 throwing physical damage (from +4)
  • Added damage now applies to Disintegrating Aura at 125% effectiveness per second (from 50%)
  • Reduced Disintegrating Aura’s base damage by 17%
  • Fixed a bug where the damage increase from Rapid Disintegration only applied to Disintegrating Aura’s base damage, not its total damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Avatar of the Spire was not giving +12 Physical Damage.
  • Fixed a bug where each hammer only applied ailments to an enemy the first time it hit it. For example if you threw a hammer through a target and it came back and hit it on the return, that second hit would not apply ailments. This bug also applied to spiralling hammers.
  • Rapid Throw now gives 5% increased attack speed as stated (was giving 6%).
  • Ricochet now correctly says “reduced stun chance” instead of “increased stun chance”. It has also been clarified that it causes hammers to no longer return to you.
  • Fixed a bug where Hammer Throw’s Chaining Hammers node was providing more attack speed instead of less attack speed…

Holy Aura

  • Fixed a bug where Holy Aura would intermittently consume on-use effects such as Paladin’s Alignment.
  • Fixed a bug where Holy Aura’s passive effect would re-enable while still on cooldown with the Concentration node.
  • Fixed a bug where Holy Aura’s passive effect would be disabled while on cooldown if you had Faith’s Reward without Concentration.
  • Flame Burst now causes your melee hits to apply 10 stacks of Fiery Inquistion and the melee hits of other allies affected by the aura to apply 1 stack. Flame Burst is procced on an enemy when it reaches 60 stacks. It requires 3 points in Burning Blows (from 4).
  • Added a new node, Inner Flame, which causes your melee attacks to apply an additional stack of Fiery Inquisition and gives Flame Burst 25% increased area if you’re the one to proc it. It can have 2 points allocated.
  • Burning Blows requires 1 point in Rahyeh’s Devotion (from 2).
  • Fanaticism grants 3% increased attack and cast speed (from 4% increased attack speed). It can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • Expedite grants 3% increased throwing attack speed (from 4%) and 3% chance to gain haste (from 4%). It can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • Concentration requires 1 point in Expedite (from 3).


  • Added melee damage from spears applies to Javelin at 30% of its normal value (from 20%)
  • Javelin hits deal 10% less damage
  • The Holy Spears node no longer adds a lightning tag
  • The Divine Throws node now swaps Javelin’s Physical tag for a Lightning tag, but now only converts base damage rather than all damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Javelin with the Siege Barrage node did not receive the lightning tag when converted to lightning.
  • Banner Rush no longer puts Lunge and Shield Rush on cooldown, but Surprise Initiative (the node that grants it) adds 2 seconds to Javelin’s cooldown.
  • Battle Standard grants 2% increased damage (from 4%) and 2 endurance threshold (from 4% increased armour) per attunement.


  • Judgement’s melee base damage is now fire (from physical)
  • Replaced the Searing Faith node (more fire damage, but consecrated ground does not heal) with Warrior’s Tithe: Judgement’s melee attack heals you and nearby allied players by 10 health for each enemy it hits. Affected by increased healing effectiveness (4 points allocable).
  • Replaced the Holy Fire node (more fire damage) with Prophesied Immolation: Judgement’s melee attack cannot be dodged and deals 1% more fire damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) per 10% increased healing effectiveness (1 point allocable).
  • Fixed a bug where Judgement’s Pious Offering could prevent going below 0 mana when casting Judgement
  • Consecrated Ground’s radius is increased by 35%. This is to bring its area in line with the hit from Judgement.
  • Fixed a bug where Consecrated Ground’s healing area was not affected by area modifiers.
  • Increased Holy Eruption’s size to match Consecrated Ground.
  • Fervent Impact gives 25% more critical strike chance against ignited enemies (description was previously 15%).
  • Purifying Flame now gives 15% more hit damage against ignited enemies as stated (was giving 20%).
  • Punish now gives +25% critical strike multiplier as stated (was giving 0%).
  • Fixed a typo where Judgement’s Swift Verdict node errantly referred to Consecrated Ground instead of Judgement.
  • Fixed a bug where Judgement’s Holy War node did not grants its mana on hit effect to Rive.


  • Crusader’s Fury now grants void penetration if Lunge is converted to Void, or fire penetration if Lunge is converted to Fire.
  • Voidbringer now only converts Lunge’s base damage (from also converting all added damage). It still converts Bleed to Time Rot.
  • Torchbearer now only converts Lunge’s base damage (from also converting all added damage). It still converts Bleed to Ignite.
  • Visceral Path grants 12% more damage along its path and with its final hit (from saying that it granted 20% more damage along its path, but actually giving you 20% more damage with other skills cast while moving with lunge and having no effect on lunge itself).
  • Visceral Path now gives 20% more damage (was giving 20% more melee damage).

Manifest Armor

  • Forged Fire grants 50% reduced forgebreath cooldown (from 50% increased forgebreath cooldown), but only grants 50% ignite chance (from 100%). It can have 2 points allocated (from 1).
  • Redistributed Steel requires 1 point in Iron Grasp (from 2).
  • Fixed a bug where Manifest Armor would sometimes attempt to cast Forgebreath on enemies that are out of range.
  • Forgebreath deals 17% more damage and has 10% more cast speed.
  • Platemail grants 40% increased effect of stats from body armour (from 50%).
  • Iron Grasp grants 60% increased effect of stats from gloves (from 75%).
  • Steel Greaves grants 60% increased effect of stats from boots (from 75%).
  • Great Helm grants 60% increased effect of stats from helmt (from 75%).


  • Nullifying Carve now gives Void Cleave 15% more damage per stack (from 10%) and 15% increased area per stack (from having a multiplicative effect on radius equal to the effect on radius of granting 10% more area per stack if there were no other radius or area modifiers - this was similar to the 10% more area stated, but more powerful).


