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KayKudo's DoT Ice Totem Shaman Build Guide

Posted by KayKudo on March 24, 2024
Last updated on March 24, 2024



Hello and welcome.

If you are reading this, it's because you're sick of seeing the same old meta builds for the (Falconer, Warlock and runemaster). So, let's get into the bread and butter of how this build works. Early game will be an obstacle but don't worry, around level 40 is where things will pick up. The build will consist of using Spriggan Form for movement, Summoning totems and massive healing. You'll want to focus on collecting gear with Minion damage, Totem damage, Attunement and Minion cold damage. This will be your main juice throughout the process. Why you might ask? Because this is the main damage source for Summon Thorn Totem, Summon Healing Totem and Summon Storm Totem.

I'm currently level 80 with this build and there are tons of room for improvement, that being said you'll be spawning numerus totems, a MAX of 16 in the late game. the totems will also heal you while you are in Spriggan Form and you'll have decent movement up to 30-40% + 30% with haste. Monolith and dungeons are fast and easy but bossing is a little lack luster, but don't you worry it still kills.

I hope this short and simple overview shows what to expect in the later game. please let me know if I've missed anything and don't be afraid to give suggestions to better improve the build, I will update this guide once I find the rest of the gear needed as soon as possible.

Pros & Cons


  • A different way to play.
  • Infinite Spriggan Form.
  • Two button casting build.
  • Fast monolith dungeon clears.
  • DOT dealer.
  • Massive healing with healing totems.


  • Requires a lot of unique specific gear.
  • Lacks on fast boss clears.
  • ‎Movement speed is soft capped around 40-80%.
  • ‎‎Has an issue with frame drops in late game content.

Gameplay / Mechanics

This build is heavily dependent on Summon Thorn Totem, Summon Storm Totem all the way through to level 30-40ish. Once you are here you will want to spec into Spriggan Form to start summoning Summon Healing Totem. These totems are the main damage makers, you first want to take advantage of Spiked Totems 1/1 in the Spriggan Form tree to allow your Healing totems to shoot thorns which double dip any damage nodes inside of thorn totem.

Next you'll want Impale 3/3 and Torrent of Thorns 3/3 in the Summon Thorn Totem tree to allow both Healing and thorn totems to have a chance in double damage and a chance to shoot an extra projectile, the faster the better. We also need to pick up Forested Expanse 4/4 and Unbound Garden 3/3 to allow a MAX of 9 healing totems while in Spriggan Form. Also, above level 30 look out for this idle Ornate Heorot Idol so that you have a chance to summon Summon Thorn Totem while in Spriggan Form, a MAX of 6 can spawn by chance using Spirit Thorns which is Spriggans main attack. This allows us to now have [15] totems so far! At level 78 Stormcarved Testament is unlocked and can be equipped if you have it, this allows us to summon our final totem, the Summon Storm Totem. Now that we have our trio of totems we need cold damage. First grab Pillars of Heorot 1/1 this will allow our Healing totems to deal cold damage, also grab Frost Attunement 1/1 for some freeze multipliers for the totem. After that we will go into Summon Storm Totem and get Blizzard 1/1 and also get Icicles 5/5, Frostbite 3/3 these will help a ton after level 78.

Now that we have the skills and skill points we shall explain how it all comes together.

  1. Go into Spriggan Form and use Summon Healing Totem until you have 9 total totems.
  2. Use Spirit Thorns to have a chance of procing your idle Ornate Heorot Idol for a couple extra totems.
  3. Using Stormcarved Testament will also proc by chance to summon Summon Storm Totem while staying in Spriggan Form using spirit thorns.

You should have up to 10-16 totems up at all times.

This should stack cold and frostbite rabidly, over 100 is a good number.



Stat Priorities


Totems are considered minions, so stack as much minion damage and totem damage as possible until you are a high enough level to get every totem a cold element.

Focus on these in order 1-5 below to help scale quicker in end game content:

  1. PrefixMinion Damage - Raw flat percent to minion's base damage.
  2. PrefixMinion Critical Strike Multiplier - I would currently try and get more of this so that crits with cold damage dramatically increase.
  3. PrefixTotem Damage - Another must have in the idles, chest and helm.
  4. SuffixMinion Melee and Spell Damage - Totems are spell damage not melee, so this will improve damage even further.
  5. SuffixMinion Spell and Bow Damage - Again more minion spell damage.
  6. SuffixCold Penetration and Minion Cold Penetration - This will help with penetrating any enemy with cold resist.


The Black Sun
Ending the Storm
Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire
The Last Ruin

Build Variants


For starting out take the Summon Thorn Totem for your first leveling skill, it will be a slow start to the early game, but it picks up later on. Second, once unlocking Shaman class I'd use the second leveling slot for Summon Storm Totem, at this point you should have your 5 totems running around dealing shmedium damage. these will carry you all the way up to level 30-40 until you have the Spriggan Form. Once you have these 3 skills you should be able to follow the passives and build planner above to slowly put the pieces together and hunt the gear needed.


So, the end game was pretty much explained above on how everything works, I haven't made it into corruption yet so I'm not entirely sure how this will work out in the later later game but there are a few end game pieces of gear that makes the Spriggan Form busted.

These two items below give infinite rage upon using them together.

Eterra's Path + Tears of the Forest have a weird yet simple rage regeneration without having to cast anything. While moving with Eterra's Path you have a chance to summon [3] vines every second, with tears of the forest you gain 2 rage per vine, meaning every time this procs you get 6 rage. Eterra's boots at max 28% is like having 1/3 chance to gain 6 rage a second. My account has 20% and I never go under a quarter of rage because of this. you can also add Silvafrond for a traversal skill which will spawn you at your vine locations, this will also generate rage while using Tears of the Forest.

Also Summon Spriggan can also cast Vines if you spec into it which will allow you to get 12 rage instead of 6.

PS - RAGE is Spriggan Form resource usage instead of mana usage.

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.




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