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Low Life Cold Acid Flask Falconer Build Guide

Posted by JuseYoutube on March 26, 2024
Last updated on March 28, 2024



Greetings time travellers and welcome to my guide for low life cold Acid Flask falconer for the endgame! I've managed to push this to 2000+ corruption right now and it has the potential to easily go beyond 2k as i'm still missing significant SuffixCold Resistance SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier from the build max which is a tonne of PrefixCold Penetration. This build is a transition from the life build, the build link of which you will find below, isn't for beginners and the Merchant Guild is recommended. If you fancy a fast-paced, active trapper playstyle with auto-targeting ice bombs and exploding razor blades then this could be the build for you!

The build uses the new Vial of Volatile Ice introduced in 1.0 which converts Poison chance from all sources to Frostbite chance for Acid Flask. Frostbite is a DoT that deals cold damage and increases chance to be Frozen by 20%. It has 36 base damage and lasts 3s. It can stack with no limit but only the first 30 stacks increase chance to be Frozen. Frostbite is affected by damage modifiers from the Acid Flask skill tree and attribute scaling (PrefixDexterity) of the skill that applies it. We are using Explosive Trap to fling 5 Acid Flask per cast as our main applicator of Frostbite, ramping up its damage with a focus on highPrefixThrowing Attack Speed, Frostbite base damage scaling and PrefixCold Penetration. Supported by a falcon that can throw Acid Flask and Umbral Blades, you will witness screen-wide explosions and freezes shredding enemies to bits! The core 3 uniques you will need are Frostbite Shackles, Snowdrift and Vial of Volatile Ice and to turn it into a low life build, Exsanguinous and at least t5 PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health on Frostbite Shackles.

Pros & Cons



Reliance on Explosive Trap spam to stay alive

Reliance on potions for mana if starved

Ward sustain isn't great

Hard to cap all resistances without ideal slams

Feels clunky without high PrefixThrowing Attack Speed

Slow bosser until fully optimised

Not hardcore viable

Not a cycle starter but a transition build requiring specific uniques

Gameplay / Mechanics

Gameplay is revolved around Explosive Trap stutter step spamming to fling as many Acid Flask out. Each cast of Explosive Trap can fling 5 Acid Flask and we can cast up to 3 traps per second with how fast we’re attacking. We have 4 damage components:

  1. The DoT of Acid Flask
  2. The cold damage of Explosive Trap
  3. The cold damage of Umbral Blades
  4. The DoT of Frostbite which is the bulk of our damage

Use direct Acid Flask to proc Poison Pools and Amatoxic Pools vs tougher enemies and restore mana from Sapping Strikes.

Use Aerial Assault as often as possible to generate ward (an insane 50% of our missing health), apply Frailty and restore mana from Refreshing Resolve. I personally use q for Explosive Trap instead of left or right click and put Aerial Assault on right click as i'm used to mobility skills there.

Use Falcon Strikes to execute Exiled Mages, rares and bosses when they get down to 16% health.

Role of Umbral Blades

We don't need to ever cast Umbral Blades, the falcon will summon 3 blades every Aerial Assault in random directions. They cost 2x3 = 6 mana on top of Aerial Assault 6 mana cost so 12 total but you get 9% of missing mana back from Refreshing Resolve so it's often free. Umbral Blades damage ramps up as you stack dusk shroud off of Explosive Trap spam which also scales the damage of ailments it applies ie. Frostbite. It gains 8% damage per dusk shroud from the Edge of Obscurity node. We won't be manually casting it nor using Smoke Bomb to double it's damage in this build as we summon them passively while traversing and want to focus on Explosive Trap spam. Umbral Blades only scales with cold damage, dexterity and throwing attack damage and there are no DoT nodes sadly. We won't be scaling it as we are solely scaling DoT damage for Frostbite. However we still have over 400% cold damage in the build with Throne of Ambition stacks and 50 dexterity.

The Edge of Obscurity is insane; when dusk shroud is stacked I currently get up to 1 mil Umbral Blades dps tooltip (which is decent being a direct damage skill when we are solely DoT scaling build). You will stack a lot of dusk shroud from both Explosive Trap spam & Shroud of Dusk and will be maintaining it to stay alive so it's free Frostbite scaling. Cold shard explosions from Explosive Blades will apply Frostbite. Poison sources won't convert to Frostbite for it as that only applies to Acid Flask but we've still got over 250% sheet Frostbite chance + 85% from Vial of Volatile Ice "cold hits".

