Latest Patch Info (Patch 1.0) - February 21st, 2024

Last Epoch Tools is now updated to Patch 1.0!

Here's a list of things to check out:

Detailed post covering all site changes can be found here.

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Latest News

An Update to the Refer A Friend Program

We have heard your concerns with the current Refer A Friend system implementation and will be temporarily disabling it.
Because we aren’t fans of letting a small issue ruin the fun for others, we will be granting everyone who owns a copy of Last Epoch all three of the bee pets.
However, the teams here are very focused on getting services back up and working. As a result of us not wanting to take time away from that, we are going to hold off on granting these rewards un...
Posted By EHG_Kain on February 23, 2024
Patch Notes

Last Epoch 1.0.0a Hotfix Notes (02/21/2024)

This is a minor hotfix to quickly correct a character creation bug, and enable the alert message system.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where you couldn't create a character after clicking through the cycle character explanation
Enabled in game System Alert messages
Posted By EHG_Kain on February 22, 2024

Our Gift To You & Thank You

Thank you so much for your incredible patience as we work hard to address the ongoing issues. Your support means the world to us! As mentioned in our previous updates, we've established an active update thread on both our forums and Discord:
Join us on Discord:
Visit our Forums:
To express our heartfelt gratitude for your patience, we're delighted to present you with a unique toke...
Posted By EHG_Steve on February 22, 2024

1.0 Server Status Thread

Most Recent Status Update
Update - 06:41pm
Many seem to be connecting and playing without issue but we are investigating reports of players who are unable to login. Thank you all again for your patience.
Known Workarounds
Update - 04:09pm
Online mode is currently unavailable.
This can be accessed through the Steam UI by following these instructions:
Right clicking on the game in your library
Select Properties
Under general there will be a section titled Launch Options...
Posted By EHG_Kain on February 21, 2024

Last Epoch 1.0 is Live!

Greetings Travelers,
Today is a historic day for the Last Epoch team and everyone here at Eleventh Hour Games (EHG). What started as an after-hours passion project has blossomed into one of the most anticipated releases in the ARPG genre, and we are blown away by the support we have received.
Thank You. Thank you to our families for putting up with us while we worked long into the night, and thank you to our community for supporting us even when all we had was a dream and a few vagu...
Posted By EHG_Kain on February 21, 2024

Developer Stream 2.16.24 | Last Epoch

Last Epoch developer Mike enjoys some Last Epoch while taking questions from the community.
Join us weekly on Friday at 3:00pm central time on twitch at
Last Epoch combines time travel, exciting dungeon crawling, engrossing character customization and endless replayability to create an Action RPG for veterans and newcomers alike. Travel through the world of Eterra’s past and face dark empires, wrathful gods and untouched wilds – to find a ...
Posted By Last Epoch on February 19, 2024
Site Update

Last Epoch Tools is updated to Patch 1.0

Here's a list of things to check out:
New items | New prefixes | New suffixes | Item and affix changes
Changes to skills, skill trees and passive trees
Changes to ailments
Two new masteries, Warlock and Falconer, can be checked in the Build Planner
Warlock skills: Chaos Bolts | Ghostflame | Soul Feast (reworked) | Profane Veil | Chthonic Fissure
Falconer skills: Explosive Trap | Net | Aerial Assault | Dive Bomb | Falconry
Paladin's skill Healing Hands finally got a skill tree
Primalist got a...
Posted By Dammitt on February 19, 2024

Last Epoch Patch 1.0 | Patch Overview

Join Game Director Judd Cobler for a very special Patch Notes Overview, as we celebrate the launch of Last Epoch and the 1.0 Patch.
Link to the full Patch Notes on the forums:
The fight for Eterra begins on February 21st, 2024.
Pre-Order your copy to get the exclusive "Golden Guppy" cosmetic pet, and if you already have a copy of Last Epoch you can upgrade to one of the fantastic editions!
Last Epoch - Deluxe Edition: https://sto...
Posted By Last Epoch on February 19, 2024
Patch Notes

Last Epoch 1.0 Patch Notes
Last Epoch 1.0 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler
Last Epoch is Releasing February 21, 2024 at 5:00 PM!
Welcome everyone to the Patch Notes for Last Epoch 1.0! It's been an amazing road to this point, and it's unreal to be writing patch notes without using the term "Beta Patch". With this patch Last Epoch will officially be leaving Early Access. We couldn't have made it to this point without all of you, our amazing co...
Posted By EHG_Kain on February 19, 2024

Planned Server Downtime: Tuesday, February 20th at 11:00 CT

In order to prepare the servers for launch, we will be taking them offline February 20, 2024 at 5:00 PM.
Last Epoch will be unavailable until February 21, 2024 at 5:00 PM.
Posted By EHG_Kain on February 18, 2024
Last Epoch 1.0 launches Feb 21st, 2024!