Last Epoch Deluxe and Ultimate Editions

Posted By EHG_Kain on January 22, 2024 (Source)

Hello Travelers!

As many of you may have noticed, with Last Friday’s Release Trailer Announcement, we also announced the release of two new Editions for Last Epoch! The new Deluxe and Ultimate editions are available both in-game and through Steam and offer a bunch of our latest cosmetics for a great value!

Today, we wanted to spend a short amount of time discussing these new editions and answering some of the most common questions we saw over the weekend regarding both them and supporter packs in general.

New Editions

Of course, we should start by explaining these Editions and how to get them.

We have an excellent little comparison graphic which shows what you’ll get with each of the editions:

(Please note, cosmetics are not available in offline mode.)

You can also get a pretty good look at what these cosmetics look like on our website by hovering over each of the inclusions in the pack comparison. These all use the MTX’s in-engine renders in an effort to display the cosmetics as accurately as possible.

These Editions can be purchased directly through Steam or the in-game MTX Shop.

In game you can open the MTX shop either through the flyout menu, or with the default shortcut of “Shift+K” and select “Pre-order Editions” at the top.

When purchasing through Steam, it’s important to note that there is a section for “Packages which include this game” and “Content for this game.” If you already own Last Epoch and want to purchase one of the Editions, we recommend the Upgrade options rather than the full packages, as the full package will not grant an additional game key.


One of the questions we saw come up, was “Why are some of the items listed as being available at 1.0 instead of right away?”. The reason for this is that the cosmetics have been developed using new character rigs and lighting systems coming in with 1.0, so we can’t add them until all the underlying changes are added as well.

Currently we don’t have an option to upgrade from a Deluxe Edition to an Ultimate Edition at only the difference of cost, however we’re looking into routes for adding this capability.

If you already own Last Epoch, or purchase any Edition of Last Epoch - Standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate before 1.0, you’ll also get the Golden Guppy cosmetic pet! This is the only part of the Editions that is exclusive to the pre-order and will go away once 1.0 drops February 21st.

Editions and Supporter Packs

It is important to note that Editions are separate from Supporter Packs. One of the big distinctions between these Editions and Supporter packs is that the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions will always be available for the Last Epoch and can be upgraded at any time (however, the “Golden Guppy” is only available if you pre-order before Feb 21st). Supporter packs are packs that get changed out with cycles. With this, we also want to confirm a few details regarding how we plan to handle Supporter Packs.

To start with, Though Editions are separate from Supporter Packs; we will not be offering additional supporter packs on top of Editions with 1.0. The current supporter packs will continue to be available through to Last Epoch Patch 1.2. We don’t have a date at this point for 1.2, even a very loose one, as 1.1 would come first, and right now, we’re still focused on 1.0. However, we will provide at least 30 days’ notice before any supporter pack is removed from availability, and we will also try to ensure there’s an overlap of supporter packs, allowing for as much choice as possible.

This does mean that unlike Editions, Supporter packs will not be available ‘forever’. Part of what a supporter pack is, is something that says, “I was here when […]”, much similar to gift shop souvenirs. However, at the same time, we want to balance that ‘ I was here exclusiveness’ with fairness by providing multiple cycles for packs to be available and ensuring multiple options are available.


If you haven’t already, now is the best time to pickup a copy of Last Epoch by grabbing one of the editions here:

Or via Steam - Last Epoch on Steam

If you are one of the amazing people that has already purchase Last Epoch the base game, and would love to continue to support the studio, then definitely consider upgrading your edition today as well!

Last Epoch Deluxe UPGRADE: Last Epoch - Deluxe UPGRADE on Steam

Last Epoch Ultimate UPGRADE: Last Epoch - Ultimate UPGRADE on Steam

That’s all for today talking about the Editions and Supporter packs. Of course if you have any questions we will continue answering them as best we can while we continue preparing for 1.0 in just over a month! We look forward to seeing the Warlock reveal starting later this week over on, when all sorts of curtains get pulled back, and hope to see many of you there!