The falcon can throw 3 Umbral Blades every Aerial Assault which is every 3.1s or less and they seek out enemies for 4.8s (but move if you recast Aerial Assault) and explode dealing a cold and fire shard explosion that deals increasing damage the longer they're out from Burst of Agony and seek enemies from Loathing. They can also freeze and chill enemies from Coldsnap Strike. I find using Umbral Blades is faster echo clear and higher boss dps than Smoke Bomb shadows throwing Explosive Trap but we're squishier. We will be using the explosive version. The other option is allowing the blades keep spinning on contact with enemies which would mean maxing 4/4 Steel Torrent and removing Explosive Blades and Burst of Agony. The bladestorms last 4.8s and hit 3 times per sec if you went the spinning route and don't scale with attack speed. Only 1 blade can hit an enemy, stunting boss damage. The issue with letting the blades spin is recasting Aerial Assault moves the previous 3 blades whereas the shard explosions do more damage the longer they're out from Burst of Agony. Better value vs bosses since all 3 can hit the boss. The explosive setup seems to be the higher dps setup from testing so far.

How to sustain mana

Role of the falcon

The falcon in this build plays a supportive role in granting us a 15% movement speed and attack speed buff for 5s in Wake of Wings which will be active most of the time, a 16% health execute with Falcon Strikes Bird of Prey which can execute bosses, Poison Pools converted "cold pool generation" for the Amatoxic Pools 10% DoT multiplier, mana sustain from Hunter's Spoils and extra Frostbite stacks off of it's Acid Flask throws. It by default throws an Acid Flask every 6s and has a 75% chance to gain a charge (more than enough to prolong the 5s Wake of Wings buff) every time you direct cast Acid Flask It can also throw 3 Umbral Blades every Aerial Assault. The falcon's damage is negligible to yours. It's throws scale with your own damage not minion damage which don't double up for minions if you had both on a piece of gear.

2/2 Marking Strikes gives the falcon a 40% chance to proc the Wake of Wings buff off of it's "other hits" aka Acid Flask. Thus is it important to be direct casting Acid Flask to maintain the buff, if not the falcon will only gain 1 Acid Flask charge every 6s.



Stat Priorities


Snowblind adds invaluable Chill to the build when we don't have it and extra Blind. To slam PrefixAttunement onto one you can use an exalted helm from any class and won't make the slam class-specific.

We are using Frozen Ire over a dagger as it caps our SuffixNecrotic Resistance so we can get SuffixCold Resistance elsewhere, gives 658% SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier where daggers can't get that, there are no good cold dagger uniques to slam, gives higher Frostbite base damage (even a 0 LP Frozen Ire will give you higher vs a quad damage rolled Crystal Wand such as Crystal Wand I found, a dagger way less so we trade less stacks for way more damage), frees up the poison nodes you'd take for defensive nodes like Shroud of Dusk to stay alive in high corruption and the 120% PrefixCold Damage and Tundra Nova for extra ward generation are nice freebies.

Snowdrift is our second source of cold penetration stack with Knowledge of Immunity so we want as much SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier as possible. However PrefixDamage Over Time scales the base damage of Frostbite harder than SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier so that is the first priority. SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier scales the base damage of Frostbite harder than PrefixCold Damage. You should always have a T7 PrefixElemental Damage Over Time roll wherever possible as this will scale Frostbite the hardest.

Ucenui's Sphere requires your PrefixAttunement to equal your PrefixIntelligence in order to give you the triple cold damage buff which will cause Frostbite base damage to ramp up massively vs bosses. It is 100% worth adjusting for and we'll use one of our Snowblind prefixes to do so.

Double Heirloom of the Last Nomad is purely for the double SuffixCold Resistance, high SuffixHealth and to cap your SuffixVoid Resistance so we can stack SuffixCold Resistance elsewhere. Remember, Knowledge of Immunity converts every 5% uncapped SuffixCold Resistance to 3% cold penetration for Acid Flask. It's worth noting here that there is no penetration cap. Penetration bypasses a given amount of enemy % res. This even can go into the negative, so even on enemies with 0 res (which most enemies have) it will increase your daage. Frostbite is affected by damage modifiers from the skill tree and attribute scaling of the skill that applies it so 100% will be impacted by your SuffixCold Resistance. A more expensive alternative is double Red Ring of Atlaria. We won’t be using it as it’s unrealistic you will ever find or buy one in 3+ LP in a cycle.

