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Bonk Knight - Erasing Strike Void Knight Build Guide

Posted by bokchoy on March 27, 2024
Last updated on April 18, 2024



The two greatest joys in ARPGs is running fast and hitting hard. If you agree, then this is a build for you.

The Void Cleave - Erasing Strike Void Knight is a melee build designed for all end-game content in Last Epoch.

It is built for extremely quick mapping, combining it's two main attractions: Blistering fast movement speed and a massive critical hit BONKS with enough power to two-shot anything besides bosses.

Its map traversal speed is second to none, capable of surpassing 130% Movement Speed bonus.

This build cuts through enemies with a simple two-hit combo. Clearing dungeons and monoliths is very straight forward. Void Cleave sets up Erasing Strike to obliterate everything within its wide radius. Move to the next pack, repeat.

Against anything that doesn't die in two hits, it boasts excellent burst damage. I've crit as high as just over 3 Million against Shade of Orobyss.

Despite its signature combo, it is not just a two-button build. Anomaly provides crowd control and a damage amp, Volatile Reversal is a huge damage steroid which doubles as a safety ability, Lunge grants another mobility option.

It is a very "fair" build. It doesn't do anything particularly overpowered. It won't one-shot bosses nor will it generate 50k ward. It plays a very honest playstyle, offensively and defensively. The build is very capable, but you have to work for it.

The most "unfair" thing it does is stun bosses with Anomaly via Time Lock. The tool tip says it doesn't affect bosses but it certainly does. A handy little trick that I love using but not vital to the build.

This build is perfect for anyone who enjoys fast-paced melee gameplay with giant screen-shaking critical hits.

It's a pretty low-key build, not high on the meta radar, making it a great choice for anyone looking to take a path less travelled.

I've gotten up to 1500+ corruption with this build, and can farm at ~1000 corruption with relative ease.

Pros & Cons


Excellent mapping and clear rate

Extremely high movement speed

High burst damage, crits for millions of damage

AoE crowd control and boss stun


Uses a lot of unique items

Melee playstyle comes with Melee problems

Health-based defenses, no Ward

Mana hungry

Gameplay / Mechanics

Skills Overview

This build is centered around the one-two punch of Void Cleave into Erasing Strike.

Each Void Cleave automatically casts Abyssal Echoes, both combining to shred the enemies defenses and amplifies our damage in multiple ways.

Follow it up with Erasing Strike, a screen-shaking massive bonk with a gigantic AoE radius and enough power to one-shot anything that isn't a boss. Simply point and click where you want to drop your nuclear bomb, and lift your weapon to see dust where your enemies used to be.

Anomaly provides a damage amp in the form of an AoE 4 second stun that even works on bosses.

Volatile Reversal is our biggest damage amp on a time reverse that puts us where we were 4 seconds ago.

Lunge is a free movement skill for extra fast mapping, since we don't need Abyssal Echoes on our bar.

Build Features and Synergies

Erasing Strike is extremely mana hungry. Some versions try to solve the mana problem by using a mana builder, like Vengeance or Rive. However, this build instead solves the problem with a heavy investment into Mana from gear, thus freeing up an entire extra skill.

Void Well is what generates Mana for us. Landing a Crit Erasing Strike grants one Void Essence stack per target hit. Having three stacks regenerates 1/3 of our max Mana when we bottom out. This is enough to sustain us as we plow through packs of enemies.

This build also focuses a lot around the Time Rot and Doom ailments, which are passively applied to targets we hit.

When Time Rot is built up to 12 stacks, Erasing Strike deals double damage. The idea is for the sequence of Void Cleave -Erasing Strike-Void Cleave-Erasing Strike to builds 12 stacks, unleashing its full power on the second bonk.

Erasing Strike will also Echo (a clone repeats the attack again) once guaranteed, with a good chance of echoing a second time. Each echo inherits all of our damage amplifiers, delivering a barrage of bonks for insane burst damage.



Stat Priorities


Note: Some of my gear/stat choices aren't exactly optimal, that's just what I have.


  • Darkstride because Movement Speed is the best stat in the game, and the extra charge of Void Cleave is absolutely necessary.
  • Titan Heart grants its own layer of damage mitigation while providing useful stats.
  • Apathy's Maw does everything we want: Void Melee Damage makes us run faster, Doom debuff synergizes with other uniques, and just great stats all around.
  • Shattered Chains gives us a means to defend against Stun, which happens a lot at higher corruption levels. Also interacts with Doom debuff.
  • Siphon of Anguish grats life leech, movement speed, Elemental Resist, and even more Doom synergy. All things we want.
  • A second Siphon of Anguish is optional but the stats are very strong so I recommend it if you can get multiples at LP2 or LP3.
  • Code of an Erased Sentinel is totally optional, any Relic with good stats is perfectly fine here. A good Code with ideal stats is the best but very hard to get.

