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Walking Sim - Spriggan Form Thorn Totem Shaman Build Guide

Posted By HIMixoid on October 19, 2023
Last updated on October 19, 2023




When I started to play Last Epoch I was looking for some build that will be most useful and easy to go at the start of each league/season. It should not require any specific gear but have a potential to grow and be upgraded with more rare set and unique items. So you can use this build as a "farming machine" to get your other builds faster or you can use it as your main build and invent your own improved variants of it.

I'm posting my current version of this build with Ferebor's Chisel, Ferebor's Persistence and Cradle of the Erased. These items are easy to get but they are not required for this build to work. You can find base version for this build below in Build Variants section of this guide and invent your own variant that will suite your needs.

I'm planning to use this build at the start of each season so my main requirements are:

  • SSF Compatible. Able to start from scratch and push to the end game without any help.
  • Hardcore Compatible. At least in some degree, because constant dying makes me angry.
  • Newbie Friendly. I started like a week ago and still have to learn a lot about Last Epoch.
  • Simple Gameplay. Complex mechanics may exhaust me after a few hours of a gameplay.
  • Comfortable Endgame. So I could farm any required items for other builds.
  • Grow Potential. So it could became my main stand-alone build and have multiple ways to evolve.

Pros & Cons


No mandatory unique/set items.

Great defense and sustain with constant full-hp healing from totems.

Brainless gameplay (most of the time you will use just one skill).

Can safely kill enemies off the screen.

Idols adds almost 100% uptime Haste.


Brainless/Repetitive/Monotonous gameplay can became a little boring.

If you get used to this build, you may find it difficult to play more complex multi-button builds in the future.

Require some basic crafting knowledge to get all items faster.

Gameplay / Mechanics

This build have no any skill rotation and it's gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward. Nevertheless, I'd like to split this section into two parts: Main Routine and Boss/Horde Situation.

Main mechanic of this build is to cast Summon Healing Totem periodically while you're in your Spriggan Form. Even if there are no enemies to kill. It will "unsummon" your old Totems and thanks to node Memories of Eterra you will regain some Rage. This will allow you to stay in Spriggan Form infinitely.

Main Routine

This is simple as hell. Most of the game you will use only one skill.

Here's just a an example of how I go through my echoes and other locations:

  1. You enter the location. You cast Summon Spriggan.
  2. You jump forward with Fury Leap. Just to cover some distance.
  3. You go into Spriggan Form.
  4. You run forward to your objective and cast Summon Healing Totem periodically (each 2-3 seconds).
  5. You meet the final boss, you spam totems on him and run around dodging everything.

And that's it! Easy-Breezy!

Boss/Horde Situation

Sometimes you might face large groups of monsters or tough bosses, which could require extra tactics. Thankfully, we have some additional buttons to smash!

While fighting bosses you may want to spam Summon Vines 4 times to place a total of 12 Vines that will provide additional incoming damage and Poison stacks to your enemy.

Also you have a great defensive skill Thorn Shield. Use it to boost your defense and trigger Eterra's Blessing. It will Heal you, Purge all debuffs, Knockback enemies from you, grant you additional Armor, add +75% to Elemental and Poison Resistances and those resistances will boost your Block Effectiveness by additional 750 thanks to Cradle of the Erased.

Notice: After you put a point in Introspection node at Spriggan Form skill tree it will automatically target you. Until then you should target yourself manually with it.

Also we have one more button with Spirit Thorns. But it is pretty useless skill in our case: low damage and it requires you to stand still. Our tactics is to place Totems, place Vines and just run around dodging all skills/hits from enemies. So you can even unbind it. I use it only if I need to destroy some crates, barrels or other world debris.



Stat Priorities


Early Game (Storyline):

Early and mid game I prefer to focus on damage affixes to run through the storyline faster. I don't think anything can kill me anyway.

Most of the time I even open skill window to put new points, inventory to check new items or even Alt+Tab from the game to answer Discord messages. Totems do a great job protecting me!

But do not forget to farm for items with valuable affixes to extract them later! Loot Filter below will help you with this.

Monolith of Fate:

Early Timelines feels the same as a Storyline. You can focus on damage and run through them with a wind in your hair. So let's go straight to Empowered Timelines.

At this stage of a game I start to focus on more tanky affixes and item bases because some bosses can do a pretty big hits.

All resistances except Poison, Necrotic and Void will be capped by your passive node Protective Circle. So we need to boost these three resistances with affixes.

In a table below I will mark all places where we can put them as +% PNV Resistance. You just put there a resistance you need more.

Also one of your Turquoise Ring should have SuffixNecrotic Resistance so later we will be able to swap it for Ferebor's Persistence seamlessly.

End Game:

Just try to farm better items based on a table below. Exalted items with T6+ affixes from the Best sections would be great.

And of course for an End Game such items as Ferebor's Chisel, Ferebor's Persistence and Cradle of the Erased will make your life much-much easier!