Xithara's Conundrum prevents SuffixHealth Regeneration giving us more stable ward. Additionally it grants us burst ward when we consume a potion, preventing our potions from stopping ward generation due to the life drain effect of Exsanguinous and PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health. The leech won’t be an issue as we aren’t leeching anyways. A more expensive, tankier alternative is Orian's Eye. We won’t be using it as it’s unrealistic you will ever find or buy one in 3+ LP in a cycle.

The Spidersilk Sash belt offers a huge boost in cold resistance. You can double rolls in the implicit and 2 suffixes giving up to 92% which is a tonne of cold penetration and ward retention. We be using it to cap our SuffixPhysical Resistance.

You want at least T5 PrefixExperimental Mana on Potion Use on the belt for mana sustain in longer fights vs bosses and orobyss and T6 PrefixExperimental Frenzy Effect on the boots for an insane attack speed buff after every Aerial Assault. Too much attack speed is never an issue with this build as we want to get out as much Frostbite DoT out in any given window of opportunity.

In order of priority from most to least important: PrefixElemental Damage Over Time > PrefixDamage Over Time > SuffixCold Resistance > SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier > PrefixCold Damage.

Legendary potential priority order on gear is listed below from most important (top) to least important (bottom).


Throne of Ambition gives us dual benefits in PrefixCold Damage and SuffixArmour. SuffixHealth and SuffixCold Resistance idols give more stable ward than SuffixHealth and SuffixHealth with the added benefit of damage through extra cold penetration and ward retention via Knowledge of Immunity and Frostbite Shackles at the cost of less ward stack from Aerial Assault Gustborne Guard.


The 300% SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier from Grand Weight of the Abyss converts to 60% cold penetration from Snowdrift and faster ward gain on freeze from Frostbite Shackles.

The extra 65% poison on hit from Grand Taste of Venom and 100% frostbite on hit from Grand Maw of Artor are a huge dps increase and you want to get these first.

Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire

Build Variants


You can level with a Crystal Wand for the mana implicit and quad damage rolls. T7 PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost do not come cheap and are hard to find so this will ease the mana pressure.

If you are CoF, you don't need Vial of Volatile Ice, you can just level as poison with as much SuffixChance to Poison on Hit you can find as this will eventually convert to Frostbite. You can use a combination of Explosive Trap slow casts and Acid Flask and it's poison pools and reap the full benefits of the poison nodes Hydrochloric Acid, Lasting Sickness and Contamination which currently don't work with cold.

If you are MG, buy a 0 LP Vial of Volatile Ice and go cold right away, they are extremely cheap!

The falcon will do significant damage while leveling as you are attacking a lot slower with Explosive Trap and for this reason the Falconry tree has falcon damage nodes such as Rending Talons however please note it's damage will fall off as you get better mana sustain and PrefixThrowing Attack Speed.

Bleeding Heart will carry you if you find or buy one early. Try get an 8.5-9% leech one. Aim to slam at least T7 PrefixElemental Damage Over Time on this first. Paired with Grand Wrath of Rahyeh you will breeze through the campaign without dying. I transitioned into the low life build around corruption 104x. There is no base build for low life as it requires significant investment in legendary potential slams to do enough damage and survive.


In corruption 1000+, you need to be careful vs elemental nasties like fire, gold spray, frost breath, poison DoT and the Exiled Mage’s rotating beam as these will usually be the things that kill you, otherwise you will be dodging most stuff in both echoes and boss fights. I managed to facetank a 1k orobyss (see here) using this setup although you never want to be doing that. The best way to deal with them when on multiple gaze is to kite them down with Explosive Trap and Acid Flask into the 16% execute with Falcon Strikes. The most lethal mechanic I found vs orobyss is flamethrower as it will one shot you in 1k+ corruption.

With the low life build, you want to be casting Aerial Assault to stack ward as often as possible inbetween Explosive Trap spam. Kiting bosses and orobyss will be a lot slower than direct casting Explosive Trap as you lose the 85% chance to apply Frostbite on cold hit; Acid Flask is a physical hit then a cold DoT but try to cast Explosive Trap ontop of them as much as possible for maximum dps.

You'll find early corruption gear will still be effective in corruption 1000+ due to our high cold penetration. For example the gear I used at 600, I still used in 1300+.

