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The (Almost) Immortal Druid (Dual Form with Thorn Shield and Maelstrom) Build Guide

Posted By Freeya37 on September 4, 2023
Last updated on September 4, 2023



Welcome to my first ever guide! When I started this game, I at first wanted a character that could clear the maps quickly and efficiently, and then I got to empowered monos and started dying regularly. My focus then changed to "Can I make a character that is practically immortal?" After some tinkering with my existing Druid and reading up on several other guides (one of which is similar to this one but much lower damage), I came up with this.

This build can tank literally anything, once you have enough PrefixIncreased Cast Speed, SuffixCold Resistance, and SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed, plus Frostbite Shackles. T4 Julra, 2700 corruption Orobyss, doesn't matter. You still can't sit in DoT's indefinitely, but being 1 shot becomes a thing of the past, and this becomes one of the very few builds that can ignore SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance.

I've taken this build to the top of the Arena (Wave 1002 as of writing this, the game crashed at wave 1003), and have successfully tanked the aforementioned 2700ish corruption Orobyss (I didn't open it myself of course, farming up that high with this build would take quite awhile). While you still can die if you're not careful (or forget to pump up thorn shield), once you get used to moving around on/off spamming thorn shield and rampaging upon transform, dying becomes a thing of the past.

Mono clearing (especially lower end corruption) is fairly fast, except bosses do take more time than a typical build. Except with having so much ward/defense, you can just stand there and facetank them all. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like learning boss mechanics, this definitely is the build for you, as you can effectively ignore nearly all of them. Same goes for the dungeon bosses, even T4 Julra.

This build isn't recommended for new players, as leveling with this build would be slow and very painful. I recommend consulting a druid leveling guide before you obtain Frostbite Shackles. Once you get that unique, you're ready to go!

This build is for:

  • Those who don't want to learn boss mechanics
  • Those who want to facetank everything that comes their way
  • Those who want to push Endless Arena waves high
  • Those who hate dying on glass cannon builds

This build is not for:

  • Those who want to do high damage
  • Those who want to obliterate the screen with a button press
  • Those who aren't patient and want to clear monos/bosses as fast as possible
  • Those who don't want to be in melee range constantly

Note: This guide is a work in progress, I'll be adding to it over the upcoming days, especially when the next patch is released as it may necessitate changes.

Pros & Cons


Extremely high EHP (1 million plus is possible)

Can do any monolith echo modifiers

Extremely high Endless Arena pushing (1000+ waves)

Can facetank virtually ANY boss in the game, even at high corruption

Ward that goes well over the display cap (65,535) at times, 30K+ is easily sustainable

Max armor (84-85%), moderate dodge (35-55%), and primalist damage reductions

2x Warcry freezes every 6 to 7 seconds enhances survivability even further

Virtually ignore enemy ailments with 3 ways to cleanse through skills

Only need 2 buttons/key presses

Only needs 1 unique


Damage is very low compared to other high corruption builds

Bosses will take some time to kill, but you won't die

Movement is jerky/slow when spamming Thorn Shield

Takes some time adjusting to the pace of using Thorn Shield and Rampage

Takes several seconds to ramp up armor/ward when entering a new area

Maelstrom range is melee, due to the need to reduce area to increase damage

Needs Frostbite Shackles to work well

Gameplay / Mechanics

Spriggan Form:

Gameplay, once you get used to it, is pretty simple. You start by transforming into Spriggan Form, and spam Thorn Shield. Thorn Shield not only gives us a lot of armor via Eterra's Bulwark 5/5, Deep Roots 3/3, and Bulb Growth 3/3, but also has a chance to cast Maelstrom (our primary damage source) via Glacial Grove 3/3, as well as casting Eterra's Blessing via Rosebloom 1/1, which will give you more SuffixCold Resistance via Safeguard 5/5 for even more ward, as well as spawning a Healing Totem, which via Totemic Fury 5/5, will increase our casting speed 25%. You can see that these skills synergize well with each other, making the build even more effective. In easier areas, you will want to learn how to press the Thorn Shield skill key in a rhythm, so that you're able to both generate stacks and move around at a comfortable pace. Eterra's Blessing also can cleanse ailments on us with each Thorn Shield cast via Purge 1/1, and knocks back enemies a little bit via Rebuke 2/3.

