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Last Epoch Tools is updated to Patch 1.0

Posted By Dammitt on February 19, 2024

Patch 1.0 support

Last Epoch Tools is now updated to Patch 1.0! Here's a list of things to check out:

Localization support

Some of you might know that I started working on localization support back in December. Since then the site is 95% localized and roughly 60% of texts were translated.

There's still some that needs to be done on my end as well as translations have to be completed, but hopefully this will be finished in the upcoming weeks.

P.S. There's still no Korean translator yet, and Portuguese (Brazil) progress is a tad slow, so if anyone is willing to volunteer, please contact me.

The rest of the changes


  • Fixed an issue that prevented viewing Account/Character profiles if there was a space in their names
  • Fixed progress indicator not always appearing on page load
  • Fixed paging links

Character Profiles

  • Improved mobile support

Build Planner

  • Current character build now displays both Game Cycle and Version instead of just Game Version as before
  • Added support for Warlock and Falconer skills trees and passives
  • Added proper handling for the skills that were removed from the game (e.g. Ice Thorns) when migrating the build to the latest game version
  • Builds opened from Character Profiles can now be migrated to the latest game version
  • Items with faction requirements now have a faction icon displayed next to the item icon in the Equipment panel
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to remove invested points in skill/passive trees ignoring restrictions
  • Fixed skill cooldown calculations
  • Fixed an issue with "+ Level of X minion skills" not increasing the level of some skills
  • Fixed an issue with HUD skills not loading in certain cases
  • [Item selector] Unusable item types in the left panel are now hidden instead of being shown as disabled as it was before
  • [Item selector] Blessings are now split into Normal and Empowered, the latter category is selected by default
  • [Stats] "Calculations" tab now shows the selected skill's mana and cooldown
  • [Stats] "Stun Chance" in "Offense" tab was renamed to "% Stun Chance" to clear up the confusion
  • [Stats] "Reduced Bonus Damage Taken From Critical Strikes" is now shown in "Defense" tab
  • [Stats] "Double Damage Chance" is now shown in "Other" tab
  • [Stats] "Parry Chance" is now shown in "Defense" tab and it's accounted for in EHP calculations

Game Guide

  • Improved image scaling

Skill Database

  • Improved mobile support for tooltips
  • Skills that apply periodic damage now show damage effectiveness per second
  • Skills now show "Use Delay" and "Use Duration"

Ailment Database

  • Improved mobile support for tooltips

Minion Database

  • Improved mobile support for tooltips

Item Database

  • Improved mobile support for tooltips
  • Item cards now have a new UI, a bit closer to the one used in the game
  • 1x1 grid items (rings, amulets, 1x1 idols) now have larger icon sprites
  • Item cards now include faction requirements if there are any
  • Added section for Lenses (Circle of Fortune faction feature)
  • All Legendary Potential chances are now shown (previously LP3/LP4 could be hidden)
  • [Version changelog] New items are now grouped by global type (equipment, idol, crafting etc.) instead of item type
  • [Version changelog] If a prefix changes into a suffix and vice versa, this will be tracked in the changelog now
  • [Version changelog] When viewing specific item change history, there won't be duplicated "Added in version X" entries and changes are now always shown in proper chronological order

Endgame (Dungeons, Monolith, Arena)

  • Improved mobile support for tooltips

My Builds

  • Added Cycle filter
  • Added progress indicator on page load

Build Guides

  • Improved mobile support
  • Updated class colors
  • Section headers now have proper anchors
  • [List] Added Cycle filter
  • [List] Added progress indicator on page load
  • [Creator] Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the editor content to be scrolled to the top when changing formatting

Build Guides

  • Improved mobile support
  • Added Cycle filter
  • [Youtube crawler] Fixed an issue with description parsing

Loot Filters

  • Added Cycle filter
  • You can now copy rules from any public/unlisted filter, not just yours

Main Page

  • The latest build guides are now shown instead of the latest builds


  • This section was removed because it needs rework; it will be added back at some point in future

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