Loot Filter

Starter filter

Endgame filter (for both the low life and life builds)

The loot filters provided show all exalted but recolours them based on number of wanted affixes. They hide all set items. Ignore the normal exalted (purple) as they won't have the wanted affixes for this build:

  • White = 1+ affixes (starter only)
  • Blue = 2+ affixes
  • Yellow = 3+ affixes
  • Pink = 4+ affixes

To install, click on one of the filter links above, click "Export", then "Save to File" or "Copy To Clipboard". Then when in-game, press the Esc key and click settings. About halfway down the gameplay tab, you'll find the loot filter section, along with a button that says 'Manage Loot Filters', add new loot filter then paste clipboard contents.


Does Vial of Volatile Ice Frostbite chance apply to Acid Flask?

The 80% Frostbite chance on “cold hit” from Vial of Volatile Ice doesn't apply to Acid Flask hits, they aren't a "cold hit", rather a physical hit then a cold DoT. Explosive Trap will get this bonus though being a cold hit. Direct hits with Explosive Trap will thus do a lot more damage than kiting with flask flings.

Can Create Shadow thrown Explosive Trap fling Acid Flask?

Yes. EHG forgot Explosive Trap in the Smoke Bomb Umbral Assault node tooltip - Create Shadow can clearly throw them and they fling to enemies. We aren't using shadows in this build as I found Umbral Blades builds echo stability faster and yields higher dps vs bosses.

Does Knowledge of Immunity work with cold?

This was confirmed to work by the devs. I tested too: with only Vial of Volatile Ice on, removing 3/3 Knowledge of Immunity doesn't affect the base damage of Frostbite directly but increases the base damage of Acid Flask (a cold skill) which in turn increases the damage of ailments: Frostbite is affected by damage modifiers from the skill tree and attribute scaling of the skill that applies it. (Tested with my Vial of Volatile Ice which has 47% cold res slammed with Knowledge of Immunity on/off).

Do Hydrochloric Acid, Lasting Sickness and Contamination work with cold?

No. Did some tests here.


Do I need x2 T7 PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost rings to play this build?

It is highly recommended you only switch to the low life build once you get x2 T7 PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost on exalted rings and later slam these onto 3+ LP Heirloom of the Last Nomad for a 75% chance at landing it but the life build can be played with T5+ rings with a 55-60 mana implicit Crystal Wand.

Why Aerial Assault over Shift?

A comparison:

Does Aerial Assault Refreshing Resolve work? I feel like I’m getting no mana back?

Yes. It restores 9% of your missing mana. If your pool is 146 (like me) and you deplete it, Aerial Assault would give you 13 back but costs 6 itself = 7 back. Break even point for me is 67 missing mana (when the bar shows 79) above which the spell consumes more mana than it gives back. Not as good as Shift Swift Recovery for mana sustain but 100% worth taking.

How much Frostbite sheet damage do I need?

3k base Frostbite sheet damage is the goal to easily climb corruption, 4k if you can get it feels a lot smoother and i'm melting mobs in 1.9k corruption with that currently.

Why don't you use PrefixThrowing Attack Speed on both rings?

The build originally had PrefixThrowing Attack Speed on both rings and you're probably wondering why i'm not running that. We've got PrefixExperimental Frenzy Effect on boots and if you can manage to get a T7 roll, it will give you 20%*1.6=32% attack speed for up to 4s after every Aerial Assault. Since the cooldown of Aerial Assault is 3.1s you'll be fine with a T6+ roll. You get another 30% attack speed on Exsanguinous on potion use, 15% from the falcon buff Wake of Wings and 12% from Swift Assassin. Too much attack speed is useless when you can't fully sustain it so I went PrefixElemental Damage Over Time on both rings for higher Frostbite base damage scaling as these are huge modifiers.

Can I run Aerial Assault and Umbral Blades in the life build?

You can by dropping 1/1 Gustborne Guard for 3/3 Covering Fire. Won't be able to stack ward. Shurikens armor buff is nice with leech in the life build though.

How can I fix lag playing this build?

Try the following:

  • Set Shadow Quality to Very Low
  • Disable Detailed Shadows
  • Set Ambient Occlusion to Very Low
  • Set Terrain Quality to Medium
  • Set Volumetric Lightning to Very Low

This will stabilise FPS while still letting the game retain its intended graphical potential.



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