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Crit Flame Rush Runemaster Build Guide

Posted By CaptainB0b on September 13, 2023
Last updated on September 13, 2023



A build I came up with and still working on trying make better as it goes that uses Flame Rush to cast Volcanic Orb and Glyph of Dominion.

The build is primarily Fire based with a small amount of Lightning damage using Plasma Orb as both a map clear tool and single target damage due to it's fast casts of the arc lightning portion of the spell.

We focus on crit based small hits over big chunky hits to synergize with Jagged Veil 4/5 for a constant ward generation layer.

**The gear shown to the right is the gear my character has at the time of making this guide (Level 82) and shows a general representation of some of the primary Prefixes I was looking for and used.**

NOTE: *The Unique relic is not required but does add a bit of quality to your map clearing* Change/craft any affixes you primarily need at the time such as resists/defensive stats and damage affixes you need most at any given time.

Pros & Cons


Great ward sustain with high crit chance

Amazing Map Clear

Average to Great Single Target (Gear Dependent)

Simple, No Rune Management Required


Some down time due to cd on Runic Invocation / Flame Rush

Slightly gear dependent (weapon mostly) to see damage start to shine

Can suffer from mana issues at times early on (spells cast from Flame Rush use their mana cost as well)

Gameplay / Mechanics


The build uses Flame Rush to turn your self into Volcanic Orb (Magma Starter 1/1) while also placing Glyph of Dominion (Glyph of Intention 1/1, Flaming Scroll 1/1) to melt mobs away. Once you have the Runic combo of Fire/Lightning/Fire, which we always get thanks to Immutable Order 1/1 we cast Runic Invocation to finish off what's left (if needed throw in a cast of Static or Flame Ward to proc the full rune set) and continue to move while Plasma Orb continues to damage for a few seconds.

We get some added damage from ignite with Glyph of Dominion (Flaming Scroll 1/1 / Burning Symbol 3/3 / Fan the Inferno 1/1) which is scaled through or increased fire damage/elemental damage on gear.

NOTE: Action bar skill order for the first three skills should be Volcanic Orb / Static / Flame Ward so that Immutable Order 1/1 will always cast the runes in order for Plasma Orb.


The concept is the same, cast Flame Rush on top of them when there is an opening to get the full effect of Smolder and Burn 4/5 / Glyph of Dominion and cast Plasma Orb whenever it's up. Some in-between casts do to cd but that's fine we use that time to properly position or dodge and incoming attack to then cast our rotation.


Our defenses come from a few places.

  1. Flame Rush has an internal 40% less damage taken during the cast of the spell. (roughly anywhere from 2.5 to 3 seconds)
  2. As long as you have decent crit we generate and sustain ward through Jagged Veil 4/5
  3. Flame Ward for a little bit of extra ward and hit reduction (Barrier 5/5)
  4. And of course what gear you're wearing with proper defensive stats



Stat Priorities


Based on needs at any given time, whether it be defensive stats(Resists/HP etc.) Or damage increases (Crit Chance/Crit Multi/Fire Damage/Elemental Damage/Spell Damage). Quality of life stats (CDR/Mana/Mana Regen/Ward Retention or Regen)


Based on needs at any given time, whether it be defensive stats(Resists/HP etc.) Or damage increases (Crit Chance/Crit Multi/Fire Damage/Elemental Damage/Spell Damage). Quality of life stats (CDR/Mana/Mana Regen/Ward Retention or Regen)

Build Variants



Over all use the skills you are most comfortable with and feel good for you to level with.

For the very early start and through the campaign I used Fireball simply to stick to the whole fire based build and benefit from the main damage affixes I intended to work with. Threw in Glacier / Volcanic Orb for pack clearing and bosses. As soon as you get your Runemaster mastery start using Runic Invocation with Plasma Orb rune combo, Plasma Orb will work great from then on. Early game you have to use specific elemental spells to get the correct rune order for it until you get Immutable Order 1/1, at that point any spell you cast will complete the correct rune order as long as your action bar is set up correctly to do so.


You did it you reached Endgame! :)

  1. At this point make sure you're Resists are capped.
  2. Have a decent enough HP pool/Ward Retention/Ward pool to be able to take a few hits ( cause you will )
  3. Complete your Monolith to unlock Empowered versions
  4. Farm your desired Empowered Blessings through each zone.
  5. Continue to improve your characters gear/farm the items and content you want
  6. Profit

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.


  1. Is this your first build guide? - Yes it is :(
  2. How Long have you played LE? - On and off since alpha, I was a Kickstarter backer when they first started out.
  3. Why did you make this build guide? - Idk, I felt like I made an interesting build and wanted to try my hand at making a guide to be honest.



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