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NovaClaw Spark Charge Runemaster Build Guide

Posted by Preheet on March 19, 2024
Last updated on March 26, 2024



Hey Everyone!

Are you looking for a build that can comfortably clear monoliths & bosses from 1000+ Corruption and beyond? Then look no further! This build will certainly have you smiling as you melt screens-worth of enemies while clearing Monoliths.

Be Warned: This is a high end build that requires significant investment to push High Corruption, but I aim to give you all a solid upgrade path that will comfortably take you through Empowered Monoliths while you're grinding and pushing Corruption.

The main source of damage from this build comes from investing tons of points into Frost Claw in order take advantage of Celestial Conflux 3/3. This give us the ability to cast Screen Wide Elemental Novas that will apply Spark Charges to every enemy in sight, causing massive explosions and large AoE Damage.

The main differences with this build is that unlike other builds floating around online, it is incredibly tanky and invests heavily into Intelligence, making it so that the ward we generate through sources like Celestial Doom 7/10is retained for longer, allowing you to stand in almost anything and survive. Additionally, our damage is pushed even further from Spark Charges as we are using Fragment of the Enigma while getting as much Intelligence as possible.

All credit to Macin Brzeski & SMK for the initial build conception. It was first constructed by them & I've simply put it into words and moved it forward as they're no longer playing.

If you have any questions about the build feel free to stop by my stream, always happy to help.


Pros & Cons


S Tier Clear Speed

S Tier Quality of Life

S Tier Gear Upgrade Path

S Tier Monolith Clearing

Great Bossing (Up to a certain point)

The kind of build you can always keep improving!


Requires a lot of uniques to function properly

Struggles Against VERY High Corruption Orobyss

Can't see anything

Turns your PC into a Space Heater

Lags the Servers

Playing with Friends will make them hate you

Gameplay / Mechanics

Build Playstyle

The basics are quite simple. Frost Claw is our main ability, and will automatically cast Large Elemental Novas that are scaled in size by nodes like Infernal Nova 1/1 to apply Spark Charges to enemies. These charges will explode, dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies nearby. The damage of this AoE is scaled by Intelligence, by virtue of using a Fragment of the Enigma.

Aside from holding down Frost Claw, the only other mechanics to mention are how the build retains an EHP of over 100K while clearing Monoliths and Bosses. Since we are a Runemaster we can take advantage of Reowyn's Frostguard from Runic Invocation, which grants us a HUGE 30% Damage Reduction (DR), which also bolsters our Ward on cast. This invocation is automatically generated by ensuring that we've taken Immutable Order 1/1 in the Runic Invocation tree. This will allow us to retain the proper sequences of Runes regardless of what we chose to cast, provided you have setup your action bar as detailed here:

  • You must ensure that the first three spells on your action bar IN ORDER are Flame Rush, Flame Ward and Snap Freeze, or some variation of FROST, FIRE, FROST in order for Immutable Order 1/1to function correctly, by providing us with Reowyn's Frostguard.
  • This will not only guarantee that your Runic Invocation Combo will always grant you Reowyn's Frostguard, but also allow you to cast Flame Ward during tough Monoliths (Providing you with further Damage Reduction), and allow you to Freeze Bosses and hard enemies.
  • Snap Freeze is incredibly useful at dealing with bosses and it will prevent them from casting or doing ANYTHING while Frozen, so take advantage of it!

Flame Ward is a core part of the builds defensives, and should be used when Flame Rushing around the Echo approaching dangerous packs. Look to keep the uptime on this buff as high as possible, as it also grants us additional Ward Retention, and lots of DR through Barrier 5/5 and Prismatic Buffer 3/3.

Boss Specific Tips

During Bosses, you want to use Flame Rush on cooldown by simply tapping the ability in order to proc Fiery Overload 2/2. This will grant you Frenzy, increasing your attack/cast speed by 25%, which is a significant damage increase while stationary. If done correctly your character shouldn't move and simply stay in the same spot, while benefitting from the buff.

Remember to invoke Reowyn's Frostguard fairly regularly during bosses, as the ward gain and damage reduction remain important for incoming damage, while also benefitting from nodes such as Transcriber of Power 4/4.

Try to also keep a decent uptime on Flame Ward, as the damage reduction you gain from it are quite significant when specializing into nodes such as Barrier 5/5 and Prismatic Buffer 3/3. You should never be capped on charges, as we have (2) with the talent setup suggested.