Farming Ferebor's Set and Cradle of Erased:

While doing my Timelines I prefer to go Echoes with Rune Rewards so while I farm my items or just trying to complete Timeline I would get more Rune of Ascendance. It is very useful Rune, especially in our case. Because Ferebor's Chisel and Cradle of the Erased are common items and have a good chance to roll while using Rune of Ascendance on a normal/magic/rare dagger and shield accordingly.

So that's why I recommend to focus farm Ferebor's Persistence first. It is an Uncommon Item so it may take some time. And while you farm it you should have enough Runes to just roll both other items for this build.

Ferebor's Persistence:

Timeline to target farm: The Age of Winter ("Unique or Set Ring" echo rewards)

Rune of Ascendance chance: ≈5.22% (≈20 Runes)

Ferebor's Chisel:

Timeline to target farm: Reign of Dragons ("Unique or Set Sword or Dagger" echo rewards)

Rune of Ascendance chance: ≈14.79% (≈7 Runes)

Cradle of the Erased:

Timeline to target farm: The Black Sun ("Unique or Set Shield" echo rewards)

Rune of Ascendance chance: ≈9.55% (≈11 Runes)

Cradle of the Erased and Weaver's Will:

Shield Cradle of the Erased will have from 5 to 28 Weaver's Will points. It means that it will gain additional 5-28 tiers of affixes. I added preferable affixes in a table below. If you hit wrong affixes and you dropped one more Cradle of the Erased you may want to equip it and see what affixes it will roll, they may be better than previous.

Affix Farming:

Try to farm needed affixes from the table below. You will need them to craft your final items. I will provide a Loot Filter for you (check Loot Filter section below) and all items containing nice amount of good affixes will be highlighted with different colors. All you need is to use Rune of Shattering or Rune of Removal to extract those affixes from an item.

You can always edit Loot Filter to suite your current needs and color preferences. As an example if you already have like 50+ shards of SuffixNecrotic Resistance and you don't want to farm it anymore you may just go to Item Filter, find filters named "AFFIX FARM" (there are three of them) and remove Necrotic Resistance from a list of affixes to look for. Also you may want to modify number of affixes you want to find in any filter category, it's up to you.

For more info about Loot Filter check section Loot Filter below.



PrefixMovement Speed



+% PNV Resistance



SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance


SuffixHybrid Health


PrefixExperimental Haste Effect





PrefixMinion Damage



+% PNV Resistance


PrefixLevel of Spriggan Form

Ring 2


PrefixMinion Damage



+% PNV Resistance


SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance

SuffixElemental Resistance



PrefixMinion Damage

PrefixHybrid Stun Avoidance


+% PNV Resistance


SuffixElemental Resistance


For Idols I prefer to rush for 2 x Grand Heorot Idol with PrefixChance to gain Haste for 3 seconds when you Summon a Totem.

Two of such idols with mid+ rolls will give you almost 100% uptime Haste.

Then I just fill a space with any idols to boost my Totem/Minion Damage (Spell/Physical).

Also at early/mid game you may want to use some idols to fill the gaps in your Poison/Necrotic/Void Resistances.


The Black Sun
Ending the Storm
Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


First levels you will be using Summon Wolf and Ice Thorns.

Then forgot about Ice Thorns and switch to Summon Thorn Totem and no-mana-cost Swipe as an additional damage.

Just go through the game and try to find any items that will boost your Totem/Minion Damage.

And when you finally will hit a node Unbound Garden at Spriggan Form Skill Tree you will shine!

From this moment you can start to use main Main Routine from Gameplay / Mechanics section above.

Now just go forward and never look back! Monolith of Fate awaits!


All needed info was already described in a Gameplay / Mechanics section above.

When you get Ferebor's Chisel, Ferebor's Persistence and Cradle of the Erased there are no significant changes through the rest of a game with this build. Just go with the flow, farm better items with better affixes. Maybe you will be lucky and drop some Exalted item with T6+ yummy affix.

But even then nothing will change LOL :D

The real Endgame for this build is to try to switch to another build after you've gotten used to run through the maps and just spam totems all the time.

Remember, your bad habits are your worst enemy!

Loot Filter

You can find my Loot Filter for this build here:

Spriggan Form Thorn Totem Shaman Loot Filter

Base Loot Filter color scheme is:

  • Gray - item with 16+ tiers of any affixes. Just general affix farming. Use Rune of Shattering.
  • Blue - item with 5+ tiers of useful affixes. Use Rune of Shattering.
  • Pink - item with 6+ tiers of a single useful affix. Try to extract it with Rune of Removal.
  • Yellow - any base, 5+ tiers of recommended affixes. Can be used for early crafting.
  • Green - recommended base, at least 2 recommended affixes, 5+ tiers total. Can be used for midgame crafting.
  • Red - recommended base, at least 2 recommended affixes, 8+ tiers total. Potentially your endgame item after some crafting.
  • Orange - item with PrefixLevel of Summon Thorn Totem. Try to extract it with Rune of Removal.

If you have too many items showing or no items at all you can decrease/increase number of affixes to look for.

Also you can always turn off separate filter rules. Let's say you've already found Ferebor's Chisel, then you may want just turn off filter rules for Two-Handed Stuff because you don't need it anymore.




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