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Minion Necromancer Active Summoner Build Guide

Posted By MinMaxRPG on February 6, 2024
Last updated on February 6, 2024



This is a classic Minion or Summon Necro build that uses large amounts and several types of minions buffed through various passive and specialization points to increase their efficiency. It can be played with the minions as a variety of elements such as Cold, Fire, Necrotic, Physical and Poison. This guide will cover a Cold Hybrid version for additional crowd control and survivability.

The gameplay is an active playstyle as Summon Wraith and Rip Blood will both deplete and refill your PrefixMana quickly to add additional minions and buffs to your army. It's an excellent starter or beginner build as no items are required to make it functional. Additionally, the large number of minions allow you to learn mechanics while you safely navigate and stay alive.

The build is an excellent boss killer with an incredibly easy to learn playstyle.

Pros & Cons


Beginner Friendly

Easy gearing that focuses on buffing minions and personal survival

Strong boss killer


Strong AoE can wipe your army and leave you running around while summoning them back

Minions although controllable to a degree still have a mind of their own at times

Gameplay / Mechanics

Summon your army! This includes Summon Bone Golem, Summon Skeleton and Summon Skeletal Mage. There are no corpses or reagents required to summon. Simply amass them when you enter a zone for the first time each playthrough. Replenish them if and when they are killed (they are fairly tanky in this build).

This is a more active playstyle than most summoner builds. Cast Summon Wraith to distract enemies and increase damage on high health single targets like bosses. Use Transplant for mobility until Grave Passage from Summon Skeletal Mage is unlocked. Rip Blood will restore both health and mana. It's not needed for traveling through the campaign or maps but use this to refill as needed on bosses. This will allow you to keep maximum summons up more frequently.



Stat Priorities


PrefixMinion Damage and PrefixMinion Health can be taken anywhere possible. Given the large number of minions you have the benefit is amplified. PrefixMinion Chance To Bleed On Hit or similar effects are very powerful since there are so many minions the number of stacks adds up quickly and dramatically reduces the time needed to kill bosses or high health targets.

Your own survival is vital, ensure you have SuffixAll Resistances capped as soon as possible. Increasing PrefixVitality, SuffixHealth and SuffixHealth Regen Per Second is also important where possible through gear. You will get some through passive points but will need to supplement it as you enter the endgame.


If using a single or primary element, idols that increase minion damage of that source is strong provided your resists are capped.


The Black Sun


Ending the Storm


Reign of Dragons


The Age of Winter


Spirits of Fire


Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


This build can be used from level 1 and is quite strong at that. Follow the recommended order of skills and passives for an easy play through of the main story. Contrary to the active playstyle at higher level the leveling process will be passive before all skills are unlocked.


It will be difficult to scale both your minions and yourself for late endgame content. That isn't to say you can't complete the story or participate in endgame content. However, you will likely struggle after several hundred corruption.




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