Utilize Snap Freeze as much as possible while near the boss to either delay or prevent mechanics. This can prove to be especially useful for bosses such as Emperor of Corpses, where standing still can be a huge damage increase.


This build relies heavily on gear, and your millage may vary should you lack important pieces such as a Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros with +Levels to Frost Claw. It is also a fine balance in terms of Mana Management. This build aims to take advantage of the Lightning Damage Bonus on Ornate Glass Idols as listed in the planner.



Stat Priorities


Getting the proper Legendaries for this build might be tough, and I cannot answer all questions related to variations here. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop by my stream and I'll be happy to help!


For LP:

PrefixCritical Strike Chance


SuffixArmor and Reduced Bonus Damage from Crits

Any Resists your build still needs!


For LP:

PrefixExperimental Traversal Cooldown Recovery on Potion Use

PrefixLightning Damage

Any Resists your build still needs!


For LP:

PrefixCast Speed

PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier

Any Resists your build still needs!


Any Combo of the following

PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier

PrefixSpell Critical Strike Chance

PrefixLightning Damage

You want shred as a suffix!

SuffixChance to Shred Armour on Hit

Any Resists your build still needs!

Look to seal a T1 Frailty if possible


If you are using Static Shell and want to take advantage of the 300 Mana threshold, taking the Grand Light of the Moon is a solid choice, otherwise Grand Mysteries of the Deep should be taken as it provides a lot of extra damage.

Grand Hunger of the Void is great if your main focus is on clearing Monoliths and ignoring bosses, along with Grand Winds of Oblivion to cap your Critical Strike Chance.

Ending the Storm
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire
The Last Ruin

Build Variants


Didn't level as Frost Claw so I will refrain from commenting. I'm sure there is some info online that can cover this! Will update this section if I come across it.


As you push Higher Corruption, there are certain things to be aware of!

Orobyss will almost certainly be a struggle. You can outplay certain mechanics, but simply by virtue of how the build fuctions, it makes it quite hard to see ground effects, making certain mechanics very difficult. If you would like to see how this build performs on a 2000 Corruption Orobyss, you can visit my Twitch channel and view the highlight I've created to see me managing to kill him with a fairly trivial set of mechanics

Loot Filter

I've created a very simple and easy to understand Loot Filter that you can find here https://youtu.be/wfp3o3h67iE.

Since I am Circle of Fortune, this is not intended for use with Merchant's Guild, although it can be adapted quite easily.


Why Static Shell over Unstable Core?

  • The damage reduction provided by Static Shell, in addition to the 15% MORE damage gain makes the choice quite difficult, especially in higher corruption. If you instead opt to play with Frozen Malice 1/1 and have no issues with your Mana, Unstable Core can be used effectively. Please check out the build variant I've included in this guide for specifics about playing with Unstable Core. From my testing, Unstable Core provides far less damage than Static Shell, along with much less defensives.

Do I need a +3/+4 Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros?

  • While people have been stating you can play without it, I generally advise that you try your best to get that item first before transitioning to this build. You may opt to use an exalted relic for the time being until you can sucessfully create the legendary.

Are there any substitutes for gear I can use while putting this build together?

  • Using a well-rolled Omnis will aid with your Skill Levels, and also alleviate pressure to cap your Resistances. Feel free to use it if you have one until you are able to swap it out for a good Exalted Amulet!

Is Lightning Blast Better than this version?

  • In my opinion, No. It is far worse simply due to the fact that it doesn't provide a consistent enough uptime on Lightning Aegis, as compared to the alternatives and generally feels worse to play from my experience.

Does this build run into Mana Issues?

  • Unlike the Lightning Blast version of this build, it does not. If you obtain the gear listed in the planner and have the proper +Levels invested into both Frost Claw and Elemental Nova, you will NEVER run into Mana Issues. You can hold down Frost Claw until your heart's content and be completely fine.

Is Crest of Unity good for this build?

  • No. Crest of Unity provides damage & penetration to Elemental Nova, which we do not care for, since the damage from this build comes from both Frost Claw and Spark Charges 5/5 . This item can be used while still gearing the build, in order to get more points into the skill, but should not be used in place of the other recommended items found in the guide. The only thing about this item that is relevant is the less damage taken, which can be useful but completely unnecessary.



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