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Runebolting Frostwall-Frostbiter Runemaster Build Guide

Posted By EMP1241 on October 26, 2023
Last updated on October 26, 2023



Boreas was always just wanting to be left alone, so much in fact, that he just started walling off everyone he saw.

This build guide is to help people understand the build and its functionality. There's a good chance you could make your own variation using a similar setup.

Gameplay Style

Boreas is a non-critically striking Frostbite dealing loner. He uses Frost Wall to punish hordes of enemies, charge his Flame Ward, cleanse ailments, and give him Frenzy/Haste. Between the Frost Wall casting Runebolt and himself, it wont be uncommon to see 100+ stacks of Frostbite on each of any large groups of enemies. Because our SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier is in the 2000%+, it's also not uncommon for these enemies to never move from being frozen. This is also another one of our ward generators with Frostbite Shackles. However, the magic really starts to come together with our Snowdrift. With over 2000% to our freeze rate we have more than 400% cold penetration with Frostbite. This does not include our gear that has PrefixCold Penetration with Frostbite.

Defensively, Boreas is very tanky. With several methods of ward generation and a insane amount of retention, it would be normal to walk around an engagement with 3000 to 5000 ward. Our Glyph of Dominion gives us 1 ward per second for every 4% of resistances we have with Charged Reflections. We gain a minimum of 75% to each resistance with Arcane Mirror. Giving us 525 plus whatever we have scaled in our gear (planner should be ~ 800) 525+800 = 1325. 1325/4 = 331 Ward per second. However, Glyph of Dominion is also a significant source of damage. Since we only use Runebolt in it's cold form, we gain only HEO runes, we capitalize this with the Power Word: Devastation. This adds 15 Frostbite per second to any enemy caught on it with Boreas. We also use it to apply 1 of our 2 Brands, Brand of Deception, the other being Brand of Subjugation which will apply at the same time thanks to our Flame Rush which is scaled as cold with Branding Cold. This will ensure both brands are applies to multiple enemies while we take advantage of Brand of Deception and Order's Imposition. Since the build is not based on crit, you won't one shot anything, but in "one-shot" you will be able to apply enough Frostbite to kill most trash. (see echo demo)

As always, my builds never require LP to function, but the build can be improved if found.

Pros & Cons


Defensive Scaled (100% Crit Avoid, Ample Ward, Decent HP Pool)

Impressive Clear

Bossing is comfortable (can make a mistake thanks to ward gen/pool)


Having ample SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier is a must.

Idol Dependent for Higher Corruption Play

Gameplay / Mechanics

Mechanical Function

We play with unscaled Runic Invocation on the bar!

Cold/Elemental Damage over time is our scaler, however Freeze rate is what will turn the build from meh to whoa real quick.

Note: Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros is an option, but after testing found it wasn't necessary for general play.

Our Frost Wall is our primary damage source, however, we also apply significant amounts of Frostbite ourselves (especially if you acquire T7 cast speed). Frost Wall is also triggering our Flame Ward which gives us 1000 armor thanks to Frostguard, and Warmth to help alleviate any mana issues you may come across. This is normally not an issue however, you may elect to put into the 4 points from Warmth into (3) Concentrated Shielding and (1) Fortification if you don't quite have the ward retention down. This will add significant ward for every wall we walk through.

Mana for us should be solved rather quickly because of how we scale Arcane Restoration. This way you can have enough mana to walk through as many Frost Wall as you want.

The rate at which Frostbite is applied by our Frost Wall is impressive. It becomes more impressive when we add a hard rolled T7 amulet with SuffixChance to Shred Armour on Hit. This is thanks to our passive Freezing Point, where we convert all shred to "frostbite chance". There is a very good chance you can just casually walk around through walls and it will clear for you. You may have to Flame Rush into a rare pack or monster from time to time. However the double branding + your Glyph of Dominion + Frost Wall's Runebolt + your Runebolt should tear up ANYTHING quickly. Considering our Frost Wall has a +200 base spell damage (assuming you have at least 2000% freeze rate) this all will happen fairly quickly with Frigid Domination.

Since our Glyph of Dominion is automated with our Flame Rush, there's no real reason to have it on the bar. Normally, this Glyph of Dominion would go on CD on use because of the node Runic Dominance, we get to ignore that because of Flame Rush. This is also why (if possible by sealing affixes of SuffixFire Resistance) in our gear, however it is not by any means the end all be all. We do this because of the node in Flame Rush, Blazing Flux, which would give us an 18% CD reduction. Don't break the bank to do this however, this is just a bonus.

Defensive Mechanics

As per standard for our Runemaster's, our defenses are achieved through capping SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance and generating ward through offensive measures. This is no different here. We add a large chunk of armor from our Flame Ward's Frostguard node. This damage reduction from the armor it supplies, plus the damage reduction from our passive tree Mental Catalysis and Sphere of Protection help reduce this damage further. It could be argued that if you achieve 100% critical strike avoidance, that you can drop Mental Catalysis and push fully into Sphere of Protection, or even more into the Sorcerer nodes Cryomancer and Chill to the Bone could be a better option. However, I find it cumbersome to be 100% CSA, so this protects us "just in case" a crit strike hits.

Basic Engagement

Almost all engagements will be similar in nature.

Cast Frost Wall and walk, while avoiding the obvious incoming damage. Use Runebolt from time to time to re-up mana loss, and clear larger packs with Flame Rush. (Stay in the Glyph of Dominion when it's feasible, as this is pouring in 100's of ward per second into you, and you are attacking with more Runebolt as well. If in danger, Frost Wall and Flame Rush or walk through it and re-engage.

Difficult Engagement / Bossing

(See Orobyss Demo Video for example)

Put on your "pocket" Throne of Ambition. If you have enough damage, this may not even be necessary.

Walk through a few Frost Wall and even pop a Glyph of Dominion to charge the ward batteries.

Engage with Frost Wall and Flame Rush through the enemy in order to apply a double brand. Make sure to walk through your wall in order to take advantage of the Decree of the Burning Wind. Rinse and repeat as necessary until desired results are obtained.



Stat Priorities


Idols are required to apply excessive Frostbite as well as get serious additions to our Damage over time.


Pretty Mandatory.

The Age of Winter
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


Without having the correct affixes, leveling with Boreas is not recommended. You can run the build in empowers with T5 affixes where we would normally want T6/T7 however.


Farming double exalts would be the goal here. Don't forget to check the dungeon daily rewards to hunt down top tier gear found here. If you were to put LP in the Frostbite Shackles the goal would be T7 Cast Speed and Cold Res (Ward Retention). For the Snowdrift would be Move speed and Hybrid Health or Cold Res (for ward retention)

Loot Filter

A good generic late game loot filter for double exalts and T7's can be found here. ONLY use this to filter out 99% of gear. Not recommended until you are mostly geared to the teeth.


I am live on twitch Tue-Sat 10PM-6AM central. If you have extensive questions, come in and ask. I will do my best to respond when I can here.



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