Gear Objectives

Max Mana at 350-450 and Mana Regen at 16+

PrefixMana and PrefixMana Regeneration

Without good Mana, we will have trouble sustaining against single-target. We even prioritize Mana economy over Damage stats.

Better mana stats increase margins of error so you're less likely to run out of gas vs single-target.

All Resistances to 75%

Between the Grand Resolve of Humanity, Passives, and natural Vitality, we get a lot of free resistances. Use Accessories and Idols to cap the rest.

Crit Immunity

Choose either to cap SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance at 100% or SuffixArmor and Reduced Bonus Damage from Crits to 80%+.

Do one or the other, don't mix and match both. The Crit Damage Reduction route is more efficient and we don't necessarily need to cap it to 100%.

Endurance to 60%

SuffixEndurance is a very efficient source of survivability. It can be capped with Grand Embers of Immortality and one suffix.

High Strength

Always PrefixStrength. It's usually our best damage stat and simultaneously boosts Armor.

High Health

Survivability is this build's bottleneck. Once your other defenses are capped, prioritize Health, even above Armor. One can argue that the Tier 7 Affix on LP Uniques should be SuffixHybrid Health or SuffixHealth where available, if the goal is to push the highest levels of corruption.

Other priority Affixes

Ideal Implicits for Non-Uniques

Body Armor

For LP:

PrefixLevel of Erasing Strike






We use Idols to fix resistances, otherwise grab as much Health as we can. Effective HP is our bottleneck so we prioritize it over damage-oriented Idols.


Grand Whisper of Orobyss and Grand Emptiness of Ash are similar in value and can be interchanged.

Ending the Storm
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin

Build Variants


While leveling, prioritize Mana-related stats even above damage related stats. Erasing Strike has very high base damage and will one-shot most things you encounter. However, the damage train stops when you run into Mana problems.

Always take care of your Resistances, using Suffixes and Idols as you progress. The Idols you see on my planner is based on having optimized gear that already takes care of my resistances. As your gear is progressing, you might not have that luxury yet, so use your Idols to fix your resistances.



Void Cleave into Erasing Strike is enough to kill most of the enemies you face. The Void Cleave has to hit at least one target for Erasing Strike to crit.

As soon as the objective becomes visible on the map, we can just sprint and Lunge our way there. Our lightning fast move speed will get us anywhere quickly and safely.

Exiled Mages are very easy with this build. Anomaly as soon as he comes out to Time Lock him, Volatile Reversal (if possible), and then two combos will kill the Mage before the stun wears off.


Single-target encounters take a little bit more finesse, but our sheer burst damage is the key to killing bosses.

The best way to deal damage is in bursts of two or more combos in succession (a combo is Void Cleave into Erasing Strike).

  • Two combos in a 3-second span results in huge damage (since it gets us to 12 Time Rot stacks for Final Hour and Food for Wyrms). This is the basis of our single-target damage, slaunching fully juiced Bonks into a highly vulnerable target.
  • Three combos in a 7-second span regenerates Mana (since it gets us to 3 Void Essence stacks for Void Well). This is the basis of our Mana sustain, a perpetual machine of converting Mana into Bonks into Mana into Bonks, and so forth.

Valiant Charge and SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed reduce the cooldown of Void Cleave, allowing for a chain of bursts as long as our Mana can sustain it.

Anomaly stuns bosses with Time Lock while shredding simultaneously defenses. It's a good safe way to start our attack sequence against bosses.

Volatile Reversal further amplifies our damage. Remember to be careful when using it to not teleport into danger.

We also have the option of swapping out Lunge for Rebuke as our free 0-point skill.

Thanks to Erasure of the Living 5/5, Erasing Strike automatically executes bosses at 10%.

(Video sample for bosses is on bottom of this guide)

Loot Filter

I have been using universal Merchant's Guild Loot Filters.

You can find them here:






  • Minor edits.
  • New Videos: 1500+ Corruption Mapping & Shade of Orobyss Kills, T4 Julra in 17s
  • Added 'Thrift Shop Challenge' video
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  • Updated Planner. Added Free Gear Challenge, Changed Sentinel Passive tree to include Valiant Charge (important)
  • Updated Planner. Added Free Gear Challenge, Changed Sentinel Passive tree to include Valiant Charge (important)
  • Updated Planner. Added Free Gear Challenge, Changed Sentinel Passive tree to include Valiant Charge (important)
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