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Manifest Destiny - Forge Guard Army Build Guide

Posted By CaiusMartius on December 9, 2023
Last updated on December 9, 2023



“A soldier survives by being either a coward or a hero. You take a great risk provoking one. Especially an old one.”

- Anonymous, Annals of the Swords.

Malador has stomped for days through the muck and the mire. His trusty sword in one hand, his faithful shield in the other. His dented, battered and mangled infernal friend, Steamcoat Tom, trudges along behind him. Occasionally Tom lets loose a belch that sounds of gears an pistons and smells of the hot forge. They have traveled this way as long as he can remember. They meet their foes, each time, head on from the charge. Swords flash, engine bellows, fire burns and steel crashes.

He wouldn't have it any other way.


Do you like charging the enemy, planting your feet and bellowing, "Stand and Deliver, Foul Creatures!"

This is an in your face, 'melee' tanky take down build. With your pact to the inferno, you Manifest Armor and your Summon Forged Weapon shred your foes while you absorb all the pitiful blows of the enemy, gaining strength and courage from their fruitless efforts. Rahyeh has blessed you. The void will fall.

The build gains 75%+ Armor. 75% Block Chance. 3500+ Health and ample healing from the power of Smite.

Pros & Cons


Very tanky

Decent damage

Monos are quick to traverse with the use of Shield Rush

You and your army stand and deliver


Bosses can feel slow unless you've got your Armor Shred high

While there aren't any uniques, the gearing has some strict requirements

Odd Multistrike/Smite quirk (see gameplay notes)

Gameplay / Mechanics

We are making prolific use of our Multistrike to spam Smite (Hallowed Arsenal 1/1) for healing, boost our armor and to power up our Forge Strike with Armament stacks (Heated Forge 1/1 to generate Summon Forged Weapon.

At the beginning of a mono, or any big battle for that matter, cast Ring Of Shields. Then, Shield Rush to the nearest pack of enemies and immediately spam Multistrike. At four full stacks of Armament cast Forge Strike which will give you upwards of half of your 12 total spawns. Then repeat. The Summon Forged Weapon last for 20 seconds so you only really need to cast Forge Strike about every 15 seconds or so. I tend to do it more because FS has a good stun chance at base.

Once all 12 are on board, let your Manifest Armor and your Summon Forged Weapon go to work, occasionally hitting the A (minion attack) button to shove them toward the bigger enemies. With good shred chance you can watch the hit bar melt.

Rinse. Repeat.

With monos you can even skip big sections of it with your unspecced Shield Rush.

The interaction multistrike has with single target can at first appear odd and some might think it's a bug. It isn't. It was designed this way. We're just using it a bit off-kilter. See this thread on the main LE forum for more info.



Stat Priorities


Prefix priorities (unless noted below):

  1. PrefixAttunement(goes along way as it gives both our Manifest Armor and our Summon Forged Weapon extra damage and health)
  2. PrefixMinion Health
  3. PrefixMinion Damage

Suffix priorities (unless noted below):

  1. SuffixHybrid Health
  2. SuffixArmour
  3. SuffixHealth
  4. Resistances

And, as many will be aware, the change to Bastion of Honour (originally part of the build) has caused it to be a lot more underwhelming in our slots so I'd really only consider using it while looking for that stellar Ironglass Shield, Dawn Shield or even Carapace Shield.


Try to get at least 1 Adorned Rahyeh Idol with SuffixChance To Shred Armor on Melee Hit. 2 is better. If your gearing works out you could even push this to 4.

Everything else should just be stacking PrefixHealth, SuffixHealth, more PrefixArmour and filling out any needs in resistances.

I have toyed and played with a Huge Rahyeh Idol with SuffixChance To Shred Armor on Melee Hit and PrefixChance For Additional Multistrike Swords as it makes getting up to 12 stacks of swords quicker.


Mostly standard in the lower tier blessings so Ending the Storm and The Black Sun are discriminatory. I personally ran with Grand Memory of Light and Grand Rhythm of the Tide. At the high levels we're going to be stacking armor so the final two you want all the armor blessing, although you could trade Grand Body of Obsidian for Grand Spirit of Command if you're feeling frosty.

Build Variants


My recommendation for levelling would be to just do a typical Sentinel setup until you unlock monos, your idol slots and get your fifth skill.

You could switch out when you get your fourth skill to take Manifest Armor.


Endgame is simple. Push fast to get your 5 buff blessings.

Rush your monos using Shield Rush which you can put on your bar as we don't manually cast Smite.

I took this into the low 300s and it was tanky and did good damage.

Monos will get slower at higher levels especially if you hit ones that have a bazillion ranged characters that like to run away as you'll end up having to chase them a bit. But thankfully with high Armor it's mostly just annoyance.

Loot Filter

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