Werebear Form:

Once the cooldown on Werebear Form is over, transform into it via Roar of the Woodland 1/1, which also increases the duration of all Thorn Shield stacks by 4 sec. Then you can use Rampage to move around and attack enemies. Holding Rampage will also cast lightning strikes on enemies via Crackling Assault 5/5, which will help you Blind and Shock enemies, as well as cast Warcry, which will freeze enemies for 1.5 seconds and give them Frailty via Debilitating Shout 3/5. Warcry has the added bonus of making you invulnerable for 1 second after casting it via Juggernaut 1/1, but since most enemies around you will be frozen, this is mainly useful for anything which either is immune or out of range. In addition, Warcry also will cast 4 stacks of Maelstrom via Whirlpool 4/4, which is our main damage source. Maelstrom is further boosted by taking the Wisened Claws 1/1 node in Werebear Form. Warcry also will give us increased cold damage via Jormun's Wrath 1/1 and Frost Claw 5/5. Finally, it will also cleanse all ailments on you at time of cast via Purging Shout 1/1.

Other Gameplay:

Once the cooldown on Spriggan Form is over, cast back into it via Voice of the Thicket 1/1, and you will gain ward equal to your armor at time of cast, via Leaf Barrier 1/1. It is Leaf Barrier 1/1, which truly makes this build shine. It is possible, to generate as much as 100K armor with spamming Thorn Shield, so your ward can truly reach ridiculous proportions. As noted earlier, the display cap is 65,535, so when you go over it, it starts the numbers over. I have personally reached over 170K ward (65,535 + 65,535 + about another 40,000 on display), and 250-300K should be possible with optimal gear. Due to the way ward retention works, having ward that high will decay extremely fast, but maintaining a range of 20K to 80K is easily doable, with higher amounts possible vs rares/bosses due to Throne of Ambition. Note: Throne of Ambition is not necessary for this build to work properly, but it certainly helps the speed vs bosses, and vs rares in the arena.

Maelstrom also has the added benefit of greatly increasing our Dodge Rating via Sleet-Footed 3/3. This combined with Dodge Rating sources on a couple of gear pieces and blessings, can effectively double our EHP.

One other thing to note, is the use of Blind. This has 2 purposes. The first being, it greatly reduces the accuracy of ranged attacks on you, which is extremely helpful in Endless Arena in particular. The second, is it halves critical strike chance for enemies, which since we don't have maxed out SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance, further increases our defense.

Stat Summary:

Here's a quick summary of the numbers I've personally reached with gear that's mostly on the build planner but with a few affixes that are useless:

Mob damage: 12-15K, sometimes higher if Maelstrom stacks rng is good.

Boss damage: 30-35K, some reason Orobyss I've reached as high as 100K (believe he functions differently).

Armor: 100K+ (85%), normal range is going to be about 20-50K (a bit lower if clearing monos fast).

Dodge: about 30-55%, this will vary based on Maelstrom stack count

Cast Speed: 153% (200% is possible with optimal gear)

Cooldown recovery speed: 93% (121% is maximum possible with optimal gear)

Ward: 170K (as mentioned above). Usual range doing monos is 10-40K, and vs bosses usual range is 30-100K.

HP: who cares? I run with 1200 in Spriggan Form

Critical Avoidance: 36% (with Attunement being at 60 via Harmonious Wisdom 8/10. Since nothing can come close to 1 shotting you, maxing this is optional.



Stat Priorities


Most of the affixes that I've included in this section can be mixed/matched or swapped out for similar affixes (like cold damage and spell damage are the same for this build).

The most important affixes are PrefixIncreased Cast Speed and SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed, these are essential for the build to be at its best, as they are crucial for generating enough ward and maintaining it. SuffixCold Resistance in as many places as possible is necessary to boost ward retention via Frostbite Shackles.

1 stat which is important is PrefixAttunement. You want this to be at least 60, so you get double the bonus from the Turbulence 5/5 node in Maelstrom. It doesn't matter which gear pieces you ultimately get it on, the build is fairly flexible with regard to which gear has which affixes.

For the build to work at its best, you need at least +2 to PrefixLevel of Spriggan Form on your relic and +3 to PrefixLevel of Maelstrom on your chest piece. The build is certainly doable with less or even none, but you will be hurting somewhere.

