See Us Tomorrow at the IGDA's Indie Showcase!

We're being featured in the Indie Showcase by the International Game Developers Assocation! The Indie Showcase begins at September 18, 2020 at 12:00 PM. Expect to see us around September 18, 2020 at 1:30 PM.
They're streaming Last Epoch on Twitch, and we're participating in an AMA if you've any questions about Last Epoch or Eleventh Hour Games. Catch us at .
We hope to see you there!
Posted By Sarno on September 17, 2020

The Last Epoch Community Tester Program

The recent announcement by our Game Director, Judd Cobler, mentioned an initiative we're undertaking to include community members in our testing of content as it is iterated upon during a patch cycle. This is being called the Community Tester program.
Since we first began releasing free playable demos in 2017 - of what was then a game worked on by a small team during the evenings and weekends - we've strived to balance developing an ARPG that matches our vision with incoporating community ...
Posted By Sarno on September 5, 2020

An Update on Our Road to 1.0

Hello Travelers,
There’s some important news concerning Last Epoch’s launch I’d like to share with you. Before I get into the latest phase of our journey, I'd like to briefly cover how we got here.
For those that don’t know, we first started work on Last Epoch in mid-2017; the first pieces of concept art, the first lines of code were created in May of that year. We began releasing playable demos of the game toward the end of that year, and in April 2018 we brought the game to...
Posted By moxjet200 on August 28, 2020
Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9f Patch Notes

Monolith of Fate
You now lose fewer Echoes Conquered after dying or leaving an Echo early.
All quest echoes now scale to a maximum of at least a 40% chance to encounter. Later quest echos still take longer to encounter on average.
Assemble Abomination
Now somewhat more likely to be targeted by enemies.
Increased base damage by 17%.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where the loading screen after creating a new character would not disappear if you had no saved c...
Posted By Hackaloken on August 19, 2020
Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9e Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9e Patch Notes
Dark Nexus now causes you to gain 7 mana every 3 seconds (from reducing channel cost by 2).
Zweihander Reichweite increases area by 50% (from 35%) and requires 2 points in Reckless Combatant (from 3).
Reckless Combatant now increases melee damage while spinning rather than Warpath Hit damage.
Nodes that previously had the condition "while not using a shield" now have the condition "while using a two handed weapon".
Bug Fixes
Posted By Sarno on August 12, 2020
Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9d Patch Notes

Monolith of Fate
Timeline Progress Saving
When you die in the Monolith of Fate or leave an Echo before completing the objective, your progress in that Timeline is no longer reset.
Instead, you lose a number of Echoes Conquered and active modifiers, and can continue the run from there.
Quest Echo completion is not lost when your run is set back.
The UI for selecting your next Echo now shows how many Echoes Conquered are required to have a chance to find the next Quest Echo.
Boss Balan...
Posted By Hackaloken on August 8, 2020
Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9c Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9c Patch Notes
| Table of Contents |
| --- |
|  1. Monolith of Fate |
|    1.1. Developer Commentary |
|  2. Enemies |
|    2.1. Developer Commentary |
|  3. Sound |
|  4. Items |
|  5. Bug Fixes |
|    5.1. Assemble Abomination |
|    5.1. Miscellaneous |
Monolith of Fate
Abomination boss
Tail slam deals 25% more damage
Necrotic projectiles deal their maximum damage once t...
Posted By Sarno on August 6, 2020
Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9b Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9b Patch Notes
Thank you for the amazing reception to Patch 0.7.9!
We're releasing the first roud of changes and bug fixes in response to your feedback and bug reports, with more scheduled to be discussed during meetings both this week and next.
| Table of Contents |
| --- |
|  1. Monolith of Fate |
|  2. Uniques |
|  3. Enemies |
|  4. Skills |
|    4.1. Bone Curse |
|  5. Sound |
|  6. Bug Fixes |
Monolith of Fate\...
Posted By Sarno on August 5, 2020

Last Epoch Patch 0.7.9 Overview

0.7.9 Patch Notes:
Active Community Discord:
Last Epoch is a loot-based Action RPG that combines time travel, deep character customization, crafting, and an engrossing item system that guarantees endless replayability.
Last Epoch combines time travel, exciting dungeon crawling, engrossing character customiz...
Posted By Last Epoch on August 4, 2020
Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9 Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9 Patch Notes
A Patch Overview video by Game Director Judd Cobler.
| Table of Contents |
| --- |
|  1. Monolith of Fate |
|  2. Tier 6 and 7 Affixes |
|  3. Uniques |
|  4. Item Sets |
|  5. Skills |
|  6. Passives |
|  7. Arena |
|  8. Controller Support |
|  9. Game Balance |
| 10. Skill Balance |
| 11. Items |
| 12. Sound |
| 13. Quests |
| 14. Animation |
User Interface |
Posted By Sarno on August 4, 2020