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Vishnu's Storm - The Lightning Chakram Bladedancer Build Guide

Posted By Chukkles on February 5, 2024
Last updated on February 5, 2024



"...and they take one and put it on the finger of the right hand, and make it spin round many times, and so they hurl it at their enemies, and if they hit anyone on the arm or leg or neck, it cuts through all." - Duarte Barbosa, A Description of the Coasts of East Africa and Malabar, 1866.

I was initially hesitant to make a guide for this build, but after continuous requests on stream, I decided that I would indeed make one. I will, however, give credit to TriKster's own Lightning Chakram build guide, which I realised after I had already been playing this build for a little while was largely identical to my own. I'm not one to step on another content creators toes, but after a lot of people have been asking me to create my own guide for it, I had to oblige.

After noticing I had 2x 3LP Fulgurite Shard in my stash (still finding the perfect exalt to slam on them), I immediately began to create to a Lightning Chakram build, as I LOVE returning projectiles, let alone when you have the Bladedancers 5 shadows also throwing chakrams that return to you. Li'raka's Claws provide a huge DPS boost with the massive throwing crit multiplier, and extra shuriken projectiles (which add more damage with Keen Throw 1/1). It still has a long way to go, but I am very happy with how powerful the build is in its current form and I intend to continue updating as the build gets closer to perfection.

The build is entirely possible without 2 Fulgurite Shard via the use of either Charged Steel or PrefixLightning Damage with Shurikens on your helm/chest. We zoom around nice and fast with this build and rely on a lot of self healing and the principle of "the best defence is a good offense" to stay alive. My own resists are not nearly capped and I only have 1600hp, but so far we're happily cruising past 350~ corruption and still climbing, that's just how potent the damage potential of this build is.

It is absolutely a build I am excited to retry on the Falconer once it releases, and one I recommend to new players eager to try out the Bladedancer mastery due to not requiring any uniques to get going and the ease at which this build can continue to build up power as you accumulate gear and levels, and I hope everyone enjoys this speedy and flashy playstyle as much as I do.

Pros & Cons


Kills bosses incredibly quickly.

Clears monoliths fast and effectively with the constant spread of chakrams.

Synchronized Strike acts as a full health heal.

Slow and Chill application via use of our utility skills.

Very high movement speed.

Fun and satisfying gameplay.


Can be squishy if you're not paying attention.

Occasionally, strange projectile collision will cause the chakram to disappear.

Gameplay / Mechanics

The primary gameplay loop is both simple, and effective.

  • Shift to get around fast with the use of Momentum 3/3 while buffing our dodge rating which is converted to glancing blow with Apostacy 1/1. Sleight of Hand 1/5 is a great 1-point wonder, sending out a chakram ahead of us, and Lasting Presence 1/1 creates a shadow at our starting location.
  • Synchronized Strike generates the next 4 shadows for us, and with that we are at 5 shadows, ready to unleash mayhem. Foreshadowing 5/5 increases the damage of the chakrams that our shadows throw out, while Art of the Blade 5/5 increases our attack speed, speeding up our animations which is very handy for not locking us in place and keeping us on the move.
  • Shurikens shot at this stage unleash a wave of 6 Chakrams (1 from you, 5 from your shadows) each intersecting across the point where your mouse cursor is when you press whichever button your shuriken is attached to. Each of these chakrams then return to YOU, not your shadows, which lets you lead them through waves of enemies as you travel. Often times it works out better to throw the chakrams behind you, so that you can lead them a long distance through packs of enemies, utterly destroying them as you travel and abusing the return mechanic that they provide.
  • After a shadow shoots a chakram and disappears, the shadow then turns into an Umbral Blades which we have turned into Bladestorm via Cacophony of Steel 1/1, which often helps to finish off any stragglers or add easy supplemental damage to high health rares and bosses with Shadow Daggers applied by Lethal Darkness 1/1 , and apply Chill to anything that survives, increasing our chances at survival.
  • Finally, for bosses, we use Shift to go through the boss to take advantage of the instant kill when enemies are below 16% hp provided by Consumed by Shadow 4/4, making boss fights end even faster and letting us worry about endurance on bosses a lot less.
  • The only variation to this process is any point in which we think we will be roughly in one area for more than a couple of seconds (which is rare), and that is by dropping a Smoke Bomb to assist our survivability with Dusk Shroud and Silver Shroud, and apply Slow to enemies within its effect. It also increases our damage output as well with Crimson Shroud and more shadow production with Umbral Assault 4/4.
  • Also, due to not needing Umbral Blades on our hotbar, we can slot in Decoy for emergencies where we need to lose aggro immediately.

We repeat this process consistently as we travel through an echo, giving us a solid and consistent rotation to rely on.



Stat Priorities


Other than the drop rate blessings (which are entirely up to the players choice) I would highly recommend taking the ones that I have chosen. You can always swap out the leech for crit multi as well.

Reign of Dragons
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
Blood, Frost, and Death

Build Variants


Personally, I levelled as a very awkward Dancing Strikes build, but I would absolutely recommend levelling with this build, and you can always just do physical version until you get Fulgurite Shards or PrefixLightning Damage with Shurikens or if you want to take Charged Steel 4/4 while levelling, that is fine as well.


The power of this build actually surprised me, and having 2x 3LP Fulgurite Shards that I am yet to slam, I have high hopes for how far this can push into the depths of the endgame. That said, it's already very capable of running all the dungeons, doing arenas and pushing corruption, and I am sure others would be able to push even further than I can.

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