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Hydrahedron Glyph of Dominion Runemaster Build Guide

Posted By thebibi625 on February 4, 2024
Last updated on February 4, 2024



Welcome to this Hydrahedron build!

The main focus of this build is to exploit the Glyph of Dominion which grants 75% of all resistances and the ward it provides.

For the damage we will use Hydrahedron with Box of Hydrae and Frost Wall to give boost and ward.

Yours allies can also profit of the damage boosts and ward if they stand with you on the glyph and cross the wall.

Finally, we combine Ashes of Mortality and Immolator's Oblation to ignite ourselves and add some ward, fire damage and Frenzy to the mix.

Here are some stats:

  • Ward on Glyph: 93 ward per second constantly + 349 ward per second with the Glyph = 442 ward per second + 120% of mana spent gained into ward with 540% ward retention (calculated with an average). Setting yourself on fire also grants you ward.
  • 1848% fire spell damage and 134% ignition chance transform into Shred Fire Resistance by the Glyph (also calculated as an average) .

Pros & Cons


A significant amount of fire damage with the Hydrahedron

Constant Shred Fire Resistance with Apex of Thought

Abundance of ward per second


You need to activate the Glyph for the omni-resistance boost and ward income

Timing is crucial for the Hydrahedron (if missed the spell will be thunder)

Consider investments due to the necessary equipment

Gameplay / Mechanics

Here is a little explication for the uniques items:

  • Reowyn's Fortress will give armor and ward per second because of the thunder and fire rune, it will also give 37 spell damage (we build dodge for this spell damage).
  • Fundamental Criterion will increase our damage with a staff if our first rune is thunder and Hydrahedron start with a thunder, it also give 39% damage increase.
  • Apex of Thought converts our ignition chance into Shred Fire Resistance and grant us ward per second on glyph.
  • Box of Hydrae can do everything – it give us a chance to summon Hydrahedron by killing someone with a fire skill, it increase the area of the hydrahedron attack, it cast rate and give us ward for every hit it make.
  • Ashes of Mortality give us fire damage but also ward if we ignite or if we are ignite it's why we use Immolator's Oblation which have the ability to ignite us for fire damage and Frenzy effect.
  • Julra's Stardial for damage and ward per mana use (using Flame Rush will triple the effect for 4 seconds).

For this build to be optimal you need to follow this order:

If you need to reuse Frost Wall or Glyph of Dominion, use them before the thunder Runebolt. This way, it won't disrupt your timing.

If you're taking too much damage, Flame Rush and run somewhere else. (Flame rush will shred fire resistance)

If your mana is depleting too much you can use Runebolt to regenerate it faster.



Stat Priorities


For this build, the best prefix for Legendary is PrefixFire Damage.

I believe the PrefixWard per Second for you or your allies while standing on your Glyph of Dominion on the body armour is irreplaceable.

The staff prefix are also indispensable because it's the only equipment that can have this specific prefix. Building dodge is essential due to the staff's damage bonus.

Regarding the helmet, I currently use the PrefixLevel of Runic Invocation, but you can customize it based on your preferences (I recommend withdraw Unbridled Ruin 4/4 of runic invocation).


The "Ward per Second" prefix is crucial, as gaining 10 ward per second can result in more than 100 additional ward without touching ward retention. If this prefix is on the Glyph, it becomes even more advantageous, providing additional ward better than passive ward generation. It's a valuable addition to the build for sustaining ward levels effectively.

Increased Fire Damage is also very good but it's obvious.


More resistance mean more ward per second for Glyph of Dominion.

Grand Resonance of the Sea is really cool for passive ward per second.

Grand Flames of the Black Sun is replaceable by resistance blessing for the glyph.

The Age of Winter


Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


For the passive you don't need to precisely do like me you just to have the same as meat the end. you can finish with the sorcerer branch it's only for the intelligence.

Don't use the staff too early instead try Opulent Focus to compensate for the lack of ward at the beginning.

If you drop the Box of Hydrae you can use it directly even if you don't have legendary potential on it.

Rings are a must have, you also can equip it whenever you got them (Ashes of Mortality boost fire damage and give ward for ignition it can replace any regular ring).

I am not sure aboutImmolator's Oblation I don't try it with 100% ignite chance ashes will maybe not follow the damage of ignition, if you don't have Ashes of Mortality don't equip it.


This build is highly effective for endgame content, providing substantial damage for both mobs and bosses via Decree of the Burning Wind 8/8.

Since we increased the size of the Glyph of Dominion, you can dodge boss attack while hitting him with Hydrahedron and Flame Ward if the attack area is too wide or too fast.

Keep a close eye on your ward, and if it starts to deplete, utilize Flame Rush and Glyph of Dominion in another spot to maintain your defense.




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