  • Characters with Rive specialized will receive an automatic free respec for its tree
  • The third hit no longer applies Laceration.
  • Removed Initiative (added physical damage with first strike)
  • Removed Hamstring (slow chance with first two strikes)
  • Added a new node Foe Cleaver: If you are using a two handed weapon, stats on that weapon that directly add or increased damage or add a chance to apply an ailment on hit have double effect for Rive (for example if your weapon grants +10 melee damage, Rive will gain +20 melee damage instead of +10). This requires 3 points in Bound Weapon.
  • Replaced Overwhelm (removes laceration and gives 40% more damage with third strike) with Laceration (causes Rive’s third strike to Lacerate enemies on hit).
  • Replaced Insidious (added void damage) with Weapon Specialist: Rive deals additional melee void damage per point of Vitality if you are using an Axe, additional melee physical damage per point of Dexterity if you are using a Sword, and additional melee fire damage per point of Attunement if you are using a Mace.
  • Replaced Gaze Into The Abyss (increased void damage, no attack speed scaling) with Temporal Warrior: more void damage and double echo chance.
  • Replaced The Abyss Gazes Back (added void damage with Rive’s third strike) with Ripples of Oblivion: Rive deals more damage, tripled for echoes.
  • Rapacious Mind has been renamed to Azure Crescendo. It grants 5 mana per point (from 6), but now also grants 12% more damage with Rive’s third strike. It can have 3 points allocated (from 2) and requires 1 point in Cadence (from 1 point in Gaze Into The Abyss).
  • Execution has been renamed to Flame Drinker’s Blade. It now grants 3% physical penetration per stack consumed (from 15% increased physical damage per stack consumed), and the buff now lasts 3 seconds (from 2), but it now only consumes ignite stacks applied by you, not by your minions or allies.
  • Assassin’s Sustenance grants 3% leech (from 5%) and can have 1 point allocated (from 3), lasts 3 seconds (from 4), and now only procs when Flame Drinker’s Blade does. It still cannot stack.
  • Trampling Ahuizotl has been renamed to Champion
  • Bound Weapon now also grants 4% chance to summon a Forged Weapon on hit against bosses and rare enemies (it still also has a 6% chance on kill). It requires 1 point in Champion (from 2).

Shield Bash

  • Incinerating Blows now also converts base damage to fire, and swaps Shield Bash’s physical tag for a fire tag.
  • Incinerating Blows’ more fire damage per block chance bonus has been moved to Flame Coating. It still requires that Shield Bash has a cooldown.
  • Flame Coating adds 8 melee fire damage (from 10), no longer adds a fire tag, and can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Steel Coating adds 6 melee physical damage per point (from 5 base physical damage) and can have 5 points allocated (from 4)
  • Juggernaut increases mana cost by 25% (from 20%).
  • Concussive Attacks now also grants 8% increased stun duration.
  • Fixed a bug where Shield Bash’s Broadened Shields node did not increase the width of its visual effect.

Shield Rush

  • Warrior’s Entrance grants 24% increased area (from 35%), but now also gives 4% more damage.
  • Obliterating Rush now gives +40% critical strike multiplier as stated (was giving 4%).
  • Fixed a bug where Shield Rush’s Mana Memory node would not restore your mana to the correct amount when rapidly recast.

Shield Throw

  • Fixed a bug where the “Chance to Deal +20 Fire Damage with Shield Throw” idol affixes had no effect. The wording on this affix has also been improved and it has been changed to give +30 Fire Damage rather than +20 (though it was 0 in actuality).
  • Shield Throw deals about 6% less damage (see Items section for changes to Throwing affixes).
  • Manifest Inspiration node has adjusted functionality: If your Manifest Armor is hit by the shield, it performs a sweeping melee attack. This attack cannot be triggered when the shield has no ricochets remaining.
  • Armoring Aegis grants 25 armour (from 40) and can have 4 points allocated (from 5).

Sigils of Hope

  • Each sigil grants 3 fire damage (from 4) and 30% increased health regen (from 25%).
  • Empowering Sigils grants 5% increased damage (from 6%).
  • Iron Sigils grants 15 endurance threshold (from 40 armour).

Smelter’s Wrath

  • Increased Area for Area Skills stats increase Smelter’s Wrath’s charge speed
  • Soldering Strike grants 30% ignite chance per second (from 10%) and requires 1 point in Blacksmith’s Breadth or 1 point in Whetstone (from 2 points in Blacksmith’s Breadth).
  • Added a new node that prevents Increased Area for Area Skills stats from increasing Smelter’s Wrath’s charge speed, but instead causes them to give it 3% more fire damage over time per 1% Increased Area.
  • Whetstone grants 4% more melee, 4% more fire damage, 2% more melee damage per second charged, and 2% more fire damage per second charged (from +2 melee physical damage and +2 melee physical damage per second charged).
  • Bury The Hatchet grants Axe Volley 2% more hit damage per Dexterity (from 40% more hit damage).
  • Bolster grants 15% more armour and endurance threshold while charging (from 100 armour and 15% fire res).
  • Fixed Bellows, Heavy Strike, Bury the Hatchet, and Tempered Blows saying that they gave increased damage when they actually give more damage.
  • Detonation adds 20 mana cost (from 10).
  • Tempered Blows gives 12% more damage per second charged (from 10%) and 12% less charge speed (from 10% reduced charge speed). It can have 3 points allocated (from 1).
  • Stinging Steel now gives +6% critical strike chance per second channeled (was giving 10%, description was 1%).
  • Fixed a bug where Smelter’s Wrath’s charge speed did not visually change when taking the Blacksmith’s Breadth node.


  • Soothing Balm now gives 50% increased health regeneration (was giving 40%).
  • Fixed a bug where the reduced cast speed on Smite’s Conviction node did not scale with points allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where Smite’s Fissure’s visuals were not affected by increased area.


  • Riposte deals 50% more damage
  • Double Riposte now causes Riposte to be reduced to 16% less damage taken as stated (was previously 12%).
  • Fixed a typo where Vengeance’s Smelter’s Vengeance and Molten Riposte nodes referred to “fire protection shred” instead of “fire resistance shred”.

Void Cleave

  • Sentinels with Void Cleave specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • All base damage is now void (from 50% void 50% physical)
  • Rift Flame now converts 50% of base damage to fire to match the tag change, and now also grants +1% Fire Penetration with Ignite per 10% increased void damage.
  • Annuling Presence’s area modifier is no longer multiplicative with other modifiers
  • Into the Depths’ area modifier is no longer multiplicative with other modifiers
  • The Dark Forging idol affix grants 18% - 40% increased Area with Void Cleave (from 11% - 30%)
  • Fixed a bug where Void Cleave’s visuals did not scale with area modifiers.
  • Deadly Omen now requires 1 points in Armor Sunderer (from 1 point in Precognition).
  • Added a new node, Gravity’s Edge, which grants 275% more max distance, but adds 1 second to the cooldown duration and makes Void Cleave count as a traversal skill.

Volatile Reversal

  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Reversal was not affected by the movement skill increased cooldown recovery speed from Sentinel’s Valiant Charge.
  • Volatile Reversal’s cooldown is now 24 seconds (from 18).
  • Timelost Vitality grants 60% increased cooldown recovery speed (from 200%).
  • Timelost Wisdom grants 300% increased cooldown recovery speed (from 400%).
  • Time Sap now grants 12% chance per point to recover 10% remaining cooldown on kill and 4% chance per point to recover 10% remaining cooldown on rare or boss hit (from always recovering 3% total cooldown on kill).
  • Phased Reality grants 120 dodge rating (from 50).
  • Food for Wyrms now also grants you a buff that causes you to deal 1% more void damage per stack of Time Rot on the target. It can have 4 points allocated (from 2).
  • Shifting Power now also grants you a buff that causes you to deal 8% more void damage to stunned targets. It can have 4 points allocated (from 2).


