Introducing the Last Epoch Content Creator Program

Posted By EHG_Foton on January 26, 2024 (Source)

Greetings Travelers!

I’m Foton, and I’m EHG’s Influencer Manager. It’s my job to work with content creators of all sizes. Over the past year we’ve worked internally with a handful of dedicated creators to build Last Epoch’s Content Creator program - and today, we’re opening the doors to anyone who wants to grow their channels alongside Last Epoch.

Last Epoch wouldn’t be where it is now without its passionate streamers, YouTubers, and fans. We understand the time and effort that goes into content creation and we want to support all Last Epoch creators in pursuing their passions. To that end, we have decided to go wide with our support - to give you the freedom to choose what’s right for your channel and audience.

To that end, we have employed, and Discord. We look to offer paid opportunities for creators to do what they do.

Paid Content Philosophy

Your integrity and reputation are key to maintaining and growing your audience. We respect that - and we will never ask you to deceive your audience.

Paid opportunities will usually have talking points like features, release dates, or links. However, we want your content be honest and genuine - even if your opinion on a new system or feature isn’t positive. Be yourself. We just ask that it be constructive and follow the Terms of Service on your chosen platform.

The creator program will be hosted on, a platform designed to connect creators and publishers easily. We will offer game updates, media assets for your videos, and paid opportunities - called Missions - for your content creation.

That’s right - there will be opportunities for you to get paid for making a variety of Last Epoch content; everything from social media posts to reaction videos and livestreams. You can expect a diverse set of Missions. so that you can provide content that’s right for your audience.

We just launched our program via Lurkit and you can request to join now!

Sign Up For Lurkit Here is a digital storefront for creators - it enables content creators to sell the various editions of Last Epoch and a variety of supporter packs on a customizable site. Creators will get a portion of each sale made through Nexus.

Sign Up for Nexus Here


We have a content creator-focused Discord, where we gather all Last Epoch creators in one place. In this you have direct access to EHG through me! The Last Epoch Creators’ Hub is a positive place where creators can gather, discuss Last Epoch from their unique perspectives, trade tips and tricks and get direct support from the team at Eleventh Hour Games.

Joining either the Lurkit or Nexus program will grant you access to the Discord. We can’t wait for you to join us.

Twitch Drops

Over 500 of you have signed up to have Twitch Drops on your channels. In order to make sure these are all enabled in time, we are no longer accepting request to have Drops in enabled for your streams.

We are stoked to see the content you create in the lead up to and during our 1.0 launch on February 21st.