For Frostbite Shackles, PrefixIncreased Cast Speed is by far the most important thing to try for on these. Getting them with LP isn't easy and isn't necessary for the build to function well (I don't have them myself yet with LP).

Note: The implicits for gear on this build are very important. You want the SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed implicits on your 2 rings and your chest piece if possible. This is necessary to get SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed as high as possible. This enables you to transform back and forth between the 2 forms faster, and to generate as much ward as possible via Leaf Barrier 1/1.

The Damage over Time Reduction implicit on the amulet is very helpful, but not required.


The 5 equipment ones can be changed to suit personal preferences, the other 5 can be adjusted to suit your needs as well, as only the Grand Rage of Winter one is super important (we need the damage). For this build, the other blessings I've chosen are mainly to upgrade our weak areas (particularly Dodge, which is extremely helpful in the Endless Arena). If you won't be doing the Endless Arena at all, you can substitute Grand Swiftness of Logi for either Grand Curse of Sulphur (for Frailty), or Grand Body of Obsidian (for a tiny bit more Armor/Ward). Grand Might of the Sea TItan is pretty much the best of a bad batch for this build, there's no harm in swapping it for something else if desired. Grand Resolve of Humanity can be swapped for Grand Survival of Might if you want more SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance. One other option is to swap out Grand Shadow of the Eclipse for Grand Echo of Solarum (for SuffixVoid Resistance), and then swapping SuffixVoid Resistance for SuffixCold Resistance or SuffixElemental Resistance on your gear.

In short, blessings do help this build but aren't crucial for its effectiveness.

Ending the Storm
The Age of Winter
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire

Build Variants




Not really a lot to say here that's not covered above in gameplay. Once you have most of the affixes needed, you're primarily just spamming Thorn Shield while in Spriggan Form and using Rampage while in Werebear Form. For running Monoliths, you want to learn how to ease up on casting Thorn Shield at times, so you can actually move in Spriggan Form. Vs bosses, you want to hold that key down constantly while in Spriggan Form. Since you're practically invincible, bosses are unlikely to kill you but they will take some time to kill even at low corruption. You should be able to facetank pretty much anything once you have most of the affixes at T4/T5+ (especially PrefixIncreased Cast Speed and SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed). Bossing will be slow, but mechanics shouldn't be an issue. While I haven't personally pushed corruption high yet (I'm in the 300s comfortably), with others I've easily ran 600-700+ corruption with a decent kill rate (and laughing off mob and boss attacks).

Endless Arena:

For the Endless Arena, you want to move around as much as you can, and try to take out the ranged mobs first, as those from my experience are the most dangerous. If a rare mob is on the map, attack it so you can build up Throne of Ambition stacks. You want to make sure you freeze most of the mobs if possible with your Warcry casts. Maelstrom has a short range, so you have to move around to damage/kill the mobs. Higher wave mobs move very fast and attack very fast, so moving to take as few hits as possible is very important. The biggest threat isn't the mobs though, it's the bugs and lag still in the game, and playing Endless Arena for more than a few hours makes it worse. Spamming Thorn Shield in Spriggan Form as much as possible is a must, especially on higher waves.

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.


Am I really immortal?

No, unfortunately not always. I can't count the number of times I've spawned in a new area, forgot to start spamming Thorn Shield right away, and died to a Spire. Particularly in the Endless Arena and vs bosses, you want to build up a large supply of Thorn Shield stacks and Ward ahead of time. Certain mechanics, like sustained DoT's (think T4 Julra or Heorot), you can't just sit in and expect to live. While you have extremely high EHP, you're not invincible.

How do I get high in the Arena?

This is pretty much covered in the above sections, but the biggest factor is pure luck (the game does tend to crash and get buggy in there once you're at a few hours). The mobs generated also are a factor, as certain packs of enemies are more dangerous than others. Before spawning the next set of waves, you absolutely must build up your Ward to a high level (40K+) first, especially once beyond Waves 500-600 or so.

Why do bosses take so long to kill?

Unfortunately, Maelstrom is a low damage source, because of its multiple cast sources and utility. This build tries to maximize such damage, at the cost of range. However, like a Cold DoT Werebear, bosses are not the strong suit of this build. Be patient, and they will die and you will not.



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