  • Apocalypse Whirl now also converts base damage to void and removes Warpath’s physical tag.
  • Earthscorcher now also converts base damage to fire and removes Warpath’s physical tag.
  • Fixed a bug where increased area from outside the tree was incorrectly multiplicative with increased area from inside the tree.
  • Fixed a bug where Warpath did not scale with physical melee attack speed, just melee attack speed (similarly it didn’t scale with fire melee attack speed or void melee attack speed when converted).
  • Fixed a bug where using Warpath after using Lunge could prevent moving with Warpath.



  • Shadow Master now gives 20% increased shadow damage as stated (was giving 2%).
  • Flash of Steel grants 12% increased melee and throwing attack speed while dual wielding with 5 points allocated (from 15%).


  • Mages will receive a free respec for their passive trees.
  • Scholar gives 12 health (description was previously 10).
  • Reactive Ward now grants 1 ward per 10 max health (from 20 ward)
  • Mage Flurry now also grants 9% increased cooldown recovery speed for teleport and snap freeze if it has at least 3 points allocated.
  • Arcane Current can have 6 points allocated (from 5). If it has at least 5 points allocated Arcane Lightning always crits.
  • Arcane Flames can have 6 points allocated (from 5). It it has at least 5 points allocated your hits deal 5% more fire damage to ignited enemies.


  • Arcane Current grants 2% increased shock duration, 4% shock chance, and 8% increased stun duration with lightning spells (from 5% increased shock effect and 10% increased stun duration with lightning spells).
  • Calculated Destruction grants 1 intelligence per point (from 20% increased spell critical strike chance), and if you have 5 points in it, it also grants 3% increased spell critical strike chance per intelligence.
  • Removed Brainstorm (increased spell damage and mana regen)
  • Mana Shell grants 15 armour (from 10)
  • Wisdom now grants 3 mana and 3% increased mana regen per point (from 1 intelligence and 3 mana), and if you have 6 points in it, it now also grants 3% increased mana regen per 100 max mana.
  • Reworked Arcane Momentum: it now grants a stacking Arcane Momentum buff which grants 5% increased cast speed per stack and has 1 maximum stacks per point. Gaining a stack refreshes the duration of existing stacks. It is now at the base of the Sorcerer tree (from requiring 5 points in it)
  • Added a new node, Essence of Celerity, which causes Arcane Momentum stacks to last 10% longer and also each grant 2% increased spell damage. If you have 6 points in it, it also gives 10% increased movement speed while at maximum Arcane Momentum stacks. It requires 2 points in Arcane Momentum and 5 points in the Sorcerer tree.
  • Afterglow grants 3% increased spell damage and 3% ward retention (from 5% increased spell damage). It affect is doubled if you have cast a 40+ mana cost spell or started channelling an 8+ mana per second channel recently (from only doubled if you have cast a 40+ mana cost spell recently). It can have 8 points allocated (from 5) and requires 5 points in the Sorcerer tree (from 15).
  • Lost Knowledge grants 1 ward per 10 max mana (from 7 ward). It now requires 15 points in the Sorcerer tree (from 5).


  • Awe Strike grants 6% increased melee shock duration (from 5% increased melee shock effect)
  • Crackling Aura gives 8% increased lightning damage (description was previously 7%).
  • Flamewalker gives 10% chance per second to trigger Fire Aura (description was previously 5%).


  • Harvested Legions now also gives Skeleton Vanguards 30% increased health per point.
  • Dark Retribution gives a 4% chance to summon a Skeleton Vanguard on minion death (description was previously 5%).
  • Dark Retribution now also gives Skeleton Vanguards 4 added melee physical damage per point.


  • River Spirits’s threshold bonus also gives your minions +40% chance to inflict Frostbite on hit (this was absent from its description).
  • Woodland Beings now gives 8% increased minion healing effectiveness as stated (was giving 8% increased healing effectiveness).


  • Rattlesnake Rattlesnake causes Aspect of the Viper to grant you 4% Poison Penetration (from 5% increased poison effect).


  • Primordial Resonance grants 7% elemental penetration while transformed (from 10%).
  • River Spirits grants 5% increased cold damage for you and your minions (from 6%).
  • Piercing Gale grants 2% cold pen for you and your minions (from 3%), but if you have 6 points allocated it gives your locusts and crows 16% increased attack and cast speed (from 15%).
  • Rageborn grants 3 Rage on Crit (from 2).
  • Harmonious Wisdom grants 3% crit avoidance per 5 attunement (from 1% crit avoidance per attunement) if you have 8 points allocated.


  • Replaced Ancient Stones (5% increased damage and stun chance for you and your minions) with Sky Warrior, which gives 5% increased damage for you and your minions, and if it has 5 points allocated also gives 10% increased cooldown recovery speed with Fury Leap and Crowstorm.


  • Valiant charge grants 6% increased movement skill cooldown recovery speed (from 7%) and 6 health (from 7).
  • The “Gladiator” node, which grants block chance, has been renamed to Stalwart. (The dual wielding node is still called Gladiator).

