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Shock Claw Ward Generator Runemaster Build Guide

Posted By EMP1241 on September 16, 2023
Last updated on September 16, 2023



Throughout the eons he has been known by many names…but his true name of power…is Carl.

Carl is an extremely mana-efficient, ward-producing, C2C (Chance to Cast) character. I found only the most obvious high-damage mechanics could get me to a point of near death.

He utilizes Frost Claw's Celestial Conflux 3/3 to have a C2C Ice Nova 1/1. We are fully converted to lightning damage to constantly shock packs of enemies or bosses. With a high level of freeze rate, we utilize our Frostbite Shackles to generate a comfortable amount of ward. Because we lay down so much shock with Frost Claw, we also utilize a well-rolled The Invoker's Static Touch to gain even more ward on what we couldn't freeze.

Further scaling on our Glyph of Dominion's Charged Reflections 1/1 & Arcane Mirror 3/3, we not only are extremely overcapping our resistances, but I calculated gaining over 500 Ward per Second while standing on the Glyph of Dominion after adding our Celestial Raiment with PrefixPenetration with Lightning Invocations.

This build is designed for someone who wants to have fun with the Runemaster, and maybe practice invocations, but not reliant on their ability to correctly order the runes.

The build demonstrated in the video is FAR LESS than the optimized target gear you'll be looking for.

As always, my builds never require LP to function, but the build can be improved if found.

Pros & Cons


Simple Skill Rotation

Defensive in nature

Can practice invocations randomly in an Echo

No mana issues or VERY quickly resolved

No LP required


Requires rare unique to get deep into corruption (Frostbite Shackles)

Damage lackluster until 300 mana is reached (Still playable)

Gameplay / Mechanics

When entering an echo, immediately cast your Frost Claw, since this has been converted to lightning using Spark Artillery 1/1, this will count as a lightning rune, thus powering up your PrefixPenetration with Lightning Invocations, starting up your ward battery.

Standard Engagement

Engaging enemies with Frost Claw should clear most standard packs with ease, as you cast the spell you will gain 40 ward per cast thanks to Arcane Focus 8/8. After the first pack you shoul aready be 1000+ ward, however 1200 is the magical number which will and can happen with ease adding 6% more damage, and if you have more ward then the enemy has HP, you will do another 7% more on top of that. This is due to 2 nodes, one one the passive (Quintessence of Triumph 7/10) and one on the skill tree (Cold Star 2/3). Frost Claw is also going to trigger Elemental Nova 42% of the time, freezing swaths of enemies giving you even more ward and CC for packs. (You can pull a point from Elemental Tranquillity 6/6 and put it in Lightning Nova 1/1 to help clear early on, but later I found it was better to use it to exclusively for freeze)

Difficult Engagement

I would normally open up with Flame Rush into the pack. This adds 5 stacks of lightning shred thanks to Smolder and Burn 5/5. This also gives us a defensive buff of -18% damage for a short period of time as well as a ward boost. This more importantly will trigger our Glyph of Dominion at our end location (try to stay in/around this location).

NOTE: Flame Rush is no longer a channeled spell with the Glyph of Intention 1/1 node active. Understand how it functions before you go face hugging bad guys.

End of Note

Our Glyph of Dominion will grant us OBSURD amounts of ward generation and overcap any resistances that were not 75%. This will also cleanse you from any ailments upon its start (going in and out will not re-cleanse you). We scale this to last the most amount of time as possible, this Glyph of Dominion is not scaled for damage, but to amplify our defensive abilities.

Boss Fights

See video; When I actively engage in a fight we can gain 7,8, or even 9k ward. If I afk (last half of video) I have to be more careful. Orobyss fight was 152 corruption.

Notes for using Runic Invocation

1 lightning rune (Crackling Glyph) = 1 large explosion at cursor (16 mana)

2 lightning runes (Sea of Sparks) = Several small explosions at enemies start (35 mana)

3 lightning runes (Ball Lightning) = Large AoE lightning ball (good for bossing) that sits there for sometime. (64 mana)

All but the first casts (wand is -3 mana cost) will proc our Brand of Deception 5/6 --> Order's Imposition 5/6 --> Celestial Doom 7/10

This is important to know, as these 3 passives on the tree dump LOADS of damage on a boss target.

Mana Issues

If you run into mana issues, using Runebolt will make quick work of it, you gain 12 mana every cast. If you still notice problems early on, you can scale into Attuned Recovery 3/3 and Arcane Restoration 4/4 to make this happen signifcantly faster.

Using Runebolt

This is a video game, you're supposed to be having fun. What's the point of having 40 invocations if you can't see them. I encourage you to play around with it. I found several ideal combos that are always ready to go.

  • lightning, fire (Plasma Blast) = A FREAKING LASER BEAM (base damage lightning) that applies spreading flames. EZ CLEAR
  • lightning, ice (Unvar's Shatter Bolt) = Shield throw, but with a snow ball (freezes stuff)
  • lightning, fire, lightning (Rune Gale) = Haste for you and shocks everyone is a big AOE
  • lightning, ice, lightning (Lightning Web) = Bouncing lightning ball decent damage clear

All of these are easy to apply by using Frost Claw and Runebolt.

I play Invoker in dota, so I set my hot keys to match it, using R for my invocation.



Stat Priorities


Please note: The magical number is 60 intel and 300 mana. How you get there is entirely up to you, this is what you need to turn on the major damage spikes and ward generation. Getting resistances is also up to your discretion, however please remember the more cold resistance you have, the more ward retention you will have (Frostbite Shackles). Mixing and matching gear is free and can be replaced with other gear as long as the affixes are similar (eg: spell damage and lightning damage have the same X%).


Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire
The Last Ruin

Build Variants



I don't require LP in my builds, but finding LP Frostbite Shackles can be extremly benefitial throwing T6 or T7 cast speed.

Loot Filter

Hunting down double exalts can be used with the Generic End-Game Filter.


I am live on twitch Tue-Sat 10PM-6AM central. If you have extensive questions, come in and ask. I will do my best to respond when I can here.



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