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Flame Aura Ignition Runemaster Build Guide

Posted By EMP1241 on October 24, 2023
Last updated on October 24, 2023



Richy was a righteous man, some say he was just burning with desire.

Richy may seem familiar to some POE players, as this is the closest equivalent I discovered to Righteous Fire. There will slightly more buttons to push, but not many.

This build guide is to help people understand the build and its functionality. There's a good chance you could make your own variation using a similar setup.

Gameplay Style

A good friend from POE sent me an idea (Snus) and he wanted to see what we could do with it. So this is how this will work.

This build is mostly a walking sim, very similar to RF in POE. However, we will be using Frost Wall to continuously pump stacks of Fire Aura. Fire aura is strong DPS that we have scaled immensely to pound out a ton of damage. The build has been in the works for some time, and this is currently the best version I have been able to create.

We also rely on Adorned Arcane Idol with well rolled PrefixChance to cast Elemental Nova when Hit. We also scale our Flame Ward to be retaliatory as well. So we have 3 AOE mechanics at work at all times. This build will be difficult to impossible to level with, so it would be best to convert to this after you have reached at least level 70. It also is imperative to have the idols at a minimum of 8% (any lower will be very difficult to use properly).

We generate a significant amount of ward on a constant rate as well. This build, in order to take advantage of all of the mechanics will need at least 300 mana and 60 intel. Gear accordingly.

As always, my builds never require LP to function, but the build can be improved if found.

Pros & Cons


Disability Friendly (3 button mouse)

To say you played RF in LE

Simple button rotation

Defensively Scaled (Ward/Reduced crit damage)


Difficult to gear (idols)

Passive damage (mostly)

Gameplay / Mechanics

Mechanical Function

Fire Aura does not have a hit tag, so critical strike is mostly useless here. We will mostly be reliant on fire damage from Ignite, Glyph of Dominion, Fire Aura, Flame Rush, Flame Ward and Frost Wall. The good news is all of this is mostly automated. Only bossing/rares will require more interactions. All of these skills are scaled into fire, as well as maximizes the damage in their respective trees.

Because we can use Frost Wall to proc our Flame Ward and our Flame Ward has the Fire Aura and Eye of Flame we use the wall to do this several times. We also rely on our Arcane Regalia has PrefixIncreased Fire Aura Damage and PrefixChance To Cast Fire Aura On Kill Fire Skills (1 second cooldown in order to snowball this effect. We scale PrefixElemental Damage Over Time anywhere we can as well as PrefixFire Damage or PrefixFire Damage Over Time anywhere else it can fit. This has the planners MAX fire damage over time to 2460%, however the realistic average would be ~2000%. (This does not include the PrefixIncreased Fire Aura Damage % amount) We also have scaled our spell fire damage to ~750%. Needless to say, this can be a significant number in our scaling. Dummy damage was showing between 65k and 75k with my gear being FAR from optimal (I was shy of 1100%).

We also utilize our Flame Ward and Warmth to help us regen mana, as well as the Frost Wall's Crystals of Protection and Howling Rift to give us mana return as well. This will allow us to keep up with 6-8 stacks of Fire Aura without much fuss. This is also how we will clear 99% of any echo. Bossing/Rare however will require us to use our Flame Rush that also lays Glyph of Dominion at the ending location. Our Flame Rush gives us protection as well with Runic Eclipse and Celestial Guidance. It will also produce some ward for us as well. Our Fiery Dragon Shoes give us some defensive layering as well with the reduced damage from crits, as well as decent penetration with Ignite.

We have 2 strong retaliatory mechanics at work here, that both ignite and damage with hits, although we have really skipped on crits to focus on our DoT. Flame Ward is scaled into Telepyrosis in order to punish enemies from afar. This is also the reason we scale into Arcane Projection, so have our Elemental Nova attack AT the enemy regardless of their distance. This ensures all enemies will be hit no matter where they are located. It is cumbersome to run to the feet off enemies, this method increases our clear times significantly.


Our Knowledge of an Erased Mage is rolled with +4 to Flame Ward. You could get away with a +3 or +2. If you are extremally unlucky you can drop the points in Through Flames and the build will function, albeit slightly less top end damage.

Defensive Mechanics

To be frank, there is no special defensive system at work. The exact skill that pumps up our offensive abilities, is the identical skill that pumps our defense. The skill being wFrost Wall which triggers our Flame Ward. We do rely on us having capped resistances and our Fiery Dragon Shoes for some other layering. We do utilize some passives on the Runemaster tree like Mental Catalysis, Arcane Focus, and Transcendence.

Basic Engagement

Start all echoes the same way. Open up with a few Frost Wall in order to pump both our Fire Aura AND Flame Ward. From there, we just cast Frost Wall every few seconds to keep up our generation of both offense and defense. Our retaliatory mechanics and Fire Aura will take care of the rest. Mana management should be your only struggle, but once you understand the timings, you will be fine.

Difficult Engagement / Bossing

Same procedure as above, accept you will be dodging high damage mechanics (as always). Use Flame Rush onto the enemy and it will use Glyph of Dominion for you automatically. While in this glyph you will deal significantly more damage from all DOT fire sources, including throwing on excessive Ignite stacks.



Stat Priorities


Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


Richy CANNOT be leveled with ease. Another Runemaster should be used to get to level 70.


Farming double exalts would be the goal here. Don't forget to check the dungeon daily rewards to hunt down top tier gear found here. LP is not really needed here, but if you found it, Intel and move speed on the boots would be nice.

Loot Filter

A good generic late game loot filter for double exalts and T7's can be found here. ONLY use this to filter out 99% of gear. Not recommended until you are mostly geared to the teeth.


I am live on twitch Tue-Sat 10PM-6AM central. If you have extensive questions, come in and ask. I will do my best to respond when I can here.



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