Uniques & Sets

  • Aergon’s Refuge
    • Grants 10% to 20% of current mana gained as ward when you cast a fire spell (from 10% to 15%).
    • Grants 100 to 750 ward gained when you cast Flame Ward (from 100 to 250).
    • Now also grants 10% less damage taken if you have at least 1000 ward.
  • Arrowguard is less likely to roll legendary potential.
  • The ward gain effect for Ashes of Mortality now has a 2 second cooldown (from 1).
  • Fixed a bug where Ashes of Orchirian’s “21% increased Critical Strike Chance with Physical and Fire Spells” was only applying to Physical Spells.
  • Bastion of Honour now grants 100% block chance against enemies within 4 meters (from 6 meters).
  • Battlemage’s Endeavor
    • Grants 18 to 24 melee cold damage, melee lightning damage, spell cold damage, and spell lightning damage (from 18). These are all determined by the same roll.
    • Grants 24% to 36% chance to cast Lightning Blast (from 12% to 18%).
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Blade of the Forgotten Knight’s 3d model.
  • Calamity grants 100% to 150% ignite change with fire skills (from always 150%).
  • Chronostasis now grants +melee damage when it consumes ward (from +melee physical damage)
  • Fixed a bug where Corsair’s Blood Cowl was secretly giving 17-35% less Necrotic Damage taken on Block. It no longer gives this stat.
  • Curse of Perseverance
    • No longer grants a chance for Hungering Souls to fire additional projectiles
    • Now causes Hungering Souls projectiles to be fired in sequence, allowing them to all hit the same target, but also causes Hungering Souls to deal 63% less damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Dragonsong said it gave 24-34% increased attack and cast speed (it actually gives 12-17%).
  • Fixed a bug where Frozen Eyes of Formosus said it gave 70-120% increased Minion Cold Damage (it actually gives 80-140%).
  • Forgotten Knight Set Bonuses
    • The 2 set bonus is now +70% Void Penetration with Time Rot (from 50% increased Time Rot Effect).
    • The 3 set bonus is now 2% More Void Damage per stack of Time Rot (from +15% Void Penetration).
  • Fulgurite Shard now also converts 60% of Shurikens and Lethal Mirage base damage to Lightning
  • Fixed a bug where Grim Harvest from Death’s Embrace was giving 32% increased radius instead of 100% increased area. This is a buff, unless you have at least 97% increased area from other sources.
  • Invoker’s Frozen Heart
    • Grants 30% to 75% increased Freeze Duration with Snap Freeze (from 50%).
    • Fixed a bug where its increased Freeze Duration did not apply unless you also had freeze duration modifier from the Snap Freeze tree.
  • Invoker’s Static Touch grants 5% to 10% chance to gain 75 ward when you hit a shocked enemy (from 5% to 10% increased shock effect).
  • The spell damage buff from Immolator’s Oblation now only scales up to 40 stacks of ignite (from unlimited).
  • Jungle Queen’s Chaps of Holding
    • Now gives +12 potion slots (from +6), for a max of 16 including the implicit (from 10).
    • Now gives 5 to 10 dexterity (from 5).
    • Now gives a multiplicative stacking 10% more dodge rating buff for 4 seconds when you use a potion (from a non-stacking 25%-50% increased dodge rating buff).
  • Ocreareon grants 1% more damage per stack of Shock (from 10% to 20% increased shock effect).
  • Fixed a bug where Orian’s Eye said it gave 50-150% increased Stun Immunity Duration (it actually gives 75-150%).
  • Plaguebearer’s Staff now grants 10-20% more Damage over Time against Enemies afflicted with Plague instead of 10-20% Blinding Poison Chance.
  • Shattered Chains now also grants 5% more melee damage per stack of Doom.
  • Shroud of Obscurity now grants 13-19 ward per second instead of 13% increased dodge rating.
  • Soulfire
    • Grants 100% to 160% ignite chance with fire and necrotic skills (from 120% to 210%).
    • Grants 6% to 10% more spell damage to ignited enemies (from 60 to 70 health).
  • Stormhide Paws
    • Now grant Swipe 30-45 Melee Lightning Damage every 3 seconds (from 30)
    • Now also grant Swipe 100% of Base Damage converted to Lightning ever 3 seconds
  • Stormtide grants 10% to 15% increased shock duration (from shock effect).
  • Each of Throne of Ambition’s stacks grants 2% more armour and 2% more fire and cold damage (from 20% increased in both cases).
  • Wings of Argentus
    • Grants 40% to 160% increased Melee Fire Damage (from 40% to 100%).
    • Grants 40% to 160% increased Melee Cold Damage (from 40% to 100%).
    • Grants 20% chance to gain Haste on hit (from 40%).
    • Grants 20% less damage taken while moving (from 40%).
    • Grants +2 to Fire Melee Attacks (from 1).
    • Grants +2 to Cold Melee Attacks (from 1).

New Uniques

  • Added 18 new unique items.

New Models

Added new models for these old uniques:

  • Alchemist’s Ladle
  • Bloodgeon
  • Branch of Hallows
  • Culnivar’s Claim
  • Rainbow Edge
  • Undisputed

We have a lot more models for unique items that have been made, but they weren’t ready in time for the release of 0.9.


Item Base Types

  • Each class has received several new armor 3d models, allowing us to retire older models that aren’t as high quality.
  • Alongside the new armor models, most of the helmet and body armor base types have been changed, reshuffled, or reworked. All classes now have 9 body armor and 9 helmet types.
  • Crystal Swords now grant 40% to 100% increased melee elemental damage (from 100% to 160%).
  • Wengari Axes now grant increased bleed duration (from increased bleed effect).


  • The Increased Throwing Damage affix has been replaced by Added Throwing Damage, which is slightly more common than Increased Throwing Damage was.

  • The Throwing Damage and Throwing Mana Cost affix now grants +Throwing Damage instead of +Throwing Physical Damage (damage type adapts like +Melee Damage or +Spell Damage).

  • Added Throwing Damage affix now spawns on belts instead of shields and is rarer. Existing shields with an Added Throwing Damage prefix now have an Increased Physical Damage Prefix instead.

  • The added throwing damage affix can no longer roll on mage, primalist, or acolyte relics.

  • The Idol affix that converts Shield Throw’s damage to void now only converts base damage (from all damage), but it is now a hybrid affix and also grants increased void damage for Shield Throw.

  • The Shurikens Lightning Damage idol affix grants 4 to 8 Lightning Damage with Shurikens (from 2 to 5) and now also grants 50% to 80% of Shurikens Base Damage converted to Lightning

  • The Shurikens Lightning Damage equipment prefix grants up to 44 Lightning Damage with Shurikens at T7 (from 27) and now also grants 50% to 64% of Shurikens Base Damage converted to Lightning

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where bees from Keeper’s Gloves did not scale based on player stats as described by its Swarm of Bees ability. They receive 3 health and 4% increased damage per point of attunement, and 3 health per level.
  • Fixed a bug where the Boardman’s Legacy Set Helmet was not providing the stated Lightning Resistance.
  • Fixed a bug where the effects of Zeurial’s Hunt could be triggered by bow or throwing abilities that did not have the lightning tag.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all of the stat rolls on Coral Aegis to be linked to each other.
  • Fixed Halvar’s Stand not stating the duration of Haste it grants.


