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Erasing Strike Crit King Void Knight Build Guide

Posted by sponge96 on March 27, 2024
Last updated on March 27, 2024




Having started my Last Epoch 1.0 journey with a Warlock, I wanted a new challenge – a build without ward and focused around melee. I have been attempting to balance this build around both monoliths and bosses and have settled with this current setup to maximise bossing potential (as bossing as Melee is much more of a challenge) while still comfortably clearing monoliths with a single Void Cleave + Erasing Strike combo.

I'm currently at 400 corruption and not remotely struggling. T4 Julra takes two full combo's to beat (She's dead before the second cast of the room clear). I'd expected this build with some small upgrades to defence to still be comfortable around 800+ corruption.

There are a number of interaction at play in this build and a couple setups you can use depending on preference of content. I'll do my best to lay out all the options.

Equipment setup

We are using gear linked to Doom. This is opens up a big increase to damage without actively having to change anything about the playstyle.

Apathy's Maw, Siphon of Anguish X2 allow the build to apply the max amount of Doom with minimal attacks. This is very important as the build doesn't attack very often so having a high % to apply means that multiple stacks will be applied for each attack; additionally we get a healthy dose of Void Penetration.

Shattered Chains is the least important Doom related gear piece but does give us some additional damage per stack of doom.

The rest of the gear is focused around enabling our high armour to have an increased effect on elemental damage and DoTs. For a health based build this becomes very important with high corruption.

Pros & Cons


8,000,000+ crits

Massive burst damage

High movement speed

Satisfying combo/rotation

Interesting node interactions

Not ward abusing (You actually have to think)


All Uniques / High gear requirement (MG recommended)

Can't face tank bosses

Can die if you're not avoiding high damage abilities

Gameplay / Mechanics

Main Rotation

The focus of the build is enabling your Erasing Strike to hit as hard as possible. The simplest combo to achieve this is via Void Cleave, we can use then use the Obliterator 1/1 node to ensure our next Erasing Strike is a critical. This combo is your main loop for clearing monoliths.

I have detailed each important interaction in the 'Boss Rotation' below. The majority of nodes don't come into play in the general rotation as the critical damage of Erasing Strike will one shot everything outside of bosses.

Boss Rotation

  1. Void Cleave the target. This will apply 5 stacks of Time Rot via Warped Decay 5/5 and 5 stacks of Shred Void Resistance via Fraying Strikes 5/5. It will auto cast Abyssal Echoes via the Resonating Cleave 1/1 node. Abyssal Echoes will Shred Armour via Rippling Corrosion 5/5 and Tides of Rust 4/5. It will also be pulsing multiple times on the spot because of Screaming Rifts 1/1 and Shrieking Echoes 2/2. On top of all of this Shred Armour it will be applying Slow which enables Void Supremacy 4/4.
  2. Anomaly the target. This will lock the target in place with Time Lock 1/1 (this makes it much easier to combo the other steps). It will also apply 1 stack of Time Rot with increased duration and 2 stacks of Shred Void Resistance per second via Time Bubble 1/1. Then finally we take Immediacy 1/1 to apply Mark of Rot 5/5 without any delay.
  3. Void Cleave the target, repeating step 1. (This may seem counter intuitive as we're essentially wasting a free crit on our Erasing Strike but we need the stacks of Time Rot to enable a more powerful node later. As well as all the interaction in Step 1 being reapplied)
  4. Volatile Reversal the target, this should hit the target twice due to Terminal Void Rift 1/1 + Incipient Void Rift 1/1 which will apply, +30% increased damage taken x2 and enable the following node to add 2 stacks of Time Rot which enables Food for Wyrms 4/4 to come into play. The target should now have 12 stacks of Time Rot.
  5. Erasing Strike, this should be a massive critical hit due to the setup above and Final Hour 1/1, Certain Erasure 2/2, Obliteration 4/5, Merciful 3/4, Erasure of the Living 5/5 and finally Mark of the End 3/4.
  6. Void Cleave then Erasing Strike
  7. Void Cleave then Erasing Strike
  8. Wait for cooldowns / mana regen then repeat steps.



Stat Priorities


Prefix (in order of importance)

Suffix (in order of importance)

Additional information

PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier is massive for this build. We get a lot of void damage from our gear and passive tree so it's important to get this on as many pieces of gear as possible.

PrefixMana Regeneration the build only really needs enough to enable your cooldowns for the 'Boss Rotation' and mana to match.

SuffixArmour + SuffixArmour you want to be sitting around 70% reduction.

SuffixHealth + SuffixHealth you want to be sitting around 3000 health if possible.

SuffixEndurance it's very important you get as close to the 60% CAP as possible, this will prevents a lot of one shots.


Ending the Storm
Reign of Dragons
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants



Higher Corruption

  • Avoid face tanking at all costs, as a health based build you should be avoiding damage where possible as you don't have a massive buffer like with ward.
  • Ensure you're setting up and doing the full combo on bosses, this build requires you to complete the full combo to be able to kill bosses quickly.
  • Focus on getting your defensives in a good place before getting more offensive affixes, this build does amazing damage with just PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier so I would recommend getting armour/health/endurance over more offensive affixes.
  • Due to high movement speed you should be able to easily avoid most trash monsters and focus on rushing the objectives. You can also use Volatile Reversal to get a boost of movement speed via Catching Up 3/3.

Struggling to clear?

Currently around 300 corruption you're able to easily clear monoliths with the Time Rot focused Erasing Strike but you may wish you take points out of Final Hour 1/1 and Rifts of Decay 2/4 and put them into Essence of the End 3/3; doing so will give you a consistent damage increase allowing you to have an easier time one shotting normal/rare monsters.

If you're still struggling you can also make some tweaks to Void Cleave by removing points from both Warped Decay 5/5 and Fraying Strikes 5/5 and putting them into some more damage focused nodes like Crushing Echo 5/5 and Abyssal Walker 4/4.

Doing the above will mean your boss rotation will be much less effective BUT if you're saving more time on getting to those boss it may be more efficient/fun for you.

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.




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