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Cold Lightning Blast Ice Nova Runemaster Build Guide

Posted By Tankus on September 15, 2023
Last updated on September 16, 2023



Delete Bosses with an icy Lightning Blast.

Wipe out maps with shattering Ice Novas.

Protect yourself with various elemental shields.

This build used Cold converted Lightning Blast for single target using Convergence 1/1 making you hit your target four times per spellcast. To counteract the tremendous mana costs we are using Foot of the Mountain completely removing the mana cost once we stand still for three seconds. But fear not since Teleport does not count as you moving you can still reposition yourself without losing the effect.

For mapping, we are taking advantage of Cold Elemental Nova, which is both manually cast and automatically cast by using Teleport. Because of its Area tag this also enables us to use the new Runemaster Passive node Edict of the Scion 6/6 for early and easy Ward generation.

Lastly, this build has great defenses using Reowyn's Frostguard , Flame Ward, Lightning Aegis and Sphere of Protection 8/8 for four different less damage taken multipliers with ginormous amounts of ward generated by using Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros.

Pros & Cons


Fast Mapping with selfcast Elemental Nova and Teleport proccing Nova as well as permanent Haste

High Single Target Damage with Lightning Blast

Great Defenses autocasting Runic Invocation: Reowyn's Frostguard, Ward stacking with Edict of the Scion 6/6 and Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros

Very easy gearing by stacking Intelligence on every slot for Damage, Crit, Ward Retention, Flat Ward gained by Frostguard, and Cooldown Recovery Rate


Absolutely needs Foot of the Mountain for Single Target Spamming of Lightning Blast

Melee-ish mapping with Elemental Nova might not be for everybody

Gameplay / Mechanics

Intelligence Stacking

This build takes advantage of Intelligence stacking on every piece possible. Intelligence grants every damage skill 4% damage as well as 4% ward retention. You are also granted 3% increased critical strike chance per point of Intelligence because of Calculated Destruction 5/8 and also 1% cooldown recovery rate per 4 point of Intelligence from Ancient Inscriptions 8/10.

Single Target

Lightning Blast is one of the highest Single Target Damage Skills because of Convergence 1/1 allowing a single cast to be chained to the same enemy up to three times for four hits total per cast. It also has one of the best skill trees granting many more multipliers such as Shattershock 3/3 and Frontloaded 4/5. It also gives easy access to Lightning Nova granting an additional 25% less damage taken defensive layer. This also enables the use of four large idols PrefixIncreased Cast Speed while you have Lightning Aegis for up to 76% increased cast speed. The major downside of using Lightning Blast for single target is the high mana cost combined with the high cast speed deleting your mana very fast. This is solved by the usage of the unique boots Foot of the Mountain which grant -6 to mana cost of skills after standing still for three seconds putting Lightning Blast's mana cost to exactly zero. Standing still isn't much of a problem in boss fights as you can still reposition yourself using teleport which does not count as movement and therefore also does not break the mana cost reduction of the boots. Also after acquiring Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros you can also face tank lots of content by generating ward up to ten thousand.

Mapping Clear

Elemental Nova is used for clearing as it has decent AoE and damage as well as being procced three times for free on every Teleport cast using the nodes Elemental Dawn 1/1, Elemental Dusk 1/1 and Elemental Midnight 1/1. Elemental Nova's mana cost is reduced to 2 mana by a combination of Cryomantic Fragility 4/4 and Glacial Might 3/5 for a smooth experience while mapping. If you have higher mana regeneration you can also put more points into Glacial Might for more damage. As Elemental Nova is an area skill it also takes great advantage of the newly introduced Runemaster Passive Node Edict of the Scion 6/6 granting 146 Ward every cast in combination with Arcane Focus 8/8. IMPORTANT: DO NOT SKILL EITHER Lightning Nova or Fire Nova AS THIS WILL CHANGE THE RUNE YOU WILL GET FROM Immutable Order 1/1.

Layer of Defenses

The backbone of this build is autocasting Runic Invocation by using Num Lock. The Invocation is based on the first three elemental Skills on your hotbar by using Immutable Order 1/1. The invocation that we will be using is Reowyn's Frostguard granting 30% less damage taken from all sources and generating a burst of Ward and then smaller amounts of Ward every second for 13 seconds. To use this specific Invocation you need the combination of cold → fire → cold in your hotbar. This is achieved by using cold converted Lightning Blast using the node on the basic mage passive tree Rune of Winter 1/5. The fire spell is Flame Ward followed by Elemental Nova with only Ice Nova being enabled for the last cold skill. Both Teleport and Runic Invocation do not count for Immutable Order 1/1 so you can just place them anywhere on your hotbar as you like.

Flame Ward is also purely on autocast as Runic Invocation. By having high cooldown recovery rate it gives a relative high uptime of its own 30% less damage modifier as well as its nodes Barrier 5/5 and Prismatic Buffer 3/3. Additionally, it is also used to generate Haste by using the node Flame Runner 1/1, which will then get prolonged and kept up permanently by Teleport Node Comet Rush 4/4.



Stat Priorities


In general use suffixes to fix your resistances first then focus on getting life. Try to get one high rolled or two rolls of SuffixArmour and Reduced Bonus Damage from Crits to negate critical hits together with Mental Catalysis 6/6.

Frostbite Shackles are not mandatory but nice to have, especially when you have them with LP Intelligence slammed.

Foot of the Mountain are mandatory, use them even without any LP. They are easily farmable in the Lightless Arbor Dungeon Tier 2 and higher.

Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros elevates our defense greatly. You can target farm them in the Reign of Dragons timeline boss fight. LP does not matter but is nice to have.

For the wand and catalyst any of the listed prefixes are good as the exalted affix. Make sure you have sufficient crit rate before focusing too much on Critical Strike Multiplier.

You want to have chance to Shock anywhere on your gear to take full advantage of Shattershock 3/3 and Shatter Nova 3/3. For the latter you also want to have chance to Ignite as well.

Ring 2

Same as other ring

Same as other ring


Get cast speed while you have Lightning Aegis x4. Use suffixes to either get more health or resistances.

Fill the rest with Stout Idols either getting crit chance or if needed Shock or Ignite chance.

For bosses use Throne of Ambition if you have one to greatly increase your cold damage and armour.


The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


This is not recommended for leveling. You can switch to this build once you have a pair of Foot of the Mountain.

You can level using any generic Runemaster Leveling strat and then respec.


Once you are at Empowered Monoliths make your way to The Black Sun timeline and get Grand Hunger of the Void, Once you have enough leech you can farm a Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros in the boss fight in the Reign of Dragons timeline.

With this you should be able to clear all remaining timelines easily to collect the rest of the blessings and start increasing your corruptions levels. You can now expect to reliable get exalted items to upgrade your build as well as to start to farm some LP versions of the uniques.

After that you can start to farm for LP versions of Unstable Core and Mad Alchemist's Ladle for the advanced endgame build, shown in the alternate build version.

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.


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