New Ruined Era Enemies

  • Added several brand new types of enemies.
  • The new Void Despair, Void Drone, Void Maggot, Void Grub and Void Penance enemies have replaced Void Spectre, Void Worm, Void Maul, Abyssal Crawler, and Void Bull enemies throughout almost all of Chapter 2.
  • The new Hollow Druant, Rotfly and Rotfly Hive enemies have replaced Myrcfeet, Hiveless Phrax and Lupine Remnants in The Sheltered Wood.
  • Added a new miniboss to The Temple of Eterra.
  • Several enemy types have been overhauled, having new visuals, animations and abilities:
    • Voidfused Bats
    • Maddened / Voidtouched Groles
    • Voidtouched Scholars
    • Pannion’s Students
    • Voidfused Armor
    • Voidfused Earth
    • Temple Guardian

Monster Mods

  • Added the “Rampaging” mod - “keeps gaining power once in combat”
    • Once the monster has used an ability or taken damage it gains 10% increased damage each second, up to 10 stacks.
    • Prefix that can spawn on all rare monsters, except non-damaging ones, from level 58 onwards.
  • Added the “of Thunder” mod - “shocks on hit and deals more damage per shock”
    • Gives the monster 100% chance to shock on hit and 8% more damage per shock.
    • Suffix that can spawn on rare monsters and on magic monsters with small pack sizes, from level 24 onwards.
    • Can only spawn on lightning enemies.
  • Updated the visual effects related to the following enemy mods:
    • “Familiar” (resurrects self)
    • “Twinned” (creates a copy at half health)
    • “Protective” (nearby allies take less damage)
    • “of Rage” (enrages at half health)
    • “Vengeful” (frenzies when allies die)
  • “of Rampancy” mod changes
    • Increases enemy size by 20% (from 33%)
    • Increased vfx size by 12.5% and improved positioning

Ragdoll Improvements

  • Improved the ragdoll death for Meruna Sirens. It should now be knocked backwards rather than crumpling on the spot and be less prone to glitches.
  • Improved the ragdoll death behavior of the Void Cultist, Silent Disciple, Void Zealot, Void Prophet, Dark Seer, Void Cleric, and Void Thrall. The knockback should feel faster and less floaty than our previous ragdoll knockbacks.
  • The weapons of Void Cultists, Silent Disciples, and Void Zealots, no longer float in the air after they die.
  • The weapons of Void Clerics no longer stick to their hands after they die.

Other Changes

  • Improved how quickly attack animations start for large, rare, and boss enemies.
  • Slowed down the Crystal Lotus boss to make it more manageable
    • Repeated Sapphire Slam is 33% slower and only creates seeking projectiles against targets in front of it.
    • Ruby Slam is 25% slower and has a 150% longer cooldown.
    • Ruby Projectile barrage is now a higher priority than Sapphire Projectile, but has an 8 second cooldown, is 30% slower, and includes 5 projectiles (from 6).
    • Sapphire Projectile no longer has a cooldown.
  • Killing Lagon (totally emptying his healthbar) in the first phase of his fight will now end the encounter instead of requiring the player to complete the tentacle phase as well.
  • Improved the hitbox of the Emperor of Corpses’s Soul Bomb ability to better match its visuals.
  • Diamond Nagasa can no longer spawn with the “Familiar” mod (resurrects after two seconds).
  • Adjusted the targeting of Majasa’s Stone Stare ability to avoid situations where you got hit despite feeling like you dodged away in time.
  • The buff that Wengari Brutes gain when they roar now also gives them 50% less damage taken.
  • Adjustments to the Necrotic Arcing Projectile used by the Lion Chimeras and Immortal Overseers:
    • Updated visuals
    • Adjusted targeting so it won’t hit the exact same spot as frequently
    • Reduced the hitbox size since it was much larger than the indicator and explosion
  • The following enemies will now die at the end of their movement abilities if they drop to zero health while moving (the ability will still deal damage):
    • Giant Rats
    • Frostmaws
    • Bristlemaws
    • Volatile Bristlemaws
    • Fallen Osprix
    • The Crimson Blade
  • Updated Phrax to be a variant of Desert Stinger. They’re faster and deal physical damage.
  • Smoldering Lithrac’s Explosive Ground deals 17% more damage.
  • Changed enemy display names
    • Void Husk Nagasa → Nagasa Void Husk
    • Void Nightmare → Nightmare
    • Grael (in Monolith) → Grael - Champion of Heorot

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some enemies that were supposed to drop items after a delay did not drop items at all.
  • Slightly moved spawners in The Strand of Storms that were too close to where the player spawned when coming from The Moonlit Shrine.
  • Slightly moved enemy spawners in The Ruins of Welryn that were too close to the player when you traveled to the zone via the waypoint.
  • Fixed a bug where Void Bolts from Unseeing would completely miss the player if the Unseeing was magic or rare.
  • Fixed Volcanic Pyromancers sometimes holding their staff incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where Monolith spires on rare occasions would use lightning nova.
  • Fixed Osprix Zealots holding their weapons incorrectly.
  • Fixed dirt elementals not having hit flash effects.
  • Fixed the “dissolve” visual effect on Winged Fires and other enemies looking incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where the Prophet of Ruin’s Dark Eruption could damage players after the Prophet of Ruin was defeated.


Player Animations

  • All animations for the Acolyte and Primalist have been updated: idles, runs, attacks, and spell casts, each with multiple versions to match different weapon types.
  • Added a new stabbing animation and visual effect variant for using various skills with a Spear equipped: Vengeance, Multistrike, Mana Strike, Flurry, and Cinder Strike.
  • Tweaked the Rogue’s base character model.

Graphics Settings

  • Fixed “banding” in shadows at high shadow quality settings.
  • Removed the option for hard shadows and made Low quality shadows more consistent with higher quality ones.
  • Screen Space Reflections are disabled at Medium and below. In this configuration it’s expensive performance-wise and hard to see.


  • Updated the elemental casting visuals that appear next to your player when casting a skill.
  • Updated Acid Flask’s base and fire versions, and poison pools.
  • Updated the visuals for Aura of Decay’s Poison Bolts.
  • Adjusted Aura of Decay’s visual to make it more noticeable in different lighting conditions.
  • Updated Avalanche’s Frozen Ground VFX to better represent its coverage.
  • Updated visuals for the Axe Throw sub-ability.
  • Updated the visuals for Bone Curse’s Signet of Agony (aura) node.
  • Overhauled the model, animation and sounds for Bone Golems.
  • Updated the visuals for Death Seal’s physical conversion.
  • Updated visuals for Earthquake’s lightning conversion.
  • Updated icicle projectiles used by Enchant Weapon, Ice Barrage, Skeletal Cryomancers, Ice Beetles and Ice Elementals.
  • Updated the visuals for Fireball.
  • Updated the visuals for Kinetic Burst (Flurry).
  • Updated the visuals for Forged Weapons.
  • Updated the visuals for Greater Ice Vortex (Glacier).
  • Updated Hammer Throw’s visuals, including the void damage aura.
  • Updated the visual effects for Harvest.
  • Updated all of Judgement and Consecrated Ground’s visuals.
  • Manifest Armor has been updated with a new model, animations, and ability visuals.
  • Overhauled Meteor’s visuals.
  • Updated the visuals for the ability proc’d by Reign of Winter.
  • Updated the visuals for Rive.
  • Updated the visuals for Serpent Strike. They also now scale with attack speed to better match when damage is dealt.
  • Added a new Poison variant of Shadow Cascade for the Toxic Whirl node.
  • Overhauled the visuals for Shield Rush.
  • Added a new Void variant for Shield Rush, activated by taking the Dark Rush node.
  • Shield Throw’s visuals now change when it is converted to fire or void.
  • Sped up the movement animations of Skeleton Rogues and Skeletal Mages to better match their movespeed.
  • Skeleton summons and enemies that had trailing visual effects now have glow effects instead. This new effect is more performant.
  • Updated the Slash attack for Death Knights.
  • Updated the shields used by Skeleton Warriors.
  • Reduced the intensity of glow effects on Skeletal Pyromancers.
  • Updated the visuals for Spark Charges.
  • Updated the visuals for Static.
  • Updated the visuals for Summon Spriggan’s Rejuvenating Wind skill.
  • Updated the visuals for Wandering Spirits.
  • Overhauled the visuals for Warpath, including Physical, Fire and Void versions.
  • Updated the visual for Warslash. Its visual now also changes based on Warpath’s tree.
  • Updated the visual effect for summoning Primalist minions.
  • Overhauled the visuals for all Primalist Totems.
  • Updated the visuals for Void Knight echoes.
  • Updated the 3d models for Volcanic Orb and Frozen Orb.

Hit Events

  • Updated the on-hit visual effects for all damage types.
  • There is now a maximum of one damage type based hit vfx played for each hit (from two).
  • Damage types are weighted so that in cases where the damage from two types is similar enough the more flavourful one is picked rather than the higher one.
  • If two damage number events occur within the same 0.02 second window the resulting damage number will show the combined damage rather than the later damage.
  • Fixed a bug where if a DoT damage number needed to be shown in the same 0.02 second window as a hit then it would prevent the hit flash effect from playing.
  • Minions no longer have hit flash when hit.


  • Updated the visual effects for Haste, Slow, Frostbite, Chill, Ignite, Poison, and Shock.
  • Updated the visual effect for Frenzy (used by enemies).
  • Removed vfx on all shred ailments except for armor shred to reduce visual noise.


Added new models and animations for these NPCs:

  • Alric
  • Elder Erza
  • Elder Gaspar
  • Artem the Gambler
  • Elder Pannion (human)
  • Yulia (Divine and Imperial Eras)
  • Grael
  • Harton (Divine Era)
  • Liath
  • Keeper Leena


  • Updated the model and animations for the Idol of Loathing (and other bosses with the same model).
  • Liath has a new model and animations.
  • Updated the death vfx used by some void enemies.
  • Updated the death animation for Dragon enemies.
  • Updated the visuals of Woven Ice (used by Sleet Weavers).
  • Updated the visuals of abilities used by Wengari Shamans.
  • Adjusted some vfx on Burning Flesh, Fire Lich, and Imperial Pyromancer for visual clarity.
  • Updated the ability visuals for Desecrated Flesh.
  • Updated the projectiles and self destruct of Immortal Eyes.
  • Updated the ability visuals for the Primeval Dragon.
  • Updated some skill visuals for Osprix Vanguards.
  • Updated the visuals for Soul Bolts from Immortal Eye enemies.
  • Updated the visuals for enemy spawners in Arenas.
  • Updated the visuals for Decaying Spriggan’s Poison Clouds.
  • Updated the positioning of the Diamond Nagasa’s buff effect to resolve clipping.
  • Updated the spotlight effect that appears on all Rare enemies.
  • Improved the death ragdoll for all wealth elemental enemies.
  • Updated the visuals for Heorot’s Ice Spear ability in the Monolith.

Other Changes

  • Updated the visual for gaining a character level.
  • Added a visual effect for skills leveling up.
  • Added new visuals for gaining a passive point from a quest, picking up an experience tome, and choosing a blessing.
  • Updated the model used for potions on the ground.
  • Updated the visual effects for buffs granted by Shrines.
  • Updated the visual that appears around your character while they have negative mana.
  • Updated the visual that appears when using a potion.
  • Added a closing animation for town/player portals.
  • Player health bar and floating name height now varies based on your class and form. This avoids them clipping into your character or being awkwardly high up.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Teleport’s visuals looked incorrect after the first time you cast it.
  • Fixed many enemies having one or more combat feedback visuals setup incorrectly (outlines, hit flash, freeze effect).
  • Fixed a bug where decals on the ground behind an object would visually pop in when the object faded out.
  • Fixed various visual bugs with shadows for hideable objects.
  • Fixed the bow version of Cinder Strike’s bow attacks not having a directional hit effect.
  • Fixed Skeleton Warriors holding swords incorrectly.
  • Fixed certain ground effects projecting onto Storm Crows.
  • Fixed the puke attack from Volatile Zombies disappearing suddenly after being used.
  • Fixed a bug where the rune visual from the Glyph of Fire node on Volcanic Orb didn’t change when converted to cold.
  • Fixed a bug where cold conversion Warcry was not using cold casting VFX.



  • Most player ability sounds when cast by you now use a 2D mix, meaning they are played equally through both channels. Sounds from other sources are still simulated in 3D. The goal of this change is to make your ability sounds wider and clearer, while other party members’ ability sounds will be localized and more in the background to keep the mix cleaner.

Skill Sound Reworks

Most skills have multiple sounds that they use. Sometimes, only some of the sounds need updating, or they only need minor changes. These skills have all had substantial reworks:

  • Anomaly (including Time Wave)
  • Arcane Ascendance
  • Aura of Decay (including sub-abilities)
  • Black Hole
  • Bone Golem (and variants)
  • Chakram
  • Cinder Strike (Bow)
  • Death Seal
  • Disintegrate
  • Drain Life
  • Earthquake (and lightning conversion)
  • Elemental Nova (all types)
  • Flame Ward (including conversions)
  • Focus (and Lightning Wave)
  • Fury Leap
  • Hammer Throw (including a new sound for spiraling)
  • Ice Barrage
  • Infernal Shade
  • Judgement (including Consecrated Ground and Holy Eruption)
  • Lightning Blast (and cold conversion)
  • Lunge
  • Maelstrom
  • Mana Strike
  • Marrow Shards
  • Meteor
  • Puncture
  • Reaper Form and Reap
  • Rive
  • Serpent Strike
  • Shield Rush (including void beams)
  • Smite
  • Snap Freeze (and Snap Shock)
  • Static (and Discharge)
  • Storm Crow lightning blast
  • Surge (including conversions)
  • Swipe (including Lighting version)
  • Teleport
  • Tempest Strike
  • Tornado
  • Wandering Spirits
  • Warpath
  • Werebear Form - Lightning Swipe, Rampage and Maul
  • Vengeance
  • Volatile Reversal
  • Volcanic Orb (and subskills)

Smaller Skill Updates

  • Updated sounds for town portals.
  • Updated the sounds for gaining character and skill levels.
  • Added a new impact sound for the fire conversion of Acid Flask.
  • Updated the sound for Assemble Abomination absorbing a minion.
  • Updated the summoning sound for Assemble Abomination.
  • Added sounds for Bone Nova projectiles.
  • Increased the volume of Crowstorm.
  • Added new sounds for Death Seal’s Death Wave.
  • Updated the sound for Divine Flare.
  • Added a new sound for Decoy exploding.
  • Updated the sound for Flame Burst.
  • Improved mixing for Flame Wraith’s fireball attack.
  • Updated the sound for Kinetic Burst (Flurry).
  • Removed an old sound on Greater Ice Vortex from the Glacier skill tree.
  • Hail of Arrows and Maelstrom now have damage sounds that trigger at a regular interval inside the damage radius.
  • Updated footstep sounds for Skeleton summons.
  • Updated volume balance for Shurikens sounds.
  • Updated the sounds for summoning Primalist Companions.
  • Updated the sounds for Summon Spriggan’s Rejuvenating Wind and footsteps.
  • Updated sounds for the player’s Locust summons.
  • Primal Wolves now have footstep sounds.
  • Thorn Totems have new attack sounds.
  • Added a windup sound for Upheaval.

Hit Sounds

Updated the sound these skills make when hitting enemies:

  • Assembled Abomination melee
  • Dancing Strikes
  • Fireball
  • Firebrand
  • Flurry (melee and bow)
  • Forged Weapons
  • Hungering Souls
  • Multishot
  • Multistrike
  • Shadow Cascade
  • Shatter Strike and Icicles
  • Shurikens
  • Summoned Abomination
  • Swarmblade (all melee)
  • Swarm Strike now plays a hit sound when consuming at least one Locust.
  • Synchronized Strike
  • Umbral Blades
  • Werebear Swipe and Rampage
  • Wraith melee attacks
  • Volcanic Orb’s Shrapnel

New Music

Created a new music track for the following zones:

  • Ulatri Cliffs (Ruined Era)
  • Last Refuge Outskirts
  • Council Chambers
  • Last Archive
  • Erza’s Library
  • Pannion’s Study
  • Precipice
  • Upper District
  • The Armory
  • Lower District
  • Sheltered Wood
  • The Surface
  • Forsaken Trail
  • Cultist Camp
  • Ruins of Welryn
  • Welryn Undercity
  • Welryn Docks
  • Ruined College
  • Ritual Site
  • Shattered Valley
  • The Courtyard
  • Temple of Eterra
  • Lotus Halls
  • Sanctum Bastille
  • End of Ruin
  • Outcast Camp
  • Welryn Outskirts
  • Imperial Welryn
  • Soul Warden’s Road
  • Risen Lake
  • Fallen Tower
  • Imperial Thetima
  • Darkling Pier
  • Imperial Dreadnought
  • Dreadnought’s Deck
  • Shining Cove
  • Argolos the Blessed fight in the Wraith Dunes
  • Desert Waystation

Voice Acting

Added new Voice Acting for these NPCs:

  • Elder Gaspar
  • the Forgotten Knight
  • Alric
  • Yulia
  • Grael
  • Harton (human)

Enemy Sound Reworks

As with skills, enemies have a lot of sounds. These enemies received the most significant changes:

  • Adrift Meruna
  • Desecrated Flesh
  • Desert Beasts
  • Eber and Eber Riders
  • Idol of Loathing (and related bosses)
  • Liath boss fight
  • Primeval Dragon
  • Profane Flesh
  • Sleet Weaver
  • Teeming Husk (and summons)
  • Void Centipede
  • Voidfire Creepers

Smaller Enemy Updates

  • Updated death sounds for some void enemies.
  • Added sound effects for Familiar and Twinned monster mods.
  • Added on-hit and stun sounds for Chimera and Bone Cairn enemies.
  • Updated ability and movement sounds for Chitid enemies.
  • Updated ability sounds for Crested Ascendant enemies.
  • Updated the Poison Sting sound for Desert Stinger enemies.
  • Improved audio mixing for Festering Cultist enemies.
  • Ice Beetles now use the same vocals and movement sounds as Chitids
  • Updated sounds for the Crystals summoned by Majasa.
  • Added movement sounds for Marsh Beetle and Marsh Beetle Queen enemies.
  • Meruna Ogres have new foley, vocal and stun sounds.
  • Imperial Pyromancers have new vocals, death and stun sound effects.
  • Updated ability sounds for Scalebane Rogue enemies.
  • Updated the dash and death sound for Siege Golem enemies.
  • Added new vocal and stun sounds for all skeleton enemies.
  • Added footstep sounds for various skeleton enemies.
  • Updated Rock Throw sounds for Skullen Chuckers.
  • Added a new death sound effect for the Void Amalgamation boss and Infernal Husk enemies.
  • Changed the hit sound for Wengari Bone Throw.
  • Updated vocal sounds for all enemy wraiths.
  • Updated sounds for the Wraith Caller in the Wraith Dunes.

Other Sound Updates

  • Added a new footstep sound for Ice surfaces.
  • Improved footsteps and ambient sound in the Ruined Coast.
  • Updated ambient and atmospheric sounds throughout Chapter 2.
  • Updated the activation sounds for Waypoints and the ambient sounds that play while standing near them.
  • Applied significant compression on impact and indicator sounds to clean up the mix.
  • Updated sounds for when-hit vfx.
  • Refuge Guards now have on-hit sounds.
  • Added a new loop sound for Ice Vortex. This is for both player and frost spriggan enemies.
  • Wengari Hound, Frozen Wolf, Crab Hound and Primal Wolf all have new vocals and death sound effects.
  • Updated Zerrick (ally)’s ability sounds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused sounds to not play for additional projectiles.
  • Fixed Maelstrom’s hit sounds playing from an incorrect location.
  • Fixed Void Dart (enemy ability) not having a hit sound.
  • Fixed an issue with Assembled Abomination footsteps triggering out of time.
  • Made the bees a lil louder.

Chat & Social

There are various new features in 0.9 to support Multiplayer. Offline mode in 0.9 still involves logging in, and has chat and friends services like it did in 0.8.5. We still plan to make Offline mode fully offline in the future.

  • You can add friends and form a party at any time in Multiplayer through the Social window (hotkey: H) or right clicking on usernames in Chat. Once in a party, right click on their portrait to open a player portal that takes you to their server.
  • The social window now shows the name, level and class of the character you’re playing and what zone you are in.
  • The social window will show who is playing on an offline character and who is playing online so you don’t try to party up with someone offline.
  • Greatly improved the visual design of the social window.
  • You can now link Game Guide articles in chat. You can use the exact name of a page, or text that’s used in the Game Guide to link to it. For example, ??ailments or ??uniques.
  • You now have access to a Party chat channel while in a party.
  • Added a Help channel for asking questions in chat, which you can opt out of.

User Interface

Stash Search

  • When you have searched using the primary search bar and then switch tabs using the vertical display while the vertical search bar is empty, your search from the primary search bar will now apply to the new tab (previously the empty vertical search bar overrode it, even if you had not interacted with it)
  • Changing the contents of the vertical search bar now changes the primary search bar to match, to avoid ambiguity.

Loading Screens

  • Redesigned the landing / login screen when opening the game.
  • Redesigned the loading screen between zones and added several new pieces of splash art.
  • Loading screen tips now vary with character level, character class, and the Era of the zone.
  • Added 10 new tips and improved some old ones.

Dialog UI

  • Totally reworked the UI for talking to NPCs. Includes larger portraits, revealing text, and better presentation.
  • Fixed a bug where walking far enough away from an NPC with an open dialog, and then quickly opening another dialog could cause the new dialog to be closed improperly.

Other Changes

  • Respecing a passive point can now be confirmed by pressing the Enter button.
  • The Crafting UI now shows the exact values that the mod(s) will change to when using a Glyph of Order.
  • The Crafting UI now shows the exact values that the affix(es) will change to when using a Glyph of Order.
  • Improved the presentation of the Transfer Crafting Materials button. The stored items now visually move and the total values climb incrementally rather than instantly changing.
  • The overlay map now has a minimum opacity of 10% (from 0%). Accidentally setting the overlay map to 0% would make it seem like the system wasn’t working.
  • The settings for displaying floating healthbars over minions and enemies now apply to all targets, rather than only newly spawned minions and enemies.
  • Fixed the increased mana prefix showing up in the Sentinel section of the loot filter rather than the mana section.
  • Controller Pointer Velocity can now be adjusted in the keybinds menu.


We have put a lot of work into optimizing Last Epoch since 0.8.5, so you should notice an improvement of average framerates across the game, and fewer performance dips.


  • The visuals of nearly all player abilities are now pooled. This especially helps when a lot of abilities are being used. When a pooled visual ends, it is hidden and added to the “pool” of identical visuals. When the game needs a new copy of that visual, an instance is recycled from the pool rather than creating a new one (which costs more performance).
  • The skills proc’d by several Uniques have been pooled as well:
    • Anchor of Oblivion, Reign of Winter, Melvern’s Writ, Soul Bastion, Volcanus, Alluvion, Riverbend Grasp, Ucenui’s Sphere, Yulia’s Path, Fiery Dragon Shoes, Torch Of The Pontifex, Prismatic Gaze, Gaspar’s Insight and Tempest Maw.
  • Many enemies in Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (and the Void Harton boss fight) also have their abilities pooled. We will continue working on this in future updates.


  • Reworked many, many models and materials for background objects and visuals to improve performance.
  • Implemented a new terrain (i.e. ground texture) system that is more performant (and has better functionality for the future).


  • Fixed the game hitching when saving progress, especially when you have a large stash.
  • Improved the performance of all generic on-hit visual effects.
  • Improved the performance of the ability casting visual effects that appear around the player.
  • Improved the performance of the game’s UI by reducing how much needs to be redrawn.
  • Refactored the system for displaying floating healthbars above players, minions and enemies, improving performance.
  • Improved the performance of modifying player skills according to your choice in skill trees, items, etc.
  • Improved the performance of all stun effects.
  • Improved the performance and memory usage of hit flash effects.
  • Improved the performance of hit vfx.
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when opening the world map or changing which era is shown on the map.

Enemy Abilities

Improved the performance of the following enemy abilities:

  • All of the Primeval Dragon’s abilities
  • Lagon’s Moon Blast, Tidal Wave, Lightning Blast and melee attack
  • Emperor of Corpses’ Flesh Shake
  • All of the Idol of Loathing’s abilities
  • Voidfused Forge’s death effect
  • Void Rifts used by the Emperor’s Remains
  • Dash used by Argentus
  • Liath’s mines, teleport and water projectile
  • Most of the Abomination Boss’ abilities
  • Tail Slam and Arching Magma used by Magma Gorn
  • Arching attack used by Drowned Visages
  • Projectile and death effects of Immortal Eyes
  • Both attacks used by Adrift Meruna
  • Dash and arrow projectile used by Siege Golems

Skill Visuals

Improved the performance of the following skills:

  • Assemble Abomination’s summoning visual effect
  • Aura of Decay
  • Bone Curse
  • Hungering Souls
  • All Rip Blood variants
  • Transplant
  • All of Volatile Zombie’s visual effects
  • Summoning Skeletons and Skeletal Mages
  • Abilities used by various Skeleton and Skeletal Mage minions
  • All variants of Elemental Nova
  • Lightning Blast
  • All Meteor variants, including shrapnel
  • Shatter Strike and Icicle
  • Teleport
  • Avalanche, including fissure and frozen ground.
  • All Earthquake variants.
  • Primal Wolf’s Howl.
  • Storm Crow’s basic and activated ability.
  • Venom Nova (Primal Scorpion ability)
  • Thorn Totem’s Rotten Core
  • Burning Daggers
  • Decoy (throwing them out, specifically)
  • Mirages from Puncture
  • Shadow Cascade
  • Synchronized Strike
  • Consecrated Ground (Judgement)
  • Detonating Ground (Forge Strike)
  • Furnace (Smelter’s Wrath)
  • Hammer Throw
  • Holy Eruption (Judgement)
  • Lunge
  • Shrapnel (Shield Bash)
  • Vengeance

Changes and Additions

  • Added section for Dread Shade
    • Dread Shade can only be cast on your minions, not allies minions.
    • Symbiotic Apparition now causes Dread Shade to affect you, but not other party members.
  • Added section for Leaderboards
    • Leaderboards will be unavailable during 0.9 and will be returning 0.9.1
  • Added to Void Knight Skill Changes: Anomaly
    • Time Bubble now shreds void resistance (it previously stated that it increased void damage taken, but did not have this effect in practice)
  • Removed incorrect patchnote from Flame Reave:
    • Versatility makes Surge and Mana Strike count toward Rythm of Fire (from Firebrand and Mana Strike). Firebrand’s Incineration and Illumination Fire